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25 Easy Grilled Chicken Recipes to Put on Repeat

Fire up the barbecue and dig into these incredible grilled chicken recipes!

Grilled chicken is the ultimate summer classic.

It’s delightfully tender and juicy, and those char marks are worth firing up the grill!

Grilled chicken and BBQ sauce are great, but there are many new and exciting ways to marinate and baste that bird. 

Homemade Grilled Chicken Wings with Chili Peppers
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These grilled chicken recipes include anything from Alabama white sauce to fragrant chimichurri sauce.

Throw away that bottled BBQ sauce, as you won’t need it.

Give these delicious grilled chicken recipes a try at your next BBQ.

1. Grilled Chicken Wings 

You won’t need a deep fryer to make the most amazing chicken wings! You won’t even need one drop of oil. 

Some may argue that grilled chicken wing recipes are even better than deep fried.

They are crispy on the outside, juicy inside, and have a subtle hint of smokiness from the grill. 

2. Grilled Butterflied Whole Chicken 

Once you try this grilled butterflied whole chicken, you’ll never return to the old way again!

Butterflying a whole chicken does a few things.

First, it creates more contact points between your chicken and the grill, resulting in a more flavorful bird. 

Second, it cuts the cooking time in half.

Using this method, you can cook an entire bird in 35 minutes, and it’s so tender and packed with buttery, garlicky flavors. 

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3. Alabama White Sauce Grilled Chicken 

There’s nothing boring about his grilled chicken!

With a potent dry rub and an insanely delicious Alabama white sauce, it’s sure to be a big hit at your next summer BBQ. 

To save on time, opt for a good pre-made chicken dry rub and evenly coat your chicken before it hits the grill. 

To take this main course over the top, serve it with a delicious white sauce.

It’s made with buttermilk, garlic, mayo, and mustard for a bright and tart punch of flavors.

4. Easy Grilled Chicken Salad 

Nothing says summer like this easy grilled chicken salad.

It’s so simple to prepare and celebrates all those crisp summer veggies!

Adding a homemade buttermilk ranch dressing takes this simple grilled chicken recipe to new heights.

Store-bought dressing is fine, but there’s nothing like homemade!

The chicken is warm, juicy, flavorful, and destined for crisp veggies and tangy ranch dressing

5. Sweet and Spicy Grilled Chicken

If you have had your fill of BBQ chicken, it’s time to try this sweet and spicy recipe!

It pairs the spicy flavors of chili powder and crushed red peppers with honey to tame those bold flavors. 

Serve it alongside roasted veggies, potato salad, or grilled garlic bread.

It’s the ultimate meal when you need to break away from the BBQ sauce. 

6. Grilled Chicken Thighs 

Chicken thighs are one of the bird’s most flavorful and juicy cuts, but you can make them even better on the grill. 

This quick and easy marinade incorporates balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, mustard, and fragrant spices.

It infuses your bird with tons of flavors but also helps to retain moisture once it hits the grill. 

7. Grilled Chicken Kabobs 

Everyone gets excited when kabobs hit the dinner table. They’re so easy to whip together in a flash and very colorful. 

This kabob recipe infuses tender chunks of white chicken with bell peppers, zucchini, and onion. 

Pair these simple summer staples with a garlicky honey marinade.

8. Healthy Grilled Pineapple Chicken 

Grilled chicken is the ultimate healthy dinner dish when you’re watching your calories.

And this grilled pineapple chicken is one of the healthiest options making this list. 

This main course is so rich and flavorful that you likely won’t need a side dish.

The chicken marinates in a rich sauce made from tomatoes, spices, and pineapple juice. 

Pair it with tart pineapples, and it’s the perfect balance of savory and sweet. 

9. Grilled Chimichurri Chicken 

Words cannot describe how much I adore chimichurri sauce.

It’s the easiest way to transform bland grilled chicken into something spectacular. 

Even if your grilled chicken turns out a little dry, a drizzle of chimichurri sauce saves the day. 

Chimichurri sauce is delightfully green thanks to a generous portion of fresh herbs like parsley, garlic, basil, and oregano. 

10. Grilled Bruschetta Chicken 

You don’t need to be a master of the grill to whip up this insanely delicious bruschetta chicken. 

Grilled chicken often takes a back seat to the lovely blend of juicy tomatoes, garlic, and mozzarella cheese. 

After your chicken is ready, pile a generous portion of the bruschetta on top.

It’s so rich and delicious that it works are an entire meal- no side dish required!

11. Vinegar BBQ Chicken 

What’s the secret to tender, juicy grilled chicken, you ask? Vinegar! 

This vinegar BBQ chicken recipe mandates the chicken in a rich vinegar sauce that slowly breaks down the protein.

It infuses every bite with marinated flavors. 

This recipe takes a little time, so it’s best to make it the night before.

Pop your chicken in the fragrant marinade and let it sit overnight for the best (and juiciest) results. 

12. Grilled Chili Cilantro Lime Chicken 

This chili cilantro lime sauce is out of this world. It’s spicy, sweet, savory, and a little tart. It has it all!

For best results, marinate your chicken cutlets in this mouthwatering sauce for up to 24 hours. 

If you want to serve your chicken over a summer salad, set some marinade aside for a killer salad dressing.

13. Grilled Chicken Satay Skewers 

Chicken satay skewers are a classic southeast Asian dish and so easy to whip up on the grill. 

They incorporate rich Asian seasonings such as ginger, curry, and garlic powder that pack a powerful flavor punch. 

And you can’t forget the savory and salty peanut dipping sauce!

Make them an appetizer at your next potluck, or serve them as a main course with a bowl of steamy white rice. 

14. Sticky Grilled Chicken

Throw away that bottle of BBQ sauce, as y won’t need it!

If you want to create the most mouthwatering BBQ chicken to make you the MVP of the family BBQ, look no further. 

This sticky BBQ chicken is unique because it utilizes sweet, salty, and savory flavors.

The addition of brown sugar gives it that fantastic sticky, sweet texture. 

You’ll never go back to bottled BBQ sauce ever again. 

15. Grilled Chicken Shawarma 

This grilled chicken shawarma recipe captures the very best of middle eastern cooking. 

Soak it in the rich marinade overnight to ensure that all those rich flavors ooze into every bite.

For even more middle eastern flavors, serve it with a tart, garlicky white sauce that lifts all of those heavy spices right off the plate. 

16. Grilled Jerk Chicken 

When I think about Jamaica, I think of jerk chicken. It’s spicy, tangy, and insanely flavorful. 

Whipping up a batch of jerk chicken on your backyard grill is so easy.

The spicy marinade infuses hot chili peppers, Chinese 5-spice, garlic, and onions. 

Opt for super spicy chili like habaneros or Scotch bonnets if you aren’t afraid of heat. 

17. Grilled Chicken Breast 

This recipe is juicy, tender, and the perfect recipe for salads. This recipe is an excellent option if you have a family of picky eaters!

It pairs chicken breasts in a simple marinade of garlic, lemon zest, and spices. 

Serve it with feta cheese crumbles and roasted veggies, or pile it on a crisp summer salad.

18. Thai Coconut Chicken 

Looking for something a little different? This Thai-inspired coconut chicken is creamy, fragrant, and full of bright spices. 

It incorporates creamy coconut milk with bright spices. These include garlic, sambal oelek, cinnamon, brown sugar, and ginger.

It’s sweet, spicy, salty, and so delicious. 

Serve it over a bed of white, fluffy rice, and watch your family go crazy over this super simple dinner. 

19. Hot Honey Butter Grilled Chicken 

I hope you like your chicken spicy! This hot honey butter grilled chicken is so full of flavors, and it’s easy to whip together in a flash. 

The hot honey butter incorporates (you guessed it) honey, hot sauce, and butter. That’s it!

The chicken marinates in hot sauce and then gets a generous basting of hot honey butter on the grill. 

20. Easy Cajun Grilled Chicken 

It doesn’t get much easier than this cajun grilled chicken.

If you have chicken breasts and a jar of Cajun seasoning hanging out in your cupboards, you’re halfway there!

Pounding your chicken cutlets super thin is the key to perfectly grilled Cajun chicken.

Thinly-pounded chicken provides more surface area to soak up those delicious cajun spices. 

The best part of this recipe is that it only requires three ingredients: chicken, cajun seasoning, and oil. 

21. Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken 

Lemon pepper chicken is a summer staple. It’s so simple to throw together and only requires a handful of ingredients. 

Always opt for fresh lemons for the ultimate flavors when making this dish.

The marinade includes lemon juice and its zest for punchy, mouthwatering flavors. 

It’s great with roasted veggies or potato salad, and leftovers make for the best salad the next day. 

22. Grilled Chicken Sandwich 

There are few things I love more than a classic chicken sandwich

With juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce and pickles, and perfectly tender chicken, it can’t be topped.

What makes this chicken sandwich perfect is the chicken marinade.

It infuses rich mustard, garlic, brown sugar, and apple cider vinegar that soaks into every bite. 

23. Grilled Chicken Street Tacos 

Street tacos are always favorite at dinnertime. They’re light, insanely flavorful, and easy to whip together in a jiffy. 

To take the humble street taco over the top, marinate your chicken in a spicy, tang sauce before grilling. 

Chop it into small pieces and pair it with crispy red onions and creamy avocado. Delicious!

24. Grilled BBQ Chicken Drumsticks 

Drumsticks are fun to eat, full of flavor, and are always a big hit at summer BBQs.

For the most delicious drumsticks at your next summer potluck, you have to give these sticky BBQ drumsticks a try. 

The homemade BBQ spice blend is what makes these drumsticks so irresistible.

It pairs bright flavors of brown sugar, garlic, onion, smoked paprika, and other bold seasonings. 

Don’t settle for store-bought BBQ sauce when you can make your own!

25. Chicken Inasal

Chicken Inasal is a classic Filipino dish that is tangy, tart, salty, and unique. 

It earns its very acidic and tangy flavors from a fusion of lemongrass stalks and calamansi juice. 

Seriously, these flavors are out of this world. It’s a must-try!

25 Easy Grilled Chicken Recipes to Put on Repeat

No one can possibly resist these grilled chicken recipes! From wings to thighs to kabobs and skewers, grilled chicken never goes out of style!


  • Grilled Chicken Wings

  • Grilled Butterflied Whole Chicken

  • Alabama White Sauce Grilled Chicken

  • Easy Grilled Chicken Salad

  • Sweet and Spicy Grilled Chicken

  • Grilled Chicken Thighs

  • Grilled Chicken Kabobs

  • Healthy Grilled Pineapple Chicken

  • Grilled Chimichurri Chicken

  • Grilled Bruschetta Chicken

  • Vinegar BBQ Chicken

  • Grilled Chili Cilantro Lime Chicken

  • Grilled Chicken Satay Skewers

  • Sticky Grilled Chicken

  • Grilled Chicken Shawarma

  • Grilled Jerk Chicken

  • Grilled Chicken Breast

  • Thai Coconut Chicken

  • Hot Honey Butter Grilled Chicken

  • Easy Cajun Grilled Chicken

  • Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken

  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich

  • Grilled Chicken Street Tacos

  • Grilled BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

  • Chicken Inasal


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Grilled Chicken Recipes

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