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17 Beautiful Ube Recipes You Need To Try

Give your Instagram feed a fun pop of color with these 17 beautiful ube recipes.

From creamy no-churn ice cream to tender donuts, you’ll love these vibrant purple treats.

Beautiful ube recipes you need to try featuring homemade purple jam spread or ube halaya in a glass jar and ramekin on a plate.
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The ube is like a sweet potato in taste and texture, but as you can see, it’s bright purple. It’s also a bit sweeter, making it ideal for use in sweet treats.

Not only does it look fantastic, but it’s also pretty healthy to boot.  

So if you’re looking for something nutritious, fun, unique, and picture-perfect, give these 17 ube recipes a try. 

1. Ube Ice Cream

What if I told you that you could make gorgeous purple ice cream with no churning, no ice cream maker, and just four ingredients.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

With nothing more than heavy whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, ube flavoring extract, and ube powder, you can have this in the freezer in just 10 minutes. 

It’s smooth, creamy, and pretty tasty, too! 

2. Ube Mochi Waffles Recipe (Gluten-Free)

You’ll love these waffles because they’re gluten-free, healthy, and have delightfully crisp edges and fluffy centers.

Your kids will love them because they’re purple. 

They take only 10 minutes to make, and you can add even more purply goodness with the optional ube glaze.

Of course, they’ll taste great with pretty much any waffle toppings you can think of!

3. Ube Pancakes

If pancakes are more your style, you might prefer these light, fluffy flapjacks.

Made with ube, coconut milk, eggs, vanilla, butter, flour, baking powder, and salt, they’re such a fun way to brighten up your morning.

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It takes less than 30 minutes to make more than a dozen, and you don’t even need a waffle maker! 

4. Ube Cake Roll

Of all the ube desserts on this list, the ube cake roll is probably my favorite.

The chiffon cake is so soft and cloud-like, and the fluffy whipped cream filling only adds to its decadence. 

And despite its intricate design, it’s not difficult to make.

The hardest part is rolling it up without breaking it, and as long as you’re careful, that shouldn’t be a problem.

You’ll also incorporate ube flavoring into both the cake and the filling, so each one is a brilliant shade of purple.

I think you’ll agree that this purple dessert is almost too pretty to eat

5. Ube Loaf

Trust me when I say you’ll want to add this yummy ube loaf to your list of favorite sweet bread recipes.

Filled with a scrumptious ube and coconut cream jam, I just love that braided swirl.

It’s moist, lightly sweet, and super soft, as all good sweet bread should be.

You can eat it as-is, with a pat of butter, or even toasted. There’s really no wrong way to enjoy this ube loaf. 

6. Easy Ube Mochi Recipe (Gluten-Free)

This gluten-free dessert recipe is chewy, buttery, and unbelievably decadent.

You’ll make them with ten simple ingredients. And except for maybe ube extract and mochiko flour, I bet you have all of them in your kitchen right now. 

These are a tasty, mess-free way to enjoy ube, and kids love them.  

7. Easy Ube Pandesal with Cheese

Pandesal is one of my favorite Filipino breakfast ideas.

The bread has a lovely, lightly crunchy purple and golden crust and inside is a pillowy, ooey-gooey cheese filling.. 

Whether you serve these for breakfast or a fun new appetizer, you won’t be disappointed. 

8. Ube Crinkles (Purple Yam Crinkles)

You won’t believe how easy it is to make these soft, crumbly ube cookies.

All you’ll need is sugar, vegetable oil, egg, ube (jam and extract), flour, baking powder, salt, and powdered sugar.

Add a bit of violet food dye to ensure the purple color comes through brightly, but it’s not always needed.

They have a mild, light taste that pairs perfectly with hot tea or coffee.

9. Ube Mamon

Want to know what’s better than a soft and fluffy purple sponge cake? A dozen miniature soft and fluffy purple sponge cakes! 

You’ll need just eight ingredients and about 40 minutes to whip these up. Once you see how cute they are, you’ll want to make them again and again.

This is one ube recipe you can enjoy for any meal of the day. 

10. Hopia Recipe – Munggo and Ube Filling

At first glance, it may seem like the traditional hopia recipe is the only one on this whole list that doesn’t feature ube’s signature purple color. 

Then, you bite into one and find out it’s still there – just hidden from view!

The dough for hopia is thin and flaky, and both filling options – mung bean and ube – are simply delectable.

11. Ube Macapuno Cake

Unless you grew up in the Philippines, you likely didn’t have this as a kid.

Still, it’s got such a wonderfully comforting quality that makes you feel nostalgic at the first bite.

It features the rich, sweet flavors of maple syrup, vanilla, coconut, whipped cream, and ube. Then, you’ll decorate it with bright candied cherries for a little extra pizzazz. 

It looks gorgeous on any table.

12. Ube Cheesecake with Coconut Cookie Crust and Coconut Whipped Cream

The vibrant color of this cheesecake may make it look like something from a sci-fi movie, but don’t let that fool you. It’s crazy-delicious and super easy to make.

If you’ve ever had sweet potato or pumpkin cheesecake, this ube recipe will taste quite familar.

The crust is crunchy, and the filling is delightfully light and melt-in-your-mouth fluffy.

Top it with coconut whipped cream, for something a truly decadent.

13. Ube Bars Recipe (Ube Bar Bread)

These ube bars look like purple Raspberry Zingers, or Lamingtons, which are traditional Australian desserts.

And with that generous coating of coconut, they have a similar texture, too.

Ube bars aren’t quite as sweet as the other two, but that doesn’t make them any less delicious. 

14. Ube Rolls

Don’t worry; these terrifically twisted ube rolls aren’t nearly as complicated to make as they look! That said, they do take a bit of time and effort to perfect. 

Luckily, the ingredients list is super simple. All you’ll need is flour, yeast, granulated sugar, egg, butter, coconut milk, salt, and ube jam. 

You may not want to make them for everyday snacks, but they’re perfect for holidays or to serve with a few of your favorite brunch recipes.

15. Ube Halaya

This lovely lavender jam may not look how you’d expect, but after tasting it, you won’t mind one bit. 

It has a unique consistency that’s similar to fluffed sweet potatoes. Meanwhile, the flavor is mild and unassuming but insanley good. 

Once it’s ready, you can eat it on toast, bagels, as a filling in desserts, or by itself with a spoon! It tastes fantastic either way. 

16. Ube Donuts

If you’re looking for a healthy (and more colorful) way to enjoy donuts, these baked ube donuts might be the perfect solution. 

They’re delicious and – like most ube desserts – gorgeous. Plus, it takes less than 20 minutes to whip up a batch.

Make some to bring to the office, for a bake sale, or just because you got a sweet craving. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

17. Ube Pie Recipe (Ube Pie Jollibee)

As much as I love fruit pies, sometimes I like to mix things up. And what could be better than a bright purple and yellow ube and cheese pie?

These pastry pockets are pleasantly buttery and the perfect mixture of sweet and savory.

Plus, I love that the filling is hidden inside. No doubt you’ll see a lot of surprised faces when you serve a platter of these babies!

17 Best Ways to Cook with Ube

Give your Instagram feed a fun pop of color with these 17 beautiful ube recipes. From creamy ice cream to tender donuts, you’ll love these vibrant purple treats.


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