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20 Healthy Sweet Potato Breakfast Recipes

Don’t wait until fall to try these filling, healthy, and oh-so-tasty sweet potato breakfast recipes.

From sweet to savory, they’re too good to miss.

Breakfast Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Eggs and Bacon
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Sweet potatoes are super nutritious and wonderfully versatile.

And because of their unique taste, you can use them in everything from breakfast and dinner to dessert. 

I’m talking crunchy hash with runny eggs, tender muffins, soft bread, and even sweet waffles.

And you’ll find sweet potato breakfast recipes for all those things and more right here. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get cooking!

20 Best Ways To Have Sweet Potato for Breakfast

1. Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

Some mornings, all I can face is toast and coffee.

But sometimes, I want a breakfast plate that has it all. And this sweet potato breakfast hash has it all and then some!

It’s a chunky, colorful dish of potatoes, bacon, kale, eggs, onions, and more.

Ready in just over 30 minutes, it’s guaranteed to fill up the whole family.

2. Paleo Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl

Healthy fats? Check. Protein? Check. Whole30 and paleo? Double check!

Believe it or not, this simple three-ingredient breakfast bowl is all those things. It’s also crazy-delish.

Packed with goodness, this is a superb way to start the day. And all you need is sweet potatoes, almond butter, and almond milk.

If you like, sweeten it with extra toppings. Either way, it’s a healthy, hearty breakfast everyone will love.

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3. Loaded Breakfast Sweet Potato

Baked potatoes for breakfast? Yes, please! 

I adore baked potatoes, and while this version is typically found on dinner roundups, it’s actually an ideal breakfast.

Buttery and full of Mexican flair, it’s bright, fresh, and wonderfully warming.

You’ll add salsa, avocado, sour cream, and more. And if you use the microwave, it’ll be on the table in minutes.

4. Baked Sweet Potato Egg Cups

These easy-to-make egg cups have eight grams of protein and only nine net carbs.

They’re herby, eggy, and have a light sweetness from the potatoes. 

Excellent for breakfast or brunch, that runny center is a dream. Just don’t try to eat these on the go!

5. Sheet Pan Sweet Potato Breakfast

This simple sheet pan meal combines eggs, potatoes, and sausages.

So, besides oil and a few seasonings, that’s all you’ll need to make it. (And a sheet pan, of course.)

You’ll have it ready in about 30 minutes. It’s tasty, nutritious, and filling.

Best of all, it’s budget-friendly and pretty hands-off.

6. Sweet Potato Hash with Bacon and Eggs

You can never have too many hash recipes, right?

This one is spicy, salty, and chock-full of bacon and egg yumminess. It’s just as hearty as the other hash recipes here and easy to make, too. 

7. Chickpea and Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

Need a vegan-friendly hash recipe? I’ve got you covered!

This veggie-packed hash is flavorful, filling, and covered in a bold Sriracha and tahini sauce. 

Try it the next time you want something meat-free.

8. Sweet Potato Baked Oatmeal

This oatmeal doesn’t look like your average bowl. That’s thanks to the oats, nuts, and maple syrup topping. 

It’s thicker and almost crisp – kind of like an oatmeal cookie. Think of it like a sweet potato casserole, only with oatmeal!

It’s healthy, filling, and wonderfully sweet.

9. Sweet Potato Muffins

These warm, spiced sweet potato muffins are just plain heavenly.

They taste so good, it’s almost criminal. They’re also vegan-friendly and surprisingly healthy!

Even the kiddos will love them.

Furthermore, you can make a dozen in 35 minutes with fewer than ten ingredients. That’s just good math.

10. Chorizo and Sweet Potato Hash

Sorry, it’s another hash recipe. What can I say? I adore sweet potato hash.

Everything about hash is just so amazingly yummy. And this recipe is no exception.

It features nine ingredients and has a little spice from the chorizo. It also has plenty of peppers and onions for an exceptionally flavorful dish. 

11. Sweet Potato, Black Bean & Avocado Breakfast Burritos

These vegetarian breakfast burritos are jam-packed with protein and flavor.

You’ll fill your tortillas with plenty of chunky veggies, starting with hearty black beans.

Then, add avocado, eggs, cheese, sweet potatoes, and more. Finally, the enchilada sauce and seasonings give it plenty of Mexican flair. 

They’re listed as breakfast burritos, but they’re tasty all day long.

12. Sweet Potato Pancake Recipe

Why have regular pancakes when you can have sweet potato pancakes instead?

They’re light, fluffy, and downright decadent. 

Each one features the rich, warm flavors of cinnamon, honey, and ginger. And they’re so sweet, spiced, and tasty, you don’t even need a topping. 

That said, they’re even better with maple syrup, berries, or whipped cream. (Caramelized bananas are another phenomenal topping.) 

13. Sweet Potato Waffles

Of course, some people prefer waffles to pancakes. If that’s you, this recipe should do the trick.

These thick, crunchy waffles are just as sweet and spiced as the pancakes above. They just have way more texture.

14. Sweet Potato Toast

Try this sweet potato toast if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to carb-heavy bread.

It’s still pretty carby but has far more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. 

Plus, it tastes fantastic and is impossibly easy to make.

You’ll need sweet potatoes, salt, pepper, and cooking spray. That’s it. It shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes.

After that, you can add whatever toppings you like best. Sweet or savory, the sky’s the limit.

15. Sweet Potato Hash with Sausage and Eggs

This particular hash recipe is paleo-friendly and Whole30-compliant. It includes lots of tender veggies and juicy, well-seasoned sausage. 

It takes about 35 minutes and is a savory breakfast to start your day off with a bang.

16. Sweet Potato Scones with Brown Sugar Glaze

Crumbly, crunchy, and covered in a sticky glaze – what more could you want from a sweet potato scone?

These are super sweet even without the brown sugar glaze. Once you add that, though, they’re divine.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, these will satisfy it with just one bite.

I like to serve mine with a caramel latte. But no matter the beverage, these make a fantastic brunch item.

17. Sweet Potato, Bacon, and Egg Breakfast Tacos

If you’re anything like me, you can eat Mexican food any time. So, check out these scrumptious breakfast tacos!

Healthy, hearty, and always a blast, this is the ideal breakfast to get the family involved.

Lay out eggs, bacon, cheese, and (of course) sweet potatoes, and let everyone make their own tacos.

Just don’t forget the guac! (Just call it ‘smashed avocado,’ and it’s totally acceptable.)

18. Sweet Potato French Toast Casserole

Here’s yet another sweet potato casserole-inspired dish. But this one combines everyone’s favorite fall casserole with French toast!

It’s sweet and nutty, with a crunchy topping and a lightly spiced flavor.

It’s kind of carb hell, so you won’t want to indulge in it too often. Still, if you need a decadent treat for a special occasion, this is it.

19. Roasted Sweet Potato and Spinach Breakfast Hash

Need a recipe with a portion of greens? Try this breakfast hash!

It’s a simple recipe with only a few ingredients, but it’s colorful, tasty, ad full of goodness.

And for all the potatoes and onions, it’s not that high in carbs. It also has a ton of protein to help jumpstart your day. 

20. Sweet Potato Bread

Quick bread is my favorite kind of homemade bread. And this one takes a bit over an hour from start to finish. 

It’s sweet, cinnamony, and beautifully orange, just like pumpkin bread. However, it’s moister and lighter than pumpkin bread. 

Don’t forget to mix in your pecans. They add some much-needed crunch and saltiness.

20 Best Ways To Have Sweet Potato for Breakfast

Don’t wait until fall to try these filling, healthy, and oh-so-tasty sweet potato breakfast recipes. From sweet to savory, they’re too good to miss.


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Sweet Potato Breakfast Recipes

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