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18 Easy Savory Breakfast Ideas

Ah, breakfast… Everyone’s favorite meal of the day! As much as we love a little sugar in the morning, nothing is quite as satisfying as a savory breakfast.

These mouthwatering breakfast ideas are the perfect way to start your day. Filling and savory dishes are my weekend go-to’s!

Savory Breakfast Ideas: Toad In the Hole
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From cheesy sandwiches to creamy casseroles, these tasty breakfast dishes are sure to get you ready for the day ahead.

They’re also perfect for brunch, too, if you’d rather sleep in!

1. The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

This recipe is “ultimate” in every sense of the word. You’ll love this loaded sandwich as your first meal of the day!

This sandwich is everything you could ever want in a breakfast meal. Made with eggs, black forest ham (or your preferred ham), lots of cheese, and some chives all wrapped in a perfectly toasted English muffin. It’s a delight for the senses.

Pair your breakfast sandwich with a cup of coffee or a glass of orange juice for a morning wake-up call!

2. Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole

On weekends, when the whole family can have breakfast together, this hash brown casserole is the way to go!

I love this recipe because it’s easy to customize with your favorite ingredients! Whether it’s sausage, bacon, or veggies, this savory breakfast is always a crowd-pleaser.

If you want to enjoy your breakfast casserole on busy weekday mornings, you can also make this ahead of time.

Leave your mixture in the fridge for up to 48 hours and take it out when you’re ready to bake!

3. Ham and Cheese Scone

Want a simple, easy, and savory breakfast? Try these ham and cheese scones!

This is another great option to make for the whole family. Plus, you can als prepare them in advance.

Aside from the crispy ham or bacon and the cheese, I love how these perfect flaky scones melt-in-your-mouth. Plus, they’re made with lots of butter. One bite and you’re in breakfast heaven!

You can also enjoy this delicious treat as a snack, appetizer, or even a side dish.

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4. Frittata

Frittatas are a great “on-the-go” breakfast. Take a few wedges and pack them for your drive to work or school. They’re tasty AND mess-free!

Frittatas are fun because you can put your own spin on them. There are so many fillings and garnishes to add to your stovetop or oven-baked frittatas. You can even make them in a large pan or in little bite-sized cups.

Make this with the classic breakfast combo of bacon and eggs, or get creative with veggies, cheese, and herbs!

5. Easy Breakfast Casserole

Casseroles always sound like a lot of work. Well, not this easy breakfast casserole!

It’s made with bacon, eggs, cheese, and hash browns, so it’s not only quick and simple, it’s super tasty, too.

You don’t even need to wake up early to get breakfast ready for the whole family. This casserole takes just 5 minutes to put together before baking. You can also keep it in the fridge overnight and bake it the next morning.

Give this creamy, potato-filled casserole a try, and you’ll think about it all day long!

6. Quick and Easy Quiche

Quiche is another savory breakfast treat! For a quick and easy quiche, use pre-made pie crust. Just be sure to get one you’ve tried and tested!

From there, you can add in your favorite ingredients. I like to go with lots of veggies, plus a bit of bacon or ham. Never skip the cheese!

If you want a gluten-free alternative, make your quiche with no crust. Take a pie plate and grease it with a bit of oil or butter and pour in your egg mixture. Crustless quiche is just as scrumptious!

7. Egg Muffins

For a carb-free and high-protein breakfast, try making these egg muffins. These cute little cups are perfect for meal prepping on the weekends, so you can have a savory and filling breakfast every day of the week!

There are so many ways to have fun with this recipe, too! Make veggie and egg muffins by adding spinach and tomatoes.

Savory garlic and mushroom egg muffins are also super delicious. You can’t go wrong with bacon and cheddar either!

No matter how you make your egg muffins, you’ll have a perfect breakfast any day of the week.

8. Savory French Toast

Who says French toast has to be sweet? Turn the classic sugary breakfast into a savory meal by adding in some of your favorite herbs.

This savory herb French toast recipe uses chives, thyme, oregano, and coriander. Top it off with a runny fried egg, some bacon, grated parmesan, or mashed avocado, and you’ll want a second helping!

For the best French toast, be sure to use slightly stale bread. This ensures that the bread will soak up all those savory flavors from the egg mixture.

9. Bacon and Corn Griddle Cakes

Savory pancakes? Yes, it’s possible! These bacon and corn pancakes are not just tasty, they also smell amazing! Make these in the morning, and the whole family will be down in the kitchen FAST!

These delicious pancakes are stuffed with lots of goodies like bacon, corn, chives, and Monterey Jack cheese. 

The griddle cakes are tasty enough to enjoy on their own, but if you need a little extra something, top them off with more bacon or cheese. If you want something sweet, a bit of maple syrup is an excellent option, too!

10. Bacon Pancakes

Breakfast, brunch, or afternoon snack, I’ll take bacon pancakes any time of the day! This is the perfect savory and sweet combo that everybody loves.

There’s nothing as satisfying as bacon pancakes for breakfast on a Saturday morning. This recipe makes the fluffiest pancakes, and I always top it off with lots of crispy bacon strips.

As for the syrup, buttermilk is my go-to!

Oh, and the best part about this recipe? It only takes 20 minutes, so you don’t have to wait too long to enjoy that perfect combo of savory and sweet.

11. Savory Cheese Muffins

A small savory breakfast to enjoy with a cup of coffee is… cheese muffins!

This recipe makes perfectly soft and moist muffins with lots of cheese. But they’re not just for breakfast, you can serve these as an appetizer or side dish, too.

Don’t let their size fool you. These savory cheese muffins may be small, but they pack a ton of flavor! The recipe uses lots of butter, sour cream, and cheese, so you know it’ll be good.

One bite of these golden treats, and you know you’ll make them again and again for the entire family.

12. Avocado Breakfast Sandwich

If you’re like me and you love avocado, this savory breakfast idea is for you! This breakfast sandwich takes basic avocado toast to a whole new level. By adding in some tasty treats, you’ll have a filling and healthy breakfast. 

This is a great meat-free option if you don’t want anything too heavy in the morning. Toast some Italian bread and add in your sliced creamy avocadoes, runny fried egg, and some Swiss and cheddar cheese. 

Serve your breakfast sandwich with some sliced tomatoes or cherry tomatoes. You’ll have a quick and easy high-protein breakfast to get your day started.

Toad In The Hole

13. Toad in the Hole

How about a little British cuisine to start your day? If you’ve never had a toad in the hole before, don’t skip on this one just yet! The name may be silly, but give this recipe a try, and you’ll crave this savory breakfast again and again!

Also known as sausage toads, toad in the holes are made with Yorkshire pudding and pork sausages. They’re usually topped off with some gravy and served with a side of veggies.

You can also try these with your favorite sausages, like Andouille, Hungarian, or Italian sausage!

14. New York Style Bacon Egg and Cheese

Take a trip to New York City first thing in the morning with this New York-style bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

In true Big Apple fashion, this is a great breakfast to take on-the-go! What truly sets it apart from other bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches is that it uses an “everything” bagel.

To make your very own version of this Manhattan staple, you’ll need a bagel (“everything bagel” is the most popular choice!), American cheese, bacon, and eggs.

This is usually cooked on a pan or griddle, so you get an oh-so-gooey and cheesy breakfast sandwich!

This amazingly tasty sandwich is perfect for breakfast, but it makes for a great lunch or snack, too!

15. Savory Oatmeal with Bacon and Eggs

Need a high-fiber breakfast to get your day started? Make some savory oatmeal with bacon and eggs.

This is a breakfast dish I used to have quite often as a kid, and I like to think of it as a comfort breakfast! If you love grits, you’ll enjoy this savory version of oatmeal.

The best part is, you can whip up this bowl of savory goodness in just 15 minutes, so you don’t even have to wait until the weekend for a tasty and filling breakfast.

The recipe calls for 3 strips of bacon, but a few extra strips couldn’t hurt, right?

16. Breakfast Burritos

If you’re extra hungry in the morning, this breakfast burrito is the way to go. Lots of common breakfast ingredients go into this dish, but I love to make it for brunch or lunch, too!

As with any Mexican dish, this breakfast burrito has a ton of flavor! It’s made with spicy sausage, scrambled eggs, cheese, a zesty and flavorful avocado tomato salsa, and lots of herbs and spices, like cumin and cilantro.

Wrap them up in flour or corn tortillas and you’ll have a savory, mouth-watering breakfast treat.

Don’t forget the squeeze of lime!

17. Pizza Omelet

Pizza in the morning?! The kids will be rushing down to the kitchen when they hear about this! This pizza omelet is quick, easy, and simply irresistible, no matter how busy you are in the morning.

Savory slices of pepperoni, plus the gooey mozzarella are enough to wake up any sleepyhead.

Oh, and did I mention you only need 10 minutes to get this ready? It’s a delicious and simple breakfast you won’t have to break a sweat for!

18. Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese sandwiches are so good, I’ll find any excuse to have them… even for breakfast! Give this well-loved classic a twist for your morning meal by adding in scrambled eggs, sausage, and lots of melted cheese!

This is another savory breakfast option that the kids won’t be able to resist! Pair with a glass of milk, and you’ll have a truly satisfying meal to get your day started.

For the best breakfast grilled cheese, make sure to butter the bread before toasting. You can even spread a thin layer of mayo to get that perfect golden color!

18 Savory Breakfasts To Start Your Day

Make breakfast a real treat with these 18 savory favorites. From hash brown casserole to quick and easy quiche, these breakfast ideas are sure to delight.


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Savory Breakfast Ideas

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