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20 Best Red Bull Cocktails (+ Mixed Drink Recipes)

Red Bull cocktails are the perfect way to get caffeine and alcohol simultaneously. It seems like a weird combination.

After all, Red Bull hypes you up while booze calms you down. 

Still, plenty of people love mixed drinks made with Red Bull.

Perhaps it’s the flavor. Or maybe it’s the jazzing up and mellowing out all at the same time.

Boozy Blue Red Bull Cocktail
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Whatever the reason, these 20 Red Bull cocktails are pretty popular. There are a couple of mocktails on the list.

For the most part, though, these all contain alcohol. 

Therefore, this list is strictly for the 21-and-up crowd. 

1. Spiked Watermelon Red Bull Cocktail

This ruby red drink is sweet, lovely, and full of rum. Exploding with watermelon flavor, it’s also ideal for summer drinks by the pool. 

You’ll combine Watermelon Red Bull and Malibu Watermelon. Then, add ice cubes and watermelon candy rings as a garnish. 

It’s a sugary sweet, fruity drink that takes 5 minutes to make. What more could you want from a fun summer drink?

2. Vitamin C Red Bull Cocktail

Add a caffeinated kick to the typical screwdriver with a can of orange Red Bull.

You really have to enjoy oranges to appreciate this drink. It gives you a triple dose. 

There’s orange juice, orange vodka, and Orange Red Bull. Add some ice, and enjoy.

This one could be perfect if you’re looking for a morning pick-me-up.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy OJ with their eggs and bacon?

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3. Colt 45 Cocktail

This isn’t the Colt 45 Afroman was singing about, but it’s undoubtedly song-worthy.

It’s a unique drink that combines Jägermeister, gin, and Red Bull. 

It has a rich, almost overpoweringly bittersweet flavor. Somehow, though, it still works. 

This aromatic, herby drink isn’t for everyone, but give it a try, anyway. Who knows? It might be just right for you.

4. Irish Trash Can

You’ll love the brilliant green color of this drink. Its powerful alcohol punch is even more enjoyable.

It features not one, not two, and not even three, four, or five types of alcohol. 

Instead, there are six different spirits in this drink. They include: 

If that sounds like a lot of liquor, that’s because it is.

Luckily, there’s only a half ounce of each in there. Otherwise, it’d be too powerful to drink! 

Still, it’s a very booze-forward drink, so make sure you’re really in the mood to imbibe.

5. Johnny Vegas Drink

This enchanting pink drink is one of the few kid-friendly ones on the list. It’s mostly sweet, a tiny bit tart, and delightfully fruity.

It has a bright, refreshing taste and a nice jolt from the Red Bull.

Even if you’re anti-alcohol and anti-energy drinks, I recommend trying this one. Leave out the Red Bull if you want. 

The juice-only drink is just as tasty and perfect for summer.

6. Bull & The Bee

This lovely, light lavender drink is citrusy and zesty. It’s terrifically tart with hints of lime and blueberries. 

It’s the kind of drink that’ll tickle your nose and your tastebuds. It may even make your mouth pucker a bit.

Even so, you’re sure to appreciate its light, bright flavor. 

7. Bull Rider

The bull rider is a mixed-drink masterpiece. It combines Patrón, orange liqueur, pineapple and yuzu juices, coconut syrup, and Red Bull. 

It’s rich, sweet, and totally tropical. If you like pina coladas or Mai Tais, you’ll also love this one. 

8. Vodka Red Bull Mixed Drink

This two-ingredient drink is impossibly easy to make. You simply pour vodka into a glass and top it with Red Bull. 

Personally, it’s not one of my favorite drinks. However, it’s been one of the most popular mixed drinks of the last decade.

It’s right up there with cosmos, mojitos, and margaritas. 

So even though I don’t love it, I’d be remiss to leave it off this list.

9. Best Vegas Bomb

This zesty, zingy drink is strong and bittersweet. It’s whiskey-forward, with underlying hints of peach schnapps and Red Bull. 

The bright, tangy flavor of cranberry juice rises to the surface. However, everything else blends pretty nicely.

It’s certainly one of the more unique cocktails on the list. 

As long as you don’t like overly sweet drinks, you’ll likely appreciate it. 

10. Rudolph the Red Bull Cocktail

Need a new Christmas drink with a touch of pizazz? You have to try Rudolph the Red Bull cocktail.

The cute garnish alone is enough to make it a must-try holiday drink. 

The taste isn’t bad, either. It’s tart and citrusy, with plenty of cranberry flavor. It takes about 5 minutes to whip up and is sure to be a hit. 

If you’ve got kids at the party, make extra Rudolph garnishes. They’ll all want one of their own. 

Whether they eat it or not is another story entirely.

After all, the antlers are rosemary sprigs! It’s not the most appetizing marshmallow treat I’ve ever had.

11. Calabasas Cooler

This lemon yellow drink may not look like much, but it packs a strong flavor punch. It’s tropical, fruity, and fantastically fizzy. 

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for a second glass. You may even want a third if the day is hot enough. 

12. Red Bull Candy Cocktails

There are several Red Bull candy cocktails from which you can choose. There’s the Jolly Rum Rancher, the Sweetest Sweet Tart, the Skittle-tini, and more. 

Each one is seemingly sweeter, tarter, and more colorful than the last. Check out this link to see how to make them all.

Be sure to add plenty of actual candy to each one. 

13. Northern Lights Cocktail

Want to see the Northern Lights but can’t travel to Scandinavia? Check out this Northern Lights cocktail instead. 

It may not be as gorgeous and awe-inspiring as the real thing. However, it’s just as colorful and magical.

You make it with five simple ingredients, including fresh blueberries! 

It’s tart, tangy, and one of the most beautiful drinks you’ll ever see. Give it a try if you want to ensure your cocktail turns everyone’s head. 

14. Jager Bomb

Like the vodka Red Bull, the Jager bomb is super simple and popular.

Simply pour half a can of Red Bull into a beer glass. Then, pour yourself a shot of Jager and drop it, glass and all, into the larger glass.

Finally, knock it back all at once. (Or sip it if you prefer. But ‘knocking it back’ is the ‘cool’ way to do it.) 

Again, this one isn’t one of my favorites. However, I had more than a few in my prime drinking days.

15. Bitter Sweet

The bitter sweet, or bitter & sweet, is another Red Bull mocktail. The name tells you pretty much everything you need to know about it. 

It’s a Red Bull-based drink that perfectly balances sweet and bitter. The vanilla syrup adds tons of sweetness.

The Red Bull and bitter syrup are just the opposite. 

Add freshly squeezed orange juice for a bright, citrus kick. It’s an exciting combination that’s not for everyone. 

But if you’re looking for a mocktail that tastes like a cocktail, you’ll love it.

It has that same somewhat enjoyable, somewhat grimace-worthy flavor as whiskey cocktails.

16. Tropical Mojito

The tropical mojito retains all the minty freshness of the traditional mojito. It also adds the bright, tropical flavors of raspberries and Red Bull Tropical.

As a result, it’s a sweeter option than a regular mojito. Still, it’s fresh, zesty, and features the same bracing notes of lime. 

I don’t like it as much as I like the real thing. It’s a nice change of pace when you get tired of plain mojitos, though.

17. Red Bull Cranberry Mocktails

Searching for a new fall or winter drink? Give these Red Bull cranberry mocktails a try. 

They’re 100% alcohol-free, though you could add vodka or gin if you like. They’re also extremely flavorful. 

Each one features a bright, zingy lemon flavor. There’s also the rich spiciness of ginger and cinnamon.

Finally, there’s sweet apple cider, herb rosemary, and Red Bull Red (cranberry).

Like several of the drinks here, it’s a hard one to describe. Still, it’s perfect for the holiday season. 

18. Star F*cker Shot

This colorfully named drink is usually served in shot form. However, you could also sip it if you prefer.

(It’s strong, but not so strong that the taste is unbearable.)

It combines three simple ingredients: Crown whiskey, Red Bull, and Watermelon Pucker schnapps.

The whiskey and Red Bull are somewhat bitter. However, the Watermelon Pucker schnapps is brilliantly tangy. There’s a slight bit of sweetness, as well.

That combination gives the drink a unique taste that’s hard to quantify. Somehow, it works, though it is a touch on the bitter-sour side. 

And I’m still not sure how any of that relates to its name.

19. Cherry Bomb Shot

Hello, Daddy! Hello, Mom! I’m your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! 

Ah, the 70s. It was an excellent time for making music and cocktails.

The Runaways were talking about an uncontrollable wild child in their song. Not this drink. 

However, too many of these vibrant red shots could cause just as much trouble! Each one contains Red Bull, cherry vodka, and a splash of grenadine. 

They aren’t super strong, but they’re deceptively sweet and mildly flavored. So be careful when you’re knocking them back.

Don’t overdo them because they taste good. 

Otherwise, you might find yourself drunker than you meant to be.

20. Cosmic Slushie

The cosmic slushie is basically a semi-frozen vodka Red Bull with triple sec and lime. It tastes a lot like a frozen margarita. 

It’s sweetly tart and lime-heavy. It’ll likely make your mouth pucker while you’re drinking it.

Don’t let that stop you, though. It’s pretty good, especially on hot summer days.

20 Best Red Bull Cocktails

These Red Bull cocktails are so good and so simple! From a bull rider to Jager bombs to mojitos, you’ll flip for these easy mixed drinks.


  • Spiked Watermelon Red Bull Cocktail

  • Vitamin C Red Bull Cocktail

  • Colt 45 Cocktail

  • Irish Trash Can

  • Johnny Vegas Drink

  • Bull & The Bee

  • Bull Rider

  • Vodka Red Bull Mixed Drink

  • Best Vegas Bomb

  • Rudolph the Red Bull Cocktail

  • Calabasas Cooler

  • Red Bull Candy Cocktails

  • Northern Lights Cocktail

  • Jager Bomb

  • Bitter Sweet

  • Tropical Mojito

  • Red Bull Cranberry Mocktails

  • Star F*cker Shot

  • Cherry Bomb Shot

  • Cosmic Slushie


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a Red Bull cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Red Bull Cocktails

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