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25 Easy Recipes with Tortillas

Mexican fare is so delicious, and there are so many incredible recipes with tortillas that are sweet, savory, fruity, salty, and downright irresistible. 

Tortillas are a type of unleavened flatbread that you’ll most often see with a whole slew of scrumptious Mexican meals. 

Burritos Beef and Vegetable Wraps
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Of course, you can never go wrong with a warm and gooey quesadilla, and I go weak in the knees when I think about tacos and taquitos. 

That said, I’m very excited to try some sweet and juicy strawberry tacos, not to mention, the sinful s’mores crunch wrap!

Homemade Chicken Quesadillas with Dipping Sauce

1. Air Fryer Quesadillas

I had to start with a classic, and it doesn’t get more nostalgic than a good old-fashioned quesadilla.

My top tip for making quesadillas is to buy the cheese in a block and grate it yourself.

The pre-shredded kind is coated in something that keeps it from melting properly.

2. Tortilla French Toast Recipe

These tortilla roll-ups are ideal if you need a quick and sweet breakfast for you and the kids. 

You can fill them with anything from Nutella to peanut butter and add in all kinds of fruit to make it your own. 

Just keep in mind that corn tortillas likely won’t work, as they will probably crack when you try to roll them.

3. Easy Migas Recipe

Migas is an easy and cheap breakfast made using stale bread or chopped corn tortillas. The tortillas are cut into strips or wedges and fried until crispy.

You’ll then add whisked eggs and cook them until they’re done. Serve them with refried beans and salsa for an authentic treat.

Homemade Buffalo Chicken Wraps

4. Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Buffalo chicken wraps are excellent for a tasty and quick meal on the go.

They can be as spicy or mild as you like, and they’re even delicious whether you serve them hot or cold.

If you have leftover chicken in the fridge, these will come together in a matter of minutes.

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5. Huevos Rancheros Tortilla Bowls

I first had huevos rancheros on a cruise and quickly fell in love.

The beans, salsa, chilies, and runny, dreamy egg yolk all work to make such an indulgent and filling breakfast.

I especially like the idea of serving it in these fun tortilla bowls, which are so easy to make at home.

Or, you could even serve everything on a cheese quesadilla for a kick of gooey goodness. 

6. Easy Mini Tortilla Pizzas

Pizza is probably my favorite food on the whole planet, but it can be a little heavy when the dough is thick. 

That’s why I love these little tortilla pizzas. The base is nice and thin but sturdy enough to hold the filling. 

7. Baked Tortilla Chips

How many times have you picked out a new show and opened a fresh jar of salsa only to find you’re out of chips?

Disaster, I know!

But if you have a bag of tortillas hidden away, you can make a batch of baked chips in under 15 minutes.

I like to toss them in Tajin just as they come out of the oven.

8. Chicken Ranch Wraps

Chicken and ranch dressing is a combination I can never say no to, especially if there’s bacon in the mix too!

If you really want to boost the flavor, try making this easy ranch chicken with breadcrumbs for added crunch.

9. Make-Ahead Freezer Burritos

Frozen burritos are perfect for busy people and families who need something filling and satisfying without the wait. 

The idea is to make these burritos how you would if you were going to eat them right away, then carefully wrap and freeze them once they’re cooled. 

Just don’t add any avocado or lettuce since it doesn’t freeze well and thaws out even worse.

10. Fiesta Pinwheels

Pinwheels are a terrific snack or sandwich alternative, plus they make excellent appetizers to boot. 

For this Tex-Mex inspired recipe, you’ll use cream cheese and salsa, but you can leave the chilies out if you prefer. 

11. Easy Creamy White Chicken Enchiladas

Enchiladas are typically served with lashings of yummy red sauce over the top, along with plenty of gooey melted cheese. 

This version calls for a simple white sauce made using chicken stock, sour cream, and chilies.

It will look a little like bechamel, but the chilies make it even tastier.

12. Firecracker Casserole

Also known as Tex-Mex lasagna, this casserole is brimming with beans, jalapeños, and of course, corn tortillas. 

Everything gets layered up in the dish, including the cheese, which melts into everything as it bakes. 

13. Baked Chicken Chimichangas

Chimichangas are essentially fried burritos.

So they’re still full of rice and meat and beans, only the outside is then deep-fried or oven-baked until golden and crunchy.

I recommend spraying with cooking spray before baking since butter tends to burn. You can also brush with oil to get them nice and crisp.

14. Strawberry Breakfast Tacos

I’d love to say that you can make these yummy breakfast tacos year-round, but the truth is, they’ll really need fresh fruit. 

So, when the berries are in season, and you want something sweet to start your day, try these creamy and juicy tacos full of berries and a lightly spiced cream cheese and yogurt blend.

15. Bean and Rice Burritos

Beans and jam-packed with protein and fiber, and they’re super filling, too. That makes them the perfect ingredient for these veggie burritos. 

Trust me, you won’t miss the meat one bit in here.

When mixed with the salsa and taco seasoning, these are so flavorful, and it’s easy to amp up the spice with some added chilies.

16. Healthy Black Bean Tostadas with Fresh Corn

Tostadas are kind of like Mexican pizzas, only they’re piled high with all kinds of fresh and tasty ingredients. 

In this case, you’ll see a lovely tomato and zucchini sauce topped with cheese, beans, and corn.

This is similar to the huevos rancheros recipe, only the tortilla is usually baked or fried until crisp.

17. Crunchy Flautas

Flautas are essential taquitos, but they’re made with flour tortillas instead of corn. 

Though I love the flavor of corn tortillas, they’re not always easy to roll. So for recipes like this, I think it’s easier and less messy to use flour.

That said, they probably won’t be as crunchy as taquitos. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

18. Baked Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips

Remember those baked chips above? Instead of butter and chili-lime seasoning, how about making them with cinnamon sugar?

The method is the same: cut the tortillas into wedges, brush them with butter, then sprinkle the seasoning over the top. 

These would be ideal served with one of these dessert dips!

19. Blueberry Tortilla Pockets

Here’s another quick and easy tortilla recipe that would work for breakfast, snacking, or dessert.

These are a lot like hand pies in that they’re pockets filled with sweet, fruity filling.

But rather than struggling with pastry, you’ll just wrap them up like burritos. 

20. S’mores Crunchwrap Recipe

Sorry to keep you waiting. I know you’ve been looking forward to this one since I mentioned it all the way at the top!

But it’s worth it!

The key to getting this right is to wrap it tightly and turn it over right away. You’ll want that seal on the heat asap, so it will stay closed. 

21. Dessert Nachos

Did you see those cinnamon tortilla chips and immediately picture them in a tray with fruit and chocolate sauce?

Dessert nachos will quickly become your favorite thing. Remember not to make them until you’re ready to serve; otherwise, the chips will go soggy. 

22. Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas

Sweet potato tacos are my go-to for Meatless Mondays. They’re sweet, spicy, and full of terrific texture. 

Now, picture that inside a quesadilla with oodles of gooey cheese. 

Are you drooling, too?

23. Breakfast Tacos

These breakfast tacos are bursting with traditional flavors, including scrambled eggs and bacon.

You’ll also add scallions for a pop of color and some yummy oniony flavor. 

And of course, you can tailor these to your liking. I like mine with hot sauce and I’ve even thrown in leftover roasted veggies if I have them in the fridge.  

24. Meatball Pizza Quesadillas

If you’re a fan of meatball subs, I bet you’ll love this lightened-up recipe. 

You get all the same amazing flavor, including cheese and marinara, but it’s served like a quesadilla, which means no heavy bread roll to weigh you down. 

25. Oven Baked Beef Taquitos

Taquitos are one of the best late-night snacks around.

They’re small and crunchy with the perfect amount of filling, and they’re the perfect shape to dip in salsa and guacamole too.

Beef is a super filling for these since ground beef is pretty cheap, but it’s wonderfully rich, but chicken will work just as well.

25 Easy Foods with Tortillas


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