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17 Easy Mushroom Appetizers

If you’re as crazy about mushroom appetizers as I am, you’ve come to the right place.

This list has 17 incredible bites to suit practically any occasion. 

Sauteed Mushroom in a Bowl
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Looking for something quick and fun to make before the big game? Give the creamy mushroom dip or fried mushrooms a try. 

Want something with a ton of tangy, in-your-face flavor? Try the buffalo mushroom poppers or the flatbread goat cheese portobello pizza. 

Need something a bit more elegant for a formal or semi-formal occasion?

The seared polenta rounds and wild mushroom crostini are perfectly charming and delicious. 

Whatever you need, you’re in luck because I’ve got you covered with these 17 mushroom appetizers. 

15+ Mushroom Appetizer Recipes For Any Occasion

1. Crispy Baked Parmesan Garlic Breaded Mushrooms

If you’re looking for mushroom appetizers that are exceptionally crispy, packed with garlicky goodness, and feature the wild earthiness of button mushrooms, these are ideal. 

They’re also an excellent option for anyone on any kind of diet, whether you’re cutting carbs or calories. 

A serving size includes five of these tasty treats, and they’re surprisingly low in fat and calories.

Additionally, they have only 16 net carbs per serving and 10.07 grams of protein! 

2. White Mushroom Pizza

White mushroom pizza is for anyone who loves seriously cheesy, gooey pizza.

With both ricotta cheese and mozzarella, each bite of this tasty pizza is a little taste of cheese Heaven. 

The mushrooms and various herbs and spices add lots of rich flavor, as well. 

Pro Tip: If you’re fond of spinach, you can also add some fresh spinach leaves.

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Personally, I think that takes this already fantastic pizza to a whole new level of deliciousness. 

3. Mushroom Crostini

Despite how incredible and complicated these look, they’re actually super easy to make, using only 12 simple ingredients and taking just 33 minutes to whip up. 

The thick French bread makes an excellent base for the tangy goat cheese and a flavorful mixture of mushroom, garlic, and herbs. 

4. Mushroom Dip

I don’t care what your favorite dip is. It has nothing on this thick and creamy mushroom dip. 

You’ll make it with two mushroom varieties (shiitake and baby bellas) and three different cheeses!

There’s also garlic, onions, parsley, black pepper, cayenne, and more. It’s a seriously yummy dip, and the flavor has so much depth. 

Serve it warm with crunchy baguettes, your favorite veggies, or whatever else you like to use with dip. This stuff makes anything taste good. 

5. Fried Mushrooms

These crispy, golden balls of deep-fried goodness use only eight ingredients (plus oil for frying) and take just half an hour to make. 

The beer batter features plenty of garlic and onion flavor, and the parsley adds a fresh herb taste that’ll make you not want to stop eating them until your stomach is begging you to quit. 

6. Flatbread Goat Cheese Portobello Pizza

If you like fresh, flatbread pizzas with an overabundance of chunky ingredients and tangy flavor, the flatbread goat cheese portobello pizza is the recipe for you. 

To have fewer than ten ingredients, it packs a wallop of a punch for your tastebuds. The garlic, paprika, parmesan, and thyme are delicious. 

However, the goat cheese is really what knocks this one out of the park.

It’s bold and zesty and just a tiny bit pungent, but overall, the whole pizza comes together in an unforgettable way. 

7. Cream Cheese Mushroom Turnovers

These are exactly like apple turnovers, except they’re savory and stuffed with mushrooms, cream cheese, and caramelized onions instead of apples. 

Okay, you got me. They’re not very much like apple turnovers at all.

However, the two share the same golden-brown, baked-to-perfection crust that makes them so scrumptious. 

Plus, the filling in these is warm, flavorful, and wonderfully hearty. If you need a hot, easy, on-the-go lunch for a cold day, you can’t beat these tasty turnovers. 

8. Stuffed Mushrooms

You’re probably already well aware of how phenomenal stuffed mushrooms are, so I won’t go into detail about their unique texture or buttery, garlicky flavor. 

Instead, I’ll just say they’re phenomenal and easy to make and leave it at that! 

9. Seared Polenta Rounds with Mushrooms and Caramelized Onions

It’s hard to decide what to love most about these dainty appetizers. There’s the fabulous polenta, with its crispy exterior and smooth, creamy insides. 

Then, there are the mouth-wateringly delicious, slightly sweet caramelized onions.

Between both of those, the two types of mushrooms, parsley, garlic, and cheese, everything is too good to choose! 

Luckily, you won’t have to choose. Instead, you get a little bit of everything in each bite.

Trust me on this: They might take an hour to make, but you will not care about that once you taste them. 

10. Buffalo Mushroom Poppers

These are a lot like jalapeno poppers, but you’ll stuff everything inside a mushroom cap and cover the stuffed mushrooms in a crunchy breadcrumb topping. 

And when I say they’re a lot like jalapeno poppers, I mean it this time!

You’ll use the same stuff – cream cheese, jalapenos, cheddar, etc. – for the same great but more mushroom flavor. 

Serve them with blue cheese dipping sauce for an extra savory treat.

11. Mushroom Pate

I’m not always the biggest fan of pate. I just don’t love the way it looks or its consistency. It reminds me too much of cat food.

This pate, though, is an exception. Maybe it’s the insane amount of umami flavor, or perhaps it’s the light garlicky nuttiness in every bite.

Whatever the reason, I’m pretty fond of it. 

Even better, it’s 100% vegan-friendly and takes less than 30 minutes to make! 

12. Mushroom Marsala Baked Brie

As my grandmother would say, this baked brie is a mess and a half, but oh man, is it a delicious mess! 

You’ll make it with brie, butter, olive oil, white button mushrooms, green onions, thyme, pepper, and marsala wine. 

Those flavors give you an unimaginable flavor profile that’s out of this world amazing.

13. Hoisin Mushroom Phyllo Cups

When it comes to thin and crispy dough or shells, it’s hard to beat phyllo dough.

It has the perfect amount of crunch and a mild flavor that doesn’t interfere with the “meat” of your dish.

The “meat” of these bite-sized appetizers isn’t meat at all. 

Instead, it’s a combination of green onions, ginger, mushrooms, garlic, hoisin and soy sauces, pepper, honey, parsley, olive oil, and chili garlic sauce. 

They’re filling, flavorful little treats with a distinctly Asian flair, and they have less than 100 calories and 10 carbs per serving! 

14. Mushroom Tart with Caramelized Onions and Thyme

This hearty tart takes a bit less than 2 hours to make, but pulling it together isn’t difficult.

It contains fewer than 10 ingredients and has a spectacular cheese and herbs flavor. 

The puff pastry dough is crunchy and perfectly flaky, and all of the toppings combine to make a natural, earthy, vegetarian-friendly tart that even the most adamant meat-eater would love. 

The recipe calls for any freshly grated cheese you like, but I recommend Gruyere or pepper jack.

They seem to give it its best flavor and pair well with the other ingredients. 

It works splendidly as an appetizer, but it’s also filling enough to use as a main course, particularly if you’re looking for something new for brunch or a light dinner. 

15. Balsamic Portobello Mushroom Wraps

When we think of wraps, we mostly imagine rolled-up sandwiches stuffed with cold cuts, various cheeses, and maybe a few veggies (lettuce and tomatoes) and condiments added in for good measure. 

However, no one ever said wraps couldn’t be meat-free and just as appetizing. These portobello mushroom spinach wraps are absolute proof of that. 

Instead of ham or turkey, you’ll use thick, tender portobello mushrooms.

Then, you’ll load the wraps down with lettuce, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and more. 

The most exciting part of these wraps, though, is the basil mayo.

You’ll make it with mayonnaise, basil leaves, garlic, lemon juice, sea salt, and black pepper. 

It’s so good that it’ll be the only way you ever want to eat mayo again. 

16. Grilled Mushroom on Skewers

These are precisely what the name says they are: grilled mushrooms on skewers.

However, there is a bit more to them than that. With these, it’s all about the marinade. 

It’s spicy, tangy, and has just a hint of underlying sweetness, and it’s perfect for these mushrooms. 

The mushrooms themselves are also unbelievably simple to prepare, making them an excellent side item or appetizer. 

17. Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms

If you’re in the mood for some serious umami flavor, break out this recipe for crab-stuffed mushrooms. (You can also stuff them with lobster if you prefer.)

They’re cheesy, herby, have plenty of garlic and green onion flavor, and are an all-around treat for anyone who loves mushrooms and seafood. 

Furthermore, you can easily make these keto- or low-carb-friendly by simply leaving off the panko breadcrumbs. 

Of course, as is, they only have three net carbs, so it’s not like they’ll kick you out of ketosis. 

17 Easy Mushroom Appetizers

These mushroom appetizers are perfect for any party! From pizza to dip to stuffed mushrooms, everyone will go nuts for these tasty bites.


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Mushroom Appetizers

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