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23 Hawaiian Roll Sliders (+ Easy Recipes)

Say goodbye to plain ol’ boring buns and try these Hawaiian roll sliders!

I love a good slider. I mean, who doesn’t? They’re small, easy to eat, and make a great appetizer or snack. 

In this roundup, you’ll find many flavor combinations to try with Hawaiian rolls.

Whether you’re looking for something sweet, savory, cheesy, or meaty, there’s something for every palate!

Pulled Pork Slider with Coleslaw
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Check out these sliders that are perfectly sized for little hands and big appetites.

From classic ham and cheese recipes to elaborate roll recipes, you’ll find something new to try.

Best Ever Hawaiian Roll Sliders for the Summer

1. Ham and Cheese Sliders

Soft, buttery rolls, juicy ham, and melted Swiss cheese, need I say more? These sliders are are a show-stopper, and they’re perfect for feeding a crowd.

The base for this recipe is sweet Hawaiian rolls piled high with ham and cheese slices.

Add some Dijon mustard to the hot-out-of-the-oven sandwich for an extra burst of flavor.

They’re the perfect balance between sweet, salty, savory, and just downright delicious!

2. Cuban Sliders

What happens when you take a Cuban sandwich and shrink it down to slider size? You get these fun little moments of joy.

These are made with ham, Swiss cheese, and dill pickles on Hawaiian rolls. The Dijon mustard spread finishes them off with a kick of sharpness.

3. Bacon Cheeseburger Hawaiian Sweet Roll Sliders

Everyone loves a good cheeseburger, and everyone loves Hawaiian sweet rolls. So, why not combine the two?

These cheesy bacon cheeseburger Hawaiian sweet roll sliders transform the classic into a miniature delight.

They’re cheesy and savory with some hearty bacon bits.

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The best part? You can serve them as an appetizer or even a main dish that everyone will love.

4. Roast Beef Hawaiian Roll Sliders

This recipe is my go-to for any potluck or party. They look great and taste amazing!

Every bite has a nice balance of cheesy, buttery, and meaty goodness.

And did I mention that they come together in no time at all? These sliders only take 30 minutes total time from start to finish.

5. Baked Chicken Parm Sliders

These baked chicken parmesan sliders are a delicious way to use leftover rotisserie chicken.

They have the perfect mix of gooey cheese, fresh flavors, and the sweetness of the Hawaiian rolls. 

Plus, they’re super easy to make! Just layer your ingredients, top them with cheese, and pop them in the oven.

The hardest part of this recipe is not to eat them all in one sitting.

6. Cranberry Ham Sliders

Make your holiday party the talk of the town with these cranberry ham sliders.

It combines the tart cranberries with the meaty goodness of ham that’s sure to delight.

Every bite of this slider recipe feels like a festival of flavors!

7. Cheesy Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sliders

Looking for quick and easy party food that’ll impress your guests? Try these cheesy Hawaiian pulled pork sliders!

The heartiness of the pulled pork combined with cheese and sweet pineapple is just divine!

Every bite of this slider recipe is like a cheesy, savory hug for your tastebuds.

8. Cheesy Shredded Buffalo Chicken Sliders

I’m not sure there’s anyone who doesn’t love buffalo chicken. And if you’re a fan of the spicy, cheesy flavor, this recipe is for you.

It has the unbeatable combination of chicken and the gooey, pull-apart deliciousness of cheese.

The best part? It’s really easy to make, and your oven does all the magic! They make a great game day snack or even a quick meal.

9. Meatball Sliders

Combining two classic favorites into one incredible recipe is one of my favorite things.

It’s a meatball sandwich and a cheesy slider. This dish is the best of both worlds.

Indulge in the meaty, gooey flavors, and you won’t be able to eat just one. You’ve been warned!

10. Buffalo Cauliflower Sliders with Blue Cheese Slaw

Looking for some healthy but filling snack? If so, this is the recipe that you should try!

It stars the combo of fresh veggie crunch with buffalo cauliflower. It’s paired with a tangy, creamy blue cheese slaw, making this dish pop.

This recipe is perfect for a backyard BBQ, picnics, or a light on-the-go lunch.

11. Cream Cheese Slider Sandwiches

Sometimes, you just need a slightly smaller and a little fancier sandwich. And these cream cheese slider sandwiches perfectly fit the bill!

Every bite is filled with layers of fantastic flavors. 

Ham and salami are incredible on their own, but they’re even better together. The cream cheese is flavored with some herbs.

The best part is they only take 10 minutes to make.

12. Chipotle Chicken Sliders

Pull off the perfect game night with this chipotle chicken sliders recipe!

It’s packed with layers of shredded chicken, chipotle mayo sauce, and pepper jack cheese.

A bite of this slider features a tinge of tang with some spice and a lot of creaminess.

Plus, this recipe takes 30 minutes or less from start to finish.

13. Fried Chicken Sliders 

When it comes to party snacks, I’m all about sliders. They’re easy to make and easy to eat.

And one of my favorites is these crispy, juicy fried chicken sliders. The crunchy chicken perfectly contrasts with the fluffiness of the Hawaiian roll.

It has the right amount of sweetness paired with a nice kick of spice.

14. Turkey Cranberry Sliders

It’s a fact of life: after Thanksgiving dinner, you’re left with an ungodly amount of food. But don’t let all that deliciousness go to waste!

Instead, use up your leftovers with this quick and easy recipe for turkey cranberry sliders.

It’s sweet from the cranberries mixed with the hearty turkey making the ultimate flavor combo.

Grab some Hawaiian rolls and transform your leftovers into an entirely different dish!

15. Hawaiian Pork Sliders

These Hawaiian pork sliders are so hearty and filling, you’ll wish you’d tried them sooner.

The juicy pork is basted with barbecue sauce topped with a pineapple ring. It’s a combination of savory and smoky that will feel like a feast in your mouth.

These sliders are great for parties or just a fun addition to your dinner routine. Plus, kids love them!

16. Hot Chicken Salad Sliders

There are so many things to love about these hot chicken salad sliders.

But my favorite is the contrast between the sweet and savory elements in the recipe.

This recipe transforms the classic chicken salad recipe into a bite-sized delight. Finish it off with a flavorful glaze, and enjoy!

17. Pepperoni Pizza Sliders

Can’t decide between pizza or sliders? Don’t fret because this recipe combines the best of both worlds.

These sliders have all the flavors of pepperoni pizza but in a small, handheld bite. They’re perfect for parties and make an easy addition to any meal.

18. BBQ Chicken Sliders with Cheddar and Spinach

This recipe is the perfect compromise when you can’t decide between a sandwich and BBQ chicken.

It features the comforting delight of sandwiches with the rich, smoky BBQ flavor.

You can throw them together in just 15 minutes, so they’re ideal for a busy weeknight.

The only downside? These sliders taste so good, they’ll disappear minutes after serving.

19. Hawaiian Roll Breakfast Sliders

Start your day right with these Hawaiian rolls breakfast sliders. 

This recipe combines deli ham, scrambled eggs, and melted cheese layered in a Hawaiian roll.

It’s finished with a maple syrup glaze that ties all the flavors together.

The classic breakfast favorites are packed in this mini-delight that’ll brighten up your mornings.

20. Mini-Lobster Rolls

If you’re looking for a fun new way to enjoy lobster, this might just be it.

These delightful mini-rolls are great for a fancy dinner party. Plus, they’re pretty straightforward to make.

Just mix all the ingredients for the lobster filling and pop the rolls in the oven. Once the rolls are nice and toasted, just fill them with the lobster mix.

21. Breakfast Sliders With Hawaiian Rolls

Try this recipe if you’re looking for another delicious way to start the day.

The sliders are packed with classic breakfast faves: bacon, cheese, and sausage.

You’ll love how these ingredients are put together in a warm, soft bun.

22. Baked Turkey Swiss Sliders

Who said turkey has to be boring? These baked turkey sliders are perfect for getting your healthy protein without sacrificing taste.

There’s no need to wait for Thanksgiving to try this one out. This recipe is so incredibly easy, you’ll want to make it year-round.

So pick up your ingredients and get ready for some good eating!

23. Reuben Sliders

Want to indulge in Reuben sandwiches but don’t want the big mound of bread? Make this handheld delight instead.

Reuben sliders are the ultimate appetizer that’s buttery, meaty, and savory.

They’re packed with corned beef, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, and finished off with melted butter.

These little sandwiches are perfect for parties, family get-togethers, or regular weekday meals.

23 Hawaiian Roll Sliders (+ Recipe Collection)

Try these easy Hawaiian roll sliders for tasty bites any time of day! From burgers to chicken parm to ham and cheese, there’s a slider for everyone on this list.


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Hawaiian Roll Sliders (+ Easy Recipes)

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