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25 Purple Sweet Potato Recipes We Can’t Resist

Are you a spud connoisseur? Then check out this list of purple sweet potato recipes.

They taste similar to orange sweet potatoes and are rich in antioxidants like beta-carotene and anthocyanin. But they look way more fun!

Homemade Porridge with Purple Sweet Potato and Coconut Milk
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If you’re unfamiliar with the purple sweet potato, let’s acquaint you with the striking purple spud.

They can help protect your body from free radicals and disease. And the violet hue also works as a natural food coloring.

This allows you to add a pretty purple pop to sweet potato side dishes and more.

Intrigued to learn more? Keep reading this list of purple sweet potato recipes to get inspired!

1. Purple Sweet Potato Pie

This elevated comfort food will make waves at your next Thanksgiving gathering.

This recipe will help your dessert to stand out from the crowd.

It tastes like your traditional sweet potato pie with a bright purple hue.

Expect that classic spiced flavor in every bite with a velvety texture that makes your palate swoon.

2. Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes

They say a healthy diet consists of eating every color of the rainbow.

So why not add these roasted purple sweet potatoes to your dinner? 

These little guys make the most scrumptious side dish for any main course.

You drizzle a garlic sauce over these sweet spuds, creating a well-seasoned flavor in every mouthful.

3. Perfectly Baked Okinawan Sweet Potato

Okinawa, Japan is one of the Blue Zones, meaning residents in this region tend to reach 100 years of age.

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One of their staple veggies is the Okinawa sweet potato, an antioxidant-rich variety bursting with nutrients.

If you’re tempted to add this sweet potato to your diet, read on.

This recipe shows you how to bake the Okinawa sweet potato to perfection. 

4. Crispy Baked Purple Sweet Potato Fries

Up your sweet potato fry game with this innovative recipe.

They taste just like your favorite crispy sweet spuds but with a bright purple hue that will light up the room.

You season these bad boys with garlic powder, fresh herbs, and sea salt to create a satisfying flavor.

Each fry is oven-baked until they reach the desirable crispy texture, with no deep frying involved!

5. Mashed Purple Sweet Potato 

Imagine serving up a bowl of these brilliant purple potatoes at your next family gathering. 

Your dinner guests will be convinced if you added food dye to the batch when in reality, this striking color is all-natural.

The secret to this tasty mash is the savory herb butter, which you craft using ghee.

It adds a remarkable richness to every spoonful.

6. Purple Sweet Potato & Cabbage Dumplings

If reading about sweet, juicy dumplings makes your mouth water, I have the perfect recipe for you.

These purple sweet potato dumplings are bursting with so much flavor, you’ll dream about them all the time.

If you’re intimidated to give homemade dumplings a shot, fear not!

You can have this recipe ready on the table in one hour.

7. Purple Sweet Potato Latkes with Kimchi 

This sensational appetizer is going to become your new party-time staple.

Imagine sinking your teeth into one of these latkes.

They have a crispy, melt-in-your-mouth texture coupled with a subtle sweetness.

The sugary sweet potato contrasts beautifully against the spicy, savory kimchi, creating a burst of flavor for your palate.

8. Ube Powder / Purple Sweet Potato Powder

If you’re an avid baker trying to avoid artificial coloring, this recipe will change your life.

Ube powder is the powdered form of purple sweet potato and creates a purple coloring agent that is all-natural.

You can make a big batch at once and then store it for months for easy access anytime you’re feeling creative in the kitchen.

9. Baked Purple Sweet Potato Chips

When you’re hit with a late-night snack attack, make these healthy potato chips that cure the munchies.

You’ll love how easy this recipe is to whip up.

You need purple sweet potatoes, olive oil, salt, and cayenne, and you’re good to go!

Just slice, season, and bake for 20 minutes to achieve perfectly crisp purple sweet potato chips.

10. Purple Sweet Potato Buns

If you need your carb fix, these purple sweet potato buns are the way to go. 

They have a subtle sweetness, fluffy texture, and breathtaking color.

All they’re missing is a slather of butter for one tasty breakfast.

11. Hasselback Purple Sweet Potato

Take your Hasselback potatoes to new frontiers with this unique recipe. 

If you’re not on board with the Hasselback potato trend, allow me to introduce you.

Hasselback potatoes are a method of cutting thin slits into your spuds to create little crispy, buttery pockets.

By using purple sweet potatoes, you can achieve this amazing feat with a more complex flavor.

12. Fluffy Ube Cinnamon Rolls 

Not only do these cinnamon rolls look amazing, but they’re also actually healthier than their traditional counterparts.

You create these tasty rolls using a filling.

It consists of purple sweet potatoes, almond milk, maple syrup, coconut sugar, and some spice.

The spuds, maple syrup, and coconut sugar sweeten these rolls while allowing you to abstain from refined sugar.

You’ll also appreciate that the purple spuds help add some vitamins and fiber to these decadent rolls.

13. Purple Sweet Potato Hummus 

This purple sweet potato hummus can be ready to delight your guests in under 15 minutes.

It makes the perfect appetizer, side dish, or healthy snack when you’re feeling peckish.

Serve it with a side of carrots, celery, and peppers for a colorful dish that doubles as an art piece.

You garnish this hummus with crushed pistachios and chopped cilantro, contrasting the purple beautifully. 

14. Sweet Potato Kofta with Turmeric Curry 

Prepare for your palate to be swept away by this uber-flavorful recipe.

You blend mashed purple potatoes with chickpea flour and spices to create a well-seasoned kofta that will make your mouth water.

Combined with the savory turmeric curry, this dish will take your tastebuds on an adventure.

15. Purple Power Parfait 

If you’re a fan of pretty desserts, this recipe is for you.

The stunning presentation is my favorite part about the purple power parfait (aside from the alliteration).

You layer a Mason jar with purple sweet potato pudding, blended banana, and blueberries.

Then, garnish with whipped cream, flowers, and freeze-dried blueberries.

Aside from being easy on the eyes, this parfait is vegan, healthy, and insanely tasty.

16. Mini “Monster” Purple Sweet Potato Cupcakes 

This recipe is optimal if you’re trying to cut processed food from your diet.

Not only does the purple sweet potato work as a coloring agent for the frosting, but it also replaces sugar.

You create the batter using a healthy mixture, including whole wheat flour, bananas, and applesauce.

These cupcakes are a great way to soothe your sweet tooth without overloading on sugar.

17. Grain-free Chocolate Cake with Purple Sweet Potato Frosting

Not only is this splendid cake grain-free, but it’s also vegan and sugar-free!

You might think this sounds too good to be true, but you read that correctly.

This dessert is moist and soft with the perfect amount of sweetness. 

And besides, who wouldn’t appreciate the stunning purple color?

Whether you’re having guests over for dinner or celebrating a birthday, you need to add this cake to your menu.

18. Purple Sweet Potato Muffins

You’ll fall in love with these purple sweet potato muffins.

You can chow down on these pint-sized cakes for breakfast, lunch, or any time you need a snack.

While this recipe takes over an hour to make, the results are well worth it.

Expect a moist, fluffy muffin with cozy flavors.

19. Super Soft Purple Sweet Potato Chiffon Cake

How gorgeous is this purple sweet potato chiffon cake? Just looking at this picture makes my mouth water.

Chiffon cakes are appropriately named because the texture is super soft and fluffy.

They’re light as air and melt in your mouth like cotton candy in cake form.

You’ll love this pretty purple pastel cake for its color, flavor, and lack of artificial ingredients. 

20. Purple Sweet Potato Chia Pudding

Got an aching sweet tooth that’s tempting you to chow down on sugary snacks?

This recipe is here to save the day.

You’ll love the lusciously creamy texture brimming with sugary vanilla flavors.

This pudding is also secretly super healthy between the chia seed and purple sweet potato.

You get a whopping 11g of fiber and 6g of protein in each serving.

This no-bake dessert requires a handful of simple ingredients and is equally great for breakfast or dessert.

21. Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Pudding 

Wow your dinner guests with this purple sweet potato pudding.

The texture is chewy, moist, and full of vanilla and cinnamon flavors.

You top this pudding with homemade coconut whipped cream, which contrasts wonderfully with the sweetness of the cake.

This recipe is easy to whip together and requires a handful of pantry staples.

22. Purple Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Eggs 

Who wouldn’t love to start their day with this gorgeous skillet? 

Between the purple potatoes, green cilantro, and yellow egg yolks, this recipe is a feast for the senses.

It also tastes out of this world, with lots of delicious flavors that delight your tastebuds.

This breakfast is as tasty as it is healthy.

You can reap the benefits of kale and purple sweet potatoes with every delicious bite.

23. Ube or Purple Sweet Potato Crinkle Cookies (with Egg or Eggless) 

Give Santa something to tell the missus about this Christmas by making him a batch of these unique cookies.

I don’t know what’s better, the crinkle topping that looks like fresh snow or the chewy, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

The key to creating these delectable cookies is chilling the dough for 4 hours, which helps create that desirable chewy texture.

24. Purple Sweet Potato Buns 

These purple sweet potato buns may look intimidating, but they’re actually easier to make than you think.

You roll two types of dough together, slice, then steam.

The whole process takes just over an hour but the results are to-die-for.

Not only are these buns pretty, but they taste out of this world.

25. Purple Sweet Potato Bread 

When you have a free Sunday afternoon, do yourself a favor and bake this purple sweet potato bread.

Every bite has a soft, rich texture and sugary flavors of purple sweet potato and coconut.

Serve it with a slathering of butter for the ultimate treat to satisfy your carb craving.

25 Purple Sweet Potato Recipes We Can’t Resist

These purple sweet potato recipes are too good to miss! From fries to mashed spuds to chips, add some color to your plate with these dishes.


  • Black Folks Purple Sweet Potato Pie

  • Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes

  • Perfectly Baked Okinawan Sweet Potato

  • Crispy Baked Purple Sweet Potato Fries

  • Mashed Purple Sweet Potato

  • Purple Sweet Potato & Cabbage Dumplings

  • Purple Sweet Potato Latkes with Kimchi

  • Ube Powder / Purple Sweet Potato Powder

  • Baked Purple Sweet Potato Chips

  • Purple Sweet Potato Buns

  • Hasselback Purple Sweet Potato

  • Fluffy Ube Cinnamon Rolls

  • Purple Sweet Potato Hummus

  • Sweet Potato Kofta with Turmeric Curry

  • Purple Power Parfait

  • Mini “Monster” Purple Sweet Potato Cupcakes

  • Grain-free Chocolate Cake with Purple Sweet Potato Frosting

  • Purple Sweet Potato Muffins

  • Super Soft Purple Sweet Potato Chiffon Cake

  • Purple Sweet Potato Chia Pudding

  • Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Pudding

  • Purple Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Eggs

  • Ube or Purple Sweet Potato Crinkle Cookies (with Egg or Eggless)

  • Purple Sweet Potato Buns

  • Purple Sweet Potato Bread


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  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a purple sweet potato recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Purple Sweet Potato Recipes

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