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20 Best Roma Tomato Recipes to Try Tonight

Fresh, cozy, healthy, and delicious, these Roma tomato recipes go way beyond pasta sauce.

I’m talking cheesy pizza, chicken dinners, paleo nachos, and more!

Homemade Tomato Sauce with Basil
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Roma tomatoes are terrific for cooking. They turn into some of the best sauces, soups, and salads around.

Between the firm flesh and garden-fresh taste, they’re a must-have pantry staple.

I like them sliced with fresh mozzarella, a bit of salt, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze. But they’re also my go-to for bruschetta.

So from appetizers to dinners, these Roma tomato recipes are surefire winners.

20 Easy Recipes with Roma Tomatoes

1. Homemade Roasted Tomato Basil Soup

What’s the one soup that’s comforting, delicious, nourishing, and nostalgic? Tomato, of course!

More specifically: tomato soup with a crunchy, gooey grilled cheese. Yum!

To make it right, you’ll need roasted Roma tomatoes and fresh basil. 

Roasting the veg caramelizes the juices, giving them a remarkable depth you don’t get from raw.

And since the oven’s already on, go ahead and throw the garlic and onions in too. That way, you don’t need to caramelize the onions separately.

2. Chili’s Chicken Enchilada Soup Instant Pot 

I love enchiladas, but they can be a little tedious to make. That’s why I love this Instant Pot recipe.

It’s a Chili’s copycat that tastes just like enchiladas and only takes about five minutes of prep time – the Instant Pot does the rest. 

In each bite, you get shredded chicken, masa harina, cheddar cheese, and a creamy red enchilada sauce. 

Top it with fresh Roma tomatoes, cilantro, avocado, and jalapeños.

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3. Roma Tomato Sauce

I had to include a homemade tomato sauce! And this one is my go-to.

Romas have very few seeds and firm flesh that breaks down beautifully into a sauce.

If you’ve never made sauce at home, worry not. This five-ingredient recipe is very beginner-friendly and only takes 25 minutes. 

Once you try this homemade sauce, you’ll never want store-bought again. 

4. Low Carb Keto Nachos with Spicy Chicken 

These keto nachos are incredible! 

Between the cheesy tortilla chips, spicy chicken, avocado, white onion, and Roma tomatoes, they’re pretty hard to beat.

Double up on the cheese by melting mozzarella on top, and you’ve got a wickedly good appetizer for game days, happy hour, get-togethers, and more.

5. Baked Parmesan Tomatoes

Speaking of party appetizers: these baked Parmesan tomatoes are guaranteed to please!

You’ll top thick Roma slices with Parmesan cheese, then bake until bubbly and crisp.

It doesn’t get easier than that!

Ready in 15 minutes, they’re basically mini pizzas – so feel free to top them with fun extras. Pepperoni, pesto, chicken, onions, you name it!

6. Slow Roasted Tomatoes

I mentioned before that roasting tomatoes caramelizes the juices, giving them even more flavor.

So, you can imagine just how tasty they become after slow roasting!

Just drizzle them with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper, then pop them in the oven on low.

It takes quite a bit of time, but they’re more than worth it in the end.

7. Garlic Basil Chicken with Tomato Butter Sauce

This comforting chicken dinner will leave everyone at the table stunned into silence. 

From the juicy chicken breast and tender pasta to the rich, buttery, and garlicky tomato sauce, it’s too good for words.

All that, and it only takes seven ingredients to make! I know it sounds impossible, but it’s true.

8. Lemon Basil Chicken Pasta

This may be the perfect pasta dinner

You get tender linguine, hearty chicken, grated Parmesan cheese, fresh tomatoes, and basil in every forkful. 

You’ll cook the Roma tomatoes in butter, olive oil, and garlic for a super simple and light sauce.

It’s fresh, healthy, flavorful, and ready in 30 minutes. What more could you ask for?

9. Cheeseburger Pizza

Friday is right around the corner, so you know what that means? It’s pizza night!

And your family will be stoked to get a big slice of this homemade cheeseburger pizza.  

Cover a pre-baked crust with ground beef, ketchup, and mustard sauce. Then, load it up with toppings!

Cheese, bacon, and Roma tomato slices make it taste just like a cheeseburger. But play around with it to find your perfect pairings.

10. Fresh Peach Salsa

Got a few too many peaches? Forget baking cakes and cobblers, and make this fresh peach salsa instead. 

It’s healthy, quick, and so good with just about everything. 

Add it to fish tacos or pile it on seared pork chops. It’s also sensational with grilled chicken fresh off the grill.

Of course, you’ll never be disappointed with guacamole and salty chips!

11. Tomato Pie

This may look like quiche, but it’s actually layers of juicy Roma tomatoes, basil, and a blend of cheddar, mozzarella, and mayo.

The firmness of Roma tomatoes makes them ideal because they hold their shape without making the crust soggy. 

(Though if you plan to make this ahead and keep it in the fridge, be sure to pre-bake the crust.)

Swap out the mayo for Greek yogurt if you want it lighter. And use any cheese you prefer for the filling.

12. Baked Chicken Caprese

If you’ve been here before, you’ll know I love Caprese. It’s juicy, fresh, and super summery,

But when I want to make this classic more substantial, I add baked chicken to the equation.

It’s a super easy way to doctor up chicken, and baking uses less oil, so it’s healthier too. 

Plus, the ingredients and directions are very straightforward.

Healthy, fresh, and undeniably delicious, this yummy chicken dinner shouldn’t take no more than 30 minutes. You’re welcome!

13. Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad

Make this salad for your next cookout, and everyone will forget all about the potato and pasta dishes on the table.

It’s a summery mix of crisp cucumbers, creamy avocado, red onion, and Roma tomatoes. 

Meanwhile, keeping it fresh and zippy is a simple lemon and olive oil dressing I know you’ll love. 

Whether you’re grilling chicken, steak, or fish, you need this on your plate.

14. Pico de Gallo

Homemade salsa tastes better than store-bought, and there are no unnecessary preservatives. Win-win, right?

So if you adore Mexican food like I do, you’ll want to bookmark this simple pico de gallo recipe.

The mix of diced tomatoes, onions, jalapeńos, cilantro, and lime is ultra-fresh and zesty. 

And there’s no roasting or blending required. Simply chop, mix, and serve. 

15. Creamy Cajun Shrimp Pasta

Shrimp pasta is always a special treat. And this one makes you feel like you’re living in luxury!

You’ll drench linguine and plump shrimp in an indulgent creamy Cajun sauce.

But don’t worry, there’s bites of Roma tomatoes and parsley to cut through the richness.

Give it a squeeze of lemon, grab the garlic bread, and get ready to devour!

16. Mexican Meatballs

Here’s a cozy meal you’ll want to save for rainy days!

Big, juicy pork meatballs baked and smothered in a rich tomato sauce seasoned with chipotle peppers in adobo sauce?

Yeah, it’s just as scrummy as it sounds.

The trick to getting the sauce right is using a ton of fresh Roma tomatoes and blistering them under the broiler.

Trust me, that char makes all the difference.

17. Cucumber Tomato Salad 

When it comes to fresh sides, this one is about as perfect as it gets. 

Roma tomatoes and cool cucumbers sitting in a tangy vinaigrette with basil and red onion is bright, zippy, crunchy, and juicy.

It takes no time at all to make, and there’s no cooking required. Plus, it’s vegetarian, so it’s ideal for everyone.

18. Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Although chicken and pesto are fabulous together, it is possible to make them legendary.

How? With Roma tomatoes, of course!

The sweet acidic juices marry into the chicken and pair so well with the herbaceous pesto.

To make all that even better, there’s some Greek yogurt tossed into the mix. It works better than mayo, and it’s healthier too.

You know what else goes great with this? Thick slices of fresh mozzarella and peppery arugula. Delish!

19. Copycat Olive Garden Salad

Every time I visit Olive Garden, I have to order their garden salad. I know it’s pretty standard, but that’s what makes it so great.

The tangy, fresh, bright, salty, cheesy, and crunchy ingredients hit the spot every time. 

And you know what? It’s so simple to throw together!

Ready in under 15 minutes, you just need eight ingredients, including Roma tomatoes and a copycat Olive Garden dressing.

20. Bruschetta Chicken

Bruschetta chicken is a lean, nutritious, and gluten-free meal everyone will love. Not only is it healthy, but the flavor combination is incredibly gratifying. 

You get thick pieces of seared chicken breast with a garden-fresh bruschetta and balsamic glaze on top.

But that’s not all! Hiding underneath is a tender, bright, and firm pile of zoodles.

It’s a high-protein and low-carb meal you can have on the table in 30 minutes.

20 Best Roma Tomato Recipes to Try Tonight

Fresh, cozy, healthy, and delicious, these Roma tomato recipes go way beyond pasta sauce. I’m talking pizza, chicken dinners, keto nachos, and more!


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Roma Tomato Recipes

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