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25 Best Ground Beef Pasta Recipes to Try Tonight

Are you in need of a good dose of comfort food? Then cozy up to one of these ground beef pasta recipes.

I can’t resist making anything pasta and beef-related. Together, the combination makes such a hearty meal that will fill you up in no time.

Hamburger Macaroni Salad with Ground Beef in a White Plate
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Whether it’s lasagna, casseroles, or pasta bakes, there’s no end to the wondrous possibilities of pasta and beef.

If you need some more wholesomeness in your life, one of these ground beef pasta recipes will do the trick. 

1. Creamy Beef Pasta

When things get a little hectic on the home front, this reliable recipe will save the day.

It’s hearty, tasty, and comes together in little time. You’ll be blown away by how much flavor is in this easy, 30-minute recipe.

If you grew up loving Hamburger Helper, then this comforting recipe will make your weeknights so much easier.

2. Penne Pasta Bake

Shake up your Sunday dinner with this penne pasta bake!

You make this dish using a mouthwatering marinara sauce that will leave you salivating for more.

This dish is not short on flavor, with a healthy dose of parsley included. It’s a timesaving recipe that requires very little effort.

3. Baked Ziti 

If you’re looking for a dish to impress your dinner guests, then this is the one for you.

Each bite of the ooey, gooey mozzarella will immediately transport you into cheesy heaven.

If you have an hour to spare, why not try your hand at baked ziti? I promise you won’t regret it.

4. Slow Cooker Lasagna

Can it get any better than this slow cooker lasagna? 

If you want to forgo the complicated steps to making nonna’s classic recipe, then give this version a shot.

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All you have to do is load the Crockpot, press a button, then let the savory aromas fill your whole house. Sounds like heaven to me!

5. Skillet Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese

No chilly evening is complete with this insanely comforting dish.

I mean, how can you beat cheeseburger mac and cheese? It’s such a cozy dish that will immediately nourish you with cheesy, wholesome goodness.

Need a 30-minute meal that turns up the comfort level on the barometer? Give this recipe a shot.

6. 15-Minute Beef and Noodles Skillet

In just 15 minutes, you can have this bowl of perfect noodles served on your dinner table.

If you have a can of mushroom soup kicking around your pantry, put it to good use by cooking this delicious skillet.

It will make your weeknight dinners that much cozier.

7. Pizza Casserole

Pizza in a casserole? This recipe makes it happen.

If you love pizza (and honestly, who doesn’t), then give this recipe a chance. I promise you won’t regret it. 

Each bite fills your palate with flavors of tender penne pasta, browned beef, and melted cheese. It’s the perfect meal for weeknights and weekends alike.

8. Instant Pot Ground Beef and Pasta

Are you craving a hearty beef pasta that’s stick-to-your-bones good? Then this is the recipe for you. 

Once you taste the rich, meaty marinara, you’ll see why this recipe is such a star. It’s savory, creamy, and so heartwarming. 

On your next date night, impress your partner by whipping up this magical meal.

9. Cheesy Sloppy Joe Macaroni Casserole

Ready to take your casserole to a whole new level? Then this recipe has you covered. 

You won’t be short on flavor with this sloppy joe macaroni casserole.

Every bite brings a sensational sensory experience to your palate, full of smoky spice, and everything nice.

10. Cheesy Italian Stuffed Shells with Ground Beef Filling

Ready to revamp your pasta? Then give these Italian stuffed shells a try.

If you have an hour on a Sunday afternoon, then put your kitchen skills to the test and make this recipe.

It’s a fun meal to prepare with insanely good results.

11. One-Pot Cheesy Mushroom Spinach Beef Pasta 

If you’re looking for heaven on a plate, this recipe might just be it. 

If you want to surprise that special someone next Friday night, do them a favor and create this gorgeous dish.

The umami flavors mixed with the creamy sauce will blow you away. It doesn’t get much better than this!

12. Homemade Hamburger Helper

Craving a little taste of childhood nostalgia? This recipe will help surface feelings of cozy wholesomeness in every bite. 

Between the crispy brown beef and melted cheese, this one-pot meal will crank up the comfort meter next time you’re craving a hearty meal. 

13. 10-Minute Instant Pot Spaghetti

Are you looking for a quick meal to whip together? Then take the Instant Pot out of the cupboard and put it to use with this delicious dish.

Who knew it could get any easier than this? In just 10 minutes, you can achieve superbly seasoned beef and tender noodles bathed in tomato sauce. 

14. Beef and Macaroni Soup

You might know this recipe by its other name, cowboy soup. In just one bite, you’ll see why it’s fit for exploring new frontiers.

This hearty soup will blow you away with its nourishing comfort. You’ll love how many pantry staples are used in this wholesome soup. 

15. Lasagna Roll-Ups

It’s difficult to imagine lasagna getting any better, but these roll-ups might change your mind. 

When you bite into one of these roll-ups, you’ll get blown away by a delicious ricotta cheese filling.

You’ll have a hard time not craving this recipe all the time.

16. Meaty One-Pot Penne Alla Vodka

One bite of this one-pot penne alla vodka, and you’ll dream of it all night long. 

How can it get any better than tender pasta, ground beef, and crushed tomatoes? The subtle kick of vodka in the sauce is the icing on the cake. 

17. Tuscan Baked Rigatoni

Looking for a way to warm up during a blizzard? Then this Tuscan baked rigatoni is the solution to all of your problems.

Complete with hearty cannellini beans, rich tomato sauce, and melted cheese, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more comforting dish. 

18. Ground Beef Stroganoff (Hamburger)

If you’re ever having a bad day, then this ground beef stroganoff will help lift you out of a funk.

It’s the perfect comforting dish that warms you up from head to toe.

Imagine making a big batch of this cozy concoction and letting it nourish you with each savory bite.

19. Spaghetti Pie

Spaghetti in a pie? Yes, you read that correctly.

This unique dish is the solution to that leftover spaghetti from last night’s dinner.

Why reheat boring spaghetti when you can turn it into a pie? 

20. Crockpot Goulash

In just 20 minutes, you can have this tasty goulash simmering in your Crockpot.

Imagine spending a Sunday afternoon lounging on the couch with sensational aromas of warm goulash filling your home.

This recipe is the perfect solution for days when you just won’t feel like cooking. Why lift a finger when you can let the Crockpot do the work for you? 

21. Healthy Beef Lasagna with Spinach and Basil 

This dish is so divine, you’ll want to make it every night for dinner. 

Imagine biting into these lovely layers of lasagna with ricotta and basil jammed in between.

You can turn this dream into a reality with this show-stopping recipe. 

22. Mexican Manicotti Casserole

If you’re looking to shake up your weeknight casserole, then this recipe will transform your dinners. 

You’re going to fall in love with the Mexican flavors found in this restaurant-worthy pasta bake. 

Between the taco seasoning, picante sauce, and pasilla pepper, your palate will be satisfied to the max.

23. Ravioli Soup

Can you imagine a more heart-warming soup? Just one bite of this recipe will transport you to a cozy state of mind.

You’ll love the different textures of ground beef, parmesan cheese, and pillowy ravioli in every mouthful.

24. Old-Fashioned Hamburger Casserole 

Are you ready to experience the ultimate hamburger casserole? This timeless recipe will turn your hectic weeknight from zero to hero.

You won’t be disappointed by this one-pan casserole.

All you need is a handful of simple ingredients and a little bit of time to create this masterpiece. 

25. Bow Tie Skillet Lasagna

This dish is basically delicious comfort in a bowl, hitting all your main flavors: cheesy, savory, and creamy.

You’ll love how easy this one-skillet meal is to prepare. It’s the perfect comfort food for days when you want to amp up the coziness. 

25 Best Ground Beef Pastas

These ground beef pasta recipes are easy, hearty, and delicious! From ziti to lasagna to casserole, you just can’t beat these tasty dishes.


  • Creamy Beef Pasta

  • Penne Pasta Bake

  • Baked Ziti

  • Slow Cooker Lasagna

  • Skillet Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese

  • 15 Minute Beef and Noodles Skillet

  • Pizza Casserole

  • Instant Pot Ground Beef and Pasta

  • Cheesy Sloppy Joe Macaroni Casserole

  • Cheesy Italian Stuffed Shells with Ground Beef Filling

  • One Pot Cheesy Mushroom Spinach Beef Pasta

  • Homemade Hamburger Helper

  • 10 -minute Instant Pot Spaghetti

  • Beef and Macaroni Soup

  • Lasagna Roll-Ups

  • Meaty One-Pot Penne Alla Vodka

  • Tuscan Baked Rigatoni

  • Ground Beef Stroganoff (Hamburger)

  • Spaghetti Pie

  • Crockpot Goulash

  • Healthy Beef Lasagna with Spinach and Basil

  • Mexican Manicotti Casserole

  • Ravioli Soup

  • Old-Fashioned Hamburger Casserole

  • Bow Tie Skillet Lasagna


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a ground beef pasta in 30 minutes or less!
Ground Beef Pasta Recipes

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