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15 Easy Gelato Recipes to Try This Summer

Put away that tub of sugar-heavy ice cream and try these incredible homemade gelato recipes instead.

They’re insanely rich, wonderfully creamy, and pretty much to die for.

Raspberry Gelato with Fresh Raspberries
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Gelato has far less fat than ice cream and is, therefore, better at showcasing the flavors mixed in.

It is also churned a bit slower so that less air is incorporated into the final product. That makes it impossibly smooth and creamy.

And since we can’t all hop on a plane to Italy, let’s just make some of these yummy gelato recipes at home.

Just be warned: they’re downright addictive!

How to Make Authentic Italian Gelato at Home

1. Real Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato 

We all love that impossibly bright green mint ice cream with flecks of chocolate, right?

It’s so nostalgic! But one bite of this gelato and you’ll never go back.

Made with fresh mint and a melted chocolate drizzle, it’s super refreshing and full of natural flavor.  

I love the chocolate swirl since it keeps things smooth. But go ahead and add crunchy chocolate chips if you like.

2. Strawberry Gelato

This strawberry gelato is brimming with juicy sweet flavor. It’s also pretty simple to make (and even easier to enjoy). 

You’ll use real strawberries, fresh lemon juice, and just a bit of sugar. Blend all three in a food processor until crazy-smooth, then add the dairy.

The milk and cream are incorporated in specific ratios so that this gelato stays true and doesn’t turn into ice cream.

It’s subtle, but you’ll taste the difference.

3. Homemade Blueberry Lemon Gelato

Sweet blueberries and tart lemon come together in this creamy delight you won’t be able to resist.

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It’s like summer in a bowl! And the key to this recipe is a flavor-packed blueberry and lemon pureé.

Combine the custard base with the pureé and start churning! The mixture will become thick and rich in no time.

4. Easy Lemon Gelato

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Italy this summer. And while the gelato flavors varied from town to town, one thing was constant: lemon!

The Italians LOVE lemon. I mean, have you ever tried Limoncello??

I suppose it’s no surprise since the Amalfi Coast and Sicily are massive producers of lemons.

So, igive this recipe a try f you want something bright, fresh, and super tart, It needs just six simple ingredients and an ice cream or gelato maker. 

Serve it as is or with a few fresh berries in the bowl. Yum!

5. Chocolate Gelato

Gelato is unlike any ice cream you’ve had before. And this recipe with dark chocolate is no exception.  

One thing you’ll see all over Italy is giant containers of deep, dark (almost black) chocolate gelato.

It’s creamy, robust, and probably not sweet enough for the kids. But that just means you don’t have to share!

6. Vanilla Milk Gelato

In my opinion, gelato is the perfect treat all year long. But it’s particularly tasty on hot days.

And as much as I love chocolate and fruity flavors, this vanilla recipe might be my fave.

The flavors are beautifully simple, but there’s nothing boring about it. Of course, you’ll need real vanilla to ensure it’s as delicious as possible.

You can serve this on its own and be more than satisfied. But the real reason it’s the best is that you can add anything to the top to make it amazing!

Chocolate, caramel, fruit, nuts, marshmallows – you name it! This vanilla gelato is the perfect base.

7. Cranberry Gelato 

This festive gelato recipe is full of bright and fruity flavors.

It’s a colorful addition to any holiday table and is an especially excellent way to use up any leftover cranberries. 

Cranberries are a beautiful bright red color and have a tart flavor that’s mellowed just right by the creamy gelato.

You can even use leftover cranberry sauce for this recipe!

8. Eggnog Gelato  

Here’s another terrific gelato recipe you’ll want to make this winter.

Eggnog gelato is creamy, sweet, and has the perfect amount of spice. Better yet, you only need six ingredients to make this heavenly holiday dessert

Aside from the standard dairy ingredients (including eggs), you’ll need bourbon, sugar, and nutmeg. 

This treat will keep the party going way beyond dessert!

9. Best Banana Gelato 

Bananas have a naturally sweet and distinct flavor. And that flavor is even more delicious when it’s turned into decadent gelato!

As always, you’ll want to use ripe bananas. That’s because they’re sweeter and have a stronger flavor when they start to turn brown.

They’ll be slightly mushy, which isn’t how you want to eat them. But it’s so beneficial to the flavor of the gelato. 

10. Nutella Gelato

This chocolate and hazelnut gelato is easy to make and just as creamy and addictive as Nutella itself. 

You’ll need whole milk, heavy cream, sugar, eggs, Nutella (or any hazelnut spread), and vanilla extract. 

And as with all of these recipes, you need a gelato maker. It’s a must if you want something smooth and luscious (I promise you won’t regret the investment!).

The flavor of this Nutella gelato is everything you want it to be. So, if you’re a Nutella lover, you have to try this recipe. 

11. Mango Gelato 

Yellow mangos are fantastic when they’re in season (which is now!), so you have to try this recipe. 

I mean, is there anything better than mango? I don’t think so!

Luckily, you can also make this with canned mango. Just pureé it and add cream, milk, sugar, and lemon (or lime) juice. 

The result is a fruity and bright gelato that is refreshing and perfect for any warm weather day.  

12. Pistachio Gelato

Pistachio gelato is another super iconic Italian fave.

It’s often bright green, but I’ve seen it kind of brown too. Either way, it’s wonderfully nutty.

This pistachio gelato is more of a khaki color than green, but that’s how you know it’s authentic. 

Serve it with chopped nuts and berries and you’ll be hooked.

13. Coffee Gelato  

Oh, how I wish it was acceptable to eat ice cream first thing in the morning.

Actually, I’m a grown-up! So maybe I will indulge since it’s still so hot outside.

Whenever you have this, it’s delish. Of course, espresso works best to ensure the flavor is strong, but any coffee will do the trick.

The end result is a beautiful coffee-flavored gelato that’s smooth and rich with the perfect amount of sweetness. 

14. Fresh Mint Stracciatella Gelato 

If you’re not familiar with gelato terminology, let me explain: stracciatella is the process of drizzling melted chocolate into the gelato as it churns. 

The frozen gelato instantly freezes the warm chocolate and creates delicate and crispy “chocolate chips”.

How cool is that?

This is a fantastic mint chocolate gelato with all of the flavor and none of the food coloring. Yum!

15. Pumpkin Gelato  

Here’s one for my fall-loving readers. It’s like pumpkin pie in gelato form, and I know you’ll love it. 

You’ll get notes of sweetness from the pumpkin and maple syrup. Meanwhile, there’s just enough warmth from the pumpkin pie spice.

This baby is super unique, but it’s oh-so-so delicious. 

Serve this during the holidays as a nice change from the traditional pumpkin pie. Everyone will want seconds!

15 Easy Gelato Recipe Collection to Try This Summer

Put away that tub of sugar-heavy ice cream and try these incredible homemade gelato recipes. They’re insanely rich, wonderfully creamy, and to die for.


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Gelato Recipes

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