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Whipped Sweet Potatoes Recipe

This recipe for whipped sweet potatoes makes the fluffiest, most addictive side dish every time. And it’s incredibly easy to boot!

With just 7 simple ingredients, you can whip up this classic comfort food anytime of year.

Creamy Whipped Sweet Potatoes
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But it’s almost mandatory around the holidays. At least, that sure seems to be the opinion around my house.

Mashed potatoes are great. And so are mashed sweet potatoes.

But it’s hard to beat these sweet and savory whipped sweet potatoes. It’s the perfect side to just about any meal. Plus – it’s gorgeous!

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Mashed sweet potatoes are just what they sound like.

You peel and cook sweet potatoes like you would a regular Yukon Gold. Then mash it with a fork or masher.

Easy peasy.

They’re hearty, colorful, and a wonderful vegetable Thanksgiving side dish.

But if you have a picky eater on your hands, you might want to try whipped sweet potatoes.

They’re smooth and creamy and work well with everything from pork and ham to a big old turkey.

How to Whip Sweet Potatoes

So, how do you make whipped sweet spuds? It’s pretty easy!

Use a food processor, hand mixer, stand mixer, or immersion blender.

Any of these machines will whip your potatoes thoroughly, giving them a fluffy, velvety consistency.

The food processor is the best way to whip sweet potatoes.

Once they’re cooked and cooled slightly, just pulse them a few times with a bit of butter, and soon enough, they’ll be smooth.

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Whip them in batches if you’ve got a lot of potatoes. And feel free to add a splash of milk, water, or stock if they’re too thick.

How to Store Sweet Potatoes

Once you bring your sweet potatoes home from the grocery store, it’s important to remove them from any plastic bags or packaging.

Give them plenty of room to breathe.

Do not wash them UNTIL you’re ready to cook them. They should be completely dry before storing. If you see any moisture, go ahead and dry them off.

Sweet potatoes should be stored in a cool, dark place. They also need ventilation so they can get some air.

When stored properly in a cool, dark place, your sweet potatoes will last about 3 to 5 weeks.

Growing up, we had a wooden box in the kitchen labeled “Potatoes”. We’d simply open the lid and pull out the potatoes as needed.

But you can also store potatoes in a burlap bag and then place the bag into a plastic storage bin.

Just be sure to leave the top open a little bit for ventilation.

How Long do Whipped Sweet Potatoes Last in the Fridge?

Once cooked, mashed sweet potatoes will keep well in the fridge for up to 4 days.

Just be sure you let them cool, then store them in an air-tight sealed container.

Can You Freeze Whipped Sweet Potatoes?

Definitely! Here’s how:

  1. Let the mashed sweet potatoes cool completely. Refrigerate room temperature potatoes for faster cooling.
  2. Transfer the potatoes into freezer-safe bags. Flatten the bag and squeeze out as much excess air as you can and seal.
  3. Place the bag on a rimmed baking sheet and freeze.
  4. Once frozen solid, store the bag upright. 

Frozen whipped sweet potatoes will keep well for up to a year.

To reheat, defrost the potatoes in the fridge, until no longer frozen. Transfer them into a microwave-safe container and heat in the microwave for 2 to 4 minutes. 

You can also reheat them on the stove. Just cook the potatoes in a pan over medium high heat and stir until warm. If it dries out, just add a tablespoon of milk for every cup of potatoes. 

What to Serve with Whipped Sweet Potatoes 

Whipped sweet potatoes make a wonderful accompaniment to almost any meat dish. For example:

  • Juicy pork chops
  • Whole roasted chicken
  • Succulent prime rib
  • Tender grilled fish

There are few things they don’t go with. So experiment and have fun!

Got leftovers? Use your sweet potatoes to make another dish!

Use it to make sweet potato cakes or top it on Shepherd’s pie, and you’ve got yourself a different meal for the following day.

Bowl of Whipped Sweet Potatoes

Tips & Tricks

Another thing I appreciate about whipped sweet potatoes is how easy they are to customize.

To Peel or Not to Peel?

Sweet potato skins are edible, so this is up to you. 

If you peel the skins off, you’ll get that gorgeous smooth and velvety consistency. But, if you keep them on, you’ll get more fiber and nutrients. And, let’s be honest, it makes things a lot easier.

Just be sure to rinse scrub the spuds well if you plan on leaving their skins on! 

While this recipe calls for boiling potatoes, there’s no reason you shouldn’t roast them instead. In fact, roasting will caramelize the potatoes, thereby giving them a nutty and robust flavor.

To roast, wrap the sweet potatoes in aluminum foil and bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Larger spuds will bake for an hour, while smaller ones will be done in 30 to 45 minutes.

Want Some Extra Flavor?

Butter is already oh so flavorful. But brown butter? Even more so.

Make brown butter by placing butter in a skillet over medium high heat. Cook until it is golden brown and gives off a heavenly nutty fragrance.

On a Diet?

Go easy on the sugar! Sweet potatoes are already sweet, so no need to add too much sugar. A few tablespoons of maple syrup, honey, or coconut sugar will do.

Another healthy substitutes are flax oil for butter and almond or coconut milk for heavy cream.

If you’re more of a sweet tooth, top those spuds with fluffy marshmallows. A few tablespoons of brown sugar will also add extra sweetness to the dish.

Speaking of brown sugar, why not make a sweet potato brulee? Sprinkle brown sugar on top of the mash and broil until the sugar has melted. Yum!

Want to Add Some Crunch?

Opt for toasted pecans. Oh and candied bacon too!

To make, fry bacon in a pan. Stir in a tablespoon of brown sugar and cook for 2 minutes.

Want a More Savory Mash?

Infuse your sweet potatoes with garlic and fresh herbs. To make, combine a tablespoon of melted butter, 2 teaspoons of minced garlic, and 3 tablespoons of your favorite herbs.

A combination of sour cream, garlic, parmesan cheese, and milk also makes a great savory variation.

For a nice kick

Stir in a few tablespoons of bourbon and orange juice into your whipped sweet potatoes. 

Can’t decide which variation to serve? Why not set up a whipped sweet potato bar? Place various toppings and seasonings on the table and let your loved ones decide!

How to Make Whipped Sweet Potatoes

Whipped Sweet Potatoes



Prep time


Cooking time






  • 4 large sweet potatoes

  • 2 tablespoons butter

  • 1/4 cup heavy cream

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper

  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt

  • pinch of nutmeg


  • Slice sweet potatoes into chunks. Place them in a large pot with cold water and let it come to a boil. Once the water is boiling, reduce the heat to medium-high. Cook for 20-30 more minutes, or until the sweet potatoes are fork-tender.
  • Drain the water and return the potatoes back the pot. Add the butter, heavy cream, salt, pepper, vanilla, and nutmeg. Whip the mixture with a food processor, hand mixer, stand mixer, immersion blender, masher, or a fork.
  • Serve and enjoy!
Whipped Sweet Potatoes

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