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17 Breakfast Salads (+ Healthy Recipes)

If you want to sneak in more leafy greens in your life, these breakfast salads are a great place to start.

You’ve heard of breakfast for dinner, but why not lunch for breakfast?

They pair crisp greens with breakfast staples: eggs, bacon, and even sausage meatballs!

Salmon Salad with Green Vegetables and Hard Boiled Eggs
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Traditional egg-inspired breakfasts don’t have to be so heavy.

Skipping the toast and replacing it with greens delivers the same hearty breakfast without the need for a mid-morning nap. 

Check out these breakfast salads below that rethink how you approach the day’s most important meal. 

1. Poached Egg and Avocado Breakfast Salad 

What’s not to love with creamy avocado, crispy greens, crunchy walnuts, and a perfectly poached egg? 

There’s no need for salad dressing once you break into that tender yolk.

It oozes into every nook and cranny of this bright breakfast indulgence. 

Seriously, there are few things more satisfying than breaking into a poached egg.

2. Sweet Potato Kale Breakfast Salad 

When one thinks of breakfast, kale does not likely come to mind. 

Here’s a breakfast that you can make to prepare for the long week ahead.

This recipe makes a big batch, and it keeps in the fridge for up to 5 days. 

Pair it with sweet potatoes, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, pumpkin seeds, and a fresh lemon vinaigrette.

The earthly flavors of kale always shine through. 

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3. Savory Breakfast Salad 

An unlikely pairing of summer fruits and veggies transforms essential greens into something bright and flavorful. 

Any leafy greens work as a base in this recipe and work wonderfully with sauteed sweet potatoes and blueberries. 

It has creamy avocado, hummus, hemp seeds, and parsley.

This simple arrangement of bright, summer flavors is a great way to start your morning. 

4. Blueberry Breakfast Salad 

Conquer the food pyramid before you even change out of your PJs!

Blueberries and eggs make a fantastic duo.

The tartness of blueberries adds volume and bright flavors to this simple scramble salad. 

There are also fresh herbs and a touch of chili flakes for heat.

This salad fits in a generous portion of protein, fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats in one bright and colorful bowl. 

5. Fall Breakfast Salad 

Salads aren’t just for lunch, and they aren’t just for summer. 

Using those seasonal fall veggies is a great way to ease into sweater weather. 

With butternut squash, Granny Smith apples, cinnamon, walnuts, and spinach, it’s hard to resist this tasty autumn salad. 

Top it with a sunny-side-up egg, and bust out the pumpkin-spiced latte!

6. Healthy Breakfast Salad 

If Greek salads are your go-to meal, this healthy breakfast salad is a morning take on this Mediterranean classic. 

The best part of this breakfast salad is that it whips together in a snap.

Pair it with roughly chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, and fresh herbs. 

With a buttery sunny-side-up egg, there’s no need for salad dressing. 

7. Easy Sauteed Breakfast Salad 

Just look at all of those greens!

This easy sauteed salad looks like something from those fancy bistros designed for unapologetic morning people. 

There’s no need to get all fancy for breakfast because this powerhouse green salad comes together in a snap. 

Serve your favorite greens with tender chunks of sauteed cauliflower (or any seasonal veggies), and top with gooey eggs and fresh dill. 

8. Pomegranate Fruit Salad  

Looking for something a little sweeter? Give eggs and greens the morning off with this bright and colorful pomegranate fruit salad. 

What I love most about pomegranate seeds is that they’re like tiny little multivitamins.

They’re low in calories, and high in fiber, nutrients, healthy fats, and even contain a surprising amount of protein. 

Toss pomegranate seeds in a breakfast fruit salad with all your favorite seasonal fruits to start your day with a sweet kick. 

9. Breakfast Egg Salad with Bacon 

Calling all bacon addicts! Bacon for breakfast is typically reserved for the weekend because it makes a bit of a mess.

However, with this simple breakfast egg salad recipe, you can make a big batch to store in the fridge on busy weekday mornings. 

Think of this egg salad mixture similar to chicken salad or tuna salad.

Instead of chicken, it infuses the creamy egg mixture with bacon. Genius!

It’s smoky, creamy, and goes great over a bed of greens or toast. 

10. Bright Berry Salad 

When I get fruit salad at a restaurant, I always sift through the filler fruit (looking at you, melon!) for the berries. 

Berries not only taste better than melon (in my humble option), but they’re chock full of beneficial vitamins and nutrients. 

So, it only makes sense to create a breakfast fruit salad composed of nothing but berries.

If Cap’n Crunch can do it, so can you!

11. Farro Breakfast Salad with Sweet Potatoes and Apples 

This farro breakfast salad pairs sweet and salty flavors together in creamy harmony, and it’s the perfect way to start your day. 

It infuses rich autumn-inspired ingredients such as sweet potatoes, apples, and farro on a bed of earthy kale. 

Those flavors come together in a delicious creamy almond butter citrus dressing. 

12. Salmon and Poached Egg Breakfast Salad 

Need a lot of breakfast fuel to get through a long day?

This light yet indulgent smoked salmon and egg salad is a nutritional powerhouse that does laps around the food pyramid. 

Smoky salmon provides tons of protein and antioxidants and pairs well with avocado and crisp greens. 

With poached eggs and creamy hollandaise sauce, this is the breakfast salad to end all breakfast salads. 

13. Easy Kale Breakfast Salad 

If eggs and sausage are your go-to breakfast, this kale breakfast salad is worth checking out. 

With eggs and sausage always comes toast (or potatoes), but this recipe skips the carbs in favor of crispy and nutritional kale. 

It marries the savory flavors of sausage and eggs in a healthy dish that comes together in a snap. 

14. Breakfast Salad with Everything Bagel Seasoning Dressing 

I love my everything bagels, but they’re not exactly healthy. 

This salad has all the hallmarks of an indulgent Sunday breakfast without needing a mid-morning nap. 

It pairs leafy greens with eggs and sausage and tops it off with a generous drizzle of everything bagel salad dressing. 

15. Bacon and Strawberry Breakfast Salad

This bacon and strawberry breakfast salad is the ultimate meal prep.

It comes together in a snap, and it’s so easy to portion into small containers.

It pairs smoky bacon strips, hard-boiled eggs, and creamy avocado over a bed of your favorite greens. 

While this salad is excellent on its own, the bright tahini dressing takes it to new levels. 

16. Garden-Fresh Corn Salad

When corn is in season around here, I struggle to find new ways to use it when I have exhausted classic corn on the cob. 

This fresh corn salad uses excess fresh corn and lends sweet and summery notes to a super easy breakfast salad. 

Pair corn with jalapenos (to tame the sweetness), radishes, onion, and fresh herbs, and pair with a bright vinaigrette. 

17. The Breakfast Salad (with Sausage Meatballs!) 

Meatballs for breakfast? Sign me up!

If your go-to breakfast is eggs and sausage, this salad is a healthy take on a classic. Did I mention that it has sausage meatballs? 

Mini sausage meatballs pair perfectly with hard-boiled eggs, leafy greens, tomatoes, avocado, and bright red onion. 

17 Healthy Breakfast Salads

These breakfast salads are seriously next-level good! From kale to blueberry to bacon and eggs, having lunch for breakfast never tasted so good.


  • Poached Egg and Avocado Breakfast Salad

  • Sweet Potato Kale Breakfast Salad

  • Savory Breakfast Salad

  • Blueberry Breakfast Salad

  • Fall Breakfast Salad

  • Healthy Breakfast Salad

  • Easy Sauteed Breakfast Salad

  • Pomegranate Fruit Salad

  • Breakfast Egg Salad with Bacon

  • Bright Berry Salad

  • Farro Breakfast Salad with Sweet Potatoes and Apples

  • Salmon and Poached Egg Breakfast Salad

  • Easy Kale Breakfast Salad

  • Breakfast Salad with Everything Bagel Seasoning Dressing

  • Bacon and Strawberry Breakfast Salad

  • Garden-Fresh Corn Salad

  • The Breakfast Salad (with Sausage Meatballs!)


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a breakfast salad in 30 minutes or less!
Breakfast Salads

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