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25 Best Red Bean Desserts You’ll Want to Try

Are you on the hunt for sweet treats to add to your repertoire? Then these red bean desserts are your best bet!

When you think of red beans, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Is it a steaming bowl of sweet soup? Maybe a refreshing red bean ice cream?

Or do you just think about how good the beans taste when stuffed in bread?

Japanese Red Bean Pancake or Dorayaki
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If any of those sound good, then you’re in luck! B

From chewy mochi to tasty buns and fluffy cakes, you’ll find something for your sweet tooth.

So read on and make your days sweeter with these red bean desserts!

1. Dorayaki (Japanese Red Bean Pancake)

Are you looking for something to make your mornings extra delightful? Then you’ll flip for this tasty dorayaki!

This Japanese treat is made with a classic honey pancake stuffed with sweet red bean filling.

It’s soft, fluffy, and warm, perfect for mornings when you need a pick-me-up.

One bite of this tasty pancake feels like a hug for your tastebuds.

2. Matcha Red Bean Buns

If you’re looking for a decadent treat with rich flavors, this recipe is your best bet!

These buns are matcha-flavored and filled with red beans, making the perfect contrast. It packs sweet, earthy flavors.

With their fluffy texture and smooth filling, these buns will be your next favorite.

3. Creamy Red Bean Popsicles

Red beans are probably not on the list when you think of desserts.

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But when you try these creamy red bean popsicles, you’ll have a change of heart.

They have a creamy base mixed with chewy bits of red beans, adding extra delight.

These popsicles are perfect when you need something cold and comforting.

The best part? This recipe only requires three ingredients: dried red beans, whole milk, and condensed milk.

Just mix them up and chill to perfection!

4. Danpatjuk (Sweet Red Bean Porridge)

When you think of the perfect comfort food, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s a warm bowl of creamy soup.

But if you’re looking for something new to try, danpatjuk is your best bet!

This Korean porridge packs the comforting flavors of sweet red beans in a bowl. It’s velvety smooth and has rice cake balls to make it extra filling.

5. Azuki Red Bean Ice Cream

Beat the summer heat with a frozen treat and whip up Azuki red bean ice cream!

This creamy Japanese cold treat is made with whole milk, sugar, and red beans.

It has a sweet, earthy flavor that’ll make you want to lick the ice cream tub clean.

This dessert is topped with toasted black sesame seeds to add hints of nut flavor.

6. Zenzai (Oshiruko) – Red Bean Soup with Mochi

A warm bowl of this red bean soup is perfect whenever you feel under the weather.

The soup has sweet, earthy flavors paired with chewy mochi to make it more satisfying.

It’s like a bowl of comfort, with the bonus of deliciousness.

We’re sure you’ll be hooked once you try it out this winter.

7. Red Bean Paste Cookie

Get ready to pop some bite-sized deliciousness into your mouth with this cookie recipe!

Red bean paste cookies are a traditional Chinese dessert that many love. They’re little packages of buttery goodness and tasty red beans.

With a rich, sweet taste and light, crunchy exterior, these cookies are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

8. Sticky Rice Cake with Red Bean Paste

Sticky rice cakes with red bean paste are the ultimate comfort food. This dessert is made with glutinous rice flour and red bean paste.

The chewy rice cake coats the velvety smooth red bean paste for an absolute delight.

It’s sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds to bring a satisfying crunch with every bite.

Best of all, this sweet treat is a breeze to make!

9. Easy Sweet Red Bean Mochi Waffles

This recipe is for you if you’re avoiding dairy but still want something hearty!

These sweet red bean mochi waffles make for a delicious breakfast that’s dairy-free.

It’s light and fluffy with velvety red bean paste for extra decadence.

It’s like two desserts in one. You get mochi’s sweetness and chewy texture with fluffy waffles.

10. Vegan Mochi Ice Cream (Matcha Red Bean)

Looking for the perfect vegan treat to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings? Then you’ll love this vegan mochi ice cream!

This traditional Japanese dessert features ice cream coated with a chewy mochi dough.

The matcha ice cream is studded with red beans, making it rich and flavorful.

It’s cold, creamy, and delicious. Even if you’re not vegan, it’s still worth trying out!

11. Sesame Seed Dessert Balls (Jian Dui)

Take your tastebuds on a trip to the streets of China with these dessert balls!

This classic Chinese street food is made with glutinous rice flour, sesame seeds, and red beans. It has a crunchy interior, but it’s chewy on the inside.

Each dessert ball will bring a burst of flavor explosion that will impress.

12. Anpan

Have you ever had anpan? It’s a Japanese pastry that’s so delicious that it’ll make your mouth water.

Anpan is a fluffy bread with red bean filling inside. It tastes like biting into a cloud of sweetness with distinct earthiness.

13. Flaky Asian Buns with Red Bean Paste and Salted Duck Egg Yolks

These flaky Asian buns are stuffed with red bean paste and salted duck egg yolks.

The salty-sweet combination of this mouthwatering snack is enough to make your head spin. It’s like tiny packages of all the deliciousness in the world.

Once you take a bite, they’ll transport you to flavor town!

14. Bingsu (Shaved ice with Sweet Red Beans)

Beat the summer heat with a bowl of sweet, cold bingsu!

Bingsu is a Korean shaved ice dessert that packs the flavors of red beans and condensed milk.

It’s best paired with rice cake to make it even more delicious.

You can make it at home in minutes whenever the craving hits!

15. Sweet Red Bean Paste Crinkle Cookies

These sweet red bean crinkle cookies are the perfect dessert for potlucks or just because.

They’re soft, chewy, and have just enough of a crunch to make them satisfyingly delicious. You can’t go wrong with red beans in any form.

Best of all, you can make this recipe with or without eggs.

16. Red Bean Bread

What’s better than a warm, freshly baked loaf of bread? A warm, freshly baked loaf of bread that’s full of red beans.

That’s right: you should try adding some red beans to your bread dough mix!

Red beans will give your bread a dose of fiber and nutrients. Plus, they also add extra sweetness and fantastic texture.

17. Coconut Red Bean Pudding

If you love the taste of coconut and red beans, this pudding is for you.

It has the tasty creaminess of coconut milk studded with chewy red beans.

The pudding has a creamy texture and smooth consistency that will make your mouth water!

This dessert is best served cold, so it’ll fill you up and cool you down.

18. Bungeoppang (Fish-shaped Bread)

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread that makes your mouth water.

But when you add in a sweet red bean filling, it’s a whole other story.

And this delicious Korean street snack fits all the categories. When you take a bite, it’s so soft and fluffy with a smooth filling.

It’s sweet with hints of depth that melt in your mouth with amazingness.

19. Anmitsu

Take your tastebuds on a fruity, tropical vacation and make this tasty Japanese dessert!

Anmitsu combines kanten jelly, fresh fruits, chewy mochi, and green tea ice cream in one package.

The whole thing is finished with sweet black sugar syrup and red bean paste.

It’s a mouthwatering combination of flavors that will leave you wanting more!

20. Mizu Yokan

Mizu yokan is a chilled Japanese red bean jelly with chestnut. It’s the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day.

The chestnut adds a nutty flavor and a little bit of crunch to this sweet treat.

Plus, this recipe only requires a handful of ingredients, and it’s a breeze to make!

21. Shanghai Mooncake with Red Bean Paste

Mooncakes are as delicious as they sound. They feature flaky dough stuffed with sweet red bean paste and melon seeds.

This delectable dessert is a well-loved treat during Mid-Autumn Festival in China. Luckily, you can easily make it at home any time of the year.

One bite of this traditional treat will take you to the moon!

22. Pressure Cooker Red Bean Soup (Hong Dou Tang)

Who doesn’t love a warm, delicious bowl of sweet red bean soup? It’s one of the most comforting foods out there.

This rich, hearty soup packs the goodness of red beans that’ll soothe your soul.

Adding tangerine peel to the mix brings citrus notes and aromatic goodness.

This comforting dish is ready in just 30 minutes!

23. Korean Red Bean Mochi Cake

This one-of-a-kind dessert is a feast for your senses, with its chewy texture and rich flavor.

It combines traditional Korean flavors with a modern twist to create something unique.

The rich red bean and sweet rice flour will make you swoon with delight.

Once you sink your teeth into this delicious treat, you’ll surely ask for more.

24. Red Bean Mochi

Red bean mochi is a classic, but did you know you can make it home? It’s super easy!

It’s made of glutinous rice flour, sugar, and starch rolled together with red bean paste.

Each ball of deliciousness will take your breath away as you take a bite.

It’s ready in a flash, so you can make it whenever the craving strikes!

25. Matcha Red Bean Cake with Mascarpone and Matcha Whipped Cream

Get ready to drool over this matcha red bean cake.

This bright green cake is perfect for your celebrations with its rich, unique flavors.

It has layers of fluffy cake with velvety mascarpone cream filling and chewy red beans.

This one is so good, you’ll want to make it for every holiday.

25 Best Red Bean Dessert Recipe Collection

These red bean desserts are tasty, unique, and fun to make! From ice cream to cookies to pudding, you’ll gain a new appreciation for red bean paste with these treats.


  • Dorayaki (Japanese Red Bean Pancake)

  • Matcha Red Bean Buns

  • Creamy Red Bean Popsicles

  • Danpatjuk (Sweet Red Bean Porridge)

  • Azuki Red Bean Ice Cream

  • Zenzai (Oshiruko) – Red Bean Soup with Mochi

  • Red Bean Paste Cookie

  • Sticky Rice Cake with Red Bean Paste

  • Easy Sweet Red Bean Mochi Waffles

  • Vegan Mochi Ice Cream (Matcha Red Bean)

  • Sesame Seed Dessert Balls (Jian Dui)

  • Anpan

  • Flaky Asian Buns with Red Bean Paste and Salted Duck Egg Yolks

  • Bingsu (Shaved ice with Sweet Red Beans)

  • Sweet Red Bean Paste Crinkle Cookies

  • Red Bean Bread

  • Coconut Red Bean Pudding

  • Bungeoppang (Fish-shaped Bread)

  • Anmitsu

  • Mizu Yokan

  • Shanghai Mooncake with Red Bean Paste

  • Pressure Cooker Red Bean Soup (Hong Dou Tang)

  • Korean Red Bean Mochi Cake

  • Red Bean Mochi

  • Matcha Red Bean Cake with Mascarpone and Matcha Whipped Cream


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a red bean treat in 30 minutes or less!
Red Bean Desserts

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