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25 Best Chuck Roast Recipes (Easy Dinners)

These chuck roast recipes promise to take you on a world tour of flavors. And they’re all so easy to make!

From spicy Tex-Mex enchiladas to Italian pot roast and Austrian goulash, prepare for a flavor adventure.

Homemade Beef Bourguignon with Beans and Carrots
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You can always count on chuck roast for a hearty and satisfying meal. This versatile cut of meat is known for its rich texture and succulent flavor.

These incredible dinners are culinary adventures waiting to be explored. Travel the globe one delicious bite at a time with these chuck roast recipes!

1. Sous Vide Chuck Roast 

The future is here, and it’s delicious! The sous vide chuck roast is a science experiment you’ll actually want to taste. 

Cooking the meat slowly and gently in a water bath ensures it reaches perfection. It comes out moist, tender, and irresistible.

Sear it to a crispy finish for a true masterpiece! It’ll make you feel like a pro chef.

2. Beef Birria (Birria de Res)

Have a fiesta with beef birria! This authentic Mexican stew is brimming with bold flavors, spices, and a touch of soul. Tender meat is infused with a blend of chilies, spices, and citrus. 

Serve it with tortillas, and let the dipping and sipping begin. Muy delicioso!

3. Pot Roast Stroganoff

A fusion of comfort and elegance, this pot roast stroganoff is like a warm hug on a cold day. 

The beef is cooked to perfection. It swims in a creamy, mushroom-packed sauce with tender egg noodles. It has a mouthwatering aroma, which is just begging to be scooped up and eaten.

4. Mississippi Pot Roast

Get ready for a Southern charm to grace your dinner table! 

This pot roast is a symphony of simple yet impactful flavors. It’s a slow-cooked marvel with a mix of pepperoncini peppers, ranch dressing, and au jus gravy.

Served over mashed potatoes or rice, this Mississippi pot roast is pure bliss.

5. Slow Cooker Gyros

Who needs a plane ticket to Greece when you can create these tantalizing gyros at home? The slow cooker turns chuck roast into a succulent, flavorful treat. The tender meat falls apart, and it’s just too good.

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Wrap it in a soft pita, add fresh veggies, a dollop of tzatziki, and bam! You’re basking in Mediterranean magic.

6. Smoked Chuck Roast

Gather ’round the grill, BBQ fans! This smoked chuck roast features savory meat with a kiss of smoke. Juicy chuck roast is coated in a flavor-packed dry rub. The result is a masterpiece with a charred, smoky exterior. And it’s fall-apart tender inside. 

Serve it with classic BBQ sides, and let the feast begin!

7. Beef Bourguignon

Bring the elegance of France to your plate with this recipe! Beef Bourguignon is a timeless classic. In this recipe, chuck roast is infused in a rich, wine-infused broth. 

It also features carrots, mushrooms, and pearl onions. This dish is hearty and luxurious. Grab your favorite French bread and let the romance unfold!

8. Slow Cooker Beef Ramen

Take a trip to the vibrant streets of Japan with this comforting beef ramen. 

The slow cooker turns the chuck roast into a heartwarming sensation, cuddled in a savory, flavorful broth. 

Add noodles, soft-boiled egg, and chopped scallions, and slurp your way to happiness!

9. Guinness Braised Beef

Here’s a dish with a hearty Irish cheer: Guinness braised beef! Basking in the rich, malty goodness of Guinness, chuck roast cooks slowly to a flavorful, tender perfection. 

This dish is a cozy pub experience right in your kitchen.

10. Pot Roast with Butternut Squash and Dried Plums

Bring warmth and comfort to your meals with this pot roast infused with autumn flavors. It combines a juicy chuck roast with the sweetness of butternut squash and dried plums. 

It’s a harmony of flavors and textures you’ll love. Serve it with your favorite pot roast sides, and let the cozy vibes roll.

11. Beef Stew and Dumplings

This beef stew is as comforting as it gets. It’s loaded with tender chuck roast and hearty veggies. And it’s simmered to perfection in a savory broth. The cheesy drop dumplings take it up a notch, too.

Serve it with steaming rice for a meal to fill your belly and warm your soul.

12. Instant Pot Beef Barbacoa

Speed meets flavor in this mouthwatering Mexican treat. This beef barbacoa is quick and easy to make. It’s an explosion of spices, zest, and all things delicious. 

Wrap it in a tortilla with all your favorite fixings, and voila! You have a fiesta on your plate.

13. Texas Chili

Ah, Texas chili, the culinary gem of the Wild West! Unlike other chili varieties, it’s a no-beans, no-tomatoes zone. But it has a full-bodied and rich combination of beef and spices.

Simmering the chili low and slow allows the flavors to meld together, creating a flavor bomb. Serve it with cornbread and a dollop of sour cream for the whole cowboy experience.

14. Red Wine Pot Roast with Mushrooms and Egg Noodles

Elegant yet comforting, this red wine pot roast is pure sophistication. 

The rich wine sauce marries the tender beef and earthy mushrooms perfectly, creating a luxurious harmony. Serve it over egg noodles, and toast to the good life.

15. Tex-Mex Beef Enchiladas 

Get ready for a Tex-Mex twist! These beef enchiladas are a celebration of flavors packed in a casserole dish. Succulent chuck roast gets wrapped in tortillas swimming in a cheesy enchilada sauce.

Top them with a dollop of sour cream and fresh cilantro, and let the fiesta begin!

16. Italian Pot Roast (Stracotto alla Fiorentina)

Buongiorno, taste lovers! This pot roast hails from the romantic streets of Florence. It’s an Italian serenade in a pot. Think tender chuck roast, lovingly simmered with red wine, tomatoes, and herbs. 

Serve it over polenta, and you’ll feel like you’re dining in a Tuscan villa. Bellissimo!

17. Instant Pot French Dip Sandwiches

The fusion of French cuisine meats the hustle of modern life in these sandwiches. This Instant Pot recipe whips them up in a flash. 

The succulent roast is infused with a medley of herbs and cooked to perfection. It’s piled high on crusty French bread and topped with melted Swiss cheese. 

Don’t forget to dip into the rich au jus for a genuinely indulgent bite.

18. German Pot Roast (Sauerbraten)

Savor the old-world charm of German cuisine with this unforgettable sauerbraten. The chuck roast is marinated in vinegar, beef broth, spices, and herbs, ensuring a tangy and savory bite. 

It’s drizzled with rich gravy, which is thickened to perfection. It lovingly coats the tender chuck roast. This dish is a comforting taste of German tradition right in your kitchen.

19. Mexican Beef Pizza With Corn and Green Chiles

¡Hola, food lovers! This Mexican beef pizza is where Tex-Mex meets Italian in a flavor fiesta. 

Succulent chuck roast, vibrant corn, and spicy green chiles dance atop a pizza crust. Top it with cheese, and let the oven work its magic, melting it to bubbly perfection. 

One slice of this pizza, and you’re virtually transported to a Mexican carnival!

20. Beef Burrito Bowl

Unwrap the magic of Mexican cuisine with this delectable beef burrito bowl. 

It’s a symphony of textures and tastes. Flavorful chuck roast, zesty rice, beans, and all your favorite toppings create a bowl brimming with joy. 

Grab a fork, and dive into deliciousness.

21. Italian Beef Crescent Pinwheels

Spin your way into Italy’s heart with these charming Italian beef crescent pinwheels. 

Flaky, buttery crescent rolls hug tender chuck roast, veggies, and melty cheese. Served warm and golden, these pinwheels are little spirals of joy. They’re perfect for an appetizer or as a snack. 

Pair them with a side of marinara and savor the taste of Italy, bite by enchanting bite!

22. Dr. Pepper Pot Roast

Who says soda and dinner don’t mix? This whimsical Dr. Pepper pot roast takes a classic comfort meal and adds a playful twist. 

The sugary sweet notes of Dr. Pepper coat the roast, creating a savory glaze you’ll love. The meat becomes tender and flavorful. It’s a new family favorite waiting to happen.

Serve it with roasted vegetables, and enjoy this delightful culinary surprise!

23. Crockpot Philly Cheesesteaks

The soul of Philadelphia can be found right in your Crockpot with these mouthwatering Philly cheesesteaks. 

The beef simmers for hours with peppers and onions, absorbing a melody of flavors. When it’s time to eat, pile it high on a hoagie roll and top it with provolone.

This dish is a handheld delight that brings the City of Brotherly Love to your dinner table!

24. Austrian Beef Goulash

Journey to the heart of Austria with this rich and robust beef goulash. 

The chuck roast is slowly cooked in spices and aromatics until the flavors meld. Every spoonful is a hug from the Austrian countryside. 

Serve it with a side of potatoes, and let this dish transport you to the Alpine vistas.

25. Thai Peanut Pot Roast

Let the exotic flavors of Thailand take over your tastebuds with this hearty pot roast. The beef is bathed in coconut milk, peanut butter, and aromatics. It’s slow-cooked until it’s tender. 

With a hint of lime and cilantro, each bite balances nutty, tangy, and savory flavors. Serve it with jasmine rice and steamed vegetables for a filling meal.

25 Best Chuck Roast Recipes (Easy Dinners)

Try these chuck roast recipes for easy dinners everyone will love! Enjoy. pot roast, beef stew, Texas chili, and more tasty meals!


  • Sous Vide Chuck Roast

  • Beef Birria (Birria de Res)

  • Pot Roast Stroganoff

  • Mississippi Pot Roast

  • Slow Cooker Gyros

  • Smoked Chuck Roast

  • Beef Bourguignon

  • Slow Cooker Beef Ramen

  • Guinness Braised Beef

  • Pot Roast with Butternut Squash and Dried Plums

  • Beef Stew and Dumplings

  • Instant Pot Beef Barbacoa

  • Texas Chili

  • Red Wine Pot Roast with Mushrooms and Egg Noodles

  • Tex-Mex Beef Enchiladas

  • Italian Pot Roast (Stracotto alla Fiorentina)

  • Instant Pot French Dip Sandwiches

  • German Pot Roast (Sauerbraten)

  • Mexican Beef Pizza With Corn and Green Chiles

  • Beef Burrito Bowl

  • Italian Beef Crescent Pinwheels

  • Dr. Pepper Pot Roast

  • Crockpot Philly Cheesesteaks

  • Austrian Beef Goulash

  • Thai Peanut Pot Roast


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a chuck roast dinner in 30 minutes or less!
Chuck Roast Recipes

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