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30 Best Boxing Day Recipes and Dinner Ideas

No matter what you have planned this holiday season, you have to try these Boxing Day recipes

They’re the perfect post-feast family dinners and desserts to spoil your family.

Tasty Reuben Sandwich with Potato Chips
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I don’t know about you, but I always overindulge on Christmas Day.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want something delicious for dinner on Boxing Day too!

So whether you want to transform those leftovers or are on the hunt for something totally unique, I’ve got you covered.

From delicious breakfasts to hearty dinners and heavenly desserts, these Boxing Day recipes are just what you need to keep the festivities going!

What to Have for Boxing Day Dinner and Dessert

1. Leftover Roast Turkey Frittata 

I am a huge fan of Holiday leftovers. There are so many ways to revive them and create a whole new dish. 

And this roast turkey frittata is one of those delicious makeovers I whip up year after year.

It’s quick and easy to throw together and doesn’t require many ingredients. 

So it’s ideal for when you need something for the family but don’t have enough leftovers for a full meal.

2. Leftover Christmas Crumble  

This leftover crumble may not be very pretty, but it tastes de-licious! Like all casseroles, it’s the flavor that counts. 

The filling features leftover veggies, crumbled nut roast, and a dressing of cranberry sauce, gravy, and cream. 

The cheesy crumble on top is the perfect finishing touch on this holiday casserole.

Better yet, it’s got all the best holiday flavors without all the dishes. 

3. Maple Glazed Ham 

Glazed ham is a favorite in my house. There’s just something about that sweet, sticky glaze with the salty pork that’s so enticing. 

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So if you’re dead set on turkey for the big day, why not break out the ham for Boxing Day?

After the ham cooks, you’ll baste it with all the sticky sauce left in the pan. As it cools, it forms a beautiful coating on the meat.

This simple recipe is one helluva show-stopping centerpiece. And the ham leftovers are even better!

4. Easy Leftover Turkey Curry 

Turkey curry is a straightforward and flavorful dish. It only takes about 25 minutes to make, but every bite is creamy and divine.

This is a perfect for anyone whose had enough of typical holiday flavors. Serve it with warm naan, fluffy rice, and fresh raita.

5. Boxing Day Leftover Pie 

If you’re tired of sandwiches filled with Christmas turkey, try a Boxing Day leftover pie instead.

Aside from avoiding waste, the whole reason I enjoy leftovers is because it’s so easy. 

And the only “extra” thing you need for this one is a store-bought pie crust.

Just preheat the oven, dump the leftovers in the pie crust, and in no time at all, you’ll have a meal that’s as easy as, well…easy as pie

6. Pigs in a Blanket (with Cheese!) 

Pigs in a blanket are hit with kids and adults alike, and they’re crazy quick and easy to make. In fact, they’re so easy, the kids can even get involved.

This recipe has an extra ingredient, making it over-the-top delish. Because the only thing that can improve soft dough and hots dogs is cheese!

7. Turkey Carcass Soup 

I love warming soups during the holidays. And this one is ideal for that post-turkey dinner carcass.

Those seasoned bones make this broth insanely meaty and flavorful. Throw in some turkey, veggies, and rice, and it’s good to go.

Although it takes some time to cook, the hands-on work is minimal. So you can set it going and leave it to simmer while you spend time with the family.

8. Cracker Barrel Mac and Cheese 

Few recipes can compete with really good mac and cheese. Creamy, cheesy pasta is – and always will be – the ultimate comfort food. 

And after a big, rich turkey dinner, it’s nice to have something simple but crowd-pleasing.

Add veggies or bacon to make this delicious meal extra special.

9. Bacon Egg Cheese Bagel Sandwich 

Breakfast sandwiches are a delicious option for busy weekdays. But they’re extra handy during the holidays when you have the whole family staying.

And this recipe shows you how to cut your prep time in half while also using fewer dishes. 

The secret is to make the eggs ahead of time. Then, you’ll cook them in a muffin tin, so they’re the perfect shape for a bagel or English muffin. 

From there, add chopped veggies, meats, seasonings, or cheese. Delish!

10. Traditional Reuben Sandwich 

The traditional Reuben sandwich is a beloved classic. It also makes a delicious boxing day lunch the whole family will love. 

It starts with hearty rye bread that’s slathered in Thousand Island dressing. Stack Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on top, then pile on the corned beef. 

Grill that baby until it’s ooey-gooey and irresistible. This is a must-try sandwich, no matter what day it is. 

11. Easy Mulled Wine Christmas Ham 

Finding different ways to cook Christmas ham is always a fun task.

This mulled wine ham is infused with heavenly spices and citrus flavors. It also turns slightly red and looks just as good as it tastes. 

Serve this on Boxing Day with leftover veggies and a glass of wine.

12. Leftover Roast Turkey Biryani 

I love this Biryani recipe. Not only is it bright and tasty, but it’s an exciting way to use up that leftover turkey.

A bowl full of flavor-packed rice, meat, and veggies is what comfort food is all about.

And between the curry spices, peas, and corn, this is one colorful meal.

Cranberry sauce adds a touch of sweetness, while lemon juice lifts the flavors off the plate.

It’s creamy, meaty, balanced, and filling – just what you need on Boxing Day.

13. Chestnut Soup 

🎶 Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…🎶

We all know the song, but have you ever tried chestnut soup? Featuring veggie stock and a carrot base, this soup is insanely creamy and rich.

Perfect for the holidays, the only this missing is a sprig of mistletoe over your bowl.

14. Bubble and Squeak Soup 

Bubble and Squeak is a fun holiday dish in the UK. Although, it’s also made after Sunday dinners throughout the year too!

Often made into a pancake or fritter, Bubble and Squeak features all your favorite leftovers fried until crisp on the edges.

This version takes all that yumminess – parsnips, Brussel sprouts, onions, carrots, and, of course, potatoes – and turns it into soup!

Blended up with some chicken stock and spices, it’s just what you need on a cold, post-Xmas day at home.

15. Puff Pastry Christmas Tree 

This holiday appetizer is a spectacular centerpiece for a buffet or family meal.

It only has two main ingredients, and although it looks impressive, it’s super simple to make. 

I love the flavor of pesto with flaky puff pastry. And the “ornaments” on the tree add pops of flavor to every bite. 

Top tip: try this recipe with sweet fillings instead of pesto for a festive dessert. I’m thinking Nutella and colorful marshmallows!

16. Christmas Crescent Cookies with Mince 

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have mince pies for days after Christmas. I make so many, we have them for breakfast, lunch, and after dinner.

But if you have some mince leftover, try this fun cookie recipe.

The pastry dough calls for cream cheese, butter, and flour, so it’s very rich and tender. You’ll roll it out and cut it into triangles before filling it with mince.

Wrap them up like croissants and bake until golden. Delish!

17. Blue Cheese Fondue 

Few things warm my heart like a pot of melty, creamy fondue. You’ll love the flavor of this tangy blue cheese fondue.

It’s a super fun way to enjoy a meal around the fire.

This recipe suggests using boneless buffalo wings, summer sausage, and bread for dipping.

These are all really awesome ideas, but you can try veggies or other meats and breads. The possibilities are endless. 

18. Autumn Spiced Turkey Salad 

Turkey salad is a delicious way to transform your leftover turkey into a bright, light, and colorful meal. 

This salad is creamy, perfectly spiced, and just a little bit sweet. And it’s filling enough to eat as a meal, but not so much so you’ll feel weighed down.

I like this in sandwiches. Croissant sandwiches are the best, but any bread will work.

19. Puff Pastry Cheese Straws 

I could happily eat cheese and pastry any day of the year, and Boxing Day is no exception. 

If you’ve ever been to the UK, chances are you’ve tried cheese straws before (hello, Greggs! I miss you!)

If not, you’re in for a treat. Because although these look simple, that combo of buttery, flaky pastry with sharp cheddar is downright sinful.

20. Gingerbread Trifle (Gluten-Free Option!) 

Gingerbread is a classic and nostalgic Christmas dessert we can all get behind. But gingerbread trifle? I’m drooling already!

You’ll need tender gingerbread cake, silky smooth vanilla pudding, and billowy whipped cream. 

Everything can be made ahead of time, so prep on the day is a breeze.

And this will look just as awesome in smaller portions, so don’t stress about getting a big glass bowl.

Blueberry French Toast Casserole

21. Blueberry French Toast Casserole

I always look forward to breakfast during the holidays.

Getting up early with my coffee and greeting everyone as they slowly roll into the kitchen is what hosting Christmas is all about.

And this blueberry French toast casserole is the best way to wake up the house.

The smell as it cooks wafts upstairs, encouraging even sleepy teens to drag themselves down for a plate.

22. Ham and Cheese Frittata 

Frittatas are one of those terrific recipes you can enjoy all day long.

Serve it with breakfast potatoes, a light lunch salad, or hearty rice and veggies for dinner. No matter what, you’ll love it.

Easy to make, salty, meaty, and cheesy, this is a winner every time.

23. Green Eggs and Ham 

Okay, this is one for the kids. Because although it’s green, I know they can’t resist something from Dr. Zuess!

This green eggs and ham recipe is all about the spinach sauce.

Fluffy eggs are scrambled with a bright green and herbaceous sauce. Then, they’re served on top of crispy toast with ham on the side.

Make it once, and your family will want them here, there, or anywhere!

24. Turkey and Ham Rissoles 

Turkey and ham rissoles are kind of a cross between meatloaf and a burger.

You’ll chop up leftover turkey and ham, then combine it with mashed potatoes, garlic, and herbs until it’s a patty.

Like Bubble and Squeak, you’ll fry them until the outside is nice and crispy and the inside is super tender. 

25. Vegan Christmas Pie 

This savory pie is as impressive in appearance as it is in taste.

It has all the leftover components you love, but being vegan, there’s obviously no meat.

Once those veggies are layered inside the pastry, they bake until golden brown and bubbly.

26. Turkey Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame 

I’ve had a ton of leftover sandwiches in my life. But this one is always at the very top of my list.

I mean, the classic Croque Madame et Monsieur sandwiches are already wildly indulgent.

But this one calls for tender turkey, making it perfect for Boxing Day.

27. Roasted Turkey Tostadas 

Tostadas are fantastic for those Christmas leftovers – especially if you’re tired of the “holiday” flavors. 

Fun and tasty, you’ll add an avocado and spinach sauce that’s so scrumptious, you’ll want it on everything!

28. Turkey Pasta Carbonara 

Carbonara is an authentic Italian classic. It’s a salty, cheesy, carb-loaded dish that’s wonderfully warming and filling.  

Turkey makes a really nice addition, as it cuts through that richness.

Cut it into cubes and mix it in with the pasta. How easy is that?

29. Show-Stopping Christmas Ice Cream Pudding 

This is a spectacular dessert alternative featuring all the same elements and flavors of Christmas pudding.

But instead of warm and steamy, it’s cold and creamy.

Fruit, nuts, mince, spices, and rum mingle with vanilla ice cream to create something irresistible.

It’s an unmatched end to any Boxing Day celebration. 

30. Potato Frittata 

If you need something mild, simple, and comforting for Boxing Day, you really can’t beat this potato frittata.

It’s crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and delicious through and through.

Frittata is perfect for the holidays because it can be eaten at room temperature and still taste fantastic! So make it early and leave it out for people to enjoy.

30 Best Boxing Day Recipe Collection

No matter what you have planned this holiday season, you have to try these Boxing Day recipes. They’re the perfect post-feast family dinners and desserts.


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Boxing Day Recipes

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