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25 Best Turnip Recipes

These tasty turnip recipes don’t miss a beat!

Figuring out what to do with turnips besides a salad may be somewhat perplexing. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. 

Vegetable Salad with Turnips, Beets, Carrots and Feta Cheese
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From sweet to mildly spicy, turnips have a range of flavors. What’s even more mind-blowing is how many turnip varieties exist. 

That means there are so many variations to enjoying this root veggie. 

Whether you want a warming soup or ethnic cuisine, I have a solid roundup of all the amazing ways you can cook with turnips. 

Turnip Recipes for Mains, Sides, and More

1. Lemony Lentil Turnip Chowder 

I’ve never before come across a chowder quite like this. But I’m so happy I did!

It’s a zippy, creamy bowl that’s surprisingly vegan. Turnips replace potatoes to add a pleasant, but mild, bitterness. 

For enhancing the coconut base, some vegan bouillon goes a long way.

2. Parmesan Crusted Crushed Turnips 

The concept of this dish is similar to smashed potatoes. You’ll boil, smash, and bake like you would with potatoes.

However, these are a little extra special because they get a sprinkle of garlic and parmesan cheese. 

These will make a fabulous side to any holiday feast!

3. Roasted Turnips with Honey 

Another terrific holiday side is this roasted turnip recipe. They’ll get a sweet kiss of honey and more depth from the thyme. 

It is so fuss-free that you can even whip this up on a weeknight with very little effort. 

4. Ice Water Salad

Get crafty with your salads and try this ice water recipe. 

Veggies like turnips, beets, and carrots take a long, cold bath. Once they’re done and dry, you’ll dress them up with a citrusy anchovy paste. 

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The bath makes the veggies exceptionally crunchy, so it’s a good idea to stick with hard root veggies and avoid anything that will turn mushy in water.

5. Easy Turnip Green Soup (Swamp Soup)

I admit swamp soup might not sound all that appealing. But if you love home-style southern cooking, you’ll want to give it a whirl.

The ingredients use a good amount of pantry staples like canned turnip greens, navy beans, and pasta. 

What enhances all the earthy ingredients are a packet of Knorr seasoning and andouille sausage. 

6. Root Vegetable Gratin

Serve this gratin at your next family gathering and everyone will be happy. 

Aside from turnips, it has layers of several root veggies like potatoes and rutabaga. It’s all smothered in a creamy crème fraîche sauce that has a nutty bite from Gruyere cheese.

7. Loaded Turnip Soup

If you think loaded potato soup is good, just wait until you try this turnip variation. 

Turnips are lower in carbs than potatoes and equally creamy in this soup. 

Of course, I did say this one comes loaded!

So pull out all the stops with heavy cream and bone broth in the soup base. For the toppings, sprinkle on as much bacon and chives as you like. 

But wait, you’re not done. For the grand finale, this soup gets a handful of cheddar Moon Cheese! 

8. Creamy Turnip Soup 

Here’s another way you can make a warm creamy bowl of turnip soup. 

Potatoes and Granny Smith apples add some extra oomph to the mildness of the turnips. A pinch of curry powder spruces everything right up. 

When you cook turnips, their flavor mellows out, so you won’t have to worry about this soup being bitter. 

Although, you could add some raw turnips as a garnish to incorporate a more bitter bite.

9. Pan Fried Turnips with Onions and Spinach 

It’s incredible how pan-frying turnips can turn this root veggie into an elegant side dish. 

Butter coats everything to make it rich and caramelized onions add sweetness. To finish it all off, you’ll throw in a sprig of lemon thyme. 

This 30-minute veggie side is rustic, homely, and classy all at the same time!

10. Brown Butter Mashed Turnip with Roasted Garlic 

Think outside of the box with your mashed veggies and try something new like this smashing recipe. 

These mashed turnips are rich, buttery, and super garlicky. 

By browning the butter, you add a nutty flavor and more complexity. Meanwhile, roasting the garlic makes it more sweet and creamy. 

Try this next time your dinner calls for a side of mashed potatoes. It will be a hit!

11. Turnip Fried Rice 

This paleo and keto-friendly fried rice is full of nutrients and very filling. 

It calls for coconut aminos, which is great for anyone looking to cut down on soy. I’m especially fond of the fluffy scrambled egg.

Oh, and my favorite part is that the rice is actually turnips. That means fewer carbs!

It’s not your typical fried rice, but it’s super tasty and healthy, too.

12. Turnip Dhal 

Dhal is one of those Indian dishes that’s incredibly filling and full of spice. There are many ways to go about it, but this one is a clever use of turnips.

You’ll boil turnips with lentils, tomato paste, and spices. Use full-fat coconut to make it creamier and squeeze some lemon on your bowl to pull all the flavors together. 

You can even try this with kohlrabi if you’ve been on the search for an easy kohlrabi recipe.

13. Grilled Hakurei Turnips and Radishes

Turnips and radishes have a similar flavor. So double down on their greatness with this recipe.

Toss some Japanese turnips and radishes in olive oil, then throw them on the grill. When they’re done, finish them off with any kind of fresh herbs you like. 

These grilled root veggies are a nice addition to cookouts with friends. Plus, they don’t take long to prepare.

14. Grilled Turnips with Dill Olive Oil

Another way you can grill turnips is by skewering them first. Since they’re hard, you’ll want to boil them before piercing. 

Then, when you get some nice grill marks, slather those yummy bites with a coating of dill and olive oil. 

The final result is smoky, fresh, and slightly sweet.

15. Beet and Turnip Gratin 

Hungry eyes will be transfixed on this picture-perfect gratin. 

You’ll need to thinly slice the beets and turnips, so I recommend a mandolin. Then, layer them in a dazzling display and coat everything with garlic butter. 

This farm-to-table dish tastes as lovely as it looks.

16. Raw Turnip Salad

I love a fresh raw turnip salad! This simple dish is a great side for meals that need something light, yet full of nutrients. 

It’s also quick and easy. All you’ll have to do is chop up your veggies, then toss everything in lemon and olive oil. 

You could also experiment with the acidic component and try rice vinegar or red wine vinegar. I usually let the meal dictate which one I reach for.

17. Cinnamon Apple Turnip Soup

Dessert becomes dinner in this killer fall soup. 

On the dessert side, this soup is rich in cream, cinnamon, brown sugar, and apples. On the dinner side, it has fresh turnips, onions, garlic, and cayenne.

Together, it’s incredibly unique and a must for anyone craving fall flavors.

18. Root Vegetable Hash Egg Skillet

Turnips can also be a great addition to breakfast, and this hash is full of them.

You’ll chop them up into teeny tiny bites along with potatoes and red onion. Once everything is about ready, crack an egg or two in the skillet. 

It’s a farmer’s breakfast that you can have ready in about 30 minutes.

19. Mashed Turnips and Potatoes

This recipe is perfect for Thanksgiving. It’s a buttery bowl of mashed potatoes and turnips with a hint of garlic and dill. 

The turnips have a bite to them that makes this dish more unique than your standard mashed potatoes.

20. Roasted Turnip Hummus 

I love trying different hummus recipes and this one is on my to-do list as soon as turnips are in season.

You’ll need to roast the turnips first. This will mellow out their spiciness and make them easier to blend.

21. Chinese Turnip Cake 

My stomach is grumbling just thinking about these mouthwatering turnip cakes. 

These cakes are a must for dim sum and a staple during Chinese holidays.

Turnips are the main base, while dried shrimp, Chinese sausage, and chicken bouillon make them more savory.

These cakes do require a few special tools, such as a steamer, so be sure you have all the equipment before starting.

22. Sweet Turnip and Carrot Soup 

This winter warmer is an excellent use of root veggies. It features turnips, carrots, and potatoes along with an interesting blend of spices. 

What I love most is how creamy this soup is thanks to the full-fat coconut milk. That means, it’s vegan, too! 

23. Miso Roasted Japanese Turnips 

Miso and Japanese turnips are a winning combination. 

The roasted turnips are earthy, slightly sweet, and a little buttery. As for the white miso, it’s mellow on the umami and sweeter than other types of miso. 

So you can imagine how amazing the two are together!

24. Turnip Kimchi

Turnip kimchi is brilliant! Kimchi is a Korean staple that consists of tangy, spicy fermented cabbage. 

This recipe omits the cabbage and uses turnips instead. 

It will take a couple of weeks to ferment, but once it’s done you can pair it with all your favorite authentic Korean recipes.

25. Middle Eastern Pickled Turnips

Another fun way to fix up turnips is by pickling them Middle Eastern-style. 

They’ll add some zing to anything you put them on. Tacos, sandwiches, falafels, or even as a side dish, you’ll find plenty of tasty ways to incorporate these turnips.

25 Best Ways to Cook with Turnips

These yummy turnip recipes won’t disappoint! From chowder to salad to hummus, there are so many interesting dishes you can make with turnips.


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Turnip Recipes

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