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20 Brie Cheese Recipes That Are Just Too Good

These drool-worthy brie cheese recipes prove everything is better with cheese!

Sandwiches, dips, casseroles, crostini, you name it. Buttery brie brings its intense creamy richness to every dish on this list.

Baked Brie with Onion Jam
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Cold, melty, or whipped, brie is the ultimate MVP. This versatile cow’s milk cheese has a delicate earthiness and subtle sweetness.

With the right pairing, you can turn it into an attention-grabbing dish. So it’s great for party appetizers and decadent desserts alike. 

Get ready to indulge with these delectable brie recipes!

Baked brie en croûte with honey, dried cherries, rosemary & pecans.
Source: Onceuponachef.com

1. Baked Brie en Croûte with Honey, Dried Cherries, Rosemary & Pecans

Magic happens when you bake brie. It goes from a mild cheese to an insanely yummy melted treat. 

Wrap it in puff pastry with a few surprises, and it’s over the top! This recipe goes for tart cherries, aromatic rosemary, and crunchy pecans.

But if you’re interested in the image at the top of the page, all you need is store-bought puff pastry and caramelized onions!

Spread a thick layer over the cheese, then wrap it in pastry, egg wash it, and bake at 475°F for 15-20 minutes. Easy peasy!

Baked brie toasts with cranberry and cheese.
Source: Twopurplefigs.com

2. Baked Brie Toasts with Cranberry

Don’t be fooled by this easy appetizer recipe. It’s tasty and impressive enough for any holiday table.

Tart cranberries, earthy thyme, and sweet honey are the perfect match for brie. 

Spread it onto crusty toast for an easy Christmas party bite.

Quesadilla with melted brie, sweet grapes, and scallions.
Source: Preppykitchen.com

3. Brie Quesadilla

These quesadillas are a fun and fruity version of the South American classic.

They’re filled with melted brie, sweet grapes, and scallions. Together, all those add-ins create a delicious vegetarian snack. 

Enjoy it on a lazy day with a glass of something chilled. You earned it.

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Grilled sandwich with melted cheese filling.
Source: Fifteenspatulas.com

4. Chicken Brie Grilled Cheese

I have a major weakness for grilled cheese sandwiches. If you do too, you have to try this hearty version.

Shredded chicken, gooey brie, and melted mozzarella – what’s not to love?

Baked brie with honey, walnuts, and cherries on a pan.
Source: Celebratingsweets.com

5. Honey and Walnut Baked Brie

Dense and dreamy, this baked brie comes piled high with honey, walnuts, and cherries.

Serve it with bread, crackers, or fruit. 

Just be sure there’s plenty to go around. This addictive appetizer will have everyone fighting over the last spoonful.

Whipped brie on a bowl topped cheese with honey and chili oil.
Source: Healthynibblesandbits.com

6. Whipped Brie with Honey & Chili Oil

Whipped brie has the most heavenly consistency. With honey and homemade chili oil, it turns into a party!

Creamy, sweet, garlicky, and spicy, there’s so many complementary flavors. It puts a fun twist on regular brie and acts as a conversation piece. 

Your guests will swoon over it!

Crostini topped with brie spread and a slice of pear.
Source: Sweetandsavourypursuits.com

7. Pear and Brie Crostini

Fruit, nuts, creamy cheese — this crostini is a must-try meal!

Ripe pear teams up with soft brie and crusty bread for this recipe.

Drizzled with honey and balsamic vinegar, it’s tongue-tingling in all the right ways.

Brussels sprouts gratin with brie and bacon on a white dish.
Source: Fromachefskitchen.com

8. Brussels Sprouts Gratin with Brie and Bacon

Potato gratin is great, but it can get boring (sorry, spuds).

Mix things up with this delicious unique dish. It’s a healthy blend of tender Brussels sprouts and creamy brie.

All finished with a salty, crunchy topping of bacon and breadcrumbs. Now, this is what I call a comforting casserole.

A cheese board with crackers, ham,cheese and honey brulee brie in the middle.
Source: Spoonforkbacon.com

9. Honey Brûlée Brie

When it comes to impressive brie recipes, this one is surprisingly simple. It comes together in just 15 minutes.

And it’s insane how great this dish tastes. Sweet, crunchy, syrupy, and creamy, you’ve just got to try it.

It’s one of those snacks you’ll need to eat to fully appreciate.

Spinach artichoke dip with brie on a pot.
Source: Asideofsweet.com

10. Spinach Artichoke Dip with Brie

Impress your guests the next game day with this easy appetizer recipe.

It’s a classic spinach and artichoke dip, but with a twist. There are big, fat wedges of creamy brie.

Bake until it’s melted and serve warm! Then stand back. This gooey, garlicky, and cheesy dip will send everyone running.

Bunch of cranberry brie bites arranged on a white table garnished with rosemary leaves.
Source: Lulus.com

11. Cranberry Brie Bites

These poppable bites will steal the show! They’re a stunning appetizer filled with festive flavors for a holiday party. 

The flaky puff pastry has a juicy cranberry sauce and gooey brie center.

They look so elegant. And yet, they’re so simple to make. All you need are just five ingredients. 

Stack sliced grilled sandwich with peanut butter and jelly with brie.
Source: Healthynibblesandbits.com

12. Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly with Brie

Turn your favorite childhood comfort food into an adult-friendly meal.

Creamy brie adds a touch of delicious sophistication to this heavenly snack. And you can easily customize this versatile recipe, too. 

Use your favorite jam or try almond butter instead of peanut. You can also use gluten-free bread to make it more diet-friendly. Just don’t forget the brie!

A slice of double decker pecan pie.
Source: Somethingswanky.com

13. Double Decker Pecan Brie Pie

This luxurious appetizer (or dessert) will win you a lot of friends. It’s a decadent sweet and creamy treat that nobody will see coming. 

There’s brie baked into a double pie crust with a pecan pie filling.

It’s easy to assemble, too. So you’ll have plenty of time to get out of the kitchen and party.

A slice of blueberry scones on a wooden board.
Source: Mildlymeandering.com

14. Blueberry Brie Scones

Looking for some easy brie recipes to use up that cheese wheel? Try these baked goodies.

This easy recipe uses mild brie to add density and richness to berry scones. 

Moist, crumbly, and very filling, these are my new favorite breakfast.

A slice of pizza with arugula, brie and caramelized onion on top.
Source: Trialandeater.com

15. Arugula, Brie and Caramelized Onion Pizza

Vegetarians and foodies will love this irresistibly flavorful pizza.

It’s topped with peppery arugula, creamy brie, and sweet caramelized onions.

This homemade pizza is so much more satisfying, tasty, and healthy than takeout. 

Pasta with brie, bacon and basil on a skillet
Source: Whatsgabycooking.com

16. Brie, Bacon and Basil Pasta

Brie, bacon, and basil – this hearty recipe isn’t just a tongue-twister, it’s also very tastebud-friendly.

Perfect for mid-week dinners, this cozy bowl will satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Peach brie pastry tarts with peppered rosemary honey on a wooden board.

17. Peach Brie Pastry Tarts with Peppered Rosemary Honey

Summery and light, these tarts are ideal for light lunches, long brunches, and foodie feasts.

They’re made with puff pastry, caramelized shallots, brie, and fresh peaches. But that’s not all!

They also come drizzled with a heavenly rosemary honey glaze. 

Flatbread with honey roasted pear and brie on top.
Source: Giveitsomethyme.com

18. Honey Roasted Pear and Brie Flatbread

It’s pizza, but not as you know it.

Crusty flatbread is generously topped with gourmet fixings. It has honey-roasted pears, buttery brie, salty prosciutto, caramelized walnuts, and rosemary. 

Sweet and savory, these complimentary flavors make it an eat-anytime kind of snack.

Apple brie turnovers served with drizzle of cinnamon glaze on top.
Source: Lemontreedwelling.com

19. Apple Brie Turnovers

Baked brie is amazing. Apple pie is amazing. Put them together, and I run out of words to do it justice.

Sweet and crunchy pastry is stuffed with fresh apples and melty brie.

I like to make a double batch. Then, I enjoy the leftovers as a grab n’ go breakfast the next morning.

Brie stuffed mushroom with breadcrumbs topping.
Source: Kimscravings.com

20. Brie-Stuffed Mushrooms

When in doubt, stuff mushrooms with brie! These savory morsels are such a crowd-pleaser. 

They pack in a ton of flavors and textures. You get umami earthy mushrooms, gooey cheese, and a crunchy breadcrumbs topping.

Plus, you can make them in advance. So you get to spend more time enjoying the party.

20 Best Brie Cheese Recipes

These brie cheese recipes are creamy, decadent, and wonderful. From a quesadilla to grilled cheese to pizza, brie is much more versatile than you think!


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Brie Cheese Recipes

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