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30 Best Summer‌ ‌Vegetable‌ ‌Recipes‌

These summer vegetable recipes will take your summer produce to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Let’s be honest: veggies aren’t the most exciting ingredients to work with. But these recipes prove that being healthy doesn’t equate to being boring.

Vegetable Salad with Cherry Tomatoes, Olives and Mozzarella
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From pastas and salads to roasts and stews, this list has a wide variety of recipes that will make your summer veggies shine. 

They’re just as scrumptious as any entree or side dish, but with the bonus of being nutritious. 

Are you looking for ways to make your kids enjoy vegetables? I don’t just have one – I have 30! Let’s get started.

1. Roasted Summer Vegetables

One of the best and easiest ways to cook summer veggies is to roast them.

Roasting adds a lovely char and a hint of smokiness. It also releases their natural sugars, giving them an even deeper flavor.

You’ll also love how all the veggies cook at the same time. Zucchini, squash, bell peppers, and onions – they all roast perfectly in just 30 to 40 minutes. Amazing!

2. Summer Vegetable Salad

I may not be a salad person, but this summer vegetable salad is an exception to my rule.

The medley of grilled vegetables, golden corn, and feta cheese is phenomenal as it is.

But of course, a salad isn’t complete without the dressing.

For this recipe, you’ll use an extra special vinaigrette made with grilled limes. It’s summer perfection in a bowl!

3. Summer Vegetable Stew

Loaded with potatoes, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, chicken, and a creamy broth, this summer vegetable stew is as rich and hearty as can be.

From the colors to the textures to the flavors, this stew gets 10s across the board. It’s tasty, filling, and absolutely amazing. 

Not only that, but it’s also easy to make and is a complete meal on its own. It’s perfect for busy weeknights!

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4. Summer Vegetable Pesto Pasta

The color of this pasta alone already tells you it’s delicious. 

The pesto sauce is a mix of basil, olive oil, hemp seeds, nutritional yeast, and garlic. Imagine all those refreshing flavors blended into one dressing! 

The dressing is great, but the rest of the components are just as amazing.

Apart from the pasta, there’s also zucchini, squash, bell peppers, and tomatoes in there. 

With this pasta, you’ll get a wonderful medley of colors and flavors. Lovely.

5. Mexican Corn Salad

Mexican corn salad, or esquites, is similar to elote, but it’s off the cob, not on. It’s just as delicious, but a lot easier to eat.

The corn kernels are sauteed in butter and garlic, coated in a rich and creamy lime dressing, and topped with cilantro and jalapenos. 

It’s bright and refreshing with a kick!

6. Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Noodles

Craving pasta but don’t want the carbs? If you’re on a keto or low-carb diet, this recipe has your name written all over it.

Zucchini noodles are nature and the culinary world’s gift to vegetarians. With this amazing creation, you can enjoy pasta without guilt.

For this recipe, you’ll coat the zucchini noodles with a delicious garlic and parmesan dressing. It’s simple, yet spectacular.

Broccoli Salad with Grapes and Onions

7. Creamy Broccoli Salad

Broccoli is a superfood bursting with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Sadly, it’s not at the top of a child’s favorite foods list.

However, I guarantee you that this salad will.

The smoky and crispy bacon, crunchy nuts, chewy raising, and the rich and creamy dressing are enough to convert even the most stubborn broccoli hater!

You can even throw some cheese in there for good measure.

8. Zucchini Tomato Bake

Zucchini tomato bake is a rich and cheesy veggie casserole that features… well… zucchini and tomatoes. No surprises there.

What will blow your mind, however, is the flavor. The herbs, spices, and seasonings enhance the flavors like no other.

And of course, the cheese on top just makes it a hundred times better.

The dish sounds complicated, but in truth, it only calls for 6 ingredients and 30 minutes to make. It can’t get any better than that.

9. Cheesy Spaghetti Squash

If you’re considering going vegetarian, this recipe might just make you go for it. Even for meat lovers, this cheesy spaghetti squash is a winner!

Spaghetti squash follows the same concept as zucchini noodles, but, instead of zucchini, you use squash instead.

The results are sweeter noodles that taste immaculate with cheesy and savory sauces.

This is why this cheesy alfredo dressing is perfect for squash noodles. They’re a match made in heaven.

10. Grilled Parmesan Garlic Asparagus

Crunchy asparagus spears are given extra crunch and a smoky flavor. All you’ll need is to pop it on the grill. 

The asparagus will already taste amazing with just a sprinkling of salt and pepper, but this recipe takes things to the next level with garlic and parmesan.

This simple tandem has the power to make anything taste a thousand times better. 

11. Southern Collard Greens

This classic southern recipe for collard greens is downright delicious.

Collard greens are simmered in a meaty and savory ham cock broth flavored with sugar, salt, Worcestershire sauce, apple cider vinegar, and paprika, among many others.

So if you think this recipe is basic, think again.

The collard greens absorb all the flavors from the broth, herbs, and seasonings, resulting in an outrageously tasty side dish.

I won’t lie, this recipe takes hours to make, but the time and effort are worth it.

12. Summer Vegetable Soup

This vegetable soup is clear evidence that vegetables can be just as delectable as any meat-filled entree.

Brimming with corn kernels, green beans, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, potatoes, and much more, this vegetable soup will surely knock your socks off.

It’s gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan, and that’s not even the best part. 

It only takes 30 minutes to make! You really can’t ask for more.

13. Summer Vegetable Farro Salad

Farro is a Mediterranean grain similar to rice and quinoa, but with a nuttier and chewier texture. It’s loaded with fiber, too! 

That said, this salad is not just delicious, but nutritious, without a doubt. 

Apart from the farro, you’ll also be treated to tomatoes, corn, and green onions. The color combination alone makes this salad a 10/10.

Finished off with a simple olive oil and lemon vinaigrette, this salad is refreshing as it is hearty.

14. Grilled Corn on the Cob

Summer barbeques aren’t complete without some grilled corn on the cob. 

This one is a straight-up recipe for grilling corn – nothing new or fancy. But it gets the job done.

With this simple recipe, you’ll transform the beloved summer produce into a smoky, extra sweet, and super tasty treat.

It’s perfect as-is, but you can give it even more oomph by slathering corn with butter, cheese, and basil. Yum.

15. Zucchini Enchiladas

Craving Mexican but can’t have tortillas? Zucchini enchiladas are the solution. These goodies will scratch that itch right up, without sacrificing your diet.

Turning zucchini into tortillas is easy. Once they’re ready, just stuff them with chicken, enchilada sauce, and cheese! It’s definitely a breeze.

Drizzled with extra sauce and cheese on top, these zucchini rolls will bake into a rich, creamy, and cheesy enchilada perfection.

16. Veggie Spaghetti

If you’re looking for even more ways to dress veggie noodles, here’s another one for you.

In this recipe, you’ll bathe zucchini noodles with tomato sauce and cheese. It’s simple yet delicious and nutritious.

You can also tweak it to make it vegan-friendly! Just skip the cheese and sprinkle it with nutritional yeast instead.

17. Zucchini Sushi Rolls

I am in love with sushi. No matter the kind, no matter the filling or the topping. I can eat sushi, all-day, every day.

If you’re a sucker for sushi but are trying to cut back on crabs, these rolls are the next best thing.

In this recipe, the zucchini serves as the nori wrapper, and the filling is a mix of cream cheese spread, tuna, cucumber, avocado, and sriracha.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

18. Stuffed Bell Peppers

Sweet bell peppers are filled with ground beef, rice, and tomato sauce. It’s comfort food at its best.

Stuffed bell peppers bring back a lot of childhood memories for me. I loved it as a kid, and I love it even more now as an adult, especially when I realized that it’s actually a cinch to make.

Sure, there are many components to it, but the steps are pretty easy, and the result is worth it.

19. Grilled Zucchini

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that are the most extraordinary. This grilled zucchini is the perfect example.

Zucchini strips are seasoned with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, herbs, and spices, and grilled to perfection. 

There’s nothing special about the method, but there’s definitely something spectacular about the taste. 

The seasonings lend the zucchini a beautiful harmony of flavors. Zucchini has never tasted this good.

20. Caprese Corn Salad

Caprese salad is already delicious on its own, but add sweet corn kernels into the mix and you’ll get an even more outstanding treat.

The color combination of golden corn, bright red tomatoes, and green basil screams summer.

The balls of mozzarella add a wonderful layer of texture, to boot.

They’re tied together with a simple vinaigrette. How sensationally refreshing!

21. Zucchini Fries

Zucchini fries are my go-to snack if I’m craving regular fries, but don’t want all the calories.

Zucchini strips are coated with a mix of Panko bread crumbs and parmesan and baked until crispy and golden.

You’d be surprised at how outrageously addictive these guys are! They’re baked, not fried, so dig in without the guilt.

22. Cucumber Salad

When I hear the word refreshing, the first thing that comes to my mind is this cucumber salad.

If you’ve never tried it before, you’ll have to. Just drop everything and do it!

This salad recipe is so easy, anyone can make it. Slice up cucumbers and onions, make a simple vinaigrette, and toss them together. That’s it.

The flavor and texture will blow your taste buds away. The vinaigrette lends a sweet and tangy flavor to the cucumbers.

It gives them a wonderfully crispy yet chewy texture, as well. 

Seriously, this salad is amazing.

23. Bell Pepper Nachos

I like all summer veggies, but to me, bell peppers are on a league of their own.

They’re firm and crunchy but also a little tender, and sweet yet slightly bitter. The combination of flavors and textures is purely phenomenal.

They’re also versatile. Whether roasted, baked, or grilled, they’ll taste amazing.

When you use them as nacho chips, OMG. Get ready for a mind-altering experience.

Sliced bell peppers are filled with ground beef, corn, black beans, jalapenos, and cheese, and baked to perfection.

Topped with salsa, guacamole, and sour cream, it’s a nacho lover’s dream.

24. Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Just like bell peppers, zucchini is also a great vessel for holding any topping or filling.

In this recipe, thick zucchini strips are loaded with sausage, marinara, and melty cheese.

These boats are a fantastic party appetizer, but feel free to make them anytime for yourself. It’s low-carb and guilt-free.

25. Corn Salsa

Regular salsa is great, but corn salsa is greater. Apart from the pop of color, corn also adds a burst of sweetness and crunch to the classic Mexican sauce.

It also complements nicely with the rest of the ingredients, from the tomatoes all the way to the jalapenos.

Use this corn salsa on your Mexican favorites, or top it on any grilled meat.

26. Baked Asparagus Frittata

Filled with eggs, milk, goat cheese, and asparagus, this frittata is a thing of beauty.

More importantly, it’s delicious, hearty, and healthy. It’s everything you can ask for in a breakfast dish.

But there’s more. This delicious dish is also a breeze to make. Just combine all the ingredients in a baking dish and pop it in the oven. 

It’s the perfect way to start your summer day.

27. Summer Vegetable Tart

Tarts are usually topped with sweet fruit and cheese, or some type of ground meat. This one is a bit different.

This tart features slices of roasted zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, and it’s garnished with basil. Think vegetarian pizza, but bite-sized.

You can throw in some cheese in there to make it extra, but honestly, it tastes great even without it.

28. Easy French Ratatouille

While I do admit that I only learned about Ratatouille from the Disney movie, I will also say that it has become one of my favorite vegetable dishes since.

This French stew is loaded with zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, and tomatoes.

All the different flavors combine into one delicious soup. It’s comfort in a bowl.

29. Zucchini Tots

Move over tater tots: these zucchini tots are just as tasty, but a hundred times more nutritious.

To clarify, I’m not saying that I have forever said goodbye to the classic tots. However, I will also never say not to this healthier alternative. 

The fact that they’re just as addictive as the real thing truly amazes me.

Just like regular tots, they’re crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. The flavor is also on point. 

30. Summer Squash Casserole

Combining two stunning summer vegetables – zucchini and squash, this recipe makes the low-carb casserole of your dreams.

The parmesan and breadcrumb topping turns into a crispy outer crust coating the vegetables.

Together, they create a wonderful contrast of flavors and textures.

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