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10 Best Spanish Cocktails

Take yourself on a cocktail journey and explore the wonderful world of Spanish cocktails

Whenever I feel like I’m in a culinary rut, I mix things up with authentic Spanish tapas and cocktails pairing. 

Homemade Red Wine Sangria
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Spanish cocktails are full of life and vigor which are highly reminiscent of their rich culture.

They celebrate the beauty of life through great food, lively drinks, and good company. 

So it should come as no surprise that they make a fine collection of cocktails. 

From classic sangria to refreshing Clara beer, here are the 10 best cocktails to imbibe the Spanish way.

1. Sangria

Sangria is the quintessential Spanish cocktail. The word itself is a reference to blood due to the dark red color of the wine.

Traditionally, sangria features tempranillo wine. Nowadays, you can make it with red, white, or even sparkling wine. 

If you’re in the mood for traditional, you can’t beat this six-ingredient recipe. It’s sweet, dry, and very fruity. 

The dryness comes from the red wine while the sweetness is a mix of orange juice, brandy, and brown sugar. As for fruit, this recipe uses oranges and apples. 

Depending on the season, I like to toss in some peaches, nectarines, and strawberries, too.

2. Tinto de Verano 

Tinto de verano is a Spanish favorite that means “summer red wine.” A very fitting name for this vivacious refreshment. 

It’s very similar to sangria except it’s lighter and less boozy. 

For this classic, you’ll combine a medium-bodied red wine with fizzy 7-Up and a bounty of fruit. I’m talking grapefruit, oranges, lemon, and lime.

You’ll add the fruit in wedges, so be sure to wash the rinds. Then let them soak up all that boozy deliciousness. 

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Word to the wise, this fizzy libation will go flat over time. So I recommend not prepping too far ahead.

Otherwise, your lively beverage will be flat upon serving.

3. Kalimotxo

Another outstanding Spanish summer cocktail is the kalimotxo. Also known as calimocho, this popular beverage is a blend of red wine and Coke. 

This may sound like an odd pairing, but trust me, it works! All you’ll do is use equal parts of both ingredients and toss in a lemon wedge. 

This is a great cocktail to memorize for when unexpected company arrives at your door.

It’s also a nice alternative when you want a wine spritzer without all the work.

4. Agua de Valencia

If you’re serving a Spanish tortilla for brunch, continue the theme and serve a carafe of this cocktail. Agua de Valencia is like the Spanish version of a mimosa.

It calls for cava which is a Spanish sparkling white wine. Like other sparkling wines, they range in sweetness, so be sure to look at the label.

Additionally, you’ll use freshly squeezed orange juice along with a splash of gin and vodka. This makes it a touch boozier, but dangerously good.

And don’t worry, after brunch, it’s siesta time. 

5. Rebujito

This Andalusian cocktail is a festival drink that gives you plenty of reason to celebrate. 

Using sherry as the base, you’ll pour in lemon-lime soda and a mint for garnish. This will only take you minutes to make and it’s low-carb. 

You can serve this in a pitcher if you’re imbibing with friends. You can also serve it on the rocks in individual servings.  

If you want to make it an Andalusian party, I say serve this with a bowl of gazpacho. The two make a winning combination on a hot summer day.

6. Spanish Gin and Tonic

How do you make a gin and tonic a Spanish drink? You’ll add in a harmonious array of garnishes. 

This includes everything from peppercorns to rosemary to lemon. The key is making sure our flavors and aromatics match.

It should go without saying, but you’ll also want quality gin and tonic too. This recipe uses Diplome dry gin and Fever-Tree tonic water. 

7. Cuba Libre 

While this is a popular Cuban drink, in Spanish it means “free Cuba”. 

A toast to their independence, story has it this beverage was the creation of a U.S. Army captain during the Spanish-American War. 

Despite the origin, the Cuba libre is an exceptional three-ingredient drink. All you need is dark rum, Coca Cola, and a wedge of lime. 

I like to keep it in line with the theme and opt for a Spanish rum. 

But you can use anything you like as long as it’s aged. The complexity of cola will overwhelm clear rum, so keep that in mind.

8. Clara Beer (Clara Con Limón) 

I’ve mentioned wine and spirits, but what about beer? Don’t worry, I’m getting to that now.

Beer is no doubt a popular Spanish beverage. One of their favorite ways to enjoy it is Clara beer. 

Clara beer is an excellent way to beat the summer heat and an even better accompaniment to lunch.

This recipe combines equal parts Spanish beer and lemonade for a simple and refreshing thirst-quencher.

You can also make it more bubbly by swapping out lemonade for soda.

When choosing beers, make sure to use a light Spanish lager. This drink won’t turn out the same with a dark brew.

9. Asiático

Of course, the Spanish like their coffee drinks too. One of the best of which is Asiático.

This adult beverage takes hot espresso and turns it into a relaxing after-dinner drink. 

To make it right, you’ll need to craft the layers in the right order. 

Start with condensed milk, Licor 43, and brandy. Then, you can top that with espresso and a touch of evaporated milk. 

A hint of cinnamon makes a fabulous garnish to top it off. 

10. White Sangria

To top off your Spanish cocktail adventure, I recommend a pitcher of sparkling white sangria. 

While I love red wine, the addition of white wine makes this sangria lighter and crisp. Plus, this effortless recipe can be ready in minutes and serves a crowd. 

In a large pitcher, mix an entire bottle of white wine with brandy, peach schnapps, and prosecco.

For a lower ABV, you could nix the prosecco and go with club soda or ginger ale. 

I also think a fruity soda like blood orange, lemon, or pear will make a terrific mixer.

10 Best Spanish Cocktails

Take yourself on a cocktail journey and explore the wonderful world of Spanish cocktails. Enjoy classics like sangria, rebujito, Cuba libre, and more!


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  • Prep a Spanish cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Spanish Cocktails

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