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13 Best Waffle Sandwiches for Any Time of Day

Put the bread down and try one of these fantastic waffle sandwiches instead. Perfect any time of day, they’re savory, sweet, salty, and scrumptious.

I know waffle sandwiches aren’t the newest thing on the planet, but I don’t think they’re celebrated enough!

Breakfast Waffle Sandwich with Egg and Bacon
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I mean, have you ever had a Monte Cristo waffle? How about waffle sliders?


Well, I think it’s time we change that. So today, I’m featuring 13 different waffle sandwiches that’ll make you swoon.

Whether you’re craving something sweet, savory, or both, this list has something for every mood.

Let’s eat!

1. Grilled Ham and Cheese Waffle Sandwiches

If you’re looking for classic breakfast flavors, you can’t get a better combo than ham and cheese. 

Sandwiched between two thick and crisp waffles, these besties unite to create a smokey, savory, salty, and ooey-gooey filling. 

These waffle sandwiches are a winner on their own, but if you like experimenting with different flavors, a drizzling of maple syrup is highly recommended.

The syrup doesn’t only add a layer of sweetness, which goes really well with the saltiness of the ham, but also adds moisture to the waffles.

2. Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches

When you make these marvelous breakfast sandwiches, I can’t stress enough that you should make double!

Topped with beans, buttered mushrooms, a fried egg, and arugula, you’ll want to eat them for days.

Each component brings something to the table, from the sweet-smoky BBQ beans and rich, runny yolk to the wonderfully earthy mushrooms.

Let’s also not forget about the arugula, which gives the sandwiches a peppery crunch.

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And together with crisp and tender waffles, they make sparks fly.

3. Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich

A classic Monte Cristo sandwich involves salty ham, gooey cheese, and sweet jam.

It’s battered and fried, creating a leveled-up version of my favorite French sandwich: the Croque Monsieur.

Finished off with a dusting of powdered sugar, it has a lovely layer of sweetness that I think you’ll really enjoy.

Of course, this recipe takes things a step further by using waffles instead of regular bread.

This little switcheroo adds even more texture to the already-spectacular sammie.

4. BLT Waffle Sliders

If you’re looking for a fun treat to serve at your next brunch, look no further than these waffle sliders.

They may come in a small package, but they deliver big flavors.

Because these waffles are smaller than usual, they’re crispier and tastier.

The fillings include bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes, otherwise known as BLT. Yum!

5. Cheddar Bacon Cornmeal Waffle Sandwiches

These waffle sandwiches are salty, sweet, creamy, and utterly delicious. 

Besides the scrumptious bacon, cheese, and maple mustard filling, these waffle sandos are extra special because of one key ingredient: cornmeal.

With its corny flavor and gritty texture, cornmeal gives the waffles a cornbread-like taste. 

So if you can’t decide between waffles, sandwiches, and cornbread for breakfast, this recipe is the perfect solution.

6. Potato Waffle Sandwiches With Herbed Tofu Cream

Just because you’re on a plant-based diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good waffle sandwich!

This innovative recipe uses a combo of potatoes, whole wheat bread crumbs, soy milk, rice flour, and flaxseed to create surprisingly delicious waffles.

And to top it off, they’re smothered with a creamy, earthy, and herb-filled spread made of tofu, scallions, garlic, and lemon juice. 

7. Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Bacon Cheddar Waffle Sandwich

Waffles, fried chicken, bacon, and cheddar cheese join forces to make a breakfast you’ll want to eat again and again… and again!

If you can’t decide on just one waffle filling, who says you can’t have them all?!

After all, any day that starts with fried chicken, bacon, and cheese will be great.

Juicy tomatoes and crisp lettuce are also added to provide a refreshing contrast to the otherwise ridiculously umami-rich sandwiches.

8. Peanut Butter and Jelly Waffle Sandwiches

This is PB&J taken to whole new realms of breakfast heaven. 

Instead of just peanut butter and your favorite jelly flavor, these sandwiches also have banana slices in them. 

And, instead of bread, you’ll encase the classic filling in two crisp waffles studded with chocolate chips. Wow!

9. Turkey Waffle Sandwich

These waffle sandwiches are filled with scrambled eggs, turkey slices, and cheddar cheese.

The flavors aren’t anything new, but you know they’ll hit the spot.

What I love about this recipe is that it reminds us we don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to make a tasty and hearty meal.

Thanks to things like frozen waffles, pre-sliced deli meat, and sliced cheese, making breakfast is a breeze. 

10. Bacon Waffle Grilled Cheese Sandwich

These grilled cheese waffle sammies have crisp and smokey bacon in the waffles themselves. And the batter has bacon fat in it, to boot!

We all know that everything tastes better with bacon, right? So there’s no question in my mind that this dish will be a certified hit.

Besides the bacon, these also ooze with ooey-gooey cheddar cheese.

11. Waffle Cheeseburger

Why make a boring cheeseburger when you can whip up this epic waffle cheeseburger?

Waffles are in, buns are out! 

The great thing about using waffles for buns is that they give the burger an even better texture.

They also add a soft layer of sweetness that tastes amazing against the savory patties.

12. Strawberry Jam and Goat Cheese Waffle Sandwiches

Elevate frozen waffles into a fancy breakfast with just two simple ingredients.

Here, the combination of strawberry jam and goat cheese creates a sweet, salty, and creamy flavor profile that transforms the humble waffle into an extra-special sandwich.

If strawberries aren’t your jam, don’t worry! This recipe works with most jam varieties. 

I love fig jam in this with the tangy goat cheese!

13. Waffled Tuna Melt

These waffle sandwiches are filled with a sensational filling made of canned tuna, mayo, shredded carrots, and cilantro.

That’s tuna salad for champions, y’all! 

Provolone cheese adds an extra layer of creaminess, but it’s optional, of course.

Unlike the other recipes on this roundup, this one uses regular bread slices.

But don’t worry: they’re pressed in a waffle maker to give them the ultimate waffle makeover.

I’m happy to inform you that this neat little trick works beautifully, so go ahead and give it a try.

13 Best Waffle Sandwiches for Any Time of Day

Put the bread down and try one of these fantastic waffle sandwiches instead. Perfect any time of day, they’re savory, sweet, salty, and scrumptious.


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Waffle Sandwiches

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