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25 Magical Harry Potter Cocktails (+ Drink Recipes)

Did someone shout, “Obliviate!” or is it just these magical Harry Potter cocktails?

Either way, your memory might get a little bit foggy.

Harry Potter Cocktails featuring Homemade Boozy Red Cocktail with Smoke
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These Harry Potter drinks are sure to please the Potterhead in your life. And even a few muggles who don’t believe in magic!

Every fun drink on this list is inspired by Harry Potter. So from Bacardi mixed drinks to legit butterbeer, you’ll want to try them all.

I’d maybe save the Gillywater and Polyjuice potion for real fans.

But don’t worry, there are no lacewing flies, leeches, or knotgrass in these delicious Harry Potter cocktails.

So give them a try! It would be Riddikulus not to!

1. Harry Potter Butterbeer

Let me start by saying not every drink on this list contains alcohol. Some of them are entirely kid-friendly, like this delectable butterbeer.

After all, no list of Harry Potter drinks is complete without a thick, creamy, and super-sweet butterbeer recipe.

It’s like butterscotch-flavored cream soda with a fluffy whipped cream topping. So yeah, it’s incredibly decadent.

But hey, we only live once, right?! So we might as well enjoy ourselves while we’re here!

2. Frozen Butterbeer

This one uses almost the same recipe as the original, making it sweet, rich, and buttery. 

The difference? This one is a cold, frozen, slushy delight.

Bust it out on a hot summer’s day, and you won’t be disappointed. 

3. Polyjuice Potion

Polyjuice potion is another fun, kid-friendly drink.

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Its bright green, bubbly color gives it a genuine potion-like appearance. Plus, it makes it perfect for Halloween.

Fortunately, this Polyjuice potion won’t turn you into a cat.

It will give you a tart and tangy sugar rush, though. But that’s definitely more fun than growing whiskers!

4. Unicorn Blood Cocktail (Peach Raspberry Cocktail)

Disclaimer: No unicorns were harmed in the making of this cocktail. 

Its shimmery, glittery appearance is downright magical, making it hard to believe it didn’t come from a real unicorn. 

It’s a gorgeous, fruity cocktail that looks as fantastic as it tastes. Try it once, and you’ll never go back.

5. Death Eater Negroni

This takes the classic negroni recipe and blackens it with activated charcoal. It’s fruity, wine-like, and bitter, so it’s the perfect drink for a villain! 

I’m pretty sure this is a staple in the Malfoy house 🐍

Put it in a spooky glass and add a dying flower as a garnish. You’ll fit right in with the Death Eater crowd.

6. The Perfect Ogden’s Old Firewhisky

Harry Potter doesn’t talk much about real alcoholic drinks. However, it does mention Ogden’s Old Firewhisky by name. 

You can make some if you have four simple ingredients and 12-14 days to spare.

The recipe is easy to follow – just combine whiskey, turbinado sugar, and cinnamon. 

Then, you’ll let it sit somewhere dark for about a week before adding the cherries.

After another week or so, it should be ready. As I said, it’s a super simple recipe. It just takes some time.

7. The Goblet of Fire Cocktail

What’s so great about this Harry Potter cocktail?

Well, you’ll light it on fire for one thing!

So, who cares what it tastes like?! That’s unbelievably cool and gives off major Goblet of Fire vibes! 

If you’re having a Harry Potter party, you have to have this drink on the list. (Fortunately, it tastes great, too.)

8. Witches Brew- Pumpkin Juice

This alcohol-free drink is ideal for fall.

It’s pumpkiny, apple-y, and yummy to the max. It’s also sweet and lightly spiced – a healthier alternative to pumpkin pie.

Both kids and adults will love it.

9. Gillywater

This medicinal-looking drink won’t give you gills and fins – it looks like it could, though!

Instead, it’s a light, refreshing drink that combines cucumbers, lime juice, and mint.

It’s like a virgin mojito but with cucumbers! Give it a try if you want something fresh and crisp for summer.

And hey, go ahead and make it into a cocktail if you like. I think white rum or gin would work best.

10. Voldemort’s Dark Serum

This dark, bittersweet drink has a spicy, peppery bite in every sip. It’s more bitter than sweet and has a robust, hard-to-describe flavor. 

I can see Hagrid taking a sip and announcing, “That’ll put hairs on yer chest!” 

Between the tequila, sage, and ginger beer, he wouldn’t be wrong!

11. Liquid Luck [Felix Felicis]

It’s hard to believe that something so striking could be so easy to make. All you’ll need is water, white sugar, and edible sprinkles.

Those few simple ingredients create this swirling, golden potion. And yes, it looks 100% magical; no Hollywood CGI required. 

Add a generous measure of rum for an adult version of Liquid Luck.

I’m not sure that it’ll give you any actual luck. But it’ll certainly brighten your day.

12. Harry Potter Amortentia Potion Cocktail

One sip of this Amortentia potion, and you’ll fall in love.

Only this time, you’ll be obsessed with making this stunning cocktail, not Romilda Vane.

It’s sweet, tart, and delectable. And that shimmery red appearance? There’s nothing else like it.

If you want to make an impression this Valentine’s Day, this drink will do the trick.

13. Pumpkintini

This smooth, creamy drink is pumpkin pie in a glass! And unlike the non-alcoholic pumpkin juice above, it delivers a powerful punch. 

It’s sweet, spiced, and full of pumpkin yumminess. Plus, the combination of rum and whiskey delivers on the alcohol. 

It’s a boozy pumpkin treat that you’ll want to make every fall. 

14. Ginger Pumpkin Fizz

This creamy, messy concoction is almost too pretty to drink.

Don’t let that stop you, though! It’s too good to pass up!

It’s almost like a sweetly spiced pumpkin milkshake. Although, it isn’t as thick and fluffy.

You’ll love it if you enjoy brightly colored drinks with thick whipped cream on top.

15. Tongue Tying Lemon Twist

This vibrant, lemony drink is sour, sour, and MORE SOUR. There’s a rich sweetness to it, as well, but the tartness wholly overpowers it. 

If you’ve ever had an atomic lemon drop, you’ll have an idea of how this tastes.

It might not literally tie your tongue in knots, but it’ll definitely make your lips pucker!

16. Bourbon Butterbeer – A Harry Potter Whiskey Cocktail

Bourbon butterbeer is an adults-only version of the famous Harry Potter drink.

It features the same rich, warm, buttery flavor along with a nice belly-warming bourbon base.

The flavor is also a little more complex in this one.

It features apple cider and ginger beer, neither of which is in the original. Still, it’s a rich, sweet fall drink that everyone will love.

17. Grindelwald’s Goblet – Fantastic Beasts Cocktail

This fantastic 5-minute drink transforms from yellow to green right before your eyes. It’s – dare I say it – like magic

You’ll love the color-changing action and the final bright green color.

Of course, the fruity, tropical taste isn’t bad either. Add a bit of dry ice to get the smoky potion look. 

18. Black Magic Champagne Cocktail 

This beguiling drink might be black as sin, but it tastes bright, citrusy, and almost delicate.

If you’re serving it for Halloween, it’s both a trick and a treat. 

It’ll leave you feeling downright perplexed. You’ll still love it, though.

19. The Golden Snitch Cocktail

You don’t have to chase this bubbly, golden drink around the Quidditch pitch to enjoy it.

It is a drink for winners, though. 

It takes 5 minutes to whip up and has a fantastic flavor. It’s like apple cider with a spicy, floral twist. 

It’s slightly sweet, warm, and looks (and smells) as good as it tastes. Enjoy one the next time the weather turns cold. 

Curl up under a blanket with a good book and savor the sweet, cinnamony flavor. Yum!

20. Nourishing Non-Alcoholic Harry Potter Butterbeer

Your dietary restrictions shouldn’t keep you from enjoying a warm, frothy butterbeer.

And luckily, this one uses dairy-free, Paleo-friendly ingredients. 

It also contains, as the author says, “gut-healing collagen.” Who knew something with the word “beer” in it could be so good for you?!

21. The Deathly Hallows Cocktail

This Deathly Hallows cocktail is warm, rich, and perfect for fall.

It features bright cranberries and oranges and sweet maple syrup.

The ginger beer adds a delightful kick of spiciness, as well. And if the ginger doesn’t warm your belly, the tequila most certainly will. 

22. Polyjuice Potion Shots

These 5-minute, three-ingredient shots are incredible.

They’re sour, slightly tropical, and potent. You’ll make them with Midori, vodka, and pineapple juice, and they’re just so good

The bright green color is exciting, and serving them in beakers is just plain fun.

They’ll taste just as good from a shot glass, but if you have the time and money to go all out, do it!

23. Harry Potter’s Hot Butterbeer

Here’s another super decadent butterbeer recipe.

In fact, this one might be the most indulgent, over-the-top butterbeer recipe of all.

It’s thick, creamy, and spectacularly sugary sweet.

There are a couple of secret ingredients: cayenne and ginger add an unexpected bit of heat to this otherwise sugary drink.

24. Harry Potter Inspired Emerald Potion, aka the Drink of Despair

The Drink of Despair brings about fear, delirium, and extreme thirst to anyone who takes a sip.

I can’t speak to the first two, but I do know you’ll crave another the second you finish this quirky green concoction.

This version is light, fun, and delicious, with a tart-n-tangy taste and a thick, sherbety texture.

It’s similar to a party punch, and if you’re trying to keep it kid-friendly, leave out the white wine.

If not, be sure to add it in. That’s what gives it its bubbly, “spooky” appearance.

25. Color Changing Polyjuice Potion Cocktail

This purple polyjuice potion is strictly for those 21 and up. It has a striking violet color and a delicate, flowery taste. 

It’s not overly sweet. Instead, it’s citrusy and light.

The bright flavor is a stark contrast to its rich color. Either way, people are sure to love it from the first sip. 

And after one too many, you might see them transform from a shy Hufflepuff to a mighty Gryffindor!

25 Magical Harry Potter Cocktails & Drinks

Put down the wand and take back that obliviate spell because these magical Harry Potter cocktails are all you need to make your memory a little foggy.


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Harry Potter Cocktails (+ Drink Recipes)

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