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15 Best Fried Cheese Recipes

Are you a cheese lover looking to satisfy your cravings with something hot and delicious?

Then you’ll adore these fried cheese recipes!

Fried Camembert Cheese with Cranberry Sauce
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Fried cheese is simply irresistible. Golden brown on the outside, and melted and gooey on the inside, it’s definitely a must-try.

But why settle for just one type of fried cheese when there are dozens more creative recipes?

From cheesy fritters to gooey cheese balls, you’ll find a new favorite in no time.

Prepare your tastebuds for an adventure. It’s about time to get frying with these incredible fried cheese recipes!

1. Queso Frito

Looking for a way to make your breakfast extra special?

You’ll love this delightful fried cheese recipe quintessential to a Dominican breakfast.

It’s made by frying queso de freir in oil until it becomes a crispy, golden delight.

As the cheese sizzles in oil, the outer layer transforms into a crunchy, caramelized crust.

It encases a lusciously gooey, melted center that’ll flood your mouth with deliciousness.

2. Easy Fried Cheese Bites

Are you ready for a cheesy, crispy, and oh-so-easy snack that will leave you wanting more?

Look no further than these fried cheese bites!

The mozzarella cheese bites are encased in a crunchy breadcrumb coating and fried to golden perfection.

Each of these little treats oozes with melted, gooey deliciousness.

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And the best part? You only need a handful of ingredients and a few minutes to whip them up.

It’s a foolproof treat that never fails to impress, even if you’re in a rush.

3. Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Take your palate on a trip to a cheesy paradise with these fried mozzarella cheese sticks!

They’re made by coating the mozzarella sticks in a perfectly-spiced batter and deep-frying them to perfection.

These crispy golden logs of cheesy goodness are perfect for dunking in a bright marinara sauce.

Whether you need a scrummy cheese appetizer or are just craving a snack, these mozzarella sticks are perfect.

4. Crispy Cheddar Frico

Are you on the hunt for a quick and easy appetizer for your next party? Or do you need a little something to munch on during movie night?

Then, you’ll love these little cheese crisps!

These crunchy treats are super simple to make. Just grab some cheddar cheese, shred it, and fry it to crispy perfection.

The result is a crispy, salty, and savory cheese snack that’s incredibly addictive.

5. Saganaki (Greek Fried Cheese)

Saganaki, oh, how it sizzles and seduces the senses with its tantalizing aroma and irresistible golden crust! 

This beloved Greek dish is made by frying a slab of rich cheese like kefalotyri.

As the cheese cooks, it releases a heavenly aroma that is nutty and slightly sweet.

Served hot and crisp, saganaki is the ultimate indulgence for cheese lovers.

It’s finished with a spritz of lemon juice to cut through the salty, nutty, and buttery flavors.

6. Fried Manchego Cheese

Are you ready for a cheesy adventure? These fried manchego cheese tapas are the ultimate treat for your Spanish-inspired feast!

They boast a crispy, golden coating encasing a warm and gooey center of delicious manchego cheese.

Whether you’re hosting a party or looking for a fun snack, this is the way to go.

With each bite, you’ll experience a burst of cheesy goodness that will have you saying, “olé!”

7. Fried Cheese Curds

Get ready to squeak with delight because we’re talking about fried cheese curds!

These little nuggets of cheesy goodness are the ultimate comfort food.

Imagine a crispy, golden brown coating, perfectly seasoned and crackling with each bite.

And inside, you find little pockets of warm, gooey cheese that’ll make you giddy.

You experience a little taste of heaven with each bite of these fried cheese curds.

Just be warned, once you try them, you’ll be hooked for life!

8. Fried Brie

This fried brie is a tasty appetizer that’s exploding with total deliciousness.

The crispy golden exterior gives way to warm, gooey cheese that oozes out with each decadent bite. 

The warm cheese melts in your mouth as you bite, releasing a nutty, buttery flavor. That’s the magic of fried brie! 

This indulgent appetizer is sure to make you jump for joy.

9. Creamy 4-Cheese Fritters with Sweet Honey Mustard Sauce

Treat yourself to a creamy, cheesy flavor experience with these little morsels of deliciousness!

These creamy 4-cheese fritters are the ultimate party snack, game-day treat, or even a decadent appetizer. 

And let’s not forget the sweet honey mustard sauce! 

It’s the perfect complement to the cheesy fritters, with its ideal balance of sweet and tangy flavors.

Dip a fritter in this sauce, and you’ll be in flavor heaven.

10. Extra Melty Fried Cheese Balls

Craving a snack that’s oozing with creamy, gooey goodness? This extra melty fried cheese ball recipe fits the bill!

Made with crumbled feta cheese, grated gouda, and cheddar cheese, it packs a punch of cheesy deliciousness.

The cheese is rolled into balls and fried to crispy perfection.

These little orbs of deliciousness are guaranteed to be a hit with cheese lovers of all ages.

11. Deep-Fried Mac and Cheese Balls

Nothing beats the classic comforting deliciousness of mac and cheese.

But if you’re looking for a way to make them even more fun, try this recipe!

It’s made by rolling mac and cheese into balls, coating them with breadcrumbs, and frying them to perfection.

Plus, they’re loaded with chunks of bacon for an extra meaty taste.

Each bite of this treat overflows with comforting flavors that’ll bring a smile to your day.

So why not indulge in this guilty pleasure and satisfy your cravings today? Your tastebuds will thank you!

12. Cheese Frenchies (Deep-Fried Grilled Cheese)

Are you ready to take your love for grilled cheese sandwiches to the next level? Introducing the deep-fried grilled cheese sandwich! 

This is not your average grilled cheese. It’s a crispy, crunchy, and ooey-gooey masterpiece. 

It’s deed-fried until it gets a crispy, golden brown exterior, giving way to a melty, cheesy center. 

This sandwich is perfect for those days when you need some serious comfort food.

It’s the ultimate guilty pleasure that will make you feel like a kid again.

13. Fried Feta with Honey and Sesame Seeds

Indulge in the delightful flavors and textures of this unique fried feta recipe!

This delectable appetizer features creamy, tangy feta cheese in a golden, crispy crust.

It’s coated with nutty, toasted sesame seeds and adored with a honey drizzle.

This treat’s layers of flavors and textures are a truly captivating sensory experience.

14. Fried Goat Cheese

This fried goat cheese is perfect for an elegant addition to your cheese board!

Made with goat cheese with a breadcrumb crust infused with fresh herbs, it’s incredibly irresistible.

Plus, it has a touch of sweetness from the honey.

The mild, tangy goat cheese melts in your mouth as you bite into the crisp exterior.

It’s the epitome of culinary sophistication and pure gastronomic bliss.

15. Italian Ricotta Fritters

Delight your senses as these Italian ricotta fritters sizzle with pure bliss and deliciousness.

These delicate, golden morsels perfectly fused creamy ricotta, pecorino, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Each fritter is a joyous celebration of flavor, encased in a crisp, golden-brown crust.

The recipe will whisk you away to the sun-kissed hills of Tuscany with every heavenly bite. 

15 Best Fried Cheese Recipes

When you want to indulge, give these fried cheese recipes a whirl! From queso frito to mozzarella sticks to cheese curds, you’ll love them all.


  • Queso Frito

  • Easy Fried Cheese Bites

  • Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

  • Crispy Cheddar Frico

  • Saganaki (Greek Fried Cheese)

  • Fried Manchego Cheese

  • Fried Cheese Curds

  • Fried Brie

  • Creamy 4-Cheese Fritters with Sweet Honey Mustard Sauce

  • Extra Melty Fried Cheese Balls

  • Deep-Fried Mac and Cheese Balls

  • Cheese Frenchies (Deep-Fried Grilled Cheese)

  • Fried Feta with Honey and Sesame Seeds

  • Fried Goat Cheese

  • Italian Ricotta Fritters


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep some fried cheese in 30 minutes or less!
Fried Cheese Recipes

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