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18 Best Leftover Roast Beef Recipes

Don’t let an ounce of your tender roast beef go to waste when you have these leftover roast beef recipes to save the day.

Roast beef is delicious, but it can be hard for one family to finish an entire roast in one sitting.

Homemade Pulled Roast Beef Slider Sandwiches with Bell Peppers
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These recipes are the ideal solutions for repurposing the remaining roast!

Don’t let volume ever stop you from cooking up a delicious Sunday roast. With these recipes, you’ll have dinner for the next two, even three, nights planned!

You won’t believe what you can do with your leftover roast!

Transform those leftovers into a culinary masterpiece you may like even more than the original meal.

1. Leftover Roast Beef Stroganoff

Beef stroganoff is classic comfort food that has stood the test of time. It’s easy to see why!

With creamy gravy, juicy beef, and satisfying noodles, this dish is the full package.

Transform your leftover roast beef into a soothing stroganoff. The noodles bulk up the leftovers, so everyone is guaranteed to be stuffed for the second day in a row.

Even picky eaters will be satisfied with this dish!

2. Roast Beef Pot Pie 

Typically reserved for chicken, classic pot pie is just as delicious when made with roast beef.

There are still plenty of vegetables and comforting gravy tucked into a buttery crust.

Savor every bite of this rich dinner pie. With all of your traditional pot pie ingredients, you may look forward to this meal more than the original roast dinner.

Turn those slices of leftover roast beef into something amazing when you make this irresistible roast beef pot pie.

3. Roast Beef Tortilla Rollups

This is the best way to serve your cold cuts! Take your roast beef leftovers and roll them up into tortillas with your favorite condiments for a sandwich alternative that’s out of this world.

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Each tortilla can be customized to each person. This way, everyone can enjoy a meal they absolutely love! From spinach to mayo, the combinations are endless.

The only limit is your imagination with this recipe. Take your favorite sandwich toppings and roll up some roll-ups!

4. Beef Enchiladas

These spicy weeknight staples are a fantastic way to use up roast beef leftovers.

The enchilada sauce and spices transform your roast beef into an entirely new dish.

With ample amounts of cheese, onions, and peppers, these enchiladas are a satisfying dish the whole family will love.

Skip Taco Tuesday this week and instead serve up some enchiladas.

5. Leftover Roast Beef Pasta Skillet

Pasta skillets are the best way to use up any leftovers, and this roast beef version isn’t any different.

With a creamy sauce and plenty of noodles, everyone loves a hearty pasta skillet.

This meal is incredibly cheap and easy to make. It’s the perfect way to feed a large family or stretch those last few leftovers just a little bit further.

With only one dirty dish at the end of the prep, you can almost consider pasta skillet night a night off.

6. Leftover Roast Beef Chili 

Chili is a game day classic that needs to be enjoyed more often. Put your leftover roast beef to good use in this leftover roast beef chili.

With plenty of beans, onions, and tomatoes, this chili recipe is a great way to stretch your roast beef into another meal.

You won’t even notice you’re eating the same thing twice!

Let this soup simmer all day, and your house will be filled with the tantalizing aroma of cayenne pepper, chili powder, and tender vegetables.

7. Roast Beef and Cheese Sandwich

Simple and delicious don’t come together very often, so you’d better take advantage of it when they do.

This hot sandwich recipe is a quick and easy way to serve leftover roast beef.

Don’t waste your time at the deli counter. While it may not be the cold cuts your family is expecting, they’ll appreciate the homemade touch.

With a toasted bun and melted cheese, these sandwiches remind me of a Philly cheesesteak. Now that’s a compliment!

8. Cheesteak Crescent Rolls

Speak of the devil, these cheesesteak crescent rolls take your leftover roast beef and throw in some Philadelphia flavor.

By using pre-made crescent roll dough, you’ll save yourself hours in the kitchen!

Throw in some sauteed peppers and onions, and you’ll have a dish the entire east coast is proud of.

Gobble up some goodness with these hot crescent rolls on the table! It’ll be a fight for the last one.

9. Leftover Roast Beef Salad

Spruce up your garden salad with a couple of thick slices of cold roast beef. This is a great way to turn last night’s dinner into today’s lunch.

With an earthy bed of your favorite leafy green (the recipe recommends arugula!) and plenty of other chopped veggies, this lunch is both nourishing and satisfying.

Don’t skimp on the homemade dressing! That is what sets this salad apart from your normal boring lettuce-based lunches.

10. Cornish Pasties

Cozy on up with a warm Cornish pasty and turn a grey day into a great one. These beef and potato hand pies are the perfect meal when the weather isn’t cooperating.

A savory filling is wrapped in a flaky and buttery crust. Take these pies on the go or enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

Transform your roast beef into something entirely new with this Cornish pasty recipe.

11. Beef Barley Soup

If you’re looking for a hearty way to repurpose your roast beef leftovers, look no further than this beef barley soup. 

The whole grain mixed in with the tender veggies fills you up for a long time.

Add in your leftover roast beef for that final savory touch to make this dish immaculate.

Serve alongside some soft dinner rolls, and you’ll have a meal fit for a king.

12. Beef Empanadas

Empanadas are a popular street food throughout Europe, and now you can make your own at home.

Stuff a buttery crust with a savory filling and pack a European vacation in your lunch box.

This recipe resembles a more sophisticated taco when complete. With red chili peppers and olives in the filling, they taste like a taco, too.

Fry these puppies up to perfection and take your savory hand pie on the go with you.

13. Leftover Roast Beef Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is a traditional dish that has been passed down for generations. Enjoy this comforting classic and never realize you are eating leftovers.

What sets shepherd’s pie apart from pot pie is the lack of crust and addition of mashed potatoes.

Tuck into a savory menagerie when you make this satisfying recipe.

What could be better than meat, potatoes, and gravy? Not much, if you ask me.

14. Roast Beef Sliders

When cooking leftovers, you’ll always want to add an ingredient that will bulk up the meal. This way, you know everyone will get full!

Slider buns do the trick! Throw in the melted cheese and caramelized onions, and you could almost call these sandwiches gourmet.

Repurpose your roast into satisfying, hot roast beef sliders.

15. Beef Sundae 

No, there is not ice cream in this dish. Instead, sundae glasses are used to serve a full roast meal.

Fill sundae cups to the brim with mashed potatoes, roast carrots, and, of course, roast beef. This makes a hearty appetizer or conveniently portable entree.

Next time you’re hosting a block party, consider serving these beef sundaes as a convenient way to serve your guests a full meal.

16. Leftover Roast Beef Italian Stew

Stews are a great way to use up any leftover meat, but this Italian beef stew is perfect when those leftovers are roast beef.

The Italian seasonings are perfect for tender roast beef.

Not to mention, the perfectly simmered tomatoes, peppers, and mushrooms are all swimming in an irresistible broth. This stew is a real treat!

Consider this stew your new favorite low-carb recipe. Keto friends, rejoice!

17. Beef Rigatoni

This hearty casserole has all the makings to be a family favorite.

With fluffy pasta noodles, a cheesy sauce, and tender chunks of roast beef, everyone will love this dish.

Think Hamburger Helper, but more sophisticated and with healthier ingredients.

This recipe requires very little prep work to put a satisfying meal on your table.

With dishes like these, we always talk like it will be the kids’ favorite. Between you and me, cheesy pasta is mine, too.

18. Roast Beef Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Turn your roast beef into a baked potato filling with this recipe!

Transform your leftovers with caramelized onions and plenty of shredded cheese inside a warm baked potato.

If you’re a meat and potatoes kind of guy or gal, then this is the dish for you!

Have your cake and eat it too with these stuffed baked potatoes.

18 Ways to Use Leftover Roast Beef


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Leftover Roast Beef Recipes

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