Home Recipe Roundup 23 Easy White Bean Recipes (Cannellinis and More)

23 Easy White Bean Recipes (Cannellinis and More)

These white bean recipes will make you crave this humble bean at every meal!

From soups and hummus to hearty pasta, you’re sure to fall in love with these scrumptious meals.

Homemade Boiled White Beans with Dried Tomatoes and Spinach
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Let’s face it, eating the same old dinners night after night can get a little boring.

That’s why I’ve put together some fun and creative white bean recipes

Because out of the many types of beans, white beans are one of the most versatile. 

They’re a cheap salad filler and a great addition to soups. And that includes navy beans, cannellini, or another type!

So get ready to add some excitement to your meals with these tasty white bean recipes!

1. White Bean Chili

A bowl of this hearty chili will warm you right up.

This white chili is brimming with protein thanks to white beans and chicken.

Add corn, canned green chilis, and onions for more substance. Meanwhile, six spices create the ultimate flavor. 

You know what you need now, right? Chili toppings like sour cream and avocado!

2. Simple White Bean Hummus

Did you know you can swap chickpeas for white beans in homemade hummus?

The moment I tried it, I was sold. And I’m a big lover of regular hummus.

White beans give it the perfect velvety smooth and creamy texture. And it’s so simple to make!

The one trick I recommend is saving some of the liquid in the can. You can use that instead of water for more flavor.

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3. White Bean Burgers

When it comes to vegan burgers, black bean burgers are the most common. 

But have you tried making them yet with white beans? They’re equally delicious. 

These plant-based patties are affordable meal that uses only pantry staples and bread. 

It’s also a quick 15-minute dinner for Meatless Monday, or really any night of the week.

4. White Bean Green Chili Enchiladas

These enchiladas are beckoning the family to the dinner table!

From the filling to the toppings, it’s like a fiesta in a baking dish. 

The guacamole salsa pairs exceptionally with the white bean filling. 

For the topping, add a fresh bite with chopped tomatoes, cilantro, and avocado. 

With the addition of non-dairy cheese, it’s vegan, too.

5. Smoky Tomato White Bean Soup

You’ll want to put this soup on repeat all winter long!

It’s like comfort food for your soul. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s good for your body. 

Fire-roasted canned tomatoes, tomato paste, and spices make a bold base. A hint of chipotle adds smoky notes, too.

As for the beans, any sort of white bean will do. Cannellini beans, navy beans, or white kidney beans all work.

6. Garlic Parmesan White Beans

It never ceases to amaze me what fresh ingredients can do to a can of beans. 

At its core, this Mediterranean dish has white beans, cherry tomatoes, parsley, and garlic. That might not sound like much. 

But add a handful of spices, cheese, and lemon juice, and bam! You have a nutritious flavor-packed 15-minute meal. 

7. Creamy Skillet White Beans with Greens and Parmesan

Comfort food meets healthy in this creamy skillet. 

Cannellini beans are full of plant-based protein. Olive oil adds healthy fats and kale is a nutrient-dense superfood.

Yet, the creamy sauce and sprinkle of parmesan hit all the right comfort notes.

For a side of indulgence, pair it with cheesy garlic bread. 

8. White Bean Ragout

Need some recipe inspiration for cannellini beans? Try white bean ragout. 

It’s one of those meals you can improvise with. You can also throw it together no matter your skill level. 

Simmer cannellini beans and onions in a tangy tomato broth base. Then add fresh herbs of your choosing. 

While it’s optional, I recommend a hunk of crusty sourdough bread.

9. Cozy White Bean Stew

This is one cozy bowl, indeed!

What I love about this stew is it uses up pantry staples. That and it’s completely customizable. 

With white beans and veggies stock as the base, add the holy trinity of veggies. I’m talking about carrots, celery, and onions.

Then, peer into the spice cabinet for paprika, cumin, and coriander, or adjust it to your taste. 

10. Tuscan White Bean Pasta

Who said budget-friendly meals had to be boring? Enter Tuscan white bean pasta. 

This economical dish is scrumptious. It’s also simple enough to eat any night of the week.

Linguine gets doctored up with cannellini beans, spinach, tomatoes, garlic, and parmesan. 

There’s no need for a sauce. Just use olive oil and butter.

11. Italian Sausage White Bean Soup

Wondering where’s the meat? It’s right here!

Meat lovers will lap this soup up bite after bite. 

Italian sausage, bacon, and white beans make it super savory.

For a bit more oomph, add carrots, spinach, and Italian seasoning. 

You could also try different broths like bone broth or beef broth. 

12. White Bean Risotto

White bean risotto is an impressive date night dinner

On the surface, it might look like just beans and risotto. But it has a few tricks up its sleeve.

These include miso paste, pecorino, and a crisp herby bread topping.

Make some minor tweaks and it’s vegan-friendly, too.

13. Easy White Bean Salad

For lunches, picnics, potlucks, or barbecues, this salad is one to remember. 

I keep white beans on hand just for salads like this. It’s fresh, quick, and perfect for so many occasions. 

It’s also as easy as chopping, mixing, and seasoning. 

While it’s great with white beans, you can use chickpeas or lentils instead.

14. Shrimp with White Beans, Spinach, and Tomatoes

Easy seafood dinners can be for work nights. Just take it from this shrimp dish.

Great northern beans, spinach, tomatoes, and onions simmer in chicken stock.

Add basil and lemon, then top the beans with shrimp. 

The whole thing takes about 20 minutes tops.

15. White Bean Dip

I am addicted to this white bean dip. I smear it on sandwiches, burgers, falafel, and wraps. 

Sometimes, I make a meal out of it with veggie sticks and crackers. 

It’s creamy, garlicky, and lemon-flavored, and comes together in a snap. 

Really, it’s like hummus except with white beans and no tahini. 

16. Quick White Bean Spread 

This vegan pate can give the real stuff a run for its money!

It’s a flavorsome mix of white beans, sun-dried tomatoes, alliums, parsley, chives, and lemon. 

Serve it up at your next party and prepare yourself to share the recipe. 

Everyone will ask for it. 

17. White Bean and Tuna Salad

Is the kitchen looking a little sparse? Make tuna salad!

It’s one of those meals that saves you in a pinch. 

Mix canned white beans with canned tuna, lemon, olive oil, hot sauce, herbs, and shallots. 

For seasoning, stick with salt and pepper.

If you’re out of lemons, use vinegar. Dried herbs also work. 

18. Italian Wedding Soup with Turkey Meatballs

This version of Italian wedding soup gives this classic a healthy twist. 

It’s clean tasting, overflowing with protein, and brightly flavored. 

Rather than use pasta, spruce it up with quinoa. Even the meatballs get revamped with lean turkey. 

The white beans might not be the star. But their supporting role is highly complementary. 

19. Chipotle White Bean Tacos

White beans are even good in tacos! 

It makes sense though, right? Considering refried beans and black beans tend to work their way in there. 

The main filling consists of great northern beans and onions in a chipotle sauce. 

Stuff the corn tortillas full of cilantro, cotija, and red onion to top it off.

Or, nix the cheese to make it vegan-friendly.

20. Roasted Garlic and White Bean Lasagna Soup

I think it’s safe to say, I’m obsessed with this soup. 

It has all the flavor of lasagna crammed into a warming bowl of goodness. 

White beans are the perfect addition for a protein boost. And don’t even get me started on the roasted garlic.

And the dollops of ricotta? It’s to die for!

Grab a piece of garlic bread. You’ll need it. 

21. White Pasta Fagioli

White pasta fagioli is one of those cozy homestyle meals you crave when it’s cold.

It’s a brothy soup full of bacon, pasta, onions, celery, and white beans. 

So it’s just what the doctor ordered!

Right before serving, add a pinch of red pepper chili flakes and Parmesan. 

22. Hearty White Bean Caesar Salad Bowls

This is not your average Caesar salad. 

Gluten-free and plant-based, this salad gives new meaning to a classic.

It features marinated white beans, millet, and root veggies in a vegan dressing. 

If you’ve been in a salad rut, it’s definitely one to try.

23. Instant Pot Cajun White Beans

Bust out that Instant Pot because you don’t want to miss this!

This warming bowl of Louisiana-style soul food will have your taste buds singing. 

You cook navy beans and sausage in coconut milk and chicken stock. What keeps you coming back for more is the seasoning. 

From Zatarain’s to Cajun seasoning, it’s beyond sensational. You just have to try it. 

23 Easy White Bean Recipes (Cannellinis and More)

These white bean recipes are so tasty and versatile! From chili to burgers to pasta, there is so much you can do with cannellini beans and the like!


  • White Bean Chili

  • Simple White Bean Hummus

  • White Bean Burgers

  • White Bean Green Chili Enchiladas

  • Smoky Tomato White Bean Soup

  • Garlic Parmesan White Beans

  • Creamy Skillet White Beans with Greens and Parmesan

  • White Bean Ragout

  • Cozy White Bean Stew

  • Tuscan White Bean Pasta

  • Italian Sausage White Bean Soup

  • White Bean Risotto

  • Easy White Bean Salad

  • Shrimp with White Beans, Spinach, and Tomatoes

  • White Bean Dip

  • Quick White Bean Spread

  • White Bean and Tuna Salad

  • Italian Wedding Soup with Turkey Meatballs

  • Chipotle White Bean Tacos

  • Roasted Garlic and White Bean Lasagna Soup

  • White Pasta Fagioli

  • Hearty White Bean Caesar Salad Bowls

  • Instant Pot Cajun White Beans


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a bean dish in 30 minutes or less!
White Bean Recipes

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