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26 Easy Hawaiian Recipes

These Hawaiian recipes will make you feel like you’re in paradise with their heavenly scent and taste!

Hawaii is famous for its sandy shores and lush greenery. But have you tried authentic Hawaiian food?

Hawaiian Chicken with Grilled Pineapple
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If yes, then I’m sure that at some point, you couldn’t stop thinking about it. If not, then this is your chance to experience the islands’ fusion of flavors.

Sure, you can order Hawaiian pizza anywhere, but there’s more to Hawaiian cuisine than that.

From kalua pork to mai tais, these recipes will tickle your taste buds. 

These 26 simple recipes will bring the native taste of Hawaii right into your home!

1. Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian pizza is wildly popular worldwide. While some may not be a fan of this pizza flavor, I most certainly am!

It has sweet, cheesy, and salty flavors in one bite.

Wow, I’m hungry now. If you are too, here’s an easy recipe for homemade Hawaiian pizza. 

This recipe, of course, calls for homemade pizza dough. But it’s a cinch to make, and you’ll only need six simple ingredients.

The result should be a thick, flavorful crust that can hold the sauce, cheese, ham slices, pineapple chunks, and bacon bits. Yum! 

2. Hawaiian Chicken

These chicken thighs are marinated in a coconut milk mixture, then grilled to perfection.

Serve with juicy pineapple slices, and you’ll get a tropical-flavored chicken dinner!

The secret to such impressive flavors is getting the marinade right. Don’t worry, it’s easy to put together.

You’ll just need brown sugar, sesame oil, garlic, soy sauce, and coconut milk.

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You can serve this chicken dish over a bed of white rice. If you’re feeling generous, cook the rice in coconut milk for additional flavors!

3. Furikake Snack Mix

This popular Hawaiian snack combines sweet and salty flavors, resulting in an addictive dish you can share with everyone.

If you’re not familiar with furikake, it’s a dry seasoning consisting of toasted sesame seeds, seaweed, sugar, and salt.

With three boxes of cereals and chips of your choice, you can make a large batch of this snack mix.

The furikake goes into the butter-soy sauce syrup, creating wonderful flavor combinations.

4. Hawaiian Fried Rice

Easy Hawaiian lunches come with this flavor-packed fried rice. It has everything that makes up the distinct Hawaiian taste — ham, bell pepper, and of course, pineapples.

Making this dish is a great way to use your leftover rice. Serve it for entertaining, and the guests won’t guess that you used cold day-old rice.

The warm flavors, the fluffy texture — it’s just that good!

5. Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs

These grilled Hawaiian delights combine marinated chicken, pineapples, red onions, and bell peppers. The result is the best chicken kebabs ever!

I’m a fan of chicken recipes, and I love kebabs. So clearly, this is a winner for me. Make it for your island-inspired summer party, and I’m sure it’ll be a hit.

This dish uses pantry staples, but you’ll get a heavenly flavor and tender bites.

There are no special ingredients or fancy equipment needed. Plus, the cooking time is only 15 minutes!

6. Hawaiian Macaroni Salad

Classic, easy, and oh-so-creamy, this macaroni salad will steal the show at outdoor BBQ parties or even in special weekend meals.

If you’re going to follow the basic recipe for this side dish, you’ll only need carrots, cooked macaroni, salt, pepper, and mayonnaise. Toss everything together, and that’s it!

The salad is a little heavy on the mayo, but that’s the secret to the creamy texture.

For a healthy variation, you can substitute the mayo with Greek yogurt or vegan mayo. 

7. Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken Tacos

Expect a fusion of flavors from these loaded saucy tacos! Tender chicken with hula sauce, a slightly spicy slaw, and crunchy Asian noodles fill these insanely good tacos.

For the sauce, you’ll need garlic, soy sauce, lots of pineapple juice, pineapple chunks, honey, and ginger. This goes with the chicken, inside the slow cooker.

There’s an extra step of broiling, but it’s so worth it! This yields caramelized shredded chicken with slightly crisp edges.

8. Ham and Cheese Sliders

Ideal for an afternoon snack or a light dinner meal, these sliders combine classic ingredients: ham and cheese.

Anything with gooey, yummy cheese gets my attention, so this is another winning recipe for me.

For an easy Hawaiian twist, you can use King Hawaiian rolls for this dish.

They’re soft and fluffy, with a sweet flavor that pairs well with the smoky ham and nutty cheese.

9. Hawaiian Haystacks

Vibrant and flavorful, this Hawaiian haystacks recipe has become a family favorite. Mostly because it’s so easy to put together. 

The other reason? It’s packed with all the toppings we love!

On top of the rice, a stack of creamy chicken gravy, cheese, pineapple, green peas, chow mein noodles awaits.

Make your own using your favorite toppings, and you’ll have the ultimate comfort food for dinner!

10. Coconut Syrup

Coconut trees are a popular sight in Hawaii, especially those that reach up to 100 feet in height!

But you don’t have to climb that high to bring the coconut taste to your next meal.

That’s right, you’ll only need a coconut syrup, and this recipe will teach you how to make it.

This syrup calls for three ingredients: coconut cream, coconut flakes, and condensed milk.

The result is a sugary concoction you can use for waffles, brownies, cookies, or anything!

11. Hawaiian Berry Smoothie

This gorgeous two-layer smoothie will bring all the island feels in just one sip!

The first layer (Hawaiian layer) is a tasty blend of orange, banana, and mango.

Meanwhile, the berry layer is made with berry yogurt, a mix of berries, and also a few banana slices.

At the touch of a button, you’ll make this refreshing smoothie in 10 minutes! Top it off with a toothpick filled with fresh fruits for a fancy presentation.

12. Hawaiian Oatmeal

Start your day right with this hearty and healthy oatmeal. This breakfast dish is chock full of tropical flavors and has an impressive texture.

The sliced almonds and toasted shredded coconut will excite your palate at every bite. And of course, this oatmeal won’t be “Hawaiian” without the pineapple tidbits!

13. Hawaiian Coleslaw

If you’re getting tired of traditional slaw, this recipe brings something new to the table.

Lightly sweet with a little crunch, this Hawaiian salad is a perfect pair with grilled meats, placed inside a toasted bun.

It packs a citrusy flavor, too, thanks to the vinaigrette dressing, mango cubes, and pineapple bits. Serve it at your summer luau to intensify the tropical vibe!  

14. Passion Fruit Bars

One of Hawaii’s most favorite flavors comes from passion fruit. This yellow fruit, also known as lilikoi, is one of the most abundant tropical fruits on the islands.

Puree the lilikoi, and mix it with eggs, sugar, and flour. Bake to perfection, and you’ll get delicious fruit bars reminding you of rainbows and sunshine. 

15. Kalua Pork

Kalua pork is a classic Hawaiian dish that you’ll often find in luaus. It’s smoked shredded pork traditionally cooked in an “imu,” or underground oven.

Thankfully, with this recipe, you won’t go through the laborious process of cooking kalua pork.

All you’ll need is a slower cooker that will do most of the work for you! Using just three ingredients, you’ll have a moist, tender, and smoky pork dish for entertaining.

16. Spam Fried Rice

Hawaiians love Spam so much, so it’s no surprise that this state consumes millions of cans of Spam per year.

If you love this canned good, too, this Spam fried rice is a must-try. It yields a bowl of tasty fried rice with a nice texture from mixed veggies.

Finish it off with Sriracha sauce for a spicy kick!

17. Shoyu Chicken

Another dish that offers a wonderful flavor combination is shoyu chicken, a dish with roots from Japan.

One of its main ingredients, shoyu, is Japanese-style soy sauce that’s rich in umami flavors.

The soy sauce goes into the marinade along with other spices. Mix everything with the chicken and keep it in the fridge overnight.

You can grill the marinated chicken for a classic BBQ flavor or bake it in the oven to create a juicy and sticky chicken dish.

18. Hawaiian Fruit Salad

This fruit salad is one of the best-looking desserts I’ve ever had. Colorful with mixed fruits and presented in a pineapple boat, it’s a real eye-catcher and crowd-pleaser!

If you love tropical, juicy fruits, you’ll find them here in this salad.

Pineapples, oranges, strawberries, and green grapes are all mixed in a creamy, yogurt-based dressing.

19. Passionfruit Donuts

These crisp donuts are oozing with creamy passion fruit curd, and these pastries will bring a uniquely sweet taste to your table.

Coated with powdered sugar, these humble-looking donuts are surprisingly light and melt right in your mouth.

Other variations of this recipe use coconut or pineapples for the filling.

20. Hawaiian Rolls

Hawaiian rolls are slightly sweet, fluffy, light, and chewy. They’re basically everything that you love in homemade rolls.

The pineapple juice brings the Hawaiian flavor, while the honey enhances the overall sweetness.

You can eat these rolls plain, but they’re better when slathered with honey butter!

21. Hawaiian Rice Pudding

This rice pudding is infused with flavors of cream cheese, pineapple, and vanilla. It’s by far my favorite Hawaiian comfort food.

The combination of pineapple sauce and creamy cheese is surprisingly delicious.

Plus, you’ll get a rich pudding that isn’t too sweet. Eat it warm or cold; either way, you’ll be in for a treat! 

22. Blue Hawaiian

Two of the most popular Hawaiian fruit flavors are in this cocktail drink: pineapple and coconut.

Prepare to feel the summer vibe the moment you take a sip!

This summery drink only requires three ingredients — coconut rum, pineapple juice, and blue curacao.

The last ingredient gives the drink a blue color, resembling the tropical waters.

A blue Hawaiian can be served frozen or on the rocks. Whichever you choose, it’ll keep you refreshed on the hot days.

23. Mai Tai

The mai tai is a quintessential cocktail in Tiki culture. Many see this cocktail as a girly drink because of its vibrant color, but it does pack an alcohol punch.

This drink uses dark and amber rum as a base, with extra flavors from orange juice and lime juice.

Mix everything in a cocktail shaker, and you’ll have a classic tropical drink in minutes.  

White Chocolate Chip Cookies

24. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

Macadamia nuts are a local treasure in Hawaii, so the people there definitely know how to eat them the right way!

Some want them plain, while others love spiced or chocolatey nuts.

For me, I want these nuts in chewy, warm cookies! But that’s not all because these cookies also have white chocolate chips.

Take things to the next level by using roasted nuts instead of raw ones.

I promise that the extra step of roasting is worth it because of the intensified flavor and aroma.

Pro-Tip: Add more brown than white sugar to this cookie mix to achieve that moist consistency.

25. Hawaiian Butter Mochi

Butter mochi is a local favorite that uses glutinous rice flour and coconut milk as its main ingredients.

This recipe calls for four easy steps: mix, pour, bake, and cut. Really, anyone can create this delightful mochi. 

The result should look like a cake, but with a bouncy texture. It’s slightly chewy and not overly sweet. Make an extra batch because you’ll keep snacking on this!

26. Haupia (Coconut Pudding)

Haupia has been around since the 1940s and was traditionally used as a topping for white cake.

Now, you can make this traditional Hawaiian dessert at home using simple ingredients.

Everything comes together quickly and there’s no special equipment needed.

With a little cooking, whisking, and baking, you’ll have jelly-like squares that carry the lovely flavor of coconut!

26 Easy Hawaiian Recipe Collection

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These traditional Hawaiian recipes will help you host your very own luau! From pizza to chicken kebabs to fried rice, these easy Hawaiian dishes are a treat for your taste buds!


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Hawaiian Recipes

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