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20 Best Red Wine Recipes for Cooking

Make tonight’s dinner a little more indulgent with these red wine recipes

As much as I love a glass of red wine with my meal, there are so many more fantastic ways to explore its rich flavor.

Who knew red wine can get even better?

Coq Au Vin Chicken with Vegetables and Sauce
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Not only is red wine a great way to feel fancy, but it’s also a fantastic ingredient for cooking.

It tenderizes meat, de-glazes pans, and adds so much richness and depth to every dish. 

So, grab that spare bottle, pop out the cork, and check out these red wine recipes! Maybe even sip on a glass as you do.. 

1.  Coq au Vin

This classic French dish is the perfect place to begin exploring the rich flavors of red wine.

Coq au vin is a French stew of chicken braised in red wine with mushrooms and crispy pancetta.

Perfect for chilly days, this is a great recipe to tackle when you have a few hours on the weekend. Trust me, it’s worth the extra effort!

Serve this rich and hearty dish with green beans and creamy mashed potatoes. Yum.

2. French Beef Stew with Red Wine

The intense flavors of this French beef stew with red wine are simply mouthwatering. 

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to cook up a dish that tastes this delicious. You just cook it low and slow in a Dutch oven. Easy-peasy!

Dig into this tasty stew with a hunk of crusty bread. It’s the perfect way to mop up all the juices. 

3. Roast Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce

Do you have a date night planned? Serve that special someone a real treat with this roast beef tenderloin with red wine sauce. 

This sear-roasted beef tenderloin with a rich red wine sauce is a real showstopper. 

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You don’t have to be a trained chef to serve up the perfect tenderloin.

In a few simple steps, you can cook up this masterpiece and impress your dinner date!

4. Beef Bourguignon

If you love tender beef that melts in your mouth, you need to give this beef bourguignon a go. 

This Julia Child recipe is beloved around the world, for good reason!

Tender chunks of beef are simmered in a rich red wine sauce.

Brisket is the best cut of beef for this recipe. The meat falls apart so easily and stays so amazingly juicy. Delish!

5. Red Wine Jus

This red wine jus is the ultimate sauce to serve with a perfectly grilled steak

The red wine reduction sauce is made using drippings from the steak as the base. This packs in so much flavor.

It’s best to use a fuller-bodied red wine for this jus. Try a Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot.

They have rich and fruity notes that pair so well with the meaty steak. 

6. Lemon and Artichoke Oven Roasted Chicken

Treat yourself to an elegant meal with this lemon and artichoke oven-roasted chicken.

Juicy, tangy, and tender, this is a great dish to spoil yourself with.

The secret to the depth of flavor in the chicken is marinating for a whole day.

That way, the red wine is allowed to soak in and tenderize the chicken. It’s worth the wait!

Serve this golden pan of goodness with lemon orzo, roasted potatoes, or a simple salad.

Light some candles, pour yourself a glass of the leftover red wine and enjoy.

7. Red Wine Poached Pears

These red wine-poached pears are oozing with sophistication.

They’re absolutely perfect for a fancy dinner party or romantic date. 

This classic French dessert is so simple yet so elegant. They have the perfect balance of sweet, spice, and fruity flavors. 

Serve these pears with a scoop of mascarpone cheese, whipped cream, or vanilla ice cream. You most certainly won’t have leftovers.

8. Red Wine Mushrooms

On the hunt for the perfect side dish? These red wine mushrooms are simply divine.

Cremini mushrooms are tossed in butter, red wine, and garlic. They’re like little bites of bursting flavor!

Cook the mushrooms until they’re golden brown and garnish them with parsley.

You won’t be able to eat mushrooms any other way.

9. Braised Osso Buco

One bite of this braised osso buco and you’ll simply melt. It’s amazingly fork-tender and packed with rich flavors. 

This braised osso buco is made by slow cooking a veal shank in red wine. It does take a little while to cook, but it’s so worth it. 

Serve it over mashed potatoes so you can get every last drop of those amazing red wine flavors. 

10. Incredible Braised Beef Short Ribs with Red Wine & Garlic

These braised beef short ribs with red wine and garlic are bound to impress the whole family. Plus, they’re so tender, you can eat them with a spoon!

This dish’s deep, rich, red wine sauce is one to rival restaurants.

One of the best parts of making these braised beef short ribs is how amazing they smell. 

Pro Tip: Don’t skip the searing! By searing the ribs, you ensure you get the most flavor out of your meat and into the sauce.

The more flavor, the better. 

11. Red Wine and Shallot Butter

Cooking truly is an art. And nothing proves that better than this red wine and shallot butter. It simply looks like a masterpiece!

This wonderfully purply pink butter not only looks stunning, but it tastes divine too. This is the perfect butter to use with a steak.

The butter is flavored with red wine and shallots. It can be turned into the most amazing jus with another splash of red wine.

Pour it over a grilled steak and enjoy!

12. Red Wine Reduction Sauce for Steak

If you love steaks, you need to try this red wine reduction sauce. It’s the perfect pairing for tender, juicy, beef.

And it only takes 10 minutes to make. Red wine gives the sauce an added richness and robustness.

Quick, easy, and tasty, what’s not to love?

It’s best to use a full-bodied red wine like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot for this sauce.

It adds a wonderful fruity note that’s simply delicious. 

13. Burgundy Poached Egg in Red Wine Sauce on Toast (Oeuf en Meurette)

This burgundy poached egg in red wine sauce makes for the perfect breakfast when you’re feeling a little fancy.

Mushrooms, pearl onions, and pancetta bites are cooked in reduced red wine and butter. 

Once they’ve absorbed all that amazing flavor, they’re piled on garlicky bread.

Then, they’re topped with a perfectly poached egg. Delish. 

14. Traditional Red Sangria

Who doesn’t love a tall glass of sangria? It’s the ultimate summer drink!

This Spanish cocktail is best enjoyed with a tasty array of tapas in the sunshine. It’s fruity, sweet, boozy, and oh-so refreshing.

And the best part is it only takes 5 minutes to make.

After muddling the fruit, mix brown sugar, orange juice, brandy, and red wine together. Serve it over ice and enjoy!

15. Filet Mignon with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce

Make your next date night special with this filet mignon with red wine mushroom sauce.

Juicy filet mignon is pan-seared in a cast-iron skillet and finished in the oven. They’re just melt-in-your-mouth tender.

Serve those amazing steaks with a red wine sauce reduction and sliced mushrooms.

One bite, and you’ll see why they call filet mignon the king of steaks!

16. Vegan Charred Vegetable Ragu

This vegan charred vegetable ragu is anything but boring. It’s sweet, rich, and absolutely delicious. 

Charred vegetables are blended with red wine, broth, and lots of lovely spices. 

This delicious, charred vegetable ragu is a guaranteed hit. My family absolutely loves this sauce. They can’t get enough of it!

17. Red Wine Spritzer

Ready in just 5 minutes, this quick and easy red wine spritzer is a great go-to cocktail. 

This wonderfully vibrant drink is perfect for holidays and celebrations. Its vivid red color looks as exciting as it tastes!

This has to be the easiest cocktail there is. All you have to do is combine a bottle of red wine with a bottle of club soda.

Serve it over ice with a garnish of raspberries and mint leaves.

18. Red Wine Ice Cream

Fancy something sweet? Try out this red wine ice cream! 

This tasty ice cream has a red grape flavor that is actually similar to chocolate ice cream in its richness. 

It’s a fantastic, fancy treat to serve at the end of your dinner parties. Your guests will be mighty impressed. 

19. Red Wine Pot Roast

Warm up on those cold and chilly nights with this hearty red wine pot roast.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a hearty, hot pot roast.

It’s loaded with juicy meat, tender vegetables, and the most flavorful gravy.

For this recipe, you want to use chuck roast and a dry red wine for the best result.

This guarantees the best flavors and the tenderest, yummy meat. 

20. Red Wine Venison Stew

Cozy up in front of the fire with a big bowl of this red wine venison stew. 

By cooking this stew slowly in the oven, it develops the richest and deepest flavors.

Service it with buttery mashed potatoes for the most warming meal. It’s perfect for those chilly nights.

20 Best Ways to Cook With Red Wine


  • Coq au Vin

  • French Beef Stew with Red Wine

  • Roast Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce

  • Beef Bourguignon

  • Red Wine Jus

  • Lemon and Artichoke Oven Roasted Chicken

  • Red Wine Poached Pears

  • Red Wine Mushrooms

  • Braised Osso Buco

  • Incredible Braised Beef Short Ribs with Red Wine & Garlic

  • Red Wine and Shallot Butter

  • Red Wine Reduction Sauce for Steak

  • Burgundy Poached Egg in Red Wine Sauce on Toast (Oeuf en Meurette)

  • Traditional Red Sangria

  • Filet Mignon with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce

  • Vegan Charred Vegetable Ragu

  • Red Wine Spritzer

  • Red Wine Ice Cream

  • Red Wine Pot Roast

  • Red Wine Venison Stew


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Red Wine Recipes

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