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13 Best Side Dishes for Pork Chops

Pork Chops

Pork chops are a staple in my kitchen because they’re not only super tasty, but also super easy to prepare. And since they have such mild flavors, they’re easy to pair with a variety of sides.

Here are 13 side dishes to transform your tasty pork chops into an unforgettable meal. From tangy salads to new twists on deviled eggs, we’ve got all the tastiest side dishes to pair with your next pork chop feast!

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Enjoy these tasty combos any night of the week. They’re perfect for a weeknight dinner with the family or an intimate dinner for two.

Simply pick and pair some of your favorite sides for a delicious meal your family won’t soon forget.

Fried Apples

1. Fried Apples

Let’s start with something sweet and crunchy, shall we? Pork and apples go oh so well together. Perhaps it’s the contrast of sweet and savory, or crunchy and tender – but whatever it is, it sure works!

Applesauce is usually a popular pork chop side, but let me give you something even more interesting: fried apples!

This super sweet dish is what a mild pork chop needs – a pop of flavor. And don’t worry, because fried apples are super easy to prepare. 

Just saute some butter in a skillet and add unpeeled apple slices, butter, and sugar. Cook for 11-14 minutes, stirring from time to time. In a separate pan, pour a cornstarch and apple cider vinegar mix and cook until thick. Pour the mixture over the apples and that’s it, they’re done!

Cranberry Pecan Salad

2. Cranberry Pecan Salad

If you want a perfectly balanced meal, serve a light and refreshing salad with your pork chops. Any kind of green salad will do, but I like mine with a tangy dressing, like a raspberry vinaigrette, because it complements the pork chops’ savory flavors well. 

To make: combine olive oil, sugar, mustard, vinegar, salt, and pepper. Drizzle the dressing on top of your favorite greens, nuts, veggies, and cheese. Yum!

Fried Rice

3. Vegetable Fried Rice

If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, you know how rice can work with any pork dish, and pork chops are no exception. Don’t just settle for some steamed white rice, though.

Elevate that simple dish by frying it in a wok and adding your favorite veggies to it! You can add whatever you like, but I prefer some carrots, green onions, and sweet peas in mine.

Glazed Carrots

4. Glazed Carrots

There’s nothing like the classic combination of sweet and savory. If you agree, then you’ll love those savory pork chops with some sweet glazed carrots.

Not only do the flavors complement each other, but the crunchiness of the carrots also contrasts the tenderness of the pork.

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And glazed carrots are so easy to make too! Just coat the root veggie in brown sugar or honey and saute it in butter for 2 minutes. Fantastic.

Dinner Rolls

5. Dinner Rolls

Pork chops are all protein, so you might want to pair them with some carbs to help satisfy that hunger. If you’re not a fan of rice, then how about some fluffy dinner rolls?

These buttery baked goods are super-rich, so they enhance the rather mild flavors of the pork chop perfectly.


6. Cornbread

Here’s another baked good that tastes amazing with pork chops: cornbread! This Southern bread is soft, yummy, and oh boy, does it pair fantastically with pork chops.

Whether you make sweet or savory bread, it doesn’t matter – its crumbly texture will go great with your entrée.

Corn Pudding

7. Corn Pudding

If you want to give your pork chops a real Southern twist, how about some corn pudding? The custard is sweet and creamy, both missing from a pork chop. Together they make a well-balanced duo.

Serve corn pudding with your pork chops and your guests will surely ask for seconds.

And you don’t even need to go to the grocery to whip up this exceptional dish. All you need is canned corn, milk, cornstarch, eggs, and sugar – all basic pantry ingredients.

Scalloped Potatoes

8. Scalloped Potatoes

Potatoes are always a fantastic way to round out any meal. With pork chops, I like serving scalloped potatoes the best.

They’re rich, creamy, and filling, which is everything a pork chop needs for a bit more excitement.

And aside from being yummy and addictive, scalloped potatoes are also a breeze to make. Just bake some layers of potato slices, onions, flour, butter, and milk, and you’re all set.

Sweet Potato Fries

9. Sweet Potato Fries

Pork chops are savory and tender while sweet potato fries are sweet and crispy, which is why they make an amazing pair.

Apart from the beautiful contrast in flavors and textures, sweet potato fries are also relatively healthy, so there’s no need to worry about excess calories with this dish.

Unlike regular French fries, you don’t need to deep fry sweet potatoes to make great-tasting fries. Just drizzle some slices with oil, garnish with salt and pepper, and bake!

Devilled Eggs

10. Deviled Eggs

Pork chops can sometimes be a bit on the dry side, so why not balance things out with something rich and creamy?

Here’s an idea: deviled eggs! These guys are so sinfully good, that’s probably how they got their name.

But since the traditional mayo-egg mix is extremely high in calories, here’s a healthier approach: use hummus instead! It’s just as creamy and delicious, but since it’s made of chickpeas, it’s guilt-free. Hurray!

Mac and Cheese

11. Mac and Cheese

Call me biased, but mac and cheese is so delectable, I try to incorporate it into my meal plans as much as possible. Fortunately for me, pork chops and mac and cheese make a perfect pair!

The pasta dish adds a rich and creamy component to your pork chop feast, creating a harmony of flavors and texture. And apart from the complementing flavors, mac and cheese is also super filling – it’s a fantastic way to round out your dinner.

I’m sure you have your own recipe for the perfect mac and cheese, but I have some tips for you anyway. The key to the smoothest and creamiest mac and cheese is to constantly whisk that cheese sauce.

To make: saute butter in a pan and add some flour. Mix until it forms lumpy chunks and then add some milk. Keep whisking until you get a thick mixture. Add your choice of cheese and you’re done!

You can pick whatever kind of cheese you want, but my preference is a combination of Colby and Gouda.

French Onion Soup

12. French Onion Soup

Pork and onions are always such an excellent combination. That’s why I love whipping up some French onion soup to go with pork chops. Onions have a sharp flavor, which goes great with pork chops on the milder side. Together they form the perfect harmony!

Butternut Squash Soup

13. Butternut Squash Soup

Now if you’re not a huge fan of the pungent flavor of onions, but still want to serve soup with pork chops, then how about some butternut squash soup?

It’s rich, creamy, and hearty – qualities that are lacking in a pork chop, making them a wonderful combo. 

13 Best Sides for Pork Chops


  • Fried Apples

  • Cranberry Pecan Salad

  • Vegetable Fried Rice

  • Glazed Carrots

  • Dinner Rolls

  • Cornbread

  • Corn Pudding

  • Scalloped Potatoes

  • Sweet Potato Fries

  • Deviled Eggs

  • Mac and Cheese

  • French Onion Soup

  • Butternut Squash Soup


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What To Serve With Pork Chops

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