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23 Easy Mason Jar Recipes

If you have a busy week in front of you, get ahead by prepping these mason jar recipes.

Not only is a mason jar meal super trendy, but it’s also portable and convenient to have on hand.

Homemade Cheesecake Trifle
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If you have these mason jar recipes ready to go, you can be sure you are eating regular, healthy meals during the week.

I know healthy eating is one of the first things I toss out the window when I get stressed and overwhelmed!

Whether you’re a college student in finals week, have a busy career, or you’re a stay-at-home parent, you’ll find a recipe to add some flavor to your routine.

1. Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

If you find yourself short on time in the morning, be sure you have a nutritious breakfast by preparing these peanut butter overnight oats ahead of time.

There is nothing like protein-packed peanut butter to start your morning off right! That combined with the fibrous oats will keep you full until lunch!

Plus, the peanut butter makes this breakfast taste like a sweet treat. What could be better than sweet and creamy peanut butter oats?

2. Mason Jar Burrito Bowls

The burrito bowl has gained a lot of popularity here in the last couple of years. Make your own with this easy mason jar burrito bowl recipe.

There are so many topping ideas, so you can customize it to make it your very own. Be sure to include plenty of veggies as well as cheese and salsa.

Be the envy of the office when you show up with this lunch! It’s healthy, easy, and versatile enough to eat every day of the week!

3. Christmas Cookies in a Jar

How neat is this idea? Take the fun of Christmas cookies and store them in a cute mason jar!

These are perfect for making up a bunch and then saving for later, or giving away as Christmas gifts.

The ingredients look so beautiful inside the jar, you could even use it as decoration! That would be a conversation starter.

Spread some holiday cheer by bringing Christmas cookies in a jar to your neighborhood this year.

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4. Mason Jar Turkey Cobb Salad

Never find a salad boring again with this easy to make mason jar turkey cobb salad!

This recipe has all the flavor of a cobb salad, packed into a mason jar!

Choose your favorite baby greens and then mix and match various salad toppings.

Prep five at the beginning of the week and never skip lunch again! You’ll get all of your greens in!

5. Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake is the quintessential summer dessert. How cute are these little cakes baked right into adorable mason jars?

Add some southern charm to your shortcake with this recipe. The jar is such a cute and festive touch!

Top with a burst of strawberry sauce and a generous dollop of whip cream for an unbelievable summer dessert.

This recipe is sure to impress!

6. Mason Jar Salsa

Salsa is the king of condiments! This is especially true when it’s homemade and full of fresh ingredients!

Grab a bite of this fresh flavor and make some yourself with this mason jar salsa recipe.

There’s a big difference between fresh salsa and the salsa out of a jar.

It is a delicious salsa made simple. Trust me, you’ll want to make more than one jar.

7. Pickles

Perhaps the most popular mason jar snack is a crisp and tangy dill pickle.

I’m sure you have tried one from the grocery store, but have you ever made your own?

You’ll be blown away by how simple the process is to yield delicious, juicy pickles. What have you been doing with those store-bought jars all this time?

Snap into summer with this recipe and transform run-of-the-mill cucumbers into something spectacular! 

This is a great way to use up all the cucumbers from your garden or take advantage of a great grocery store sale.

Either way, you’ll enjoy these delicious homemade cucumbers.

8. Mason Jar Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for mason jar ice cream! Did you know it is scientifically proven that ice cream tastes better if you make it yourself?

It’s true. The added touch of perseverance and self-sufficiency complements the chocolate flavoring well.

This recipe is so smooth and creamy! Add in your favorite mix-ins and say goodbye to pints of store-bought ice cream.

Never run out of ice cream again with this recipe in your back pocket!

9. Marmalade

Breakfast just got sweeter with this delicious marmalade recipe!

Sweet orange slices are crystallized inside a mason jar for a morning treat that’s as pretty as it is scrumptious!

Slather this marmalade on toast, biscuits, or even pancakes. It is so delicious, you won’t be disappointed!

I love the way the rind looks inside the marmalade. It reminds me of stained glass!

Fill your pantry with orange marmalade and enjoy the year-round citrus flavor.

10. Cheesecake Jars

My favorite part about this recipe is the “s” on the end of jars. Of course, this is so delicious, you’ll need more than one!

Get started early, so your cheesecake has time to set up in the refrigerator before guests arrive.

Take this a step further and pair the cheesecake jars with a topping bar. Everyone can put their toppings on top of their jar of cheesecake.

These are cute, fun, customizable treats that are sure to delight!

11. Mason Jar Margaritas

Everyone loves a classic margarita on a Friday night, and now you can have it on your weekdays, too!

Mix up a mason jar margarita, and then try saying that five times fast.

Make margaritas your house specialty this summer and serve them out of adorable mason jars.

They are beautiful and may hold a little more than your average glass.

Frozen or on the rocks, you can’t go wrong with this margarita recipe.

12. Peach Crisp

This is a summer favorite, and I see why! Warm caramelized peaches are smothered in a cinnamon streusel topping. That sounds pretty good!

Wait until peaches are in season, and then try this delicious peach crisp recipe. The tart peach bursts with flavor in each bite.

One bite, and you will never even think of chocolate again.

13. Chia Pudding

This pudding is vegetarian and vegan friendly! Packed with chia seeds, it’s perfect for every guest you may have over.

Keep some mixed and on hand for whenever your sweet tooth may hit you! Enjoy the flavor and the health benefits of superfood chia seeds.

The creaminess of this dish is what makes it so irresistible. One bite, and you will not feel deprived of giving up the real thing.

14. Brownies

Did someone say brownies? In a mason jar? That’s exactly what this recipe promises!

Cut out the wait time of cooking large trays of brownies, and just prepare these mini ones instead.

Guests can top their brownies with dessert pieces of choice and then take their brownies anywhere they please.

15. Chopped Black Bean and Corn Salad In A Jar

If you’re looking for a starchier salad, this recipe may be your best bet! Chop up the ingredients and try it for yourself today!

The sweet corn and savory bean perfectly compliment each other in this superfood combination.

Add in the red onion and dressing, and you’ll have the perfect salad.

Take this for lunch or eat it at home. It’s delicious anywhere!

16. Breakfast Parfaits

Elegant breakfast parfaits are served in mason jars with this adorable recipe.

Mix your yogurt and fruit slices for a morning treat that’s worth getting up for. Top with granola for a sweet crunch.

This may be your new favorite breakfast recipe.

A parfait can be made to meet each person’s preferences. Add in some chia or flax seeds for extra nutrition.

17. Quinoa Summer Salad Jars

Quinoa is the power grain of the year. Work some into your diet with this quinoa summer salad recipe.

Equal parts sweet and savory, this summer salad is chock full of seasonal produce and topped with a delicious dressing.

The earthy quinoa is the perfect topping to the arugula base. This recipe makes healthy eating taste good.

18. Almond Cranberry Granola

Almond cranberry granola… in a jar! Crunch on this snack plain or use it to top your favorite yogurts and cereals. Either way, will be delicious!

Cranberry’s tart flavor shines in this medley of oats and nuts. It’s the perfect balance of carb and protein.

Fuel up in the morning or any time of day with this tasty and easy granola recipe.

Load up on this almond cranberry granola and always have a healthy snack at the ready!

19. Banana Chocolate Overnight Oats

Chocolate and banana have gone together since the beginning of time. Indulge yourself with this banana chocolate overnight oats recipe!

Overnight oats are incredibly simple and ensure you have a delicious breakfast waiting for you the next morning. 

Bananas are packed with potassium and oats have an incredible amount of protein and fiber. This is a meal that will keep you full and focused!

And of course, every meal needs a little bit of chocolate to round it out.

Use mini-dark chocolate chips to evenly spread the chocolate throughout this overnight oat recipe.

20. Macaroni and Cheese

Hello, comfort food! Macaroni and cheese is a favorite for people of all ages.

With this mac and cheese mason jar recipe, you can enjoy this meal any time the craving hits!

Nothing is more satisfying than noodles with cheese sauce, and this recipe is no different. Whip up a jar today and enjoy!

Any day can be improved with a soothing bite of macaroni. Turn your frown upside down with this delicious recipe.

21. Deconstructed Sushi Salad

The biggest problem with sushi is that there is never enough! This deconstructed sushi salad is the solution.

All of your favorite sushi ingredients are placed in a jar for a salad that tastes just like your favorite roll. 

Customize this dish to your preferences by choosing only the ingredients you love, and leave the rest out!

If raw fish isn’t your thing, this recipe offers many cooked alternatives as well.

22. Hot Chocolate

Mason jars make adorable bowls, and now they make adorable cups! This hot chocolate recipe is made in your favorite jar instead of your favorite mug.

Warm-up a jar of this hot chocolate and head out to look at Christmas lights! Or stay in and pull up your favorite holiday movie.

This recipe yields thick and creamy cocoa fit for the Polar Express!

This delectable blend of meats, olives, and cheese turns a bed of arugula into a fancy brunch! 

Stuff your mason jar with all of your favorites, and you will be looking forward to your lunch all day!

The salty brine of the olives and roasted red pepper complement the spices of the meat perfectly!

23. S’mores in a Jar

S’mores are the best part of summer! Have them every night with this s’mores in a jar recipe.

Who needs a bonfire? With this recipe, you can enjoy this summertime treat right in the comfort of your own home!

Let’s be honest, when s’mores are this easy to make, you can enjoy them year-round!

23 Best Things You Can Make in a Mason Jar

Looking for some cute mason jar recipes? From breakfast to lunch to desserts, these meals are so cute and are perfect on the go!


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Mason Jar Recipes

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