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20 Traditional Norwegian Christmas Cookies

From classic gingerbread and buttery spritz cookies to cream-filled Krumkake, Norwegian Christmas cookies are guaranteed to delight this holiday season.

And they make such a nice change from the usual sugar cookies!

Sweet Homemade Norwegian Spritz Cookies
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20 Most Popular Norwegian Christmas Cookie Recipes

The holidays just aren’t complete without a batch (or ten!) of cookies cooling on the counter.

And while we all have our favorites (these Snickerdoodles are mine), these Norwegian Christmas cookies really are something special.

So if you want to make this festive season one to remember, let’s get baking – Scandi-style!

1. Norwegian Julemenn (Christmas Men Cookies)

These dense and lightly spiced cookies are sure to fill your house with festive aromas and holiday cheer! 

You’ll need hartshorn (aka Baker’s Ammonia), a chemical leavening agent known as Hjortetakksalt.

Other than that, it’s a pretty standard butter cookie recipe. But the hartshorn really does make all the difference!

2. Norwegian Krumkake

Norwegian Krumkake is the perfect combination of flavors and textures.

It’s kind of a cross between a cookie and a waffle, with a light and airy texture plus delicate, crispy edges.

Typically served as a cone, you’ll often find them filled with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Of course, if you plan to bring them to a party, don’t add the cream until serving; otherwise, the cookie will go soggy.

3. Norwegian Goro Cookies

Here’s a classic Norwegian Christmas cookie you don’t want to miss.

They are usually made with a blend of flour, butter, sugar, and cream. The dough is rolled thin and cut into intricate shapes with special Goro irons.

Finally, they’re baked until golden and are best served with a cup of tea or coffee.

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4. Fattigman Cookies

Looking for a holiday treat that’s light, flaky, and bursting with flavor? I have the perfect thing.

This traditional Norwegian recipe features crispy fried dough dusted with powdered sugar and cardamom. 

The result is a delicate bite that’s perfect with a hot cup of cocoa. 

Serve them up on a festive platter or package them up as a gift. Either way, you won’t be able to resist these heavenly bites!

5. Norwegian Konjakksnitter (Cognac Cookies)

At first glance, you might think these are more like biscuits or beignets. But they’re really Cognac-infused butter cookies!

Featuring a quick dough of butter, sugar, flour, and eggs, they’re wonderfully simple yet decadent.

But that hint of booze makes them extra special for the holidays.

Serve with a dusting of powdered sugar, and you’ll be in Scandinavian heaven!

6. Norweigan Pepperkaker (Gingerbread Cookies)

You’ll find variations of the Norweigan Pepperkaker all over Europe.

And while they’re not as spiced and chewy as our gingerbread cookies, there’s plenty of warming cinnamon and ginger to keep you coming back for more.

In fact, I’d argue these are even better than gingerbread because they’re more mellow. That means everyone will love them – even little kids.

7. Norweigan Serinakaker (Butter Cookies)

It doesn’t get any easier or more delicious than a light, buttery sugar cookie.

And these babies really do melt in your mouth!

They’re the perfect blend of crumbly yet tender – like if sugar cookies and shortbread had a love child.

And you’ll adore the hint of sweet almonds and crunchy nuts on top.

8. Norwegian Kransekakestenger (Almond Cookies)

The recipe above yields a pretty firm dough you can scoop into portions.

This version is similar in flavor, but the dough is much softer. As a result, it’s one of my favorite cookie press recipes because you can portion it into cute shapes.

There’s ground almonds this time, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, making them extra tender and just a little zippy.

9. Bordstabler

Bordstabler (board stacks) is a pretty fun Christmas cookie recipe. In fact, it’s almost like two cookies in one.

There’s a lovely butter cookie base that’s usually shaped like a rectangle. Then there’s a macaroon-like topping of meringue with ground almonds.

Be sure to grind the almonds as fine as possible. But feel free to make them into different shapes.

10. Sirupsnipper

The combination of sweet, nutty almonds and deep, rich sugar syrup makes this sirupsnipper recipe a mouthwatering delight.

They’re very similar to the pepperkaker recipe above. Only instead of golden syrup, you’ll need black treacle (dark inverted sugar syrup).

Unfortunately, the dough won’t work as well with molasses. So be sure to check online for treacle!

11. Sandbakkels/ Sandkaker (Norwegian Sand Cookies)

Sandbakkels are a traditional Norwegian pastry often served at Christmas.

They’re little cups with a very delicate and buttery texture that’re often filled with almond paste, cream cheese, or jam. 

Perfect for parties, I like to make a big batch and fill them with all kinds of festive things, like spiced cream cheese or no-bake pumpkin cheesecake.

12. Berlinerkranser (Berlin Wreath Norwegian Christmas Cookies)

When you look at the recipe for this one, you might think you’ve misread something.

But yes, you really will add hard-boiled egg yolks to the dough!

Believe it or not, they’ll make this cookie impossibly rich and creamy. One bite won’t be enough.

13. Scandinavian Rosette Cookies

Scandinavian rosette cookies are a delicious treat that you must try! 

They’re light, airy, and wonderfully sweet and crisp after a spin in the hot oil.

Think of them like Scandinavian churros. Only they get a coating of powdered sugar instead of cinnamon.

Although, you could always toss them in cinnamon sugar if you like – they’re your cookies, after all!

14. Brune Pinner

Brune pinner (brown sticks) may not look overly festive, but they’re a Norwegian holiday staple.

You’ll get notes of cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla, making them similar again to the pepperkaker above.

But there’s plenty of sweetness from the golden syrup and a beautiful layer of crunch on top, thanks to the pearl sugar and chopped almonds.

15. Norwegian Walnut Cookies

As the name suggests, these Norwegian walnut cookies are an indulgent treat that blends plenty of nutty flavors and sweet tastes. 

They’re a lot like Mexican wedding cookies, but they use walnuts instead of almonds.

I find that cuts down on the sweetness in the dough. So when you add the dusting of powdered sugar, it’s not overwhelming.

16. Norwegian Kringla Cookies

Soft, butter, and not too sweet, you’ll go gaga for these Kringla cookies.

They’re quite thick and shaped a little like a pretzel. And while the OG cookies aren’t usually frosted, I think it makes them even better!

17. Norwegian Havrekjeks

These cracker-cookies are pretty unique. They’re sweet and salty and loaded with nutty oats.

Havrekjeks can be served with sweet jam or cheese and meats. So they’re just as welcome on a charcuterie board as a cookie platter!

Also, this is another recipe calling for baker’s ammonia. So it’s worth getting a tub for all these tasty recipes.

18. Mandelflarn (Norweigan Almond Lace Cookies)

Mandelflarn are fun lace cookies that need a bit more TLC than some other recipes on this list.

You see, you’ll make caramel with the nuts, and that stuff can go from perfect to burned in a flash.

So if you want to make these tasty cookies, be sure you have the time to watch the pot!

19. Easy Christmas Chocolate Rice Puffs (Risboller)

With a combination of chocolate, powdered sugar, and creamy coconut fat, this no-bake cookie recipe is a must-make.

The warm chocolate brings out the sweetness of the coconut, while the rice puffs provide an irresistible crunchy texture. 

Serve them plain, or top them with crushed candy canes, chopped almonds, or festive sprinkles.

20. Sarah Bernhardt Cookies

Named for the famous French actress, this unique meringue dessert will blow your mind.

It’s crunchy yet soft and flavorful yet simple. So it’s everything you want in a Christmas cookie – and more!

The meringue is flavored with almond extract, and the whole thing gets a nice coating of dark chocolate for good measure. Yum!

20 Traditional Norwegian Christmas Cookies

From classic gingerbread and buttery spritz cookies to cream-filled Krumkake, Norwegian Christmas cookies are guaranteed to delight this holiday season.


  • Norwegian Julemenn (Christmas Men Cookies)

  • Norwegian Krumkake

  • Norwegian Goro Cookies

  • Fattigman Cookies

  • Norwegian Konjakksnitter (Cognac Cookies)

  • Norweigan Pepperkaker (Gingerbread Cookies)

  • Norweigan Serinakaker (Butter Cookies)

  • Norwegian Kransekakestenger (Almond Cookies)

  • Bordstabler

  • Sirupsnipper

  • Sandbakkels/ Sandkaker (Norwegian Sand Cookies)

  • Berlinerkranser (Berlin Wreath Norwegian Christmas Cookies)

  • Scandinavian Rosette Cookies

  • Brune Pinner

  • Norwegian Walnut Cookies

  • Norwegian Kringla Macaroons

  • Norwegian Havrekjeks

  • Mandelflarn (Norweigan Almond Lace Cookies)

  • Easy Christmas Chocolate Rice Puffs (Risboller)

  • Sarah Bernhardt Cookies


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