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23 Easy Asian Desserts to Try Making

These Asian desserts are unique, tasty, and so easy to make at home! There are so many interesting treats that you can try.

This list is varied and super fun, from cute little cookies to some different sweets you’ve likely never heard of. And each is as delicious as the last.

Shortbread Cookies with White and Black Sesame Seeds
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So whether you’re looking for something to serve at the next book club or just for a fun new recipe to try out, you’ll find the perfect recipe on this list of 23 amazing Asian desserts.

1. Simple Matcha Green Tea Mochi

Match AND mochi? Sign me up!

The texture of mochi is just so perfectly unique, and the earthy match is such a great pairing. I love the color, too!

2. Black Sesame Cookies

The first time I used black sesame seeds on a brioche, I was hooked. The pop of dark color along with the light, nutty flavor was just what I’d been missing. 

And putting it into a cookie just makes so much sense! It adds so much more flavor than, say, poppy seeds. 

For more pronounced seeds, keep half back and just add them to the dough at the end.

3. Mango Sticky Rice

Confession: when I was in Hong Kong, I more or less lived off this stuff. I had it at least once per day and found myself looking for it everywhere we went.

The key to getting that great texture is to soak the rice before cooking. This will remove the coating and allow it to cook and get nice and sticky. 

For the mango topping, I like to grab a tin and chop up the slices. Add them to a pan with some sugar and gently cook until it starts to thicken like jam.

4. Castella Cake

This sponge cake is made with whipped egg white and honey.

When mixing the batter, be sure to get all the lumps of flour, but don’t over-mix to the point you see air bubbles.

This lovely light cake is excellent with a cup of tea and some fresh fruit.

5. Japanese Butter Cookies

Needing just five ingredients, these Japanese beauties will melt in your mouth and leave you reaching for more. 

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Typically seen in the shape of a dove, you can make these any shape you prefer.

They’re tender and buttery and would be especially good with some dark chocolate chips. 

6. Korean Sweet Rice Cake

This unusual little snack is definitely one to try when you have a free afternoon.

It takes some getting used to, and you’ll need to read the instructions a few times before you start.

Sweet rice flour is a must, as is the soybean powder, which will prevent the mix from drying out too quickly. 

7. Easy Kulfi Recipe with Condensed Milk

Being a huge ice cream fan, I had to try this one. This frozen dessert is so pleasantly spiced – with cardamom and saffron – and the pistachios are a dream!

If you want it a little lighter, try adding some whipped cream to the mix.

8. Modak Recipe

This is such a fun recipe to try at home, just so long as you don’t mind getting your hands a little sticky!

If you can’t find jaggery powder, you can substitute for brown sugar or coconut sugar. 

9. Korean Tea Cookies

To get these adorable cookies into their shape, you’ll need a traditional to use a dasik mold. As great as they look, you can’t find them in the States.

An excellent alternative would be to try some silicone molds. You’ll just need to freeze the dough slightly to get the cookies out. 

Being no-bake, you can make a batch in no time!

10. Chinese Mango Pudding

In case I haven’t mentioned: I LOVE mango! So this recipe had me racing to the kitchen.

All you’ll need is fresh mango, gelatine, sugar, milk, and cream. Once blended smooth, it will set into the creamiest and prettiest dessert.

11. Pan-fried Rice Cake Dumplings with Sweet Red Beans

I know seeing red beans in a dessert might be off-putting.

But the sweet red beans used in this kind of typical dessert is usually sweetened and tastes a lot like a sweet potato.

The dough is such a simple mix of rice flour and water, giving it a mochi-like texture that complements the red bean paste so well. 

12. 5-Minute Vietnamese Iced Coffee

There are two critical components to this coffee: a cafetiere and condensed milk.

Start by making a hot coffee, which will allow the condensed milk to melt into the liquid. Then top-up your glass with ice and grab a straw.

13. Fried Bananas

Sweet, caramel-y, super easy, and totally addictive, these are an absolute home run any time of day.

Adding the light batter will give these babies such a nice crunch, and you can serve them with anything from hot fudge to caramel. 

14. Chinese Almond Float Dessert

I love this simple dessert. The jelly texture is just right with the chunks of fruit, and the almond extract adds such a nice, mild undertone. 

Be careful with the extract, as it can be overwhelming if you use too much.

15. Chinese Nougat

This recipe will be much softer than what you’re used to, but the nuts give it a great crunch. You could even add in some dried fruit for pops of color and sweetness. 

For added color, try using pink marshmallows, too, and swirling them together. 

16. A Japanese Custard Pudding

This flan-like dessert is sweet, silky, smooth, and covered with caramel.

It needs to be cooked in a water bath and should be made in individual ramekins for the best results.

Keep an eye on the caramel and work fast to get it into the molds before it sets.

17. Chinese Almond Cookies

If you’re looking for something slightly different from the overly sweet sugar cookies we typically find in the States, this recipe is for you.

Being a slice and bake the dough, you can roll it and bake as many as you need, freezing the rest for later.

18. Matcha Green Tea Cookies

Matcha provides such a mild, earthy flavor that enhances so well when made into baked goods. Not to mention, the color is gorgeous.

When buying matcha powder, be sure to look for the good quality kind that is 100% pure matcha. 

19. Chinese Five-Spice Peanuts

Having nuts in the house is a great way to curb those salty cravings without reaching for a big bag of chips. 

And when you can have flavorful, toasted nuts in just 10 minutes, why buy anything else? 

20. Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake

You might think a steamed cake would be dense and soggy, but this is light and tender. 

The batter uses brown sugar that gives a beautiful caramel flavor, and using evaporated milk will ensure a rich and creamy taste.

21. Egg Tart Recipe With Chinese Puff Pastry

I think there are versions of this all over, from the UK to Portugal, they’re all delicious and sweet. 

I like this recipe in particular because it was the first time I’d seen this method for puff pastry. It’s worth trying just for that!

22. Black Sesame Soup

You’re either going to love the look of this or hate it. It’s made from black sesame seeds, and it’s dark.

It’s quite unusual to see a big bowl full of black goop, but I swear it tastes great!

Nutty, slightly sweet, and filling, it’s such a nice way to end a big meal.

23. Korean Steamed Pear Recipe

If you’re a fan of baked apples, then you’ll love this recipe. Using a whole pear, you’re going to cut the top off and hollow out the middle.

Fill it with honey, spices, and pine nuts, and let the whole thing steam.

These are great served hot or cold and make for a beautiful, natural dessert. 

23 Easy Asian Dessert Recipe Collection

These Asian desserts are unique, tasty, and so easy to make at home! From tea cookies to sticky rice to pudding, you can’t go wrong with these simple treats.


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  • Prep an Asian treat in 30 minutes or less!
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