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10 Best Adzuki Bean Recipes You Need To Try

These flavorful and protein-filled adzuki bean recipes are too good to resist.

Also known as red or mung beans, they’re super popular in Asian cooking.  

Adzuki Bean Recipes featuring Saucy Adzuki Bean Meatballs
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If you’re familiar with Asian cuisine, you’ve probably had adzuki beans before. If not, I think you’ll enjoy their delicate flavor that’s nutty and a little sweet.

You can find them in dishes from breakfast to dessert and even tea!

They’re also super healthy, nutrient-dense, packed with antioxidants, and can even lower your risk of heart disease.

So what are you waiting for? Give these ten delicious adzuki bean recipes a try!

1. Adzuki Bean Coconut Curry (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

I love curries because they’re warm, comforting, and seriously delicious. And this filling adzuki bean coconut curry is no exception. 

It’s flavorful and creamy, with just a little heat.

The adzuki beans and coconut add some sweetness that’s balanced out by the spices. Every bite is exciting!

Did I mention that pretty much allergy free? That makes this curry recipe fantastic for feeding large groups. 

2. Adzuki Bean Bowls

Grain bowls are super popular for two good reasons.

First, they’re pretty healthy and wonderfully delectable.

Second, they’re crazy-easy to make and will fill you up all day long.

Oh, and they’re super versatile! So I guess they’re popular for five good reasons 😉

Everything about this bowl is balanced.

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The beans and rice are filling, dense, and nutty, while the veggies and herbs add loads of freshness and bright flavors.

It’s also creamy and crunchy, sweet and savory.

Finally, you top everything with a salty, umami-laden miso dressing. Yum! 

3. Red Moong Dal Curry

This Indian dal curry is so delicious! I just know you’ll love it. 

It’s rich, savory, and bursting with your favorite Indian flavors, like garam masala, garlic, coriander, turmeric, and cumin.

Not only is it super flavorful, but it has a fantastic texture! It’s creamy and chunky at the same time. 

The best part is that it’s so easy to make! It only takes an hour on the stove or 20 minutes in the Instant Pot

4. Adzuki Beans Soup with Pearl Barley and Kale

Try this recipe if you want something warm and comforting on a cold evening.

This hearty and delicious adzuki bean soup will nourish you, body and soul. 

Packed with healthy goodness, including fiber, protein, antioxidants, vitamins, iron, and minerals, this soup has it all. 

Feel free to add more vegetables as you please. I think that potatoes and zucchini would be delicious additions. 

And since it’s all made in one pot, clean-up is a breeze! 

5. Vegan Adzuki Bean Meatballs

These meatballs might be vegan, but I promise you won’t feel like you’re missing out. They taste ah-mazing! 

These just have the added benefit of being healthy. Extra veggies, nuts, and oats work together to add flavor and more nourishment. 

This amazing combo of ingredients creates a texture just like meat! And the flavor is fantastic, too.

Everything is simmered in a delicious tomato sauce, so it really tastes like the real deal. 

This meal does require some preparation, though. The beans need to be soaked for about eight hours before you can use them, so you’ll need to be prepared.  

6. Anko (Red Bean Paste)

I love Anko!

This deliciously sweet red bean paste is commonly found in dishes throughout Asia, from savory meals and bread to sweet desserts. 

It’s featured in treats like Moon Cakes, mochi, and red bean paste buns. I’ve even had it on a crushed ice dessert with syrup and fresh fruit.

Clearly, there are many uses for Anko. 

Luckily, it’s effortless to make! All you need are adzuki beans, white sugar, brown sugar, salt, and a little time. 

From there, it’s a simple process.

Soak the beans, boil them a bit, and then add the sugars and salt. When the mixture is nice and thick, you’ll strain it, mash it, and let it set.  

How easy is that?

7. Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese is classic Italian food.

This vegan version has all the flavor but none of the meat! It also has a few more veggies, so it’s healthy and super filling. 

You may think that you’ll miss the meat, but I promise you won’t.

The texture is very close to ground beef, and the taste is delicious. Plus, the sauce is rich, sweet, savory, and hearty. 

I think if you compare bolognese to bolognese, most people won’t be able to pick out the vegan version.

And even if you can taste the difference, you won’t mind. It really is quite delicious. 

8. Adzuki Bean Hummus with Coriander and Lemon

This twist on traditional hummus doesn’t actually have chickpeas in it.

So, is it even hummus?

I say yes, and I know you’ll still love this creamy, savory spread. 

The nutty flavor of the adzuki beans is an excellent dupe for chickpeas.

And when they’re mixed with tahini, garlic, vinegar, and seasonings, it’s hard to tell the difference. 

The earthy flavors of the hummus base are balanced by coriander and lemon. Serve this delicious spread with pita bread, corn chips, or veggies.

9. Sweet Potato Adzuki Bean Burger

These flavorful bean burgers are perfect for a light summer evening.

They’re crazy tasty, filling but not heavy, and are sure to wow your family!

Oh, and they’re about 200 calories lighter than your average burger, with even more nutritional value.

Boiled sweet potato, adzuki beans, and a little flour make up the “meat” patty, which is delicious as it’s seasoned to perfection.

It features nutritional yeast, cajun seasoning, chili flakes, onion flakes, and salt. It’s then breaded and fried until crispy.

This is my new summer fave, topped with fresh cucumber, spinach, dill, and creamy dill-jalapeño aioli!

10. Hobak Beombeok (Korean Squash, Sweet Potato, and Bean Porridge)

All things Korean have been in the cultural spotlight the last few years. K-Pop, K-Dramas, Korean skincare, and, of course, delicious Korean cuisine. 

I mean, what’s not to love about kimchi and Korean barbecue?

But now, I have a new dish to love: Hobak Beombeok. This stew-like vegetable porridge is delectable and very healthy.

Hobak Beombeok is hearty, comforting, and perfect for fall and winter. 

It’s naturally slightly sweet, but it’s served with dates for more sweetness. Feel free to add any additional sweeteners you like.

You could also make this dish savory with different spices. 

It’s a little time-consuming, but it’s mostly passive time. That said, be prepared to start long before you want to eat. 

10 Best Ways to Use Adzuki Beans

These flavorful and protein-filled adzuki bean recipes are too good to resist. Super popular in Asian cooking, they’re slightly nutty and a little sweet.


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Adzuki Bean Recipes

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