Home Recipe Roundup 25 Best Vegan Pies (Sweet & Savory Recipes)

25 Best Vegan Pies (Sweet & Savory Recipes)

From sweet and fruity to warm and savory, these easy vegan pies are so good, you’ll totally forget they’re dairy- and meat-free.

In fact, from the buttery crusts to the impossibly scrumptious fillings, these pies are guaranteed to satisfy any avid meat-eater.

Homemade Vegan Chicken Pot Pie
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Pies are super hearty and comforting, and I love them meaty, fruity, creamy – you name it!

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to make your favorite pie recipes vegan.

With the right dairy-free and meat alternatives, you’d be hard-pressed to even tell these are vegan.

So, what are you waiting for?! Wow your loved ones with one, two, or three of these delicious vegan pies!

25 Easy Vegan Pie Recipes That Taste Like the Real Deal

1.​ Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie

This silky smooth, ultra chocolatey cream pie is beyond decadent. And while it’s 100% vegan, you’d never know from tasting it. 

It’s simple to make, too. The only cooking you’ll do is baking the crust.

Everything else is microwaving, mixing, and pouring. Just be sure you budget plenty of time to let it chill. 

2. Vegan Pot Pie

The flaky, golden-brown crust on this pot pie is phenomenal. But then, so are the tender, flavorful veggies and the creamy, herby sauce.

It’s a garlicky, savory pot pie the whole family will love, and it’s ready in a little less than an hour.

Plus, it’s large enough to feed a crowd and sure to satisfy any comfort food cravings.

3. Vegan Blueberry Pie

If this gorgeous, berry-filled pie doesn’t catch your eye, nothing will. Even without the intricate lattice topping, it’s a beautiful dessert. 

Don’t skip the lattice and stars, though. They’re easy to make and turn this into a show-stopper!

This pie is sweet, tart, and tangy, and the buttery crust is spectacular.

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If you need a perfect dessert for summer, this is it.

4. 7-Ingredient Vegan Key Lime Pies

These tiny key lime pie bites are ridiculously fun and zesty.

They have delicious Graham Cracker crusts and tangy key lime fillings, and each one is about two mouthfuls of pure heaven.

And with fewer than 250 calories each, they won’t destroy your diet, either.

5. Vegan Peach Pie

Looking for something bright and summery with just a touch of cinnamon? How about this juicy peach pie?

Featuring just eight ingredients, it has only nine grams of fat per serving. 

It’s a vibrant, sweet, peachy treat everyone will go nuts for. And yes, that includes any southern grandma!

6. Creamy Leek and Mushroom Vegan Pie

Do you enjoy pies with a thick, warm, comforting crust? Then this hearty, healthy pie is the one for you.

It takes just 45 minutes to make, has a rich, creamy vegan sauce, and is utterly delectable.

Even your non-vegan friends will appreciate this culinary masterpiece.

7. Perfect Vegan Apple Pie

There’s nothing more American than apple pie. And it’s about time your vegan friends joined in the fun!

Thanks to this recipe, everyone at your holiday table can enjoy a thick slice of pie.

It uses a handful of ingredients and has plenty of apple cinnamon flavor. Top it with a big scoop of vegan ice cream, and enjoy!

Unless you tell people, they’ll never even know it’s vegan.

8. Vegan Spinach Pie with Ricotta

Isn’t this pie stunning? Between the vibrant green filling and thick vegan ricotta on top, it’s a thing of beauty!

Luckily, it tastes as good as it looks!

There’s caramelized onions, dreamy vegan cream, nutty spinach, and yummy toasted breadcrumbs to boot.

Wow is an understatement.

9. Vegan Raspberry Pie

Tangy, vibrant, sweet, and fruity, this vegan raspberry pie is a winner.

It features a terrific whipped topping and a zingy raspberry filling. The homemade vegan pie crust isn’t bad, either. 

Overall, it’s bright, refreshing, and easy to make. Even novice chefs shouldn’t have much trouble with this one.

10. Old-Fashioned Vegan Custard Pie

Creamy custard pie is nostalgic, smooth, sweet, and downright addictive. But, of course, it’s also usually full of eggs and milk.

But believe it or not, this vegan version is just as smooth and loaded with vanilla flavor.

Made with silken tofu, full-fat coconut milk, and cornstarch, it’s a terrific dairy-free alternative,

It’s a soft, melt-in-your-mouth pie with plenty of spice and brown sugar yumminess.

Try it for this year’s holiday pie, and you won’t be disappointed.

11. Vegan Pecan Pie

Don’t you just love a good pecan pie? It’s the perfect mix of chewy, crunchy, sweet, nutty, sticky, and salty.

And yes, the vegan version is all these things. It looks, feels, and tastes like any other pecan pie you’ve ever tried. 

Its lovely appearance makes it the perfect vegan centerpiece for your dessert table, too.

Whip it up for a special occasion, or enjoy it on a weekend at home. You can’t go wrong, either way.

12. Vegan Chocolate Chess Pie

Everything about chess pie is tempting.

The crunchy crust, decadent filling, and powdery, chocolatey topping are equally as spectacular, so every bite is a dream.

And this vegan recipe is no exception.

A bit of forewarning: it’s incredibly chocolaty. So, if you want something light and airy, this isn’t it.

But if you’re craving something genuinely indulgent, you’re in the right place. It doesn’t get much more decadent than chocolate chess pie.

13. Vegan Coconut Cream Pie

Do you enjoy the sweet, tropical taste of coconut? If so, you must try this vegan coconut cream pie.

It’s a cool, refreshing confection that’s heavy on the coconut flavor and needs just 30 minutes of prep.

That said, it does need a solid few hours to chill. Even so, its silky smooth texture and impossibly scrumptious taste make up for that.

If you want to cut through the creaminess, add a layer of fruit compote under the fluffy topping. I like mango!

14. Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie

If you like lemon meringue pie, you’ll love this one, too.

Somehow, this vegan version is just as sweet, tart, creamy, and delectable. Even the meringue is on point!

Honestly, I’m not sure I could tell the difference if I tasted this back to back with a standard lemon meringue pie.

Whip one up for your next summer brunch. Everyone who tries it will come back for more.

15. Easy Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Is it even fall without pumpkin pie?

This unbelievably soft and creamy pumpkin pie is entirely vegan. It’s also wholly scrumptious; every bite seems better than the last.

Best of all, it tastes even better after it’s had time to cool. That means you can make it a day or so ahead of time.

Anything to save yourself some cooking on Thanksgiving day is a win, right?

16. Vegan Sweet Potato Pie

Speaking of fall desserts we can’t live without: how about sweet potato pie!?

In my family, it’s just as integral to our holiday celebrations as pumpkin or apple.

This recipe is for a vegan version, and it’s out of this world amazing.

It has the same great texture and the same spectacular taste. So expect plenty of delightful spices in every impossible-to-resist bite.

And don’t worry about having leftovers if you bring this to a party. People will devour every last bite.

17. Vegan Cherry Pie

Here’s another tangy pie with a golden-brown lattice crust. Only instead of blueberries, this one features tart cherries.

It has a fantastic taste and is super straightforward to make.

Plus, according to the recipe’s author, “it’s lower in fat than a traditional pie, which means you can have twice as much.”

I haven’t checked that statement for accuracy, and frankly, I don’t want to. I’m just going to believe in my heart it’s the truth and go with that.

Just like Dean Winchester, I don’t need too much convincing to have a second slice of pie!

18. Vegan Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Rhubarb is one of the most underrated vegetables around (yes, it’s technically a vegetable, not a fruit).

For some reason, people here in the states overlook it all the time, which is a shame because it’s sooooo good.

That’s especially true when you pair it with strawberries and a buttery pie crust.

This sweet and zingy pie is ideal for summer. It has a warm, robust flavor that’s also light and bright, so every forkful is an explosion for your taste buds.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. There’s nothing quite like the strawberry and rhubarb combination to put a smile on your face.

19. Trinidad Macaroni Pie

Macaroni pie is classic comfort food in Trinidad, and for good reason. It’s a rich, heartwarming dish that your entire family will appreciate. 

And believe it or not, this vegan version is just as cheesy and delicious as the original.

It has a phenomenal cheese and herb flavor and is as hearty as it is tasty.

It’s a bit high in carbs and calories, though. So you may want to reserve it for an occasional indulgence.

20. Vegan Peanut Butter Pie

Just looking at this peanut butter pie is enough to make my mouth water.

You’ll love the contrast between its crunchy crust and silky filling. And that chocolate and peanut butter flavor combination is beyond sinful.

Oh, and did I mention it’s a no-bake dessert? You’re welcome! 

21. No-Bake Vegan Oreo Pie

This no-bake pie uses fewer than ten ingredients and comes together in just 15 minutes.

It has a super sweet Oreo flavor and a delightful texture. But like most no-bake pies, it needs time to chill before you serve it.

So, make it at least four hours ahead of time to ensure the consistency is correct.

22. Vegan Caramel Pie

This vegan pie is a triple-layered caramel delight topped with chocolate shavings.

The first layer is a buttery, crumbly crust of pretzels and cashews. On top of that is the silky caramel date center.

Top it off with sweetened coconut cream, and it’s ready to serve.

Except for the vegan chocolate shavings, of course! You certainly don’t want to forget those. 

This recipe is rich, sweet, and relatively healthy. You can make it in less than an hour, too.

Furthermore, it’s one of the prettiest pies on this list. So whip this one up the next time you’re looking to impress.

23. Vegan Banana Cream Pie

Don’t let that stunning whipped cream topping scare you away – this vegan banana cream pie is impossibly easy to make.

It has a wonderfully sweet, heavily banana taste with just a dash of cinnamon for contrast.

It’s also exceptionally creamy and will practically melt on your tongue.

If you like anything with banana cream flavor, you’ll adore this pie.

24. Blackberry Raw Vegan Pie

Want something vegan and raw? You’re in luck.

This pretty pink pie has a brilliant berry flavor and plenty of pizzazz. Every bite will set your taste buds dancing.

Best of all, you can easily have it ready in 20 minutes or less. 

Just be sure you freeze and then chill it for several hours before serving. Otherwise, it won’t set properly.

25. Frozen Vegan Snickers Pie

Nothing about this pie looks vegan. In fact, it looks like whatever the opposite of vegan is.

It’s a rich, over-the-top pie covered in caramel and chocolate sauce.

And it doesn’t taste vegan, either. Instead, it’s like a nutty, chocolate Snickers bar straight from the wrapper. 

Fortunately, though, it’s not.

Not only is it vegan, but it’s also gluten-free. And while its calorie and carb counts are high, it’s more than worth it.

25 Best Vegan Pies (Sweet and Savory)

From sweet and fruity to warm and savory, these easy and delicious vegan pies are so good, you’ll totally forget they’re dairy- and meat-free.


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