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16 Leftover Sweet Potato Recipes

This list of tasty leftover sweet potato recipes uses the humble orange vegetable to create amazing meals that are both varied and versatile.

From potato cakes to waffles to hash, there’s no shortage of what you can do with sweet potatoes.

Sweet Potato Fritters with Sour Cream
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You could eat sweet potatoes all day long with this list.

Starting with sweet potato waffles for breakfast and end with sweet potato gnocchi, followed by sweet potato pudding for dessert.

If there’s a lesson here it’s this – next time you cook sweet potatoes, make extra. You’re gonna need them.

1. Cheesy Sweet Potato Cakes

Cheese and potatoes are one of the best culinary partnerships of all time.

And like any productive team, they complement each other perfectly – the cheese going gooey for sweet potato’s carby goodness.

Mash both together, fry until golden brown and crispy, and congratulate yourself. You’ve just created the perfect snack.

2. Sweet Potato Croquettes

Croquettes are similar to cakes, but rounder and denser. 

This sweet potato version is a filling, crave-worthy appetizer, especially when served with a creamy dipping sauce.

3. Holiday Leftover Sweet Potato Cake

Holiday cooking doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on the feast. 

Thrifty cooks will love this recipe which transforms your leftover yams or sweet potatoes into a moist and fluffy cake.

There’s beer in there too which helps the batter rise, and the cook relax.

4. Baked Sweet Potato Donuts

Healthier than your average donut, these baked sweet potato treats are a great kid-friendly snack.

Sweet potato forms the basis of a lightly spiced dough which is then baked until golden and frosted with a maple brown butter glaze.

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Put one in your kid’s lunchbox and prepare to win Parent of the Year.

5. Sweet Potato Waffles

If you made too many candied sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving, you’ll need to put waffles on the menu the day after.

The sweet and subtle flavor of sweet potato shines here in a waffle batter that’s anything but basic.

Top with drizzled maple syrup and pecans if you’re feeling really indulgent.

6. Chai Spiced Sweet Potato Pudding

The fragrant, delicate sweetness of spiced chai works well here, blended with a smooth sweet potato paste.

With only four ingredients, it doesn’t take long to pull together this healthy, delicious take on traditional mousse-like puddings.

7. Sweet Potato Hash

In culinary terms, a hash is basically a hot mess of all kinds of ingredients.

It’s a classic one-bowl meal that’s perfect when you’re rushed for time but want plenty of nutrition and flavor.

This sweet potato hash sees the root veg team up with seasoned sausage and colorful veggies for a satisfying supper.

Top it with a fried or poached egg for extra protein and extra yum.

8. Sweet Potato Hummus

Hummus is something that’s always in my fridge. Not only do I eat it constantly, I play around with it constantly.

This sweet potato recipe is next on my hummus hit list.

There’s no way I can resist the combo of potatoes, chickpeas, cumin, tahini, and lemon.

It’s vegan, it’s healthy, and it’s soon to get in my belly.

9. Sweet Potato Spice Muffins

Baking with sweet potato allows you to cut the flour without sacrificing that desirable moist cakey crumb.

These muffins are deliciously soft and fluffy with a sweet-spicy taste.

They’re so light, they’ll be perfect as a snack with your morning coffee or a healthy breakfast/brunch option.

10. Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Gnocchi takes a bit of work to make from scratch, but the melty, cheesy, gooey results are well worth it.

Especially with this recipe, which doesn’t just make perfectly soft and tender gnocchi, but also boasts plenty of flavor, thanks to the sage and walnut sauce.

11. Sweet Potato Pie

Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without sweet potato pie. And the same goes for Christmas. 

But you can certainly make this pie any time of year (and probably will once you taste it). 

All the classic ingredients are there – the buttery cracker crust and creamy custard filling – but in an easy, single-serving recipe.

It’s perfect if you only have a few diners at the dinner table, or if it’s just you, your appetite, and a spoon.

12. Sweet Potato Bread

This easy quick-bread can be made into mini-loaves or one big bread. 

It’s both savory and sweet, meaning that you can enjoy it with almost anything.

Spread with jam and butter for breakfast, or serve as a side with a roast. You do you.

13. Sweet Potato Brownies

This one’s for the haters. Sweet potato haters, that is. 

The few crazy (IMO) people who aren’t keen on the orange root vegetable will be won over by these moist, chocolatey brownies.

They’re so good, your sweet potato convert might just think they’re a type of fudge. I won’t tell if you don’t!

14. Sweet Potato Biscuits

If your leftover sweet potato is the kind that comes with marshmallows on top and plenty of sugar, don’t despair.

You can still use the excess to create mouth-watering desserts.

Just scoop up what’s left of your casserole and add it to a simple batter.

Roll it out, bake until golden, and enjoy sweet, fluffy, biscuits.

15. Sweet Potato Alfredo

It’s fun with these types of recipes to guess where your ingredient is hidden.

If you thought sweet potato alfredo involved potato noodles in place of pasta, think again.

Regular noodles are tossed in a rich sweet potato sauce, flavored with fresh parsley, parmesan and garlic.

It’s a great way to smuggle more veggies onto the dinner plate and adds new depth to a standard Italian classic.

16. Fried Sweet Potatoes and Eggs

If it seems like I saved the best for last, that’s because I did. This dish is what they serve for breakfast in heaven (probably).

It’s surprisingly simple for such a decadent dish. Just fry up your potatoes until golden brown and crack an egg on top.

It’s inexpensive, quick, easy, and one of the tastiest ways to get through the mid-morning slump.

16 Best Ways to Use Leftover Sweet Potatoes


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Leftover Sweet Potato Recipes

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