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What to Serve With Fish (20 Tasty Sides)

Deciding on what to serve with fish can be tricky. This lean protein is incredibly versatile and brings a unique flavor to the plate.

When choosing a side dish, you’ll want to compliment the taste of the fish. Unfortunately, it can be easy to overpower the fish with a mismatched pairing.

Salmon with Lemons and Potatoes

From fish stews to warm, roasted filets, I have a fish side dish recipe to accompany your meal!

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Confidently serve a fantastic feast by pairing your fish entree with one of these tasty sides.

Keep your plate lean by adding some roasted vegetables, or add a comforting rice pilaf for a heartier meal.

However you present your plate, you can finally stop guessing about what to serve with fish.

1. Rice Pilaf

Rice pilaf is a mildly seasoned rice dish that pairs wonderfully with a fish entree. The rice grains are subtly nutty and the seasoning accentuates that perfectly.

Pilaf is perfect for nights when you need a dish that will warm you up and stick to your gut.

When paired with a roasted filet of tilapia or cod, you’ll have a meal that will keep you going.

Hunker down for a cold winter’s night with this warm and satisfying fish pairing.

2. Roasted Greek Potatoes

Potatoes are another starchy side that goes well with fish. Seasoned with traditional Greek spices, this roasted Greek potato recipe makes an excellent side dish.

These potatoes are incredibly simple to make and only use one sheet pan, so they are easy to clean up as well.

The well-seasoned outer layer is divinely crispy, while the center remains soft and starchy, just as a potato should be.

3. Cheesy Cauliflower Rice 

If you’re craving rice but don’t want to splurge on the carbs, try this cheesy cauliflower rice dish instead. 

The cauliflower is lower in calories, while still providing the satisfying texture of traditional rice dishes.

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The cheese sauce is delightfully creamy for a dish that is sure to delight.

This dish has a lighter base with a rich sauce. What more could you ask for?

Popeye's Fries

4. French Fries

Fish and chips is a traditional fast food for our friends across the pond. Recreate this delicious dish by pairing your fish with this French fries recipe.

This recipe has all of the qualities of good French fries. It has a crispy, salty outer layer that is not too greasy, and a warm, pillowy inner layer to finish.

Fry up a bag of taters and your meal is complete!

5. Tartar Sauce 

Any experienced fish fry attendee can tell you that the tartar sauce makes or breaks the plate. Save yours by choosing a tried-and-true tartar sauce recipe such as this one.

There’s the perfect amount of tangy and sweet blended into this sauce. This sauce compliments your fish without overpowering it.

Keep a jar of this prepared in your fridge for whenever your fish craving hits!

Homemade Garlic Butter Sauce

6. Papa John’s Garlic Sauce

Typically reserved for pizza, this copycat garlic sauce recipe is equally delicious on fish! The buttery, garlic flavor complements the flaky filets perfectly.

You can serve this on the side as a dipping sauce or drizzle it on top like a glaze. Either way, this sauce is the perfect condiment for any fish.

Are you serving a picky eater? This garlic sauce may just do the trick.

7. Grilled Vegetable Skewers

Fish and vegetables are the perfect combination! When it comes to fish entrees, these skewers are the perfect match!

By grilling the vegetable skewers, you’ll add a smoky flavor that complements their natural flavorings and the spices perfectly.

Simple to make, but elegant enough to be a restaurant-quality addition, these vegetable skewers are perfect for any occasion.

8. Panzanella Salad 

Bread, onion, garlic, basil, and tomato make up this Tuscan-inspired Panzanella salad recipe. The result is a salad with lots of strong flavors!

Each ingredient complements the others nicely, and they are all tied together with an incredible vinaigrette dressing.

You can serve this salad with fish or any other meal! It’s so good, you may want it every night!

9. Best Green Beans 

When green beans are good, they’re great. When they are okay, green beans can be miserable to work through.

Make green beans delicious by using this easy recipe to prepare them. You’re sure to nail delicious green beans every time.

This recipe calls for fresh green beans, not canned. Fresh green beans have a firmer texture and brighter flavor.

Creamy Coleslaw

10. Coleslaw

Every fish fry has to have a side of coleslaw. Where do you fall on the debate? Should coleslaw be made with mayonnaise or vinegar?

This recipe calls for a mayonnaise base and was inspired by the expert himself, Colonel Sanders. 

If this recipe is good enough for the Colonel, it’s good enough for anyone.

11. Lemon Dressing

If it has been swimming, it gets a lemon! This is a popular saying among restaurant chefs, and its meaning couldn’t be more true.

Lemon is the perfect flavoring for any cut of fish, and this dressing is a great way to do it. Use it as a roasting base or dressing on the table.

Either way, your fish will thank you for this handsome topping.

12. Mashed Potatoes 

The south’s great comfort food, mashed potatoes are the perfect side for any dish. Creamed with milk and garlic, everyone will love this dish!

Do you like your mashed potatoes chunky or creamed until smooth? Either way, this recipe is a delicious way to make them.

Mashed potatoes may take a little bit of elbow grease, but these are worth every muscle.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

13. Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Your dog will not be eating any of these Brussels sprouts! They are so delicious, your family won’t try to hide them under the table.

The roasting process really brings out their earthy flavor, and the salt and oil accent it. What a great way to eat your vegetables!

Sorry, pup, no scraps tonight!

Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Butter

14. Whipped Sweet Potatoes

I’m sure you have heard of whipped potatoes, but have you ever tried whipped sweet potatoes? They make the perfect side!

These naturally sweet foods are made even sweeter with butter and brown sugar. This is a sweet and creamy side that is perfect for your fish dinner.

Plate these whipped sweet potatoes and watch them disappear!

15. Dill Sauce

Another popular topping for fish is dill sauce. Thank goodness for fresh dill! It makes this sauce incredibly fragrant and flavorful.

This sauce can be used as a baste during roasting or a dipping sauce for a fish fry. The elegant flavor makes any meal classy.

Top your fish with this dill sauce for an elegant and fragrant dinner.

16. Ratatouille 

The dish that inspired the cartoon movie can now be made in the comfort of your own home. Savory ratatouille is the perfect side to serve with fish.

Thinly sliced eggplant, zucchini, and squash are nestled into a pan filled with a tomato sauce.

They’re then roasted in the oven creating a delicious vegetable medley casserole.

Serve up a fancy feast with this French-inspired ratatouille recipe.

17. Roasted Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar snap peas are a family favorite! Dip them in hummus and eat them plain or roast them in the oven for a delicious dinner side.

This dish is quick and easy to make, but looks like it took hours. Serve this to your neighbors, and they will be impressed with your culinary creativity.

Caramelize their natural sugars by roasting sugar snap peas in the oven. These vegetables become so sweet, they taste like fruit!

18. Barley Mushroom Risotto

The next time you are planning a romantic candlelight dinner, consider preparing this barley mushroom risotto.

Not only does this dish sound fancy, but it also tastes divine and plates beautifully. The delicate mushrooms are swimming in a flavorful cream sauce.

Pair this with your perfectly cooked fish filet, and you’ll have a feast fit for a king.

19. Caesar Salad

Caesar salad is a classic dish that pairs well with almost any meal. From plates of pasta and bowls of soup to braised meat, there isn’t a dish Caesar salad can’t make better.

Your fish entree is no exception! Five minutes before the filet is done, throw this salad together to complete your fantastic meal.

Enjoy your evening with this no-stress side dish!

20. Orange Lime Margarita

This orange lime margarita is a tangy, citrusy take on a traditional margarita mix. It’s delightfully fruity and boozy, while still having all of your favorite margarita qualities.

Bring the fiesta home with a pitcher of Mexican margaritas. Pair them with a plate of fish tacos or fish fajitas for some Mexican restaurant flair.

These margs are so good, you could even pair them with frozen fish sticks.

Your company will be so distracted by the delicious drink, they won’t notice the kiddie finger food.

What to Serve With Fish (20 Tasty Sides)

Figuring out what to serve with fish can be a tricky task! From rice to fries to veggies, I’ve rounded up 20 fantastic sides for fish you’ll love!


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a side for fish in 30 minutes or less!
What to Serve With Fish

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