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30 Best Tray Bakes Your Family Will Love

Sweet, savory, and oh-so-convenient, these tasty tray bakes are just what you need on a busy weeknight.

They’re easy to make and perfect for any occasion. 

Homemade Carrot Cake Tray Bake with Glaze and Pecans
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In Europe and Australia, tray bakes are essentially sheet cakes. So, the cake is baked, cooled, decorated, and served in the same dish.

However, the term has expanded to include savory recipes, like sheet pan dinners, as well.

And luckily, this list has plenty of both. So, let’s check them out and see if you figure out which tray bake is my favorite!

Hint: it’s sweet, sticky, and to die for!

1. Retro School Dinner Cake

This old-fashioned cake will take you back to your elementary school days.

Remember those fluffy, spongy cakes with a simple vanilla icing on top? This recipe makes that exact cake.

It’s light, mildly sweet, and covered in colorful sprinkles. Serve it with thick custard for an even tastier treat.

2. Shake and Bake Chicken

You probably remember Shake and Bake commercials if you grew up in the 90s.

This juicy, crispy-crusted chicken is almost the same. 

You won’t make it from a boxed mix, though. Instead, you’ll make your own homemade seasoning.

The butter adds moisture and the paprika and sage give it a wonderful flavor. It’s sure to be a hit, no matter who you’re feeding.

3. Traditional School Jam and Coconut Tray Bake

Here’s another simple cake you may recognize from your school days.

It features the same springy sponge cake, but you’ll use raspberry jam and desiccated coconut instead of icing.

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It’s sweet, tangy, and a tiny bit tropical. Serve it for your next big gathering if you want something everyone will enjoy.

4. Halloumi Tray Bake with Pesto Rice & Roasted Vegetables

Do you crave flavorful, healthy meals? If so, this halloumi tray bake is just what you need. 

You’ll adore the combination of pesto rice and roasted vegetables. It makes for a delicious and nutritious side dish.

Furthermore, the grilled halloumi cheese adds richness and texture. 

Whip it up for a quick and easy – and vegetarian-friendly! – weeknight meal.

5. Salmon & New Potatoes Tray Bake

If you aren’t confident in your fish cooking skills, tray bakes are the way to go. It’s almost impossible to mess them up.  

Just throw everything on the tray and stick it in the oven! How easy is that?

The fish is bright and zesty, while the potatoes are earthy and filling. Together, they make an unforgettable dinner.

6. Easy Carrot Cake Traybake

Carrot cake tray bakes are sweetly spiced and full of moisture. Once you add the cream cheese frosting, they’re pretty addictive, too. 

This is one of the easiest ways you’ll ever make carrot cake.

Add a few marzipan carrots on top for decoration, and you’re ready to serve!

7. Salmon, Potato, and Broccoli Traybake with Wholegrain Mustard

This salmon, potato, and broccoli tray bake is an easy and healthy weeknight meal.

You’ll bake the salmon with potatoes and broccoli all in on one tray, which saves on dishes later. 

Flavored with a simple mixture of olive oil, wholegrain mustard, salt, and pepper, I know you’ll love it.

8. Easy Thai Chicken Traybake

This vibrant and flavorful tray bake is high in protein and vitamins A and C. It also has a decent amount of fiber.

You can make it with fewer than ten ingredients in just 50 minutes. It’s a complete meat and veggies meal made in one pan.

9. Sheet Pan Pancakes (Oven-baked Pancakes)

Have you ever made pancakes in the oven? You’ll be surprised at how quick it makes breakfast!

After all, if you’re feeding the family, the last thing you want is to be stuck at the stove flipping flapjacks.

And if you want the lightest, fluffiest pancakes possible, the oven is the way to go.

10. Cinnamon Coconut Chocolate Crunch

Rich, chocolatey, and nutty, these decadent delights are an easy favorite.

They take just 35 minutes to make, and they taste incredible to boot.

The decadent chocolate and cinnamon flavors complement each other perfectly. Plus, the texture is excellent. 

Actually, everything about these bars is excellent.

Scratch that – they’re spectacular, and you won’t be able to eat just one.

11. Biscoff Cake Traybake

This lovely cake is warm, buttery, and oh-so-comforting.

Every bite is full of brown sugar and crunchy Biscoff cookies. Yum!

Try it the next time you want something that makes you feel all fuzzy inside.

12. Fish Pie with Mashed Potato Topping

This creamy fish dish is ideal for Lent. It’s a classic British meal that I think will become a staple in your house. 

After all, mashed potatoes are super comforting. And though it may seem strange, they also make a great fish pie topping. 

It’s so good that you probably won’t have any leftovers. However, if you do, turn them into fantastic fish cakes for another tasty meal.

13. Honey Soy Mustard Chicken Tray Bake

This sweet-n-savory one-pot meal is a healthy and hearty meat-n-potatoes dinner.

The chicken is super juicy with crisp, flavorful skin. And the tender roasted potatoes are a fantastic pairing.

Because it has somewhat of an Asian flavor, I sometimes add sesame seeds to the top.

14. Cajun Chicken, Potato & Kale Traybake

Try this recipe if you want a chicken dinner with a bit more kick.

It’s almost like a salad but warmer and more comforting. There’s also more spice from the Cajun seasoning. Delish!

15. Tuscan Sheet Pan Chicken with Potatoes and Kale

This tray bake also contains chicken and kale. However, it’s inspired by classic Tuscan flavors and comes together in six easy steps. 

You’ll roast thinly sliced potatoes and kale with the chicken thighs. And you’ll season it all with garlic, thyme, and olive oil.

It’s a nourishing, satisfying meal that’s perfect for weeknights. 

Serve it straight from the oven with a sprinkle of freshly grated Parmesan cheese on top.

16. Raspberry and White Chocolate Traybake

This springy, spongy cake almost seems too good to be true. It’s rich, sweet, fruity, and tangy.

And since the juicy raspberries and creamy white chocolate are baked right into the dough, you get plenty of flavor in every bite.

If you want something new for dessert, this one’s an excellent option.

17. Sausage, Tomato, and Bean Traybake

Bring some European flair into your kitchen with this flavorful meal.

This sausage, tomato, and bean tray bake is crazy comforting and just what you need on a cold winter evening. 

It’s simple to make, and the combination of flavors is delicious. Best of all, it’s as hearty and filling as it is tasty and colorful.

Plus, it’s a one-pan meal, so there’s minimal clean-up! 

18. Banana Bread Traybake/Banoffee Traybake Cake

This recipe blows traditional banana bread out of the water.

It’s supremely moist, and the super sweet caramel frosting is enough to make you drool. 

Banana bread has always been a favorite in my house. But the mixture of banana and toffee in this one ensures that it’s everyone’s favorite. 

19. Chocolate Brownies

If you aren’t making brownies as a tray bake, you need to start.

This recipe will give you the fudgiest, thickest, and most decadent brownies ever

Top them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce for a dreamy dessert.

You can also crumble them up in a milkshake or yogurt. Or just enjoy them by themselves. 

Either way, don’t be surprised if it makes every other brownie recipe seem bland.

20. Millionaires Shortbread

You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy millionaires’ shortbread.

You’ll love the buttery shortbread base and chewy caramel filling. Not to mention the decadent chocolate top layer!

Plus, just look at them! Aren’t these triple-layer squares just the most enchanting things you’ve ever seen?

It doesn’t matter if you’re feeding kids or adults – everyone is sure to love them.

21. Plum and Almond Traybake

This dessert is perfect for foodies who love experimenting with new flavor combinations.

The plums and almonds work together flawlessly.

They create a delicious, slightly tart, and sweet flavor to tantalize your taste buds.

It also looks stunning, so it’s sure to impress at your next dinner party. 

Bring it out with tea the next time you have visitors, and they’ll be amazed that you went all out for them.

Of course, you don’t have to tell them how easy it actually was to make!

22. Cinnamon Roll Cake

Do you love the taste of cinnamon rolls but don’t have the time to make them from scratch?

This cinnamon roll cake is the ideal alternative. 

It’s just as sweet and cinnamony as the original. And it has the same sticky, scrumptious glaze.

Fortunately, it’s much easier to make. 

The only thing easier is buying them from a bakery.

23. Sticky Toffee Pudding Traybake

Americans have apple pie and ice cream. Meanwhile, the Brits have sticky toffee pudding.

And as un-American as it sounds, I’d pick sticky toffee pudding every day of the week!

This divine dessert is a cross between a cake and a pudding, and it’s absolutely delicious.

It’s deeply flavorful and best served warm.

I like it with real British custard, but you can serve it will a scoop of ice cream if you prefer.

If you’ve never had sticky toffee pudding before, this tray bake is a great intro. It’s easy to make and mouth-wateringly good.

So what are you waiting for? Try this one out today! 

24. Gingerbread Traybake Cake

Moist, warm, and perfectly spiced, this gingerbread tray bake cake is just about perfect.

The cake is sticky, spongy, and spectacular. The buttercream frosting is spiced and sweet. 

Decorate it with a few gingerbread men and an extra dash of winter spices. It’s festive, fun, and fantastic.

Everyone at the table will want a second piece – so be sure to make extra!

25. Malteser Slice Traybake

Want to know what’s better than a Malteser? A tray bake made with Maltesers!

This recipe is easy to follow and results in a delicious slice that’s perfect for sharing. Not that you have to share, of course 😉

In case you aren’t familiar, Maltesers are similar to Whoppers. They lend this dessert plenty of chocolate and malted milk flavor.

26. Mary Berry’s Lemon Drizzle Cake (Tray Bake)

Mary Berry’s Lemon Drizzle Cake is bright, citrusy, and ideal for summer.

Like lemon icebox pie, it has a light sweetness topped with bold lemon zestiness. 

The cake is moist and light, but the icing is downright crunchy! It’s a unique combo that’s a real treat for the senses.

Sweet, tart, soft, and crunchy – this tray bake really does have it all. 

27. Dorset Apple Cake (Traybake)

Is there anything better in the fall than apples and cinnamon? If there is, I can’t think of it. 

This buttery cake is overflowing with fantastic fall flavors. Of course, that means it also smells as amazing as it tastes (and looks). 

Pair this with a big glass of apple cider for the full fall effect.

A spiced apple toddy would work well with it, too.

28. Chocolate Fudge Cake Traybake

This decadent, fudgy cake is a chocoholic’s dream come true. Biting into it is like biting into a rich, dark chocolate cloud. 

It’s so soft that it practically melts in your mouth. And the thick, fudgy icing is out of this world incredible.

It looks incredible, and it tastes even better. 

Even so, it’s simple to make. You’ll have it ready for the oven in 10 minutes, and it’ll need another 30 to bake.

Give it a try the next time you need a hardcore chocolate fix.

29. Pineapple and Coconut Traybake

This tropical tray bake is a genuine treat.

It’s fruity, moist, and full of rich, warm coconut. It takes about 45 minutes to make and uses just seven ingredients. 

Every bite will make you think of summers on the beach.

30. Pumpkin Traybake Cake

Need something sweet, simple, and scrumptious for Halloween? Try this easy pumpkin tray bake cake.

It’s pumpkiny and spicy, and you can decorate it however you like. 

I like to use the pumpkins from Brach’s Autumn Mix. But sprinkles, icing, or candy corn work well, too.

30 Best Tray Bakes Your Family Will Love

Sweet, savory, and oh-so-convenient, these tasty tray bakes are just what you need on a busy weeknight. They’re easy to make and perfect for any occasion.


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