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20 Best Leek Recipes the Family Will Love

These hearty and delicious leek recipes will wake you up to all the subtle flavor and versatility of this underrated vegetable.

Leeks may be a milder member of the onion family, but don’t let that fool you. They’re crazy flavorful and super easy to cook with!

Leek Pizza with Mushrooms and Cheese
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This fun winter vegetable tastes best after a frost or dug up in spring after a season in the chilly ground.

Add them to your favorite winter comfort foods or spring brunches for a note of aromatic flavor and silky texture.

If you’re all out of ideas, there’s plenty of inspiration in this list of 20 leek recipes. 

And if you need something dairy-free, I even have a whole list of vegan leek recipes!

1. Potato Leek Soup

When I think of winter comfort food, I think of potato and leek soup.

Thick, creamy, nutritious, and dense, it’s everything you want in a cozy bowlful.

There’s just something about soft potato, oniony leeks, heavy cream, and fresh herbs that warm body, mind, and soul.

2. Leek and Kale Galette

This gorgeous leek and kale galette would be perfect for an impressive and elegant weekend brunch.

It’s made with nutritious green vegetables, wrapped in a soft cheese filling, and encased in flaky pastry.

You won’t have to fuss around with dough for this easy recipe. Simply buy the pre-made puff pastry. The best cooks know when to take shortcuts. 

3. Sauteed Leek with Bacon

Bacon and leek are the ultimate tasty team. The subtle flavor of the leeks is the perfect complement to bacon’s salty, meaty kick.

This quick and easy side will work with any meal. 

Saute chopped leeks in butter until they turn gorgeously silky, then crumble in cooked bacon, and voila!

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You’ll have a tasty, satisfying snack that’s ready in moments.

4. Leek Gratin

Sunday roasts need hearty sides, and it doesn’t get much better than this indulgent gratin.

It’s a fun alternative to classic potato casseroles, with leeks doing the heavy lifting.

They’re baked in cream and garlic herb butter, then topped with heapings of parmesan cheese and crunchy breadcrumbs.

5. Caramelized Leek and Mushroom Rice

This is a light and healthy side that’s perfect for vegetarian dinner parties.

It’s a beautiful blend of nutty rice, earthy mushrooms, and silky leeks.

Caramelizing the leeks first brings out all their smooth, sweet flavor, elevating this gluten-free side into something special.

6. Vegetable Kugel with Caramelized Leeks

A kugel is a traditional Jewish casserole made from egg noodles or potatoes that’s typically served on Passover.

This recipe ups the nutritional content with a whole heap of yummy winter vegetables. It’s packed with potatoes, sweet potatoes, leeks, and zucchini.

All those filling ingredients make this a dense and satisfying casserole that can hold its own amid a Passover platter.

7. Mushroom Leek Pizza

Vegetarian pizzas are a great option for Meatless Mondays.

This delicious recipe is so much better than anything your local pizzeria can provide.

It’s a bit of a project because it’s entirely made from scratch, but so worth it. 

You can always make the dough ahead of time if you’re intending to serve this one mid-week. 

8. Leek Soup with Chicken, Mushrooms and Bacon

It’s hard to believe that this creamy soup is dairy-free, but it’s true!

There’s so much flavor in this beautiful bowl, along with some impressively healthy ingredients.

Chunks of tender chicken, salty bacon pieces, soft mushrooms, and silky leeks are all simmered in a thick broth.

The creaminess comes from pureed cauliflower, which adds even more taste and texture.

9. Spinach Leek Stuffed Mushrooms

Serve these as an appetizer or a tasty light lunch, and enjoy the flood of compliments that will inevitably follow.

Large portobello mushrooms are packed with a spinach, leek, and onion filling.

They’re then finished off with a mozzarella and breadcrumb topping for a gorgeously cheesy crunch.

10. Leek Bread Pudding

I don’t know if this dish is sweet or savory, and I don’t really care.

When a recipe is this insanely delicious, you don’t ask questions. You just get it into your belly.

Tender leeks are mixed with chunks of crusty bread, a cream sauce, and plenty of cheese. 

Baked until golden brown and bubbly, this is a luxurious side that’ll fast become a favorite.

11. Savory Chickpea Pancakes with Leek and Mushrooms

Proof that dieting doesn’t have to be dreary, this gluten-free and vegan recipe is both healthy and crazy delicious.

With only eight ingredients, it’s also surprisingly simple.

You’ll whisk together a chickpea flour batter, pan-fry it to make a thin pancake, and then load it up with buttery vegetables.

Going low-carb never tasted so good!

12. Coconut Corn Chowder with Leeks

Gluten-free and ready in 30 minutes, mid-week meals don’t get much easier (or healthier) than this cozy chowder.

The subtle sweetness of coconut milk is a gorgeous addition to tender leeks and chunks of corn in this fragrant soup. 

If you have time, turn your leek tops into leek oil and drizzle over the soup before serving. This secret ingredient really brings out all the yummy flavor.

13. Mushroom, Leek, and Fontina Frittata

This frittata is so healthy, filling, and addictive, you’ll fight with your family over the last slice.

It’s worth risking a bit of family upheaval, though. Creamy, cheesy, and dense, this is the kind of pie that makes an impression.

14. Greek Leek Pie

Also known as prasopita, this traditional pie is a Greek classic.

You can make this like a Greek chef and roll your own pastry or make life easy by buying phyllo dough from your local grocery store.

The filling is made from tender leeks, 2 types of cheese, and a dash of white wine.

It’s a truly delightful dish that delivers soft creaminess and buttery, flaky pastry in every forkful.

15. Leek Creamed Corn

Thick and creamy corn is an old favorite in our house, but sometimes, even old favorites get tired.

That’s why I love this recipe. It takes classic creamed corn and adds soft, buttery leeks. It’s such a simple tweak, but it’s so good.

16. One-Pot Pasta with Leeks, Zucchini, and Garlic Scapes

Being a lazy cook at heart, I absolutely love one-pot meals.

This recipe is a real treat with soft pasta tubes and plenty of late spring vegetables.

17. Savory Cornbread with Leeks and Jalapeños  

With a little bit of heat and lots of savory goodness, this crumbly cornbread hits all the right notes.

Add cherry tomatoes if you fancy a bit more color and serve with lots of butter. 

18. Baked White Cheddar Leek Dip

Potlucks and parties need bubbly, cheesy dips.

So the next time you get an invite, make this recipe. It’s a salty, savory, cheesy bowl of dreamy deliciousness. Just don’t lick the bowl clean unless you’re alone.

19. Parmesan Roasted Leeks

This simple side may be really easy to assemble, but it’ll taste like you’ve been laboring in the kitchen all day.

Leeks, shredded parmesan, butter, and herbs are all you need for this sensational dish.

It’s the perfect addition to Sunday roasts, Thanksgiving feasts, or mid-week family meals. 

20. Caramelized Leek & Seared Mushroom Toast

Avocado toast is so 2019. Meet the new kid on the block – leek and mushroom toast.

There’s much more style and substance to this gorgeous brunch-like snack. 

Crunchy toast is smeared with a dense mustard and pine nut spread before being piled high with flavorful veggies.

Caramelized leek and seared mushrooms are the best pairing. They’re buttery, velvety, and totally irresistible.

20 Best Ways to Cook with Leeks

Try these leek recipes if you’re looking for some new healthy dishes! From soup to pizza to a frittata, leeks are so underrated and so good!


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Leek Recipes

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