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17 Best Savory Crepe Recipes

Looking for a light, savory meal to throw into the routine? Try savory crepe recipes. 

Crepes are buttery like pancakes, but they’re more thin and delicate. What’s even better is they don’t weigh you down like a high stack of flapjacks. 

Savory Crepes Stuffed with Spinach and Tofu
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While they’re often served with sweet fixings, you can make them savory, too!

From smoked salmon to roasted veggies, you can stuff them with your favorite ingredients for a nutritious breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

This French staple only takes a few minutes to make. Plus, you can roll, fold, or fill them any way you like. 

So go ahead and take a bite. These savory crepe recipes are so good they’ll have you saying Nutella who?

1. Savory Italian Crepes

Imagine if you will an Italian casserole layered with delicate crepes that are oozing with hot bubbly cheese. That’s savory Italian crepes. 

This recipe is full of sharp Parmigiano-Reggiano, soft Taleggio, slightly bitter radicchio, and smoked speck.

All that deliciousness gets smothered in a creamy béchamel sauce.

If you can’t find speck you can substitute prosciutto. The flavor is a bit lighter, but it tastes just as good.

Try this recipe for dinner the next time you get a hankering for a rich Italian dish. Your family will thank you.

2. Crepes with Spinach and Cheese Filling 

When I’m in the mood for something light and simple, I turn to this recipe. 

The duo of fresh spinach and a heavenly cheese filling is the perfect complement for warm, delicate crepes.

Slather your fillings onto each crepe then roll. You can have a whole batch ready in 30 minutes or less. 

These crepes make for an easy party appetizer or Sunday brunch dish. 

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3. Smoked Salmon Savory Crepes

Forget bagels, get your smoked salmon and cream cheese fix in with crepes instead.

Quick and scrumptious, smoked salmon savory crepes are great for breakfast or a grab-and-go snack. 

You can doctor up the filling with fresh chives, salty capers, or sliced heirloom tomatoes. A hint of lemon goes nicely as well. 

Extra fixings or not, this is a savory recipe I could eat every day! 

4. Chicken Cheese Crepes

Need a protein boost? Try these amazing chicken and cheese crepes. 

Each crepe is bursting with mushrooms, sour cream, green onions, cheese, celery, black olives, and of course, cooked chicken. 

And here’s the best part, you sprinkle more cheese on top and bake until it begins to melt. 

What I love about this recipe is you can easily add or swap ingredients like juicy tomatoes, garlic, bell peppers, black beans, whatever you like.

5. Prosciutto and Cheese Crepes

Now, this is the definition of savory. Thin strips of perfectly cured prosciutto and nutty gruyere are folded inside a warm buttery crepe. 

The saltiness of the prosciutto and creaminess of the gruyere pair so elegantly you won’t want any other fixings. 

Make a few extras for a quick, easy breakfast the next morning. Trust me, you’ll want them. 

6. Mexican Crepes

If you love loaded quesadillas, you’ll go bonkers over these Mexican crepes. 

For this recipe, you’ll whip up a batch of fresh golden brown crepes. Next, you’ll concoct a savory mixture full of your favorite fixings. 

This recipe calls for cooked chicken, green onions, sour cream, pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, garlic, and spices. 

For breakfast or dinner, Mexican crepes taste great any time of day. 

7. Turkey Mushrooms Crepes 

Looking for a hearty fixing to pair with some flaky crepes? Then look no further than this satiating recipe.

The rich filling calls for diced turkey, sliced mushrooms, chopped shallots, herbs, and a dash of dry sherry.

To top it off, these crepes are paired with a creamy parmesan sauce.

This will be your new favorite way to gobble up turkey leftovers or kick off a holiday feast!

8. Seafood Crepes 

Now, this is what I’m talking about! A seafood medley of succulent lobster, crab, scallops, and shrimp are all rolled into one savory crepe. 

To complement the richness of the shellfish, this recipe adds fresh parsley, mushrooms, swiss cheese, and cream cheese.

Serve this to any seafood lover and they’ll be asking for seconds as well as your secret recipe to go along with it. 

9. Savory Veggie Filled Crepes

These are the ultimate vegetarian crepes! They’re fresh, savory, and oh-so-yummy.  

Did I also mention they’re gluten-free, dairy-free, and grain-free?

This powerhouse breakfast is full of umami mushrooms, fresh spinach, and sauteed onions.

Chickpeas are thrown into the mixture for a tasty and healthy protein boost. 

While it’s tempting to overload the filling, you’ll want to use about 2 tablespoons per crepe.

That way, you can roll them up and fry them in a splash of oil for a crispy crunch.

10. Buckwheat Crepes with Hummus Mushrooms

Buckwheat crepes, where have you been all my life? This twist on classic French cuisine is farm-to-table fresh at its finest. 

This recipe uses buckwheat flour to create thin, delicate crepes. But wait, it gets even better.

Cremini mushrooms, aromatic garlic, shallots, a dash of soy sauce, a splash of white wine, nutritional yeast, and hummus make up the savory filling.

You’ll need to let the crepe batter sit for a bit before pouring it onto the griddle. But in the meantime, you can whip up the filling. 

Vegetarian or meat-eater, everyone will want a bite of these crepes.

11. Savory Chickpea Crepes    

I’m crazy about chickpeas! They’re versatile, affordable, nutritious, and make delicious crepes. 

This genus recipe swaps out regular flour for chickpea flour. This is the perfect substitution if you’re gluten-free or trying to cut back on carbs. 

Plus, it gives you an added boost of protein!

Pair these vegan crepes with a creamy cashew mushroom and spinach sauce and you’ll have a winner!

12. Swedish Crepes

While I love fixings, sometimes I just want the soft, buttery taste of a fresh crepe. That’s when I turn to these authentic Swedish crepes. 

Swedish crepes are a bit thicker and fluffier than traditional crepes. But they taste just as good!

The secret to getting the perfect taste and texture is to use real butter. That and a hot greased griddle. 

I recommend doubling up on the recipe and freezing the leftovers. That way when those crepe cravings strike you’ll be ready!

13. Savory French Crepes

Guys, I can’t stop raving about this recipe! Savory French crepes are my go-to when I want a substantial breakfast with garden-fresh fixings. 

This recipe features oyster mushrooms, cremini mushrooms, baby spinach, and ripe tomatoes.

Plus, it calls for buckwheat in the batter to give it a delightfully nutty kick. 

To top it off, you can sprinkle on some shredded gruyere cheese. A twist of lemon would also enhance this bountiful dish.

Take a bite and you’ll agree these satiating crepes are impossible to resist!

14. Savory Crepe Cake

Savory breakfasts just got an upgrade with this incredible cake. It’s cheesy, filling, and anything but sweet. 

A rich cream cheese and meat pate filling is sandwiched between layers of delicate crepes. Stack this cake as high as you like. 

As for the pate, you have your choice of chicken or beef. Both of which taste equally great. 

Whip this up for a potluck or dinner for the family. Either way, everyone will have their forks poised and ready to dig in!

15. Olive Oil Crepes with Caramelized Onion and Spinach

Mouthwatering can’t even begin to describe this recipe. 

These crepes are gourmet decadence with a Mediterranean flair wrapped up into one melt-in-your-mouth bundle of yum. 

You’ll want to add a dash of extra virgin olive oil and black pepper into the crepe batter. Then saute garlic, onions, and baby spinach just until wilted.

Once that’s all done you can fold these crepes whichever way you like. Just don’t forget the fresh feta!

16. Spinach Crepes with Pan-Roasted Vegetables

If you’re a fan of sizzling veggie fajitas, then you’ll absolutely dig this recipe. 

Folded spinach crepes are topped with a roasted veggie medley that’s lip-smackingly good. 

To get the crepes just right, you’ll need Himalayan pink salt and fresh ginger.

As for the veggies, you’ll need to pan roast mushrooms, peppers, and onions in butter. 

Also, be sure to preheat your skillet with butter before using it. This will keep the crepes from sticking. 

This recipe is so fresh and flavorful you’ll forget it’s healthy, too.

17. Vietnamese Crepes  

I’m a big fan of Vietnamese sandwiches. So you can imagine how excited I get about Vietnamese crepes! 

These Vietnamese crepes are a delightful take on the French crepes. They’re fresh, healthy, and full of tasty flavors. 

The crepe batter calls for rice flour, coconut milk, tapioca starch, and turmeric.

Meanwhile, the stir-fry filling consists of mushrooms, carrots, fried tofu, and mung bean sprouts. 

Oh, and there’s even an umami dipping sauce to go along with it.

For those who like a bit of spice, I highly recommend drizzling some Sriracha on top. It doesn’t get any better than this!

17 Best Savory Crepes


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Savory Crepe Recipes

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