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25 Easy Savory Bread Recipes

From cheesy buns to garlicky rolls, these savory bread recipes will make ordinary meals extraordinary.

Though they’re so good, you’ll want to eat them as the entree!

Homemade Pull Apart Christmas Bread with Herbs
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While I’m a huge fan of sweet baked goods like banana bread and honey beer bread, I’m also a sucker for savory bread recipes.

Every time I bake pull-apart bread or scrummy squaw bread, my whole house smells incredible.

So the next time you’re craving bread, don’t buy it, bake it! Because everything’s better homemade. 

1. Easy Savory Cheese Bread

This savory cheese bread is the perfect way to perk up your day. 

It’s so simple to make, it’s practically effortless. More importantly, it tastes amazing.

The bread is tender and moist, and every bite is filled with cheesy goodness. 

It’s perfectly delicious as it is.

But you can jazz it up with onions, olives, sundried tomatoes, or whatever else you like.

2. Cheesy Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Bread

It’s never too late or early to celebrate Christmas!

Extend your holiday feast with this cheesy Christmas tree pull-apart bread.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate just how adorable this bread is. 

The bread buns are arranged to form a pine tree and adorned with festive decors in the form of herbs and pomegranate arils.

How cute, amirite?

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Best of all, it’s just as delicious as it looks.

Aside from the generous brushing of herb butter on top, each bread ball is also filled with ooey-gooey mozzarella.

Merry Christmas, indeed!

3. Ciabatta Garlic Bread

If you’re in the mood for homemade bread but have no time to bake it from scratch, this recipe’s for you.

Slices of soft but crunchy ciabatta bread are smothered with cheesy herb butter and baked to perfection.

This is the easiest way to transform a simple bread into a jaw-dropping side dish. 

This simple side dish will complement any meal, but it’s also delicious enough on its own! 

4. Savory Zucchini Cheddar Quick Bread

Zucchini and cheese sound like an unlikely combo but trust me, it absolutely works.

Together with other basic baking ingredients, this tandem forms a delightful loaf of savory bread.

Both zucchini and cheddar bring different characteristics to the table. 

Zucchini serves as the perfect moist base while the cheddar lends a wonderfully sharp and creamy flavor. 

A match made in heaven, they prove that not all unexpected combinations are bad, after all.

5. Easy Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pão de Queijo)

Pão de queijo is a mouthwatering cheese bread originating from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil.

Made with a combination of tapioca flour, milk, eggs, cheese, and olive oil, this bread boasts a unique flavor and texture profile.

It’s chewy, fluffy, and bursting with a rich and cheesy flavor.

Easy to make, it’s perfect for those looking to have a warm snack without a lot of fuss.

6. Chimichurri & Panko Parker House Rolls

This homemade version makes the classic rolls extra special.

There’s a mixture of breadcrumbs, parmesan, and chimichurri seasoning on top.

Parker House Rolls are classic dinner rolls that have been around since the late 1800s.

It’s believed they were created at the Parker House Hotel in Boston, hence the name.

Inviting and delicate, these rolls have a buttery, slightly sweet flavor and appetizing golden-brown crust. 

7. Everything Bagel Pull-Apart Bread

If you’re a lover of the classic everything bagel, then you’ll love this pull-apart bread. 

The bread is stuffed with cheesy garlic and herb cream cheese and sprinkled with Everything Bagel seasoning on top.

Every bite bursts with a flavor explosion like no other!

8. Herbed Tomato Quick Bread

Herbed tomato quick bread is the perfect snack to enjoy any time of day. 

It’s loaded with garlic, basil, tomatoes, and cheese, giving it delightful flavors.

The garlic and basil lend a wonderful earthiness that complements the sweetness of the tomatoes. 

The olive oil adds a layer of richness and the cheese provides creaminess. 

9. Rosemary Garlic Bread

The smell of this bread baking in the oven will surely draw your family (and maybe 1-2 neighbors) into your kitchen. 

The earthiness of fresh rosemary combined with the subtle nutty taste of roasted garlic makes every bite of this bread a delight.

Serve this bread hot from the oven with melted butter and an array of dipping oils and herbs. 

10. Quinoa Bread

If you haven’t hopped aboard the quinoa bread train yet, then what are you waiting for?

Made primarily with quinoa, this bread is surprisingly light, yet satisfyingly fuller than traditional white wheat loaves. 

Apart from the health benefits, this bread offers an additional bonus: the nutty goodness of quinoa with every bite. 

Looking for a nutritious, gluten-free, vegan bread that’s also delicious?  This recipe is a must-try.

11. Savory Onion Cheese Rolls

These pillowy buns are filled with shredded cheddar, onion powder, and chopped green onions, giving them an explosion of flavors.

The shredded cheddar provides the cheesy goodness that we all love, and the onions pack an unexpected punch. 

They’re heavenly all on their own, but they also make for a great accompaniment to other dishes.

12. Cheddar Beer Bread

In this recipe, cheddar cheese, garlic, and a splash of beer unite to create a unique flavor you can’t find anywhere else.

The recipe brings together the unbeatable combination of wonderfully pungent garlic and rich cheddar cheese. 

The beer makes the dough rise into a tender fluffy loaf and also enhances its flavor. 

Enjoy this bread fresh out of the oven so that it’s crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. 

13. Five Spice Garlic Butter Scallion Milk Bread

This next recipe is inspired by the classic roadside snack from Shanghai, the scallion pancake.

It’s made with milk bread dough flavored with five spice, garlic, and scallions. 

The mild sweetness of the milk bread and the fragrant five-spice and garlic form a truly unique and satisfying combination.

14. Indian Spiced Chickpea Flatbread {Socca}

Socca is a vegan and gluten-free chickpea flatbread from France. 

It’s mainly made from just three simple ingredients: chickpea flour, water, and olive oil.

What gives it an interesting flavor is a mix of Indian spices, such as turmeric, coriander, and cayenne.

The batter is cooked in a skillet, much like a pancake.

When it’s pan-fried, it becomes crispy on the outside and wonderfully spongy on the inside. 

Serve socca for dipping into curries and stews, or enjoy it by itself as a snack.

15. Savory Monkey Bread

Monkey bread doesn’t have to be confined to the world of sugary confections. 

Savory monkey bread may seem like an odd concept, but it works beautifully. 

Here, the pillowy buns are drenched in melted garlic butter and covered in herbs and cheese.

It’s different yet still every bit as comforting as its sweet cousin. What an exciting new way to enjoy a classic!

16. Braided Pesto Babka

Babka is a braided, yeast bread originating in Eastern Europe.

This delicacy is usually sweet, but you can also make it savory.

This recipe makes a rich and savory babka by braiding layers of yeast dough with pesto, giving it an extra burst of flavor. 

17. Vegan Chimichurri Monkey Bread

This savory monkey bread is a delectable appetizer sure to please any crowd. 

Each little bread ball is coated with a savory chimichurri sauce, giving it a unique and flavorful taste. 

Herbs and spices such as oregano and peppers give the milky bread balls an earthy and savory flavor contrast. 

18. Irish Potato Bread

Potato bread is a soft, pillowy bread that hails from Ireland.

As the name suggests, the secret to this loaf of goodness lies in potatoes.

High in starch, the spuds help make the bread wonderfully soft without being too heavy.

19. Chutney Cheese Brioche Rolls

A true gourmet delight, chutney cheese brioche rolls are every bit as delicious as they sound. 

They’re a savory combination of cheese and herb-filled chutney layered on a soft, buttery brioche roll. 

This is the perfect comfort food that’s sure to satisfy both the tastebuds and the heart. 

20. Rosemary Garlic Focaccia Bread

Focaccia bread is a flavorful yet surprisingly easy flatbread made with just a few simple ingredients. 

Adding olive oil to the bread dough gives the bread its iconic savory flavor and crisp-tender texture.

Rosemary and garlic make it extra savory and earthy, to boot.

Enjoyed as it is or made into sandwiches, focaccia’s array of uses makes it one of the most versatile breads around. 

21. Savory Hot Cross Buns with Bacon and Green Onion

Hot cross buns with bacon and green onion provide a fun twist to the traditionally sweet treat. 

The addition of bacon and green onions inside the soft and doughy bun packs a big punch of flavor. 

If you’re looking for a unique way to spice up your Easter or brunch table, these savory buns are the solution.

22. Pull Apart Bacon Bread

Pull-apart bacon bread is an easy snack guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds. 

Everyone will love the experience of pulling apart freshly-baked dough filled with bits of bacon, onions, bell peppers, and shredded cheese.

Don’t worry about making the dough from scratch here as all you’ll need are refrigerator biscuits! But no one has to know.

23. Swirled Garlic Herb Bread

A braided swirled garlic herb bread is the perfect addition to any dinner table. 

The soft, doughy braids make a statement with their beautifully intricate (yet surprisingly easy to make) swirls. 

Inside each twirl sits savory herbs, garlic, and other seasonings.

Warm and comforting with every bite, this bread will leave you and the entire crew happy and satisfied.

24. Cheese and Garlic Crack Bread (Pull Apart Bread)

If you’re looking for the most irresistible party appetizer, look no further: cheese and garlic crack definitely hits the spot! 

It starts with a round sourdough that’s sliced into diamonds, although the slices don’t reach all the way through the bread. 

This creates “cracks” in the bread, into which a cheesy garlicky butter mixture is poured.

When baked, each nook and cranny turns crisp and golden brown on the outside and invitingly soft inside. 

It’s an easy recipe that transforms an ordinary loaf of bread into a phenomenal centerpiece.

25. Pane Bianco with Tomato, Basil, and Garlic

Pane bianco is an Italian 8-shaped white bread filled with sun-dried tomatoes, cheese, fresh basil, and garlic. 

The combination of flavors from the ingredients creates an enjoyable experience sure to satisfy every bread lover’s cravings.

25 Easy Savory Bread Recipes

These savory bread recipes are too good to pass up! From cheese bread to garlic bread to beer bread, each one on this list is better than the last.


  • Easy Savory Cheese Bread

  • Cheesy Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Bread

  • Ciabatta Garlic Bread

  • Savory Zucchini Cheddar Quick Bread

  • Easy Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pão de Queijo)

  • Chimichurri & Panko Parker House Rolls

  • Everything Bagel Pull-Apart Bread

  • Herbed Tomato Quick Bread

  • Rosemary Garlic Bread

  • Quinoa Bread

  • Savory Onion Cheese Rolls

  • Cheddar Beer Bread

  • Five Spice Garlic Butter Scallion Milk Bread

  • Indian Spiced Chickpea Flatbread {Socca}

  • Savory Monkey Bread

  • Braided Pesto Babka

  • Vegan Chimichurri Monkey Bread

  • Irish Potato Bread

  • Chutney Cheese Brioche Rolls

  • Rosemary Garlic Focaccia Bread

  • Savory Hot Cross Buns with Bacon and Green Onion

  • Pull Apart Bacon Bread

  • Swirled Garlic Herb Bread

  • Cheese and Garlic Crack Bread (Pull Apart Bread)

  • Pane Bianco with Tomato, Basil, and Garlic


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Savory Bread Recipes

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