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13 Healthy Red Bean Recipes

These tasty red bean recipes will show you how to make the most of the under-appreciated but wholesome legume.

If you thought beans were boring, think again.

Seasoned with spices, laden with herbs, and packed with yummy ingredients, these recipes are anything but bland.

Red Beans and Rice
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From vegan chili to Cajun chicken, this is a list that’ll suit every taste and dietary preference. It’ll also give you some new ideas for what to serve for dinner.

Beans are considered an economical pantry staple, making them perfect for easy and convenient dinners that won’t break your household budget.

But did you know they’re super healthy, too? High in iron, phosphorus, and potassium, red beans are a wholesome addition to your dinner table.

So feed your family the best tonight and whip up a batch of beans for a nutritious and delicious meal!

1. Red Beans and Rice 

You’d better be hungry for this meaty stew.

Made with spicy Andouille sausage, it’s smoky, sweet, and tangy. 

The beans slowly simmer in the flavorful broth until they absorb all the mouthwatering juices and turn perfectly tender. 

Thick and chunky, this is a dish that’ll keep you fueled up and ready for anything.

2. Coconut Red Bean Puddings

Red beans are a common dessert ingredient in Asia. 

Their subtle but sweet taste and creamy texture make them a great fit for recipes like pudding.

This coconut pudding is more like a cake, baked in blocks and studded with pieces of sweet red beans.

It’s served cold, like Jell-O, and is flavored with creamy coconut milk.

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3. Steamed Red Bean Cake

If you’re out of ideas for next Valentine’s Day, or just want to show someone you love them, check out these adorable heart-shaped treats.

They’re bite-sized cakes, made with red beans and coconut milk. 

Steamed, rather than baked, these cakes are incredibly moist, they will literally melt in your mouth.

But not before you get the full hit of the deliciously sweet and creamy tropical flavors.

4. Red Bean Wheel Pie (Imagawayaki)

Unique and flavorful, this Japanese snack is a moist cake stuffed with a sweet filling.

It’s similar to an American donut and easy to customize with a variety of flavors. This recipe stuffs the pastry shell with sweetened red bean paste. 

You’ll need an air fryer to finish these cakes.

The batter is poured into ramekins and then put into the air fryer to crisp up the cake mix to a gorgeous golden brown.

5. Basic Chili Con Carne With Beef and Beans

Despite its name, this chili is anything but basic.

Every spoonful is packed with fiery, smoky, and tangy flavor.

Serve it with a side of cornbread because you’re going to want to soak up every last bit of this incredible stew.

6. Andouille Sausage with Red Beans and Rice

Got a gluten-free friend coming to dinner?

Make life easy and serve them this convenient one-pot gluten-free stew.

It’s the ultimate winter warmer, packed with hearty ingredients and a savory taste that’ll keep out the cold.

7. Red Beans Vegan Chili

Eating more plants is easy with this tasty vegan chili.

It’s a chunky blend of beans and vegetables, simmered together in a rich tomato-based broth. 

8. Red Bean Mochi 

Mochi cakes are Chinese bean buns.

They might seem intimidating to beginner bakers, but once you have your ingredients, the rest is a piece of cake (pun intended).

Just mix up the batter, pour into a pan, and steam until risen. Then you can add your filling – sweet bean paste – and roll into bite-sized balls.

The balls are rolled in sweet rice flour to finish, making them look like dainty snowballs.

But you won’t have to save these unique treats for Christmas, as they’re welcome at any party!

9. Uptown Red Beans and Rice

This isn’t your average beans and rice recipe. This is a fancy beans and rice recipe.

The comfort food classic goes upmarket with this one-dish meal. It’s made with extra special touches like hearty turkey sausage and a New Orleans rice blend.

Easy, quick, and very tasty, this is for those mid-week nights when you want loads of taste, with none of the work.

10. Skillet Cajun Chicken with Red Beans & Rice

If you’ve had a hard day and don’t feel like cooking, this recipe is a lifesaver (and a timesaver).

All you’ll need to get a tasty and healthy meal on the table is one skillet and eight ingredients. 

Chicken thighs are generously seasoned with warming Cajun spices like paprika, garlic, and cayenne.

They’re then placed into a hot skillet along with beans, rice, peppers, and tomatoes.

Once the chicken is browned, you’ll just add some stock, and place it in the oven to finish it off.

Grab a glass of wine, wait for the rice to fluff up, and congratulate yourself on winning at dinner.

11. 20-Minute Red Bean Soup

This healthy soup is an eye-catching purple, making it the star of the table.

Made by blending beans with vegetables, fresh herbs, and stock, it’s a warming, savory dish with rich flavor.

Serve with a side of crusty bread and enjoy as a simple supper or quick lunch.

12. Baked Red Bean Glutinous Rice Flour Cake

A gluten-free cake, made with glutinous flour?

If that sounds strange, take a closer look at the recipe. This moist treat is made with sticky rice flour so there’s zero wheat.

Traditionally served for Chinese New Year, mochi cake is a festive dish enjoyed for special occasions.  

13. Sweet Red Bean Paste

This delicately sweet paste is a staple of many delicious Asian desserts.

But you don’t need to run to a specialty store to get your hands on a jar. Make your own at home with this easy DIY recipe.

Simply blend together beans, sugar, water, and salt – it’s honestly that easy! 

The recipe gives you instructions for making two varieties of the paste, so you can make a range of Japanese desserts including pastries and cakes.

13 Ways to Cook Red Beans


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Red Bean Recipes

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