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10 Best Lion’s Mane Mushroom Recipes

Supercharge your dinner menu with these delicious Lion’s Mane mushroom recipes.

These dishes are so good, your family will roar your praises. 

Homemade Dip Fried Lion's Mane Mushrooms with Dipping Sauce
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Lion’s Mane mushrooms have herculean health benefits. So, if you have a heart, brain, or digestive tract, you’ll want to eat this little fungus asap!

It’s been shown to strengthen your immune system, fight cancer, and combat dementia.

Plus, it can protect against ulcers and reduce stress and heart disease.

Oh, and did I mention they’re delicious?

So, give these delicious and nutritious Lion’s Mane mushroom recipes a try. What have you got to lose?

1. Lion’s Mane Mushroom Crab Cake

Some people claim Lion’s Mane mushrooms taste like seafood. Specifically, the taste and texture are like crab or lobster. 

Therefore, it makes complete sense to turn them into a vegetarian crab cake!

Not only is this mushroom recipe super flavorful, but it has so many nutritional benefits. And you can’t even tell it’s meatless. 

2. Spicy Cumin Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

This delicious dish looks so much like chicken satay I doubt anyone would guess it’s mushrooms.

The flavor is terrific, and the texture is just like meat. 

These spicy and flavorful kabobs are chock-full of cumin, sesame, cumin seeds, and chili powder. So they taste super zesty!

Feel free to add more spice or seasonings as you like.

They’re also coated in a thin batter and pan-seared, so each bite has the perfect amount of crunch.

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Eat them as an appetizer, side dish, or main course.

3. Pan-Fried Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

This is the kind of dish to make for people who dislike mushrooms. I promise everyone will gobble these babies up!

They’re crispy, chewy, and feel like something from an Applebee’s menu. But they’re actually pretty healthy.

If you’ve ever made pan-fried lake fish, this process is very similar. And just as tasty.

You’ll make a simple and well-seasoned dredge, dip the mushroom pieces, and fry them. 

It’s sinfully indulgent!

4. Lion’s Mane Mushroom Pasta

Move aside Red Lobster because this Lion’s Mane mushroom pasta dish is luxurious and tastes just like seafood pasta.

But it’s much more allergy-friendly! 

You could even serve it with Cheddar Bay Biscuits for the whole vegetarian, copycat experience.

Featuring a creamy, spicy, tomato-based sauce, every bite is tantalizing for the taste buds.

Feel free to use whatever pasta you have on hand. I like short, thick noodles, like farfalle or penne. 

5. Lion’s Mane Mushroom Salad

This mushroom dish is as delicious as it is healthy. Bursting with fresh, cooked veggies and nutritious grains, it has so much flavor. 

It also has many different textures, so each bite is exciting.

You’ll love the bold, Asian-inspired flavors with ingredients like miso, shitake, ginger, garlic, and sesame. 

If you’ve seen or read Salt Fat Acid Heat, you must try this salad. It exemplifies each one of those elements of good cooking.

Every flavor is perfectly balanced.

6. Roasted Lion’s Mane Mushrooms with Sherried Shallots

If you’re looking for the perfect mushroom side dish for a fancy meal, this is it.

This dish is earthy and easy yet surprisingly elegant. The best part is it’s ready in just 20 minutes. 

It’s tangy, buttery, and seriously delicious. Loaded with fresh herbs and veggies, it’s also very healthy.

You can’t beat that! 

Serve with roasted chicken or beef and any other veggies you like. Or just eat it as a meal on its own! Yum!

7. Lion’s Mane Orange Chicken

I was a vegetarian for a few years when I was younger. During that time, I missed many things I could no longer eat.

One of those dishes was orange chicken

How I wish I’d known this recipe! It definitely establishes Lion’s Mane mushrooms as one of the best plant-based meat substitutes around.

The mushroom “chicken” is soft and flavorful, with a lovely texture.

Mixed with peppers and onions in a sweet and savory orange sauce, it’s absolutely delicious!

Serve with rice or over your favorite noodles! 

8. Lion’s Mane Nuggets

Try these mushroom nuggets if you’re having trouble getting someone in your family to eat their veggies!

They may not taste exactly like Dino Buddies, but they’re pretty close. 

Better yet, they look very much like McDonald’s nuggets. And they’re yum-tastic!

Well-seasoned with garlic, salt, and pepper… what’s not to love? 

For a whole serving of protein and veggies, serve these alongside chicken nuggets. Mix them together, and no one will know the difference.

Don’t forget your dipping sauces! 

9. Lion’s Mane Mushroom Cream Sauce with Beef

Do you like warm and delicious comfort food that’s easy to make and healthy? I thought so.

Well, you’ve scrolled to the right recipe. 

This scrumptious beef and mushroom dish is basically beef stroganoff. But it’s a whole lot more sophisticated.

And your taste buds will thank you for all the extras.

Essentially, this is a braised dish of sautéed mushrooms, meat, and veggies.

When they’ve got a crust, you’ll add a wonderful broth and cream sauce. Keep cooking until it’s mouth-wateringly tender.

The mushrooms are soft and flavorful, and the beef is seriously succulent. 

Serve over egg noodles or mashed potatoes, and everyone will love it! 

10. Blackened Lion’s Mane Mushroom Steaks

If you love bold flavors, you need to try these blackened Lion’s Mane mushroom steaks.

You’ll love this flavorful steak substitution even if you’re not plant-based. 

Blackened mushrooms are twice-cooked, so you get maximum flavor and char.

But with Lion’s Mane mushrooms, the texture doesn’t get too dry. So, it really feels like steak. 

These mushroom steaks are heavily seasoned with spicy, punchy Cajun seasoning. So, all you get is deliciousness.

They’re pan-seared and then grilled for the perfect blackened bite. 

I’m drooling already.

10 Best Lion’s Mane Mushroom Recipe Collection

Supercharge your menu with these delicious Lion’s Mane mushroom recipes. These dishes are so good your family will be roaring your praises. 


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Lion’s Mane Mushroom Recipes

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