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25 Best Breakfast Potato Recipes to Try This Morning

Need something new to serve with your usual morning eggs and bacon? Try these fantastic breakfast potato recipes

I have to admit, my favorite thing about breakfast is the carbs. Potatoes are a great source of fiber.

They also give you long-lasting energy and keep you feeling full. 

Egg and Potato Breakfast Bowl with Bacon
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Potatoes are one of the most versatile foods out there. They can be roasted, fried, boiled, mashed, shredded, and more!

These breakfast potato recipes will add some pizzazz to your morning routine. Try them in a casserole or even a potato pancake. 

You’re going to love these breakfast potato recipes. 

1. Classic Potato Pancakes 

Pancakes made from potatoes? Don’t be fooled by the name, as they’re nothing like a typical breakfast pancake.

I like to think that they’re more similar to a hash brown. Potato pancakes are salty, savory, and crispy.

They’re simple to make and really delicious. Plus, these make a terrific appetizer at parties, too!

2. Skillet Breakfast Potatoes 

Skillet breakfast potatoes are exactly what you would expect to be served with some fluffy eggs and a side of smokey bacon. 

With just a few ingredients, you can have easy, crispy, comforting potatoes on the table in no time.

Plus, if you prep the potatoes the night before, they’ll be ready to fill hungry bellies even quicker!

3. Potato Hash with Bell Peppers and Onions 

Potato hash is an ideal way to start any morning if you ask me. I love how flavorful these potatoes are and the recipe is super simple. 

Garlic, bell peppers, and onions give these potatoes incredible flavor. My favorite part? They’re topped with Parmesan cheese

4. Cheesy Bacon and Egg Hash 

This cheesy bacon and egg hash is a quick breakfast that is beyond tasty. 

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All of the best breakfast ingredients are present and ready to create a fantastic meal.

Customize it by cooking the eggs to your preference. 

Either way, this is my new favorite way to start the day. 

5. Garlic Parmesan Potato Latkes 

I’m happy to try anything that includes garlic and Parmesan, especially when they’re crispy potato pancakes. 

This recipe is a twist on a classic recipe but with extra flavor and flair.

I love serving potato latkes for breakfast but they’re also a wonderful side dish for dinner.

6. Ham and Potato Breakfast Casserole 

Breakfast casseroles hold a special place in my heart. They’re served on holiday mornings or when the family is visiting from out of town. 

This ham and potato casserole for two is perfect for when you want a comforting breakfast without the extra guests.

If you do have company, you can always multiply the recipe for a crowd. 

7. Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole 

Breakfast casseroles combine all of your favorite ingredients into one tasty dish. With sausage, eggs, cheese, and potatoes, you’ll love this recipe.

You can also make this casserole ahead of time. That means you’ll have more time to spend with family on slow mornings or holidays.

You have to try this delicious breakfast casserole. 

8. Breakfast Egg Muffins

Looking for a grab-and-go breakfast? I love how easy these breakfast egg muffins are. 

They’re portable and packed with yummy ingredients, perfect for busy mornings.

Fluffy eggs combine with potatoes, spinach, cheese, and bacon for a balanced and tasty meal.

I often prepare egg muffins ahead of time and then breakfast is taken care of all week!

9. Loaded Breakfast Potato 

Have you ever had a baked potato first thing in the morning? You have to try these loaded breakfast potatoes. 

These spuds are seriously loaded with eggs, cheese, veggies, bacon, sour cream, and more!

I like to let everybody customize their own ideal potato. You can also add other ingredients like sausage or ham. 

10. Potato Egg and Cheese Breakfast Burritos 

Breakfast burritos are loaded with delicious potatoes, egg, and cheese. They’re just what you need to get energized for the day ahead. 

Everything’s better when it’s wrapped in a tortilla, right? Kids and adults love burritos, and they’re portable if you need them to be. 

Pro tip: make these in advance and then freeze them to make breakfast a breeze.

11. Breakfast Enchiladas with Ranchero Sauce 

Enchiladas are one of my favorite Mexican dishes. They’re even better when it’s acceptable to have them for breakfast. 

Flour tortillas are stuffed with shredded potatoes, spicy black beans, and fluffy scrambled eggs.

Cover them in a flavorful ranchero sauce and add lots of cheese. 

I love serving these when I have guests staying with me. They’re impressive and delicious!

12. Country Breakfast Bowls 

Breakfast bowls are easy to make, and they’re budget-friendly! 

You can customize your breakfast bowls but they start with a few basic ingredients.

Crispy roasted potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheese, and your choice of salsa make a great bowl on its own. 

Try adding a protein like bacon or sausage, veggies, or fresh herbs. 

13. Sausage Potato Hash 

Sausage potato hash is a hearty breakfast or brunch dish that is delicious and filling. 

I’m all for a simple comfort meal, and this one does the trick.

It’s filled with potatoes, sausage, and flavorful onions and bell peppers. Plus, the fried egg makes this dish insanely satisfying.

14. Potato, Bacon, and Egg Sheet Pan Breakfast

You may have heard of sheet pan dinners, but have you ever had one for breakfast? 

It starts with a layer of potatoes that get nice and crispy in the oven. Then, add some bacon, crack an egg, and top with shredded cheese

The whole dish comes out perfectly cooked, and there’s no skillet needed!

15. Rosemary Potato Breakfast Flatbread Pizza 

I had a breakfast pizza at a fancy cafe once that opened my eyes to a whole new genre of mid-morning foods. 

If you thought pizza for dinner was the best, wait until you have this rosemary potato flatbread. 

In just about 15 minutes, you’ll break your fast with your new favorite potato pizza. 

16. Potato Waffles 

As I said about potato pancakes, don’t worry, these potato waffles aren’t covered in syrup. 

These shredded potatoes get super crispy in the waffle iron.

Customize your savory toppings to suit your taste. I enjoy them with sour cream and chives. 

Not only do these make a great breakfast dish, but they’re also terrific as a side dish for dinner!

17. Scottish Tattie Scones 

Tattie scones are nothing like the familiar British baked goods.

These are similar to a latke but instead of shredded potato, they’re made with leftover mashed potatoes

In Scotland, there are many ways to make them, but this recipe includes eggs. It helps bind everything together and get wonderfully fluffy.

18. Bacon Potato Egg Breakfast Tacos

Realistically, you can throw almost anything into a tortilla. Breakfast is not an exception and in my opinion, it might even be the best choice. 

Bacon, potatoes, and perfectly cooked scrambled eggs taste fantastic when they’re wrapped in a warm tortilla. 

Add some queso fresco, avocado, and your favorite salsa for the ideal way to start your day. 

19. Potato Omelet 

Potatoes might not be a very common omelet ingredient, but that doesn’t mean they’re not totally tasty. 

This omelet, also known as a frittata, is full of Middle Eastern spices and fresh herbs.

You don’t even have to eat it for breakfast because it’s delicious any time of day. 

20. Irish Potato Bread 

Irish potato bread could be your new breakfast staple. 

Using only four ingredients, you can make an authentic Irish breakfast side dish. All you need is potatoes, flour, salt, and butter. 

Don’t expect to have any leftovers, these will disappear before you know it. 

21. Potato Bread Roll Recipe 

Potato bread rolls are an Indian dish similar to a croquette. 

They’re made with bread and boiled potatoes and then fried until the outside is spectacularly crispy.

The potatoes on the inside are spicy and flavorful. 

If you’re looking for a fun vegetarian breakfast dish, this is it!

22. Egg, Mushroom, Potato and Spinach Hash 

Breakfast hash is a super common meal, and for good reason.

This one is made with delicious ingredients that will give you lots of energy for the day. 

Mushrooms and spinach are a delightful combination.

When you throw in some eggs and salty cheese, you’re in for an unbelievable breakfast. 

23. Spiced Potato and Egg Breakfast Skillet with Avocado 

A spiced potato and egg breakfast skillet is a great dish for holidays and special occasions. 

The potatoes in this recipe are super flavorful and add an extra layer of flavor.

The eggs are perfectly cooked and the cherry tomatoes add a pop of color and flavor. 

Plus, I’m instantly a fan of anything with cheese and avocado on top. 

24. Bacon, Potato, and Egg Casserole 

Prepare this casserole the night before for a quick and easy breakfast that can serve a crowd. 

Smoky and salty bacon makes this egg and potato casserole irresistible. This dish is comforting and filling. 

Make this for Christmas morning and you’ll have plenty for all of the day’s festivities. 

25. Crispy Roasted Breakfast Potatoes 

Despite all of these incredible recipes, there’s nothing quite like a simple breakfast potato.

There is something so cheerful about a crispy-on-the-outside and fluffy-on-the-inside side dish. 

Crispy roasted breakfast potatoes are seasoned with tons of delicious flavors.

Plus, no matter what you choose to serve these with, they’re absolutely magnificent. 

25 Ways to Make Breakfast Potatoes

You can’t go wrong with these easy breakfast potato recipes! From pancakes to casseroles to muffins, potatoes are hearty and delicious in the morning.


  • Classic Potato Pancakes

  • Skillet Breakfast Potatoes

  • Potato Hash with Bell Peppers and Onions

  • Cheesy Bacon and Egg Hash

  • Garlic Parmesan Potato Latkes

  • Ham and Potato Breakfast Casserole

  • Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole

  • Breakfast Egg Muffins

  • Loaded Breakfast Potato

  • Potato Egg and Cheese Breakfast Burritos

  • Breakfast Enchiladas with Ranchero Sauce

  • Country Breakfast Bowls

  • Sausage Potato Hash

  • Potato, Bacon, and Egg Sheet Pan Breakfast

  • Rosemary Potato Breakfast Flatbread Pizza

  • Potato Waffles

  • Scottish Tattie Scones

  • Bacon Potato Egg Breakfast Tacos

  • Potato Omelet

  • Irish Potato Bread

  • Potato Bread Roll Recipe

  • Egg, Mushroom, Potato and Spinach Hash

  • Spiced Potato and Egg Breakfast Skillet with Avocado

  • Bacon, Potato, and Egg Casserole

  • Crispy Roasted Breakfast Potatoes


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a breakfast potato dish in 30 minutes or less!
Breakfast Potato Recipes

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