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31 Easy Pasta Recipes to Try Tonight

Looking for the best pasta recipes to switch up your weekly meal routine?

From stuffed shells to skillet lasagna, these dishes are easy enough for weeknights!

Pasta with Meatballs and Sauce
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Pasta is the ultimate comfort food, and you really can’t go wrong with it, no matter what you make.

From classic Italian dishes to Asian fusion, there’s a tasty dish for everyone on this list!

So start boiling some water because these pasta recipes will make your stomach growl.

Let’s discover your new weeknight favorite with these 31 easy pasta recipes!

30+ Pasta Recipes Your Family Will Love

1. Stuffed Shells

This simple and satisfying stuffed shells recipe is sure to please everyone sitting around your table!

The soft shells and creamy filling is the perfect combination for a weeknight dinner.

If you’re looking for a dish that isn’t swimming in sauce, this is the one for you! Compared to traditional pasta entrees, stuffed shells are drier.

This lets the pasta be the star of the show!

Homemade Macaroni Salad

2. Macaroni Salad

This classic side is perfect for your next barbecue! It’s quick to make and easy to serve. Everyone loves it!

Pop open your fridge and grab a few ingredients you likely already have on hand. This macaroni salad is as quick to make as it is to eat.

3. Philly Cheesesteak Pasta

Get the best of both worlds with this fusion recipe! It’s one of my favorite cheesy pasta recipes because it also features Philly cheesesteak flavors.

All of your favorite toppings come together in a creamy pasta dish that may taste better than the actual sandwich. 

With bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms, this recipe is sure to be a hit!

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Bowl of Mac and Cheese

4. Macaroni and Cheese

This homemade macaroni and cheese recipe could easily put Kraft out of business. Never settle for powdered cheese again!

This childhood favorite will appeal to adults with its new grown-up makeover. The blend of cheeses is so creamy, you’ll want to have seconds.

Enjoy your childhood favorite in a new way with this pasta recipe.

5. Spaghetti and Meatballs

On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, sit your homemade meatballs, ready to please. 

Not the lyrics to the song? They should be! This recipe for from-scratch spaghetti and meatballs redefines this lazy meal into a culinary masterpiece.

Say goodbye to dry freezer meatballs and hello to these scrumptious morsels! They’re the perfect thing to top your plate of spaghetti.

6. Fettuccine Alfredo

Here’s another classic pasta dish that you can make in the comfort of your own home! Save yourself a trip to a restaurant with this home-cooked meal.

There is nothing better than creamy Alfredo sauce! Learn the tricks of the trade with this inventive recipe and make your own!

Pour it over fettuccine noodles, and you’ll have a delicious plate of pasta!

7. Skillet Lasagna

Lasagna is delicious but can be so tricky to prepare! Save yourself some effort by making this skillet lasagna.

It only uses one dish! You can make this easy meal every week!

With its meaty sauce and decadent cheeses, lasagna is the hallmark of great pasta.

8. Spaghetti Bolognese

Bolognese is an upgrade on traditional spaghetti. Hearty noodles are smothered in filling meat sauce for a warm winter’s meal.

Impress your guests with this pasta dish! It embodies traditional Italian flavors with a boldness you can’t buy in a jar.

Serve up success with this spaghetti bolognese recipe.

9. Angel Hair Pasta Pie

If you thought pasta was just for dessert, think again. This savory pasta pie is the perfect entree for every occasion.

Slice up a little piece of heaven when you make this recipe. It’s a unique dish that your entire family will enjoy.

Even picky eaters will gobble this up! 

10. Baked Penne

Baked pasta always bursts with flavor, and this baked penne is no exception. The sauce is spiced with basil, oregano, and thyme for a delightful medley of flavors.

The penne noodles fill with the savory sauce and are baked to perfection. Enjoy this delicious dish at home or on the go in a packed lunch.

Pair with a side salad and slice of garlic bread and enjoy!

11. Chicken Tetrazzini

This soothing meal will chase any gray cloud away. Chunks of chicken and angel hair pasta are smothered in a creamy sauce for a dinner that’s to die for.

This dish is easy to freeze and perfect to keep on hand. It can be ready to go at a moment’s notice for a quick meal that doesn’t compromise on quality.

12. Pumpkin Lasagna Roll-ups

Think beyond the latte! Everyone goes crazy for pumpkin in the fall, and if you can’t get enough, this pumpkin lasagna roll-up recipe is here to help.

Creamy pumpkin puree fills each rolled noodle for a unique twist on classic lasagna.

Change up the traditional cheeses for some with milder flavor, and you’ll have a gourmet meal.

13. Shrimp Scampi

If you have a classy evening planned, look no further than this shrimp scampi recipe to complete your menu.

Tender shrimp is enveloped in a buttery sauce, then poured over a plate of noodles. The shellfish adds an elegant touch to this delectable pasta dish.

14. Lo Mein

Get rid of those to-go boxes and whip up this homemade lo mein recipe.

This recipe brings fresh vegetables and meat together with all of the familiar flavors of your local favorite.

Read the recipe before deciding it is not for you. It may sound intimidating, but with these easy-to-follow steps, you’ll have delicious noodles ready in no time.

15. Four-Cheese Pasta

The only way to make cheesy pasta better is with more cheese! This four-cheese pasta goes above and beyond in the creamy department.

Curl up with a bowl and get lost in the flavorful combination of the cheeses melted around the noodles. You’ll love it!

16. Parmesan Garlic Spaghetti

Garlic and parmesan is a classic combination that’s tossed over fries, chips, and now spaghetti noodles! Elevate spaghetti night with this delicious noodle recipe.

Fragrant garlic is the perfect complement to sharp parmesan cheese. Use the fresh stuff, however, and not the grated cheese in a jar.

Mix this dish together, and you’ll have a winner for sure!

17. Cacio e Pepe Pasta

This traditional Roman recipe is made from three ingredients and is absolutely sinful.

Passed down for generations by nomadic shepherds, this dish is as rich with history as it is flavor.

Do not be fooled by its simple ingredients list. This dish is a little more difficult to make, and it doesn’t whip up in an instant. 

Prepare this pasta on a night when you have time to give it the attention it deserves.

18. Tortellini Soup

This hearty soup is stuffed with tortellini and all of your favorite vegetables. Warm up on a cold day with this delicious soup recipe.

Simmer the ingredients in a pot or pop them in the slow cooker if you will be short on time in the evening.

You’ll be thankful to have such a savory soup waiting for you.

19. Chicken Florentine Pasta

Chicken florentine pasta is a romantic dish with a plethora of aromatic herbs suspended throughout a creamy sauce.

Combine that with tender pasta and juicy chicken, and you’ll have an elegant dish for your next date night or family dinner.

20. Lasagna Soup

Lasagna is a winning pasta recipe, but it takes so much time to prepare and can be quite messy.

Get your favorite dish with none of the hassle in this lasagna soup recipe.

This soup has everything you love about lasagna, cooked up into a big pot of soup.

It’s perfect for those chilly nights when everyone rolls in from school and sports practice.

21. Chicken Noodle Soup

Is there a more iconic dish? This family favorite is the best snow day lunch or sick day snack.

Sip on this buttery broth and enjoy the comforting touch of homemade chicken noodle soup.

Tender pieces of shredded chicken and supple egg noodles fill this soup to the brim with soothing ingredients.

Slurp away your sorrows with this dish!

22. Penne Alla Vodka

Vodka sauce is marinara’s bougie older cousin. Make your own with this recipe. It’s amazing what a difference fresh ingredients can make!

Traditional penne noodles stand up to the intensity of the vodka sauce. Flavors this big need a large noodle, and penne is the perfect fit.

23. Pasta Primavera

Primavera used to only be found at fancy restaurants, but now you can have it in the comfort of your home!

You’ll feel like a chef with this pasta primavera recipe.

It has everything a good pasta recipe needs, with fancy cheeses, al dente noodles, and a decadent sauce. What more could you ask for?

24. Pasta e Fagioli

This Italian soup is a delicious meal that will keep you full for a long time. Pasta is paired with meat and beans and then stewed in a delicate broth.

Don’t let the simplicity of this dish fool you. The warm and comforting flavors may just be everyone’s new favorite.

25. Lemon Chicken Piccata

If you’re a fan of lemon spaghetti with juicy chicken, you’ll go gaga for this one.

Zesty lemon is the star of the show. The vibrant citrus flavor gives the perfect lift to this creamy sauce.

Add in the peppered chicken, cooked to perfection, and you’ll have a delectable meal. This recipe is as pretty as it is tasty.

26. Baked Ziti

There are subtle differences between baked ziti and lasagna. If you have ever thought to yourself, “Could lasagna be cheesier?”

The answer is yes! Baked ziti is the dish for you! As a bonus, it’s so much easier to put together than lasagna.

Marinara sauce, cheese, and pasta are layered into this noodle casserole.

Like a pan of brownies, the outer pieces are chewy while the inner pieces remain soft and gooey.

27. Baked Ravioli

Chef Boyardee made a name for itself with canned ravioli. But this baked ravioli is such an upgrade!

Say goodbye to sad, soggy pasta and hello to flavorful baked goodness! This dish will disappear before your very eyes.

28. Mexican Baked Pasta

Baked pastas are the new casseroles, and this Mexican baked pasta is a great one to try! 

With all of your favorite Mexican-inspired ingredients such as corn and black beans, this dish needs to be in everyone’s weekly rotation.

29. Olive Garden Chicken & Shrimp Carbonara

This menu headliner is a favorite at Olive Garden! Make your own with this copycat version of the famous chicken and shrimp carbonara.

Plump shrimp and juicy chicken are paired with noodles in a red sauce. The dish is a feast for your eyes and your stomach. 

Enjoy this symphony of flavors for an evening to remember.

30. Tuna Casserole

You’re just minutes away from a tasty meal as long as you have noodles and a can of cream soup.

The possibilities are endless, and this tuna casserole is just one of them.

Fill your casserole with peas and corn, then top it with a thick crust of melted cheese and cracker crumbs. This is soul food at its finest!

Enjoy this meal as a filling lunch or hearty dinner. It’s so good, you could even have it at both meals!

31. Pesto Pasta

Pesto is a great sauce to have on hand at all times. Its rich flavor profile allows it to transform a plain Jane meal into a gourmet experience.

Make your own and taste the difference in this pesto pasta recipe. You’ll never buy a jar of pesto again!

31 BEST Pasta Recipe Collection (+ Easy Dinner)

Looking for the best pasta recipes to switch up your weekly meal routine? From stuffed shells to skillet lasagna, these easy dishes will quickly become your family’s favorites!


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  • Prep a pasta dish in 30 minutes or less!
Pasta Recipes

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