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17 Traditional Mexican Cookies (+ Easy Recipes)

These Mexican cookies bring a fun flavor fiesta guaranteed to delight your sweet tooth.

From melt-in-your-mouth polvorones to adorable marranitos, Mexican cookies are a world of sweet surprises.

Homemade Mexican Wedding Cookies Ready to Eat
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Mexican cuisine is famous for its bold, vibrant flavors, and the cookies don’t disappoint. Whether you’re a baking enthusiast or simply looking for a sweet treat, you’ll love making these recipes.

Crumble, crunch, and savor the sweet diversity of Mexican cookies!

1. Espejo Mexican Cookies

Espejo cookies are the perfect blend of sweet, buttery goodness and beautiful aesthetics. 

These “mirror” cookies are as delicious as they are captivating. They feature a glossy, reflective glaze, which gives them their distinctive name. 

Often adorned with intricate, colorful patterns, every bite of these unique treats is a delight. From the flaky, tender crust to the sweet, glossy icing, they’re truly delicious.

2. Mexican Wedding Cookies

Mexican wedding cookies are a staple at celebratory events and a favorite for everyday indulgence.  They’re known for their sweet, nutty flavor and crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

They’re traditionally made with finely chopped pecans or almonds and rolled in powdered sugar. These cookies offer an enchanting balance of sweetness, nuttiness, and a heavenly texture.

3. Polvorones Rosas (Mexican Pink Sugar Cookies)

Celebrate love, life, and everything sweet with polvorones rosas or Mexican pink sugar cookies. Named after the Spanish word ‘polvo,’ meaning powder, they crumble beautifully at first bite. These round, pastel-pink delights are made from a buttery, vanilla-infused dough.

The soft pink hue adds a fun, playful twist, making them an eye-catching treat for any occasion.

4. Mexican Sprinkle Cookies

These colorful, sprinkled-covered wonders are a delightful display of Mexico’s love for life and fun. 

Mexican sprinkle cookies are a celebration in every bite. They feature a sweet, slightly crispy cookie base generously adorned with rainbow sprinkles. The playful decoration brings a vibrant look and adds a delightful crunch. 

These cookies are perfect for children’s parties or afternoon teas and promise a whimsical, tasty adventure.

5. Mexican Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Nothing beats a fudgy, chocolatey delight when looking for something to delight your sweet tooth. And these Mexican chocolate crinkle cookies are sure to deliver! They bring together the decadence of dark chocolate and a subtle kick of cinnamon spice. 

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Rolled in powdered sugar, they boast a beautiful crackled appearance contrasting their deep, dark interiors. When bitten into, these cookies offer a soft, fudgy center you’ll love.

6. Brown Butter Coyotas

Looking for a simple, unassuming treat that’s also packed with flavor? Hailing from Northern Mexico is the top contender for that craving: brown butter coyotes!

Known for their large, flat, round shape, these pastries feature a sweet, caramel flavor filling. The browned butter adds a nutty richness to the dough. 

Baked to golden-brown perfection, they’re a must-try for anyone seeking a bite of Mexican tradition.

7. Chorreadas Piloncillo Cookies

Do you love sugar, spice, and everything nice? You’ll swoon over these chorreadas piloncillo cookies. 

Unrefined cane sugar lends the cookies a deep, molasses-like sweetness. A sprinkle of cinnamon elevates the flavor profile, and the nuts add extra crunch.

These cookies are irresistible with their charming, rustic appeal and a texture that crumbles delightfully.

8. Coricos (Mexican Corn Cookies)

Have you ever heard of corn cookies? If not, you’re missing out! Native to the state of Sinaloa, coricos is an inviting treat showcasing the versatility of corn in Mexican cuisine. 

They’re made from masa harina, sugar, and butter, creating a tender, almost cake-like texture. 

Plus, they’re infused with the caramelly sweetness of piloncillo and warm spices. Pair them with a hot cup of coffee for a heartwarming snacking delight.

9. Hojarascas (Mexican Shortbread Cookies)

Also known as pan de polvo, hojarascas is Mexico’s answer to shortbread cookies. Made with a perfect blend of flour, sugar, and butter, they’re crumbly and buttery. They’re brought to life with a hint of cinnamon. 

The result is are slightly sweet, crumbly cookies that dissolve magically in your mouth. They’re coated with a dusting of cinnamon sugar for added decadence.

10. Marranitos (Puerquitos)

Shaped like little pigs, marranitos (or puerquitos) is a beloved treat in Mexican bakeries. These charming cookies, despite their adorable appearance, aren’t overly sweet. 

They’re gingerbread-like cookies made from molasses and subtly spiced with cinnamon, anise, and clove. The texture is soft and cake-like, contrasting with their crispy exterior. 

11. Margarita Cookies

Bring the zesty, refreshing taste of a classic Mexican cocktail to your cookie jar with these margarita cookies. They capture the spirit of a margarita with lime and tequila-infused sugar cookie dough. They’re rolled with sparkling sugar, making every piece glimmer with sweetness.

Light, crisp, and with a distinctive citrus kick, margarita cookies are a flavor fiesta!

12. Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

Embodying the rich, warming comfort of Mexican hot chocolate, these cookies are perfect for chocolate lovers. The deep, dark chocolate is elevated with cinnamon and a hint of chili powder. It creates soft, chewy, and indulgent treats.

The spicy kick adds an exciting twist to the sweetness, providing a satisfyingly complex flavor. They’re sprinkled with flaky sea salt to balance the sweet, robust flavors.

13. Mexican Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Dulce de Leche Filling

Celebrate the iconic Mexican flavors with these chocolate sandwich cookies! They’re rich with chocolate and a hint of cinnamon, creating a robust, mouthwatering base. 

Between these delightful rounds lies a creamy layer of dulce de leche, adding a smooth, caramel delight. 

They’re decadent, indulgent, and irresistibly satisfying. These sandwich cookies will be your new favorite.

14. Mexican Cinnamon Cookies

Also known as “Bizcochitos,” these traditional Mexican cookies pack cinnamon’s warm, comforting power.

They’re lightly sweet, with a flaky, buttery texture that melts in your mouth. The standout flavor is the cinnamon, adding a wonderful aroma and taste that lingers.

Mexican cinnamon cookies are a lovely accompaniment to coffee or hot chocolate.

15. Polvorones (Tri-Colored Mexican Cookies)

Brighten up your dessert table with the vibrant flavors of these tri-colored polvorones! These crumbly, shortbread-like cookies are flavored with vanilla, providing a rich, nutty undertone to their sweetness. 

They’re a colorful feast, ideal for celebrations or simply an everyday treat.

16. Mexican Chocolate Chip Cookies

Imagine your favorite chocolate chip cookies, then add a delicious Mexican twist. This recipe is a fun take on the classic treat. It boasts a rich chocolate flavor intensified with hints of cinnamon and cayenne. 

This unexpected spice combination elevates the humble chocolate chip cookie into a sophisticated, mouth-watering dessert. 

Soft and chewy, with sweetness and oomph, these cookies are perfect for adventure-seeker foodies!

17. Mexican Cookie Rings

Mexican cookie rings are an elegant, delightful addition to any dessert spread. 

They’re made from a buttery, sweet dough enriched with vanilla. They’re shaped into delicate rings and baked until golden. 

Often adorned with glazes, sprinkles, or powdered sugar, these treats offer a beautiful aesthetic and delightful flavor. 

They’re not just cookies but lovely edible ornaments that’ll impress.

17 Traditional Mexican Cookies (+ Easy Recipes)

Get a taste of tradition with these Mexican cookies! From polvorones to wedding cookies to coyotas, each recipe is sure to please.


  • Espejo Mexican Cookies

  • Mexican Wedding Cookies

  • Polvorones Rosas (Mexican Pink Sugar Cookies)

  • Mexican Sprinkle Cookies

  • Mexican Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

  • Brown Butter Coyotas

  • Chorreadas Piloncillo Cookies

  • Coricos (Mexican Corn Cookies)

  • Hojarascas (Mexican Shortbread Cookies)

  • Marranitos (Puerquitos)

  • Margarita Cookies

  • Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

  • Mexican Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Dulce de Leche Filling

  • Mexican Cinnamon Cookies

  • Polvorones (Tri-Colored Mexican Cookies)

  • Mexican Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Mexican Cookie Rings


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a batch of Mexican cookies in 30 minutes or less!
Mexican Cookies

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