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30 Best Feta Cheese Recipes

These awesomely tasty feta cheese recipes are the most delicious way to enjoy the tangy, creamy cheese.

Feta is a soft, crumbly Greek cheese with a sharp and briny flavor. It’s a favorite of Greek cuisine, making an appearance in many of the country’s classic dishes.

Baked Feta Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes
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So it’s no surprise that this list of 30 feta cheese recipes features a lot of Mediterranean meals.

From Greek salad to Greek fries, and spanakopita to tiropita, this is a tasty tour of European eats!

Some will surprise even the most experienced cooks.

You’ll love trying the gooey feta grilled cheese, fried feta with honey, or moist spinach and feta scones.

Foodies and cheese-lovers get ready – time to get tasty with these fun and flavorful feta dishes.

Fresh Feta Recipes We Can’t Get Enough Of!

1. Greek Salad

A classic Greek salad is one of the best summer sides.

Full of fresh flavors, crisp texture, and healthy ingredients, it’s a winner at any occasion.

This recipe sticks to the tried and tested formula with olives, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, and plenty of feta. All drizzled with a homemade Greek dressing.

2. Whipped Feta Dip

Salty and sharp, this is the kind of dip that vanishes quickly.

The recipe is inspired by htipiti, a Mediterranean sauce usually served as part of a mezze platter.

It’s a thick and dreamy swirl of feta, mayo, sour cream, and olive oil. 

Serve with vegetable sticks or toasted pita triangles for a gorgeously luxurious appetizer or party side.

3. Spanakopita

With sauteed spinach and gooey feta wrapped in a flaky pastry parcel, there’s a reason Spanakopita is one of the most popular Greek snacks.

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This recipe does take a little prep time and assembly, but it’s so worth it.

And once you’ve made your first tasty triangle, you’ll find yourself flying through the rest.

The buttery pastry triangles are baked until golden brown and crispy, and served warm.

You can save yourself some time by making these beauties ahead of time. 

4. Baked Feta

Baking feta turns it into warm and delicious bubbly goodness.

This traditional Greek recipe bakes a block of feta with tomatoes, peppers, and onion. 

With a sprinkling of fresh oregano and basil and a drizzle of olive oil, this is an elegant appetizer that’ll wow a crowd.

5. Greek Fries

Plain fries are great, but Greek fries are even better. They’re crisp, salty, savory, and incredibly addictive.

And they’re really easy to make! Just toss your crispy golden fries with crumbled feta, diced red onion, and fresh parsley.

If you’re really feeling the Greek theme, serve these with a tzatziki dipping sauce or pair them with a Greek salad.

6. Macaroni and Feta Cheese

If you have kids in the house, you’ll want to make them this cozy casserole. 

A Greek twist on classic mac n’ cheese, it’s loaded with crumbly feta for even more cheesy perfection.

This warming meal is sure to become a family favorite!

7. Spinach Feta Grilled Cheese

This isn’t the grilled cheese your mom used to make. This is an upscale version stuffed with healthy spinach and sharp feta.

It’s livened up with a few flakes of red pepper and toasted on a chewy ciabatta roll. 

This gorgeous recipe is a grown-up version of childhood comfort food. It’s so yummy, it’ll make you feel like a kid again.

8. Greek Stuffed Peppers

These juicy bell peppers are filled with traditional Mediterranean flavor, making them perfect for a healthy light lunch or summer dinner.

The filling is made from seasoned ground beef, tomatoes, brown rice, and olives.

They’re baked until deliciously fragrant and juicy, then topped with a generous serving of feta.

9. Tiropita

Tiropita is a layered Greek cheese and egg pie.

It’s made by wrapping a cheesy, creamy filling in layers of flaky puff pastry. Rich and buttery, this is a filling dish that’ll feed a crowd. 

You can serve it as one single pie, or cut into individual portions for party-ready finger food.

10. Cucumber Feta Salad

Cucumber is a great accompaniment to feta. The mild flavor really highlights the cheese’s tangy freshness.

Here, sliced cucumbers, avocado, fresh dill, red onion, and feta cheese are tossed in a Greek dressing for a refreshing salad that’s ready in minutes.

11. Greek Feta Flatbread

This Greek-style flatbread is basically a healthier version of pizza.

So forget about ordering takeout and throw this together for a more nutritious nibble.

It’s dangerously addictive, with soft chewy bread topped with cheese, tomatoes, and onions. 

I like to serve this one on game day for vegetarian guests, but it’s irresistible anywhere, any time.

12. Roasted Sweet Potato with Feta Cheese

Sweet potato is a natural fit for tangy feta. It gives the creamy cheese a mild backdrop to show off all its intense flavor.

Try this easy side as a new addition to your Thanksgiving feast, or serve it at the next family dinner. 

13. Fried Feta Honey and Sesame Seeds

Fried feta is a mouthwatering treat that’s deliciously sticky and creamy.

The cheese is coated with golden brown sesame seeds and drizzled with honey to create this unique side. 

Traditionally served as an appetizer, you can also make this one lunch by serving with a simple green salad.

14. Watermelon Feta Salad

Cool off on hot summer days with this refreshing and fruity salad.

It’s made with juicy chunks of watermelon, feta, avocado, fresh mint, and lime juice.

A tongue-tingling blend of sweet and sour, this healthy salad tastes as vibrant as it looks.

15. Baked Feta and Butternut Squash Pasta with Sage and Garlic

The perfect fall comfort food, this hearty pasta dish is loaded with herby flavor.

Soft chunks of caramelized butternut squash and crumbly feta cheese are baked and tossed with pasta twists.

Add in fresh herbs like sage and garlic, and you’ll have a tongue-tingling treat that’s welcome at any table.

16. Baked Feta with Honey and Thyme

Savory and sweet, this delicious appetizer could also double as dessert.

The feta is baked first, then drizzled with honey and given a blast under the broiler. 

This extra step gives the cheese a sticky caramelized topping that works well with the earthy sweetness of fresh thyme.

17. Green Bean Salad with Toasted Almonds & Feta

A fresh take on the classic green bean casserole, this nutritious salad is one for your recipe book.

It’s full of exciting tastes and textures with tangy cheese, crisp beans, nutty toasted almonds, and a lemony sauce.

I like to make this one in summer when beans are at their best.

But you could easily make it during the winter holiday season for a culinary reminder of warmer weather.

There’s a little bit of sunshine in every bite of his healthy salad.

18. Beetroot and Feta Cheese Salad

Salty, sweet, and super healthy, this salad is a crowd-pleaser, especially if you like your salads chunky and thick, with plenty of bite.

It’s an eye-catching dish too, with chunks of bright ruby red beetroot, white feta, and sprigs of fresh green parsley. It’s dazzling and delicious!

19. Honey Roasted Butternut Squash with Cranberries and Feta

If you’re looking to mix up your holiday sides this year, save this recipe. 

You can’t go wrong with this hearty mix of sweet squash, fresh cranberries, and creamy feta. 

20. Melon and Feta Tetris Salad 

If you want to make an impression at your next dinner party, serve this bright salad.

A fun mix of colorful cubes of melon, feta, cucumber, and radish, it’s almost too pretty to eat!

This versatile salad can be easily adapted to include your favorite salad ingredients. 

Toss in a few strawberries, add some cherry tomatoes. Get creative and see what happens.

21. Baked Feta Rice

This low-carb ‘rice’ dish has a secret.

The rice isn’t actually rice. Instead, it’s made with lentils, chickpeas, and peas for a low-carb alternative that gives all the taste and texture without the grains.

Vegetarian and diet-friendly, this is one of the tastiest ways to get your recommended daily serving of vegetables!

22. Kale and Feta Fritters

Mix up your mornings with these crispy fritters. 

They’re the ideal breakfast food, full of nutrition, taste, and filling ingredients. 

Planning a big brunch? Fry up a pan full of these feta fritters and serve with a spicy dip.

They’ll disappear quicker than you can say, “Anyone want seconds?” 

23. Feta and Caramelized Onion Tarts

Rich and savory, these flaky tarts will make you dream of long lunches and warm summer days.

They’re full of gorgeous Mediterranean flavor, with red onion, feta, and fresh parsley.

A touch of honey adds a hint of sweetness to these addictive treats.

24. Roasted Red Pepper and Feta Frittata

Frittatas are a great “anything goes” kind of meal. They’re versatile, easy to make, and very filling.

This fun recipe loads the basic egg filling with cheese, roasted red peppers, and spinach.

It’s a luscious vegetarian pie, but you can easily turn it meaty by adding crumbled bacon or sausage.

25. Greek Savory Zucchini Cake with Potato & Feta

I just love using zucchini in baked goods.

Adding the squash to the batter gives your cakes a beautifully moist crumb, and this recipe is no exception.

It’s a dense savory bundt cake, made with zucchini, potato, and fresh herbs. Feta gives this snack a lovely creamy note. 

It’s a rich treat that’s best enjoyed with a cup of tea and lots of butter.

26. Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

This satisfying salad is so dense and filling that it’s a meal in its own right.

It’s loaded with protein-rich beans and legumes, drizzled in a citrus and herb dressing. 

Fresh, spicy, tart, and sweet, this enticing combo of flavors and textures is a must-try. 

If you want even more energy-boosting protein, add some hard-boiled eggs, chunky tuna, shredded chicken, or bacon crumbles. 

27. One-Pan Greek Orzo with Tomatoes and Feta

This summery vegetarian side is a Greek favorite.

It’s a family-style pot of goodness, best enjoyed on warm afternoons with chunks of crusty buttered bread.

Tender orzo is tossed in a lemon dressing and stirred up with feta cheese, garlic, parmesan, juicy tomatoes, and fresh parsley.

I love this with a wedge of lemon and served with grilled meats or fish. As they say in Greece, “Opa!”

28. Roast Pumpkin, Spinach and Feta Salad with Honey Balsamic Dressing

I like to serve this colorful salad the day after Thanksgiving when you just want something light and easy.

It’s a nutritious dish of sweet squash, creamy cheese, and leafy spinach.

The sweet and sour honey dressing elevates the magical flavors, and it’s finished with a sprinkling of crunchy pine nuts.

This is a beautiful, healthy bowl that’ll make you feel good inside and out.

29. Spinach and Feta Scones

Savory scones are a brunch-time favorite in my house.

Served warm and coated in butter, these mouth-watering scones are a little slice of heaven. 

Moist, and crumbly, they’re made with spinach, feta, and olive oil. 

A word of warning though – come to the table hungry because these soft, salty, and buttery scones are very hard to resist.

30. Tomato, Basil and Feta Salad with a Balsamic Dressing

This fresh salad is just the right amount of sweet and sour. 

The tangy balsamic dressing will wake up your taste buds while plump cherry tomatoes, aromatic basil, and creamy feta do the rest.

It’s a bright brunch bowl that’ll leave guests licking their lips.

30 Ways To Use Feta That Go Beyond Salad

These feta cheese recipes are so addicting! From dip to Greek fries to salads and flatbread, feta cheese is the perfect addition to so many dishes.


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Feta Cheese Recipes

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