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10 Best Sauces for Salmon (+ Easy Recipes)

From creamy garlic to tangy honey-mustard, fish lovers will go nuts for these easy sauces for salmon.

Because although salmon is delicious on its own, it’s even better with a tasty sauce drizzled over the top.

Cooked Salmon with Dill Sauce on top

Adding sauce is one of the quickest ways to give your same old fish dinner a makeover.

And even when time is tight, you can make something dreamy and delectable.

That includes a zesty and buttery lemon sauce or a spicy chimichurri you’ll want to slather on everything.

These sauces for salmon are crazy-flavorful and sure to elevate any salmon recipe.

So, let’s get cooking!

Top 10 Simple Sauces That Go Well With Salmon

1. Lemon Butter Sauce

We all know lemon is a fantastic addition to brighten the naturally briny flavors of fish.

Luckily, this lemon butter sauce is out of this world and so easy!

You’re just four basic ingredients away from a rich, creamy sauce that also works well over chicken.

You’ll need lemon, garlic, butter, and chicken broth, plus about five minutes of prep and cooking.

Its light flavor balances the saltiness of salmon flawlessly.

2. Honey Garlic Glaze

This sweet and sticky glaze is coming in for the win! If you want salmon with veggies and rice, you have to try this sauce.

Two layers of flavor make this pop: a spiced dry rub for the salmon and a garlic honey glaze that’s added after broiling.

Between the lemon, soy sauce, honey, and Sriracha, it’s zingy, balanced, and lightly sweet. Oh, and it’s totally delicious, of course!

3. Honey-Mustard Sauce

Good food doesn’t have to look good, but you can’t deny the appeal of a pretty plate. We eat with our eyes first, after all.

And this succulent salmon is popping with flavor and color, so it’s sure to impress the finest of guests!

Prepare yourself for honey mustard sauce, unlike any other honey mustard you’ll ever have.

Made with whole-grain mustard, honey, garlic, lemon, and smoked paprika, it’s pretty much irresistible.

All this goodness cooked in a foil packet for simple cleanup? Count me in!

4. Dill Sauce

I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for a creamy dill sauce. And similar to tzatziki, this sour cream and dill sauce is ideal for grilled salmon.

Greek yogurt and sour cream have very similar flavors, but you’ll still need both here.

That blend makes this rich, ultra-creamy, and wonderfully tangy without being overly sour.

Add lemon juice, salt, fresh dill, and chives to finish it off. Delish!

5. Béarnaise Sauce

Full disclosure: béarnaise sauce has a reputation for being tricky to master.

There’s a reason you only typically see it homemade in high-end restaurants, after all.

That said, it’s about as tasty as a sauce can be, so why not give it a try? Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be making it all the time!

The key to a great béarnaise is patience. But that blend of tarragon, white wine vinegar, butter, and shallots is more than worth it.

6. Horseradish Dill Sauce

We all know horseradish pairs well with prime rib. But what about a prime filet of roasted salmon?

Spoiler alert: it definitely goes well with salmon!

This potent dill sauce is made with fresh horseradish root, mayonnaise, and dill. Vinegar cuts the spiciness of horseradish, but it’s still very prominent.

Fresh dill, creamy mayo, and spicy horseradish are excellent finishes to tender salmon. 

7. Creamy Cilantro Lime Sauce

Fresh and bright flavors go best with delicate fish. So with that in mind, what could be better than cilantro and lime?

Combine the sauce ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. Then, spread the sauce on a well-seasoned pan-seared filet of salmon.

The cilantro and lime add a fresh and acidic flavor to the rich sour cream. The perfect sauce for your next bite of salmon, and it’s so simple to boot!

8. Authentic Chimichurri

No matter how it’s made, I’m a sucker for herbal, acidic chimichurri. This particular recipe is one of my favorites – especially for grilled salmon

You’ll use parsley, garlic, and oregano for color and deep flavor, plus red chiles for a pinch of heat.

Combined with red wine vinegar, this has a grassy, spicy, and slightly acidic finish. 

Chimichurri is best after chilling in the fridge, so be sure to make it ahead.

You can also add cilantro to this chimichurri if you like! Or add a few extra chilies to really bring the heat.

9. Tangy Leek and Olive Gremolata Sauce

Gremolata is a delicious green garnish for meats, specifically in Italian cuisine.

This recipe has a couple of unique twists, making it delicious on your favorite fish dish.

The ingredient list may seem daunting, but really this recipe is so simple. Just chop up the ingredients and stir them together!

Made with chopped leeks, basil, cilantro, and green onions, it’s super vibrant and fresh.

Meanwhile, the lemon, capers, olives, and garlic are the perfect finishing touch.

10. Beurre Blanc Sauce

Like béarnaise, beurre blanc needs a little TLC to get just right. If you rush it, the butter will split, leaving you with a lumpy mess.

Luckily, this recipe lays the method out in easy-to-follow steps. So, if you take your time, it’s foolproof.

You’ll reduce shallots, parsley, and white wine in a saucepan. Then you’ll add heavy cream and butter, constantly whisking until it’s emulsified.

Finally, strain the sauce through a fine-mesh sieve for a smooth, creamy, and rich sauce.

Keep the sauce warm until serving, but don’t overheat. The butter needs to stay melted but will separate if too much heat is added.

(As I said: TLC is the key!)

10 BEST Sauces for Salmon (+ Recipe Collection)

From creamy garlic to tangy honey-mustard, fish lovers will go nuts for these easy sauces for salmon. They’re tasty and sure to elevate any fish dinner.


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Sauces for Salmon

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