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17 Best Grilled Pizza Recipes to Try Today

These amazing grilled pizza recipes can bring a delicious twist to the traditional classic you love. 

Take the pizza out of the oven and make it in your backyard instead!

Sliced Grilled Pepperoni Pizza with Mushrooms, Mozzarella and Tomatoes Served on a Wooden Pizza Board
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Whether you stick with your favorite toppings or go off the grid, grilled pizza is sure to be an unexpected surprise for your tastebuds. 

Fire up the grill for a unique twist in flavor that will leave your mouth watering.

Ready to get creative? Let’s get grilling!

1.​ Grilled Heirloom Tomato Pizza

Think of the tangy tomatoes, gooey cheese, and the subtle hint of balsamic. 

When these classic ingredients combine together on a pizza, you get an explosion of tastes that leave you wanting more! 

The real taste kicker is the heat of the grill, which adds some smoky goodness to everything. 

Try it for yourself and see how these diverse flavors come together for something so delicious.

2. Grilled Margherita Pizza

The classic Margherita recipe is always a crowd-pleaser.

But why settle for ordinary when you can burn up the flavor profiles with a grilled option? 

Perfectly charred crust and lightly char-grilled fresh tomatoes make all the difference. 

Add in a sprinkling of mozzarella and basil leaves to retain that sweet tomato taste.

A hint of extra virgin olive oil will bring out the smoky flavors.

3. 10-Minute Grilled Pepperoni Pizza

This pizza is super easy to make and oh-so-delicious.

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Who can resist a crispy, crunchy crust topped with melted cheese and tangy pepperoni slices? 

Plus, pairing it with fresh herbs like basil or oregano takes this pizza to the next level.

As for what to serve with pizza, when it’s this quick, you need something speedy – like a nice chopped salad.

4. Grilled Pizza with Pepperoni and Mushrooms

Grilled pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms is pizza perfection! 

Don’t let the idea of grilling a pizza scare you.

If you can navigate around a campfire, you can master this recipe. 

When cooked correctly, the crust becomes chewy on the inside and toasty-crunchy on the outside.

It’s absolutely irresistible. 

5. Grilled Vegetable Pizza

Grill up something extra special with this delectable grilled vegetable pizza! 

After marinating your favorite vegetables in olive oil, they’ll be ready to heat things up on the grill. 

The combination of smoky flavor from the grill and the savory bite of the veggies is sure to tantalize your tastebuds.

6. Grilled Hawaiian Pizza

Savory ham and pineapple create an irresistible sweet and salty flavor combo.

And jalapenos add mild spiciness that rounds out the dish. 

Finish it off with a layer or two of gooey melted cheese on top for the perfect combination of cheesy goodness and crisped edges.

It’s so yummy, there won’t be any leftovers!

7. Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

Combining the flavors of grilled chicken and barbecue sauce, this pizza is sure to tempt you.

The smoky, savory flavor of the barbecue pairs perfectly with the slight sweetness of the chicken to create a flavor that can’t be topped.

So if you’re looking for something different yet still comforting, this pizza is definitely for you! 

8. Grilled Greek Pizza

Do you love the classic combination of juicy tomatoes and tangy feta cheese?

Then why not combine them together in a delicious grilled Greek pizza?

The cooking method emphasizes smoky hickory notes for an extra kick, and the high temperatures bring out all those sharp flavors.

9. Buffalo Chicken Grilled Pizza

If you’re in the mood to add some pizzazz to your meal, this is the dish for you! 

It has a combination of tender grilled chicken breast, tangy mild buffalo sauce, and a creamy mix of cheeses.

To round out the flavors, jazz it up with some crumbled blue cheese and celery for added crunch.

10. Grilled Sausage and Pepper Pizza

If this savory combination is not yet a staple in your recipe repertoire, then you’re missing out.

Grilled sausage and peppers add juicy, smoky notes.

And the addition of cheese and veggies provides an excellent savory flavor to complete the pizza.

11. Grilled Prosciutto Arugula Pizza

Crisp, smoky prosciutto, and peppery arugula combine with sweet marinara sauce to create an astonishingly delicious combination of flavors. 

The grill adds a subtle char that pulls everything together in an enjoyable and unique way. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not top your pizza off with some goat cheese and caramelized onions? 

12. Grilled Honey Goat Cheese Pizza

Have you ever had an appetizer so good that you wished you could savor it for the rest of your meal?

If so, then this is just what you need!

A freshly made pizza crust is topped with a creamy goat cheese spread that melts in your mouth. 

A generous drizzle of honey over the entire pizza adds a touch of sweetness that pairs perfectly with the salty flavor of the cheese.

13. Grilled Spinach Artichoke Pizza

The combination of artichokes, spinach, and crispy, warm pizza crust makes this meal a dream come true. 

Not only is it delicious, but it’s a treat for the eyes as well! 

The balance of flavors between vegetables, cheese, and spices creates a delightful variety that you can’t get anywhere else. 

14. Grilled White Pizza

Combining creamy goat cheese, smoky mozzarella, and parmesan cheese, this dish promises the perfect blend of flavors. 

A crisp base of grilled flatbread provides the perfect bite to go with a rich garlic and onion mix, followed by savory herbs. 

Plus, you can customize it with your favorite toppings for ultimate flavor satisfaction. 

15. Grilled Vegan BBQ Jackfruit Pizza with Hemp Cheddar

Craving pizza night but looking for something a little more exciting than the same old dishes? Look no further! 

This is an incredibly delicious and flavorful dish that even the most uncompromising eaters won’t be able to resist. 

The smokiness of the jackfruit gives way to subtly sweet, zesty barbecue sauce, followed by tangy hemp cheddar cheese. 

All of these flavors blend together harmoniously on the crispy grilled crust for an utterly amazing combination of textures and tastes. 

16. Grilled S’Mores Pizza

If you’re a fan of chocolate and warm, melted marshmallows, then grilled s’mores pizza is for you. 

This unique dessert combines the unmistakable flavors of s’mores with pizza to create a juicy, crunchy masterpiece. 

The flavor combination alone will convince you that this s’mores pizza needs to be tried! 

If you really want to indulge in some deliciousness, be sure to pair it with a scoop of ice cream. Yum!

17. Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza

If you’re looking for an exciting way to spice up dinner, try out this delicious pizza!

The crispy crust is topped with grilled chicken, fresh romaine lettuce, grated Parmesan cheese, and creamy Caesar dressing.

Each flavor perfectly balances the others in a delightful mix of salty, savory, and herby goodness. 

And what could be more comforting than a flavorful pizza prepared right on the grill? 

17 Best Grilled Pizza Recipes to Try Today

These easy grilled pizza recipes are perfect for summer! From heirloom tomato to pepperoni to Hawaiian, you’ll want to try every pie on this list.


  • ​Grilled Heirloom Tomato Pizza

  • Grilled Margherita Pizza

  • 10 -Minute Grilled Pepperoni Pizza

  • Grilled Pizza with Pepperoni and Mushrooms

  • Grilled Vegetable Pizza

  • Grilled Hawaiian Pizza

  • Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

  • Grilled Greek Pizza

  • Buffalo Chicken Grilled Pizza

  • Grilled Sausage and Pepper Pizza

  • Grilled Prosciutto Arugula Pizza

  • Grilled Honey Goat Cheese Pizza

  • Grilled Spinach Artichoke Pizza

  • Grilled White Pizza

  • Grilled Vegan BBQ Jackfruit Pizza with Hemp Cheddar

  • Grilled S’Mores Pizza

  • Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a grilled pizza in 30 minutes or less!
Grilled Pizza Recipes

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