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20 Best Fondue Recipes

Take a trip down nostalgia lane with these easy and delicious fondue recipes.

Because retro is so in right now. And nothing beats a pot of gooey cheese with lots of dippers!

From cheese to chocolate and even caramel, they’re are too good to miss.

Homemade Cheese Fondue with Skewers and Crusty Bread Pieces
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Cheese fondue was huge in the 60s and 70s, and I’m happy to say it’s making a comeback.

From Nutella and caramel to fruit-filled pots of goodness, there’s so much here you’ll want to try.

These whimsical fondue recipes are ideal for fun family feasts and dinner parties.

So, pour a round of drinks, grab your dipping skewers, and let the fondue party commence!

1. Authentic Swiss Cheese Fondue

Fondue originated in Switzerland, so what better way to start your fondue adventure than with an authentic pot. 

This classic features the best cheese for fondue – Gruyère.

You’ll also add Emmental, a semi-hard cheese that, depending on how long it’s aged, can be mild to full-bodied. 

Add a glug of white wine and kirsch to turn it into a dippable pot.

Kirsch is a type of clear brandy made from cherries. If you can find any, cherry juice will work in a pinch.

2. Beer Cheese Fondue

Next time you’re hosting a game-day party, surprise your friends with this sensational beer cheese fondue. 

You’ll need a variety of melty cheese, heavy cream, and a light, crisp beer. Cornstarch is great as a thickening agent, but flour works too. 

As for the dippers, get creative! Bread, veggies, and even bite-sized pieces of meat are terrific options. 

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After all, meat and cheese are the perfect game-day match! Just be mindful if you have some vegetarians in the group.

3. Crockpot Cream Cheese Garlic Fondue

Don’t own a fondue set? No worries. You can still whip up a cheesy pot with your slow cooker

This three-ingredient fondue is so easy that you can throw it together last minute, anytime you have company.

All you have to do is toss in milk, cheese, and garlic salt. 

The cream cheese and parmesan combination make this super creamy with a nutty kick. 

The prep work is effortless, and it’s ready in just 30 minutes. 

4. Melting Pot Cheddar Cheese Fondue

Bring The Melting Pot to your home with this copycat recipe. 

This restaurant-quality dip is spot on, using a mix of cheddar and Emmental as well as Worcestershire sauce and beer. 

It’s a tasty way to kick off a dinner party and keep everyone entertained before the main event.

5. Perfect Chocolate Fondue

This fondue is like paradise for chocoholics! It turns semi-sweet chocolate into a lavishly rich dipping sauce that’s to die for. 

I am all for fresh strawberries when it comes to this one!

It also goes well with bananas, apples, Graham Crackers, vanilla wafers, and basically anything you might want to coat in chocolate.  

6. Ricotta Lemon Fondue

Build family memories during the holidays with this legendary fondue. It’s fresh, bright, creamy, and delightfully lemony. 

It’s excellent for when everyone is stuffed from dinner but still wants a little taste of something sweet. 

You can also serve it as an appetizer to sustain everyone before the main course.

Like chocolate fondue, I recommend fresh fruit or vanilla wafers to go alongside. 

7. Feta Cheese Beer Fondue

Here’s another phenomenal beer cheese fondue all your friends will love. 

The creaminess and saltiness of feta keep this fresh while adding some bite. It’s also got some ricotta to round it out with a sweet, mild flavor.

When selecting feta, leave the crumbles behind. Instead, you want a quality block that comes in brine. 

8. Blue Cheese Fondue

How gorgeous would a vibrant array of crudités look alongside this blue cheese fondue?! 

Blue cheese has a lot of intense flavors that go well with fresh veggies like celery, mini bell peppers, and carrots. 

You could also turn this into a bit of pub fare and offer it up with some tasty buffalo chicken wings.

9. Spinach and Artichoke Fondue

If you’re as obsessed with spinach and artichoke dip as I am, you’ll go gaga for this one.

Loded with Gruyere, mozzarella, Parmesan plenty of garlic, it’s a show-stopper for sure.

But then you’ll add spinach and artichoke hearts, making it just like everyone’s favorite dip. How fun!

10. Broth Fondue

While most fondues have a thick and creamy body, this pot is all about the broth. 

The beef broth gets flavored with garlic, soy, bay leaf, and some Worcestershire sauce.

It’s equally tasty and unique, which I guarantee will cause quite a commotion. 

Since it is very savory, you’ll want your dippers to match. Mushrooms, shrimp, and cubes of quality beef all top the list. 

11. Fondue Bourguignon

Broth fondue got me thinking about this beefy pot. It’s like soup and sauce came together for a dippable savory appetizer. 

The brothy base takes on a robust flavor from soy, red wine, garlic, and onion soup mix.

The best part, though, is the tender cubes of steak that you’ll plunge into the pot. Yum!

12. Chicken Fondue

Chicken in fondue? I know it sounds a tad odd, but trust me on this one.

It’s a one-of-a-kind recipe that mixes fondue with comfort food to create one tasty meal.

Chicken broth base gets flavored with Italian dressing and apple juice.

Pierce some chicken and veggies with your fondue prongs, then immerse it in the broth to cook. 

To make it even cozier, serve this with a side of Italian seasoned Miracle Whip.

13. Coq au Vin Fondue

The first time I went to the Melting Pot, I was blown away by the gooey cheese.

But the Coq Au Vin fondue was the next best thing!

Start with the veggies so they have time to cook in the broth. Then don’t be shy with the meat!

14. Fast and Healthy Fruit Fondue

Between all the cheesy and chocolatey recipes, fondue doesn’t have the best reputation for being healthy.

That’s why this is the perfect middle ground to add to the mix.

The fondue itself uses unsweetened chocolate that’s then sweetened with coconut sugar and vanilla.

So it’s healthy-ish, and even better when you serve it with fresh fruit.

15. Warm Strawberry Fondue

Don’t just leave the strawberries for dipping; toss them in the fondue too!

This recipe is fruity, creamy, and only takes 15 minutes. 

Double up on the fruit and serve this with fresh strawberries, or pair it with angel food cake for a play on strawberry shortcake. Delish!

16. Nutella Chocolate Fondue

Nutella is like the holy grail of dessert fondue. It’s chocolatey, rich in hazelnut, and very decadent, considering it’s only got two ingredients. 

You can easily make this on the stove if you don’t have a fondue pot. Or the Crock-Pot is always a good option.

Either way, keep an eye on it. Nobody likes burnt Nutella!

17. White Chocolate Fondue

If you love the sweetness of white chocolate, you’ll love this decadent treat. 

It calls for an entire package of white chocolate, a good glug of heavy cream, and a bit of corn syrup to make it even sweeter. 

I serve this with salty pretzel sticks to balance out all that sweetness. But if you have a major sweet tooth, marshmallows may be more up your alley.

18. Butterscotch Dessert Fondue

Made with brown sugar for a deeper flavor, butterscotch is like caramel’s richer cousin.

While you won’t use actual butterscotch candies, you get all the flavor and then some with this fondue. 

Like chocolate fondue, butterscotch is good with fruits, marshmallows, pretzels, and more.

19. Candy Bar Fondue

Got some leftover Halloween candy? Turn it into fondue! 

Candy bar fondue is the perfect way to reduce food waste. Of course, you’ll want to use caramel and chocolate candies as well as marshmallow cream.

It’s a fun dessert the kids will love and a great treat to enjoy as a family.

20. Caramel Fondue

If decadent caramel desserts call to you, you’ll be all about this fondue. It’s overflowing with melted caramel candies!

You’ll want to maintain a constant temperature and keep stirring because the caramel can set rather quickly.

Pair it with some apple slices if you love candied apples. Or dip some pretzels in for a sweet and salty take.

If you do happen to have some leftovers, pop them in the freezer. Then, the next time you want fondue, it’ll be waiting.

20 Best Fondue Recipe Collection

Take a trip down nostalgia lane with these easy and delicious fondue recipes. From cheese to chocolate and even caramel, they’re are too good to miss.


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Fondue Recipes

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