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17 Easy Cremini Mushroom Recipes for Dinner

Also known as baby bella mushrooms, these cremini mushroom recipes are a fantastic way to beef up your weekly menu without, you know, all that beef. 

They’re similar to portobello mushrooms but have a slightly milder taste. That makes them ideal for mushroom-haters!

Sauteed Garlic Butter Cremini Mushrooms
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It’s hard to mess up mushrooms.

From simple sides and hearty appetizers to dreamy risotto, mushrooms are meaty, earthy, and incredibly filling.

And these cremini mushroom recipes are nutty, packed with rich flavors, and come together in a snap.

15+ Meaty and Delicious Recipes With Cremini Mushrooms

1. Garlic Butter Roasted Mushrooms

Are you looking for a quick and oh-so-simple side that also pairs well with pretty much any main dish? You just found it!

These garlic butter roasted mushrooms are bright, savory, and brimming with garlic butter.

They require no chopping and only take 25 minutes to roast in the oven. 

Serve this lemony, garlicky recipe as a carb-free side or with some brown rice for a complete meal.

2. Sautéed Crimini Mushrooms 

This sautéed crimini mushroom recipe uses minimal ingredients, so the mushroom flavor is front and center.

Since this recipe is so simple, much of the flavor lies in your sauté technique. 

The trick is deglazing the pan with a little vinegar. Those little brown bits on the bottom are arguably the tastiest part, so you don’t want to leave them behind. 

3. Buttery Garlic Mushrooms 

For a quick side dish (or a full meal), sauté cremini mushrooms with garlic, fresh herbs, and white wine.

The wine is this dish’s secret ingredient because it helps lift those nutty, savory flavors and take them to the next level. 

If you don’t have white wine on hand, any acid works in a pinch. Lemon juice or vinegar are great options in a pinch. 

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4. Pasta with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Are you looking for a meaty meat-less dinner recipe? Your family won’t miss the beef in this creamy and super satisfying pasta dish. 

Cremini mushrooms paired with Parmesan cheese, heavy cream, lemon juice, and fresh herbs are more than enough to satisfy.  

5. Creamy Tagliatelle and Mushrooms

While it may look like it came out of a 5-star restaurant, this creamy mushroom pasta dish is quick and straightforward.

The mushrooms cook in a punchy onion and garlic base, and the pan is deglazed with white wine to infuse more nutty flavors. 

Mix in whipping cream (half and half works, too) and Parmesan cheese, and top with fresh herbs. Delish!

6. Cremini Mushroom & Herb Couscous Stuffing

This cremini mushroom and herb couscous stuffing is the ultimate replacement for rice.

It’s lower in calories, insanely filling, and packed with rich flavors.

Plus, it goes great with grilled chicken or fish. But it’s also filling enough to eat on its own. 

The couscous is light, fluffy, and delicate, and the mushrooms are thick and hearty. Paired with fresh herbs, it’s hard to resist. 

7. Roasted Mushrooms, Zucchini, and Eggplant with Rosemary

This vegetarian dish brings hearty and meaty vegetables together for a satisfying main course.

Eggplant and cremini mushrooms are an ideal pairing when you need something that won’t leave you hungry. 

You’ll roughly chop the veggies and roast them in a rich mixture of balsamic vinegar and herb seasoning.

Who says meatless Monday isn’t satisfying?

8. Grilled Mushrooms

It’s time to rethink your classic BBQ sides and give tired old pasta salad a night off.

These grilled cremini mushrooms are satisfying, easy to whip together, and cook on the grill for maximum flavor.

Simply skewer the mushrooms and baste them in rich butter, garlic, and herb sauce.

They’ll become nice and caramelized on the grill and should work well with everything from chicken to burgers.

9. Red Wine Mushrooms 

Step aside, potatoes, there’s a new steak side dish in town.

These red wine cremini mushrooms are just what you need with a thick and juicy piece of steak.

They’re low-carb and gluten-free, making them low in calories but high in flavor.

Of course, what makes these mushrooms sing is the red wine. They’ll be slightly pink and super intense.

10. Sautéed Mushrooms and Onions 

Mushrooms and onions go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Cremini mushrooms are savory, meaty, and taste extra special with slightly sweet onions.

Married in a sauté pan, you’ll lightly season everything with garlic, salt, and pepper for a simple but scrumptious finish.

11. Spinach, Mushroom, and Cheese Quesadillas 

Try these spinach, mushroom, and cheese quesadillas when you need a weeknight meal in a flash.

With plenty of cheese and meaty ingredients (sans the meat), this simple dinner will not disappoint. 

With a healthy portion of spinach, these quesadillas are ideal for picky eaters who refuse anything green.

Serve these quesadillas with a side of sour cream or avocado crema, and don’t forget the chips and salsa!

12. Roasted Mushroom Pizza

This isn’t your average mushroom pizza. Instead, it requires a few extra steps that make a big difference in the finished product.

For example, instead of putting raw cremini mushrooms on top, you’ll roast them in garlic and oil first. 

That imparts massive flavor before they hit the pizza. Then, as it all bakes, the mushrooms will caramelize. Yum!

13. Mushroom Gravy 

Gravy isn’t just for carnivores anymore.

This mushroom gravy is just as velvety and smooth as traditional gravy, only without the meat.

It’s also just as simple to make as traditional gravy and packed with savory flavors from mushrooms and fresh herbs. 

Serve this with mashed potatoes, or bring it to your next holiday meal.

14. Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup

After making this super simple cream of mushroom soup, you’ll never look at canned soup the same again.

Not only is this healthier, but it’s so much tastier than anything from a metal tin.

The most time-consuming part of this dish is chopping the mushrooms. After that, everything hangs out in a stock pot for 20 minutes.

That’s it!

15. Creamy Mushroom Risotto

This creamy mushroom risotto is a fabulous main dish that’s affordable and surprisingly easy to make.

Plus, it’s meat-free!

If you’ve never made risotto before, don’t worry – it’s not as complicated as Gordon Ramsey makes it out to be. 

The rich creaminess pairs wonderfully with the earthy, meaty cremini mushrooms.

The final dish is super indulgent, and I know you’ll want seconds!

16. Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup 

Nothing warms your bones like wild rice and mushroom soup.

Start by sautéing hearty vegetables, then add rice to toast it slightly. Finally, pour in some stock, cream, and seasonings.

After an hour on low heat, it’s ready to gobble up.  

To make this dish vegan, swap out the heavy cream for cashew cream. It’ll make this nutty, buttery, and extra protein-packed.

17. Mushroom Farro Risotto 

This mushroom farro risotto is a terrific option for those hectic winter nights.

It’s nutty, creamy, and comes together using just one pan.

Before it’s finished cooking, stir in some Parmesan cheese and serve with a crisp garden salad. Delish!

17 Best Ways To Cook With Cremini Mushrooms

Also known as baby bella mushrooms, these cremini mushroom recipes are a fantastic way to beef up your weekly menu without, you know, all that beef. 


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Cremini Mushroom Recipes

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